Jaime Reyes teaching his S/O how to Skateboard Headcanons

> It started with you complementing his skating skills and generally just admiring him for it. Then he asked if you knew how to do it - if not he’d teach you.

> So in favour of spending more time with your boyfriend and learning how to skateboard you agreed. That afternoon, Jaime went to grab his board and flew you to this old skatepark he knows since it’s always empty, this way you wouldn’t have people watching you to put you off. Jaime is thoughtful that way.

> Firstly you just had to get your balance on the skateboard, seemed easy enough once you’d loosened your death grip on your boyfriend’s shoulders that is.
“Jaime I’m going to die!”
“(Y/n), you’re not gonna die.”

> Scarab mutters something only audible to your boyfriend about a 0.00032% chance of you falling in a peculiar way that could inadvertently lead to your death. Jaime sighs, sending a glare to this pebble before kicking out of the way.
“What was that for?”
“I just decreased your chances of dying according to Scarab.”
“Ah - okay then…”

> Put his hands on your waist to help with balance and everything so you got the hang of it without falling off of the board whilst he told you where to manoeuvre your body weight to turn.

> Scarab is very useful and has an endless list of statistics that make for the perfect skateboarder.
“Scarab I’m trying but it’s harder than it looks!”
“(Y/n), I know what Scarab said but you’re not going to get a weight distribution of exactly 64% to the right - even I can’t do that every single time I turn.”
“Do not dissuade them Jaime Reyes, they’re balance and skill are gradually increasing.”
“Alright, alright - Scarab said you’re doing good (y/n)!”

> Probably fell a couple of times because mastering a new skill is not easy. It really hurts when you fall on your butt so you just lay down with a sigh, Jaime is over you in seconds asking if you’re alright whilst brushing some stray strands out your face.

> Jaime being really supportive and helpful, plus you can have a lot of fun with him.

> That boy is liable to slip into Spanish when you get it right and he’s super hyped about it, like he will kiss you if you complete that ramp.

> Ended up falling on your boyfriend when you lost control of the board, you moved so you were straddling him and decided to kiss him while you were there.
“You’re a pretty good teacher Mr Reyes.”
“And you’re a wonderful kisser (l/n).”
He blushes after he realises what he’s just said.

> By the time you’re done, you’re both sitting against the wall with your fingers entwined watching the sunset.
“You up for something to eat?”
“Ah, you read my mind cariño. I’m paying since you did a great job today.”
“Aw thanks Blue, we can go wherever you like then.”

> May or may not buy you a new skateboard so you can practice together if you actually enjoyed skateboarding.

> When/if you become a pro skateboarder, you’d both go together and trade board tricks. Jaime’ friends that do skate are kinda jealous over the bond you two have and the fact Jaime actually got his gorgeous s/o into skateboarding.

~ Icy

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Imperial Tortoise Beetle - Stolas imperialis

With only 6-12 mm in length, the Imperial Tortoise Beetle, Stolas imperialis (Coleoptera - Chrysomelidae), is truly astonishing by the intense blue color of its body and its elytral punctuation. This species, which is one of 181 that are grouped in the genus Stolas, is poorly known and only registered from Brazil.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credit: ©Sergio Monteiro | Locality: Santa Catarina, Brazil (2014)


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Now that they confirmed we’re having a third season of Young Justice, i’d like to point out a few things they need to do in the new season:

• Resurrection of Jason Todd
• Bring Wally West back
• Make Bluepulse canon
• Give Tim Drake more screentime
• Tell us how Tula died
• Make Jaime Reyes and Bart Allen boyfriends
• Make Miguel Barragan, Rachel Roth and Rose Wilson part of the team
• Introduce Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne
• Bring Wallace West back
• Make Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark and Tim Drake best friends
• Did i mention make Bluepulse canon?
• How about bringing Wallace Rudolph West back to life


FULL-SIZE SCALE SHEET (download 1200x7809)

My Blue Beetle the Animated Series villain characters from four years ago have been updated! It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve always wanted to take a second stab at my designs from college (hopefully I can redo some gl stuff too!). It seems that we get a little sprinkle of Jaime every once in a while, but he’s never reached hehe the point of getting his own series. 

I never got the chance to design a heroes sheet, only a villains sheet, but now I’m slowly working on that as well. 

If you want to see and download the original, please click here. Some of the designs from four years ago are drastically different, while many of them stayed somewhat similar ;) 

  • The Blue Beetle logo is from the Comic Books
  • The Squids are a direct reference to SquidKidsInk (permission granted)

DC, if you ever plan on making a blue beetle show…. *coughs*…