Draco Malfoy Headcanon

How You and Draco Got Together: Headcanon.

Y/h= your house. Y/n= your name.

 A/n: My first Harry Potter thing. I hope you guys like it!

  • It started out as a bunch of rumors.
  • “Hey, did you hear that Draco fancies y/n?”
  • Your friends; Ron, Hermione, and Harry constantly teasing him about liking you.
  • (They also tease you about it because they think you like him too.)
  • “Hey y/n look, there’s your boyfriend! Maybe you should go sit next to him…”
  • You get upset and flustered a lot, and Draco secretly loves seeing you get like that.
  • He eventually got up the nerve to ask you to the ball. (School dance thing, during the Triwizard Tournament.)
  • (He did it in private.)
  • Another student from y/h asked you out to the ball- in front of the entire Potions class- and no one understood when you turned him down.
  • No one but Draco.
  • Hermione eventually wore you down and you told her, and she ended up helping you find a nice dress.
  • You had been hanging with Ron, Hermione and Harry, waiting for Draco to come.
  • “You know, y/n…you choose to go by yourself.”
  • Ron’s statement was cut short when Draco sauntered over.
  • “What are you doing here, Malfoy?”
  • You barely payed any attention to Harry’s comment as you smiled at him.
  • He’d told you that you looked beautiful.
  • You couldn’t control your blush after he’d said that.
  • Ron and Harry had no idea what was happening.
  • Harry had tried to stop Draco from taking you away, sure it was some cruel trick.
  • Hermione told him it was fine and to leave you two alone.
  • Harry and Ron kept an eye on the two of you the whole time- not very discreetly either.
  • During one of the slow dances, he’d tried to kiss you.
  • But Ron had quickly intervened-angering his own date- to keep you from kissing Draco.
  • “How could you kiss that bloody git? He’s disgusting”
  • Hermione had moved over quickly to try and stop Ron, but then Harry stepped in before Draco could start dancing with you again.
  • After the ball, Hermione had lectured Harry and Ron for hours.
  • You snuck away during her lecturing to meet up with Draco in the library, where he’d finally kissed you.
St. Patrick’s by the Bottle (Part 5)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,837

Warnings: angst (you should really just expect this from me lol), language, not a lot of cheating going on in this one, Daddy!Dean feels (bc that is def a warning)

Catch up on the By the Bottle Series

A/N: I hope you guys really love this part as much as I did!! Big thank you to all of you who voted on what the twins gender would be!! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!! :*

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Anonymous said:

can u do an imagine where pan cheats on reader with wendy and the reader ‘brings out her wrath’ on peter coz shes dangerous or something, pan has never seen her like that before so he finds it sexy, and tries everything to get reader back? sorry if its confusing xxxx

Anonymous said:

Heeeeeeyyyy! I was wondering if you could write a pan imagine based off Beyoncé’s “hold up”? I love love love your blog!

I decided to make one imagine for this two requests cause why not. 

Warning/s: swearing, cheating


What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
Jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

Y/N watched as Peter talked to Wendy from a distance. This has been going on lately but Y/N didn’t think any of it because she trusted Peter.

“Y/N!” Peter called.

Y/N smiled and walked over to the two

“Yes?” Y/N asked, excited because this is the first time in weeks Peter acknowledged her.

“Why don’t you lend Wendy some of your clothes?” He ordered more than asked.

Y/N’s shoulders slumped and just nodded.

“Sure. Come with me” Y/N faked a smile to Wendy.

“Here” Y/N said as she handed Wendy the clothes.

Wendy made a disgusted face.

“Bloody hell? What’s this piece of trash? Don’t you have something better?” Wendy complained.

Y/N sighed and walked over to her closet, looking for a better one.

“What about this one?” Wendy took Y/N’s dress which was given to her by her mother before she died.

“But that-“ Y/N was cut off when Wendy already walked out the room, wearing the dress.

“was from my mother.” Y/N sighed and walked out to see everyone gushing over Wendy’s new dress. Y/N walked over to a log and sat down, watching everyone admire Wendy. Peter was also admiring Wendy. Y/N thought that it was nothing bad. She trusted her boyfriend. Maybe Peter was just being a nice friend to Wendy.

I don’t wanna lose my pride, but I'mma fuck me up a bitch
Know that I kept it sexy, and know I kept it fun
There’s something that I’m missing, maybe my head for one

 Y/N saw Peter go to his tree house with Wendy. Now this alerted Y/N. Should I go after them? What are they doing? No. If you truly love Peter, you should trust him. Trust keeps relationships strong. 

But so is loyalty.

‘Fuck it’ Y/N thought and stood up to follow Peter and Wendy. She was behind the door, eavesdropping. She didn’t hear anything so she sighed to herself.

‘This was a stupid idea. I’m just being paranoid.’ Y/N said to herself. She was about to go back down when she heard someone moan.

Can’t you see there’s no other man above you?
What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you

Y/N stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart was beating fast. Is it what she think it is? She nervously walked back and slowly peeked through the door. When she saw the dress that her mother gave her on the floor, she burst opened the door revealing Peter and Wendy. The both of them were only wearing underwear and Peter was hovering over Wendy.

“Oh wow! Wow! This is.. just wow!” Y/N exclaimed, walking over to pick the dress up.

“Sorry to interrupt your session but this dress is important to me. I’m sure you don’t need to wear anything considering you were about to fuck. So I’m just gonna take this and” Y/N walked back to the door.

“Goodbye.” Y/N smiled and slammed the door shut. Y/N walked to the river to wash her dress. The dress was supposed to remind her of her mom but now, it will also remind her of her boyfriend’s infidelity. Y/N was stomping around, trying to calm herself. She needed to calm down or all hell will break loose. 

“Y/N” Peter called, emerging from the woods.

“Fuck off” Y/N spat. Peter was shocked to hear this from Y/N. Y/N was a nice girl. She’s always thinking about others’ safety before hers. And she always sees the good in everything.

“Y/N. I’m sorry I-” 

“I swear to god, Pan. Stay away from me. I don’t need your bullshit right now.” Y/N growled. Peter was hurt not because Y/N was pushing him away, but because she called him ‘Pan’. Y/N always calls him Peter and other sweet nicknames. Now she called him ‘Pan’ and it was filled with so much hatred.

“But-” He was cut of again when the water from the river started floating his way. He turned to look at Y/N who was holding her hands up. It looks like Y/N was the one doing this.

What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
Jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

“Maybe you need  water? You were so thirsty back there.” Y/N made a sinister smirk and waved her hands towards Peter, making the water go towards Peter’s direction. Peter almost drowned if it wasn’t for his magic that saved him. The water disappeared making Peter smirk. He somehow finds Y/N’s aggressiveness sexy. 

“You never told me you could do that” Peter walked over to Y/N.

“Leave me alone.” Y/N said quietly, trying to make herself calm again.

When Peter didn’t move an inch, Y/N broke down.

“LEAVE! For god’s sake Peter! Fucking leave me alone! I don’t want you near me anymore! Just fuck off!” Y/N fell to the ground, mopping her eyes out.

Peter stood there in shock.

“I totally fucked up this time, haven’t I?” Peter walked over to Y/N. He crouched down to Y/n’s figure.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I truly am. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Just please. Forgive me.” Peter said, almost crying.

Y/N chuckled between her sobs.

“Pan apologizing and begging? That’s rich.” Peter smiled sadly.

“Please Y/N. Tell me. What should I do to make you forgive me?” Peter asked.

“You took me for granted, Peter. That’s fucked up.” Y/N sighed.

“I’d be crazy if I ever forgive you.”

Peter looked down in sadness.

Y/N chuckled.

“But it’s a good thing I’m crazy right?”

OLA OLA OLA.  i hoped you liked this one guys. 

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aunt marge’s big mistake

*It’s the summer of Harry’s second year and Aunt Marge pays a visit to the Dursleys*

James: *his hands are nervously pulling his hair* Oh for the love of Merlin, Sirius is on fucking Muggle news. He’s not armed or dangerous you bloody morons. He’s a literal puppy.

Lily: He broke out of Azkaban!

James: He didn’t deserve to be locked up in there in the first place. Oh that rat is going to die someday and when he does I’m going to make. him. suffer.

Lily: I have an elaborate plan.

James: *kisses Lily* And that’s why I love you.

Lily: Ugh Marge is coming in. I think I’m going to vomit or something. 

James: That.. woman. Oh I have a special place for her, too. Remember how she followed Harry around with a stick in her hand on Duddykins’ fifth birthday?

Lily: I’ll be damned if I forget. 

James: Luckily, Harry is fast enough, fast enough to be the youngest Seeker in a cent-

Lily: *rolling her eyes* James

James: *grinning* Sorry, I got caught up.

*Vernon warns Harry about behaving when Marge comes, then Harry asks him to sign the permission slip for Hogsmeade*

Lily: Sign it you son of a–

James: Whoa, Evans!

Lily: What?! He deserves it, he won’t sign it I tell you.

James: I know he deserves it but I need you to stay calm so we can both lose our minds when Marge comes. Please?

Lily: Alright, you are right I guess.

*Vernon tells Harry that they said he was at  St. Brutus’s Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys to Marge*

James: Fuck you, you bloody wanker YOU ARE AN INCURABLY CRIMINAL B–

Lily: James, what did we just agree to do?

James: *looking down* Keep calm until Marge comes.

Lily: Exactly, you should follow you own advices really.

James: I know, I know.

*Aunt Marge arrives*

Lily: Murder in human form is in the building.

James: I think Duddykins takes after her, look at how they walk. The resemblance is uncanny.

Lily: *giggling* They are like penguins.

*Lily bends over laughing as she watches James do a very convincing imitation of Marge. Marge starts questioning Harry* 

James: I want to smother her with a pillow, it’s like he breathes to wrong way, she always has something to say.

Lily: Cane? Do they use a cane? You bloody disgusting piece of GARBAGE.

James: *laughing* Lily he’s making fun of her, the sass he has, he’s like a small Sirius.

Lily: Well Marge can compete with Walburga if you ask me.

James: No one can compete with Walburga maybe that Umbridge woman from the Ministry, do you remember her? 

Lily: The one who looks like a toad?

James: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Wasn’t she the one trying to pass a legislation that would limit every right werewolves had?

James: That’s the one.

Lily: Ugh, you are right, all that pink everywhere.

*Marge: You see it all the time with dogs. If there’s something wrong with the bitch, there’ll be something wrong with the pup –*


James: *scared* Feels like you could. Harry NO! 

Lily: It’s just a glass, that woman deserves it

James: He’ll get himself in unnecessary trouble, we don’t want him to starve, do we love?

Lily: No we don’t.

*days pass with many problems and shoutings and swears. It’s finally Marge’s last day

Marge (about James):[…]A no-account, good-for-nothing, lazy scrounger who–*

James: Harry DON’T!

Lily: She shouldn’t have said that. She should not have said that.

James: *shouting* Will she ever shUT UP?! 

Lily: Bless this boy, he is a literal angel and–

James: An angel who’s blowing Marge up, I was expecting fire or something, this is more fun.

Lily: What?! 

James: He’s not doing it on purpose. Lils! *trying to stifle his laughter* She’s flying out the window.


James: *laughing* We shouldn’t be laughing this hard.

Lily: *laughing* No we shouldn’t but she’s like a freaking dirigible.

*Harry storms out and decides to leave after Vernon comes after him*

Lily: Jamie, please tell me he didn’t just say he was leaving. Where will he go? It’s night time and there are people after him, he’s the bloody boy who lived for heaven’s sake

James: I hope he doesn’t make the mistake of riding his broomstick to somewhere

Lily: After last year’s Ford disaster I’m can’t be sure.

James: He’s walking, oh good, this is good.

Lily: What is so good about him walking in the middle of the night?

James: *angry* I don’t know at least he’s not flying 

Lily: Jamie?

James: What?

Lily: Is that big black dog–

James: *excited* Padfoot!

Lily: Sirius Black you are scaring your godson!

James: I can’t believe it. He is a dumbass. All the times I didn’t believe when Moony told me he was an idiot. Bad Padfoot!

Lily: What the hell is Knight Bus?

James: We used it once with the boys, it’s safe– technically speaking.

Lily: Lovely, this is just peachy.

James: *hugging Lily* He’ll get to Leaky Cauldron safely. Now calm down love.

Lily: *breathing deeply* Alright.

Beneath You: An Analysis of Buffy and Spike

I am not a Spuffy shipper. There are many reasons for this. Some of them are personal, but more of them are character and story related.

On a personal level, Buffy’s relationship with Spike reminds me of some toxic romantic situations I’ve been in and it makes me uncomfortable that it’s something people could possibly aspire to (I’m aware not everyone who ships them does, but I know some do). However, I am not a slayer, nor were any of my love interests vampires… that I know of. So there are some extenuating circumstances. This reason is entirely personal, has nothing to do with anything but my own icky feelings this ship brings up.

However, on a story level, Spuffy has always bothered me because it always felt contrived and forced. Not due to chemistry or lack of between Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters – those two are great. The storyline itself felt forced to me. Season five felt like a culmination of something: the thing we’d been building to all along. And then Buffy was brought back in a way that completely undid her as a character, stripped her down to bare bones (literally) and built her back up into a new Buffy I, honestly, didn’t like as much as end-of-season-five Buffy. And her biggest story arc in season six was her relationship with Spike. It became the A plot instead of a B plot. It was the most major thing she had going on, and that was new for her. Even with Angel, as important as Bangel was, it was just part of a larger arc. I had a hard time buying into Spuffy at all, particularly as the thing that carried the season. Spike also had to undergo a bit of an overhaul, and in some ways it made sense – the chip and his frustration juggling what he wanted to do and what he was able to do. In some ways it felt rushed or contrived, like the fact that he always just happened to be around when Buffy was the most vulnerable. Even his assault on Buffy and his resulting quest for a soul felt a bit “wait, what?” So, I do have a lot of legitimate problems with the ship that have nothing to do with my personal feelings or the ship itself, and everything to do with the way it was presented and put together.

However to the however… Someone recently pointed out on my dash that whenever Buffy has implied that Spike was somehow beneath her or that he didn’t matter, she actually meant the opposite. Which I thought about for a moment, and it suddenly made sense. The example pointed out in the post in question is when she reveals to Spike she was in Heaven, not Hell, and that being back was her Hell. I always thought she revealed this to Spike simply because he happened to be there (conveniently) – literally a captive audience because of all the pesky sunlight keeping him there. And she had to tell SOMEONE who wouldn’t go spiraling into an existential crisis as a result of the news. The line highlighted “I can be alone with you here” and Spike’s sarcastic, possibly mildly offended retort “Thanks ever so” was something I always interpreted as a remnant of their once antagonistic relationship full of barbs and jabs (both physical and verbal). I never considered the possibility that Buffy meant she could be who she was, feel how she felt, in that moment with him present… because he wouldn’t judge her. We’ve seen everyone in her close circle judge her at least once in the series. Xander probably does it the most, particularly when it comes to her romantic relationships. Willow was the first person to confront her about her exit after killing Angel, and everyone else was quick to jump on the bandwagon, save Giles (who was busy trying to save the world from zombies). But, Giles and Oz boarded the judgment train when Angel returned from Hell and Buffy kept it a secret, Giles reminding her what Angel did to him and Jenny while Oz called her out for kissing Angel (I forget the actual line/context of that, but it definitely felt like he wasn’t really on Buffy’s side and he was the one with the least at stake in the room). Then you have Spike, who, when he has judged Buffy, has usually been impressed by or threatened by her. It’s a different kind of judgment. Yeah, the guy may have tried to kill her once or twice, but he never got all high and mighty with her (“How could you do that? How dare you?”). Tara also never did this, just to point it out and give her some kudos. 

In a way, Buffy has always been able to be completely unfiltered with Spike, even if you look at their combat. He’s formidable, gives her a run for her money, and she’s scrappy and resourceful and does the same for him. That’s something that’s always been there under the surface in one form or another. Season six was a perfect storm of circumstances that allowed it to manifest into something else. Another moment that comes to mind is when Buffy learned her mother was sick and snuck out on the back porch alone to cry. Spike arrived, supposedly intent on killing her, but sat with her instead. Then, of course, there’s the moment when Buffy beats Spike to a bloody pulp calling him disgusting and some other colorful things. All of these are examples of Buffy revealing her innermost self to Spike because, for some reason, she feels safe doing so in a way she doesn’t – never has – with anyone else.

This is a big deal, and it’s a thing I never noticed until I really sat down and thought about it. Even the toxic stuff, the ugly stuff, the icky stuff, it’s Buffy’s truth at that moment. If she’s hurting herself and him, it’s because that’s where she’s really at inside – she’s trying to feel, to punish herself, whatever it is she’s doing – and, yes, it’s toxic and it makes me feel icky. But, when put in its true, full context, is it really an abusive relationship? An unhealthy one? Or is it simply what it is at the time? What would this relationship look like when the two of them were in different, more healthy headspaces? These are all things I’m genuinely curious about.


In conclusion… Alright, Spuffy shippers. I get it now. I buy it. I amend my previous “I just don’t see it” comments on this ship. Kudos to @spuffy, @buffytags, and @spikesjojo who blogged/reblogged/commented on that post I saw that blew my mind. For some reason I can’t seem to link it (is there a way to embed links of gifset posts? If someone tells me I will link it here. It is the last thing I replogged before this post, for those who want to see it).

I will take any Spuffy fic recs if you have ‘em. I’m partial to fics that are kind of deep and explore character headspaces and what if scenarios. But, if there’s a bit of smut in there it’s not a dealbreaker, and if it’s fluff or silliness, or what have you, that’s not a dealbreaker either. Long or short, canon or AU, I’ll read it all. However, if there’s smut in it, particularly smut that’s a bit violent or what have you, give me a warning. As I said, icky personal feelings do occur for me and I may be in a wrong headspace to read it at certain times. I also may be reading on my lunch break at work and I’d rather not have a coworker go to ask me an innocent question and happen to glance at some smut I’m reading. 

nice young man laughing with his friends: haha yeah dude i love my mom

me running over at full speed and beating his face to a disgusting bloody pulp while his friends watch in horror begging me to stop: …………..not as much as me

anonymous asked:

George finds out and tries to keep everyone else from knowing

sorry it took so long! its going to be a real quick one, because i’ve had a very busy day, but thank you :) always send more! here we go..

“So, yer queer then?” George stood in shock as his two best mates, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, came out and finally told him the truth about their ever-so-close friendship. The two older Beatles didn’t feel like they needed to answer, as they stood across the sitting room from George holding hands. “Are you gonna be okay with it?” Paul finally asked the lead guitarist. George looked from John to Paul, from Paul to John. “Yeah. I suppose. I’m glad you trusted me.” George smiled and approached his two friends, bringing them into a group hug. “You can’t tell anybody though. Gotta help us keep it a secret.” John reminded George. “Bloody task that’ll be.” George chuckled.

Little did George know, it was going to be one hell of a task.

Just the next morning, George was minding his own business and reading the paper when Ringo came barreling into the kitchen. “What’s got you so stroppy?” George asked, placing the newspaper down on the table. “I found a condom on the bloody couch.” Ringo looked almost embarrassed, as Paul and John entered the kitchen. Paul started making tea, and John sat down next to Ringo. George immediately noticed the googly eyes that John was giving to the bassist. “What’s with the googly eyes? Was that you two’s condom on the bloody couch?!” Ringo asked. George felt his back stiffen, knowing this would be the time Paul and John needed him to step in and protect their secret. George shot them both a look of disgust and annoyance, not wanting to take the heat for something so nasty.

“It was mine, Rings. I’m sorry.” George said, hiding his face behind the newspaper again. “Bloody disgusting that is, Geo! Have some respect!” Ringo seemed a little too agitated. “Ah, lay off him. Let’s just be happy the poor sod got laid.” John defended George, and insulted him all at the same time. “Bugger off, Lennon.” George rolled his eyes as Paul served him a cup of tea, mouthing the word “Sorry” as he did so.

Unfortunately for George, the trouble didn’t stop there.

“Why in the bloody HELL is there a nude Polaroid of Paul on the floor?!” Ringo yelled as he ran down the hallway to the sitting room, flailing the small picture about in his hands. John and Paul soon followed, looking as concerned as concerned could be. “Whaddya mean?!” Paul snatched it away, looking extremely embarrassed as he spoke. “It was just sittin’ on the bloody floor!” Ringo yelled. George had no idea what excuse these boys could use now. Clearly, Paul had taken the picture for John and dropped it on the floor. “It’s mine.” George sighed, uncrossing his legs on the couch. “WHAT?!” John and Ringo both yelled at the same time.

“It’s not what you think!” George was quick on his feet to think of an excuse. “It was meant to be a bloody prank, must’ve dropped it. Didn’t go as planned. My bad, fellas.” George glared through Paul and John as he spoke, trying to laugh at the same time. “Enough of the sexual antics, Geo! First the condom, now this? What’s gotten into you!” Ringo said, also trying to laugh to ease the uncomfortable situation that Paul and John had put the four Beatles in. “I’m a 22 year old man, what do you expect?” George shrugged. “Not to find nude pictures of your band mates, that’s for damn sure.” Ringo scoffed and sat down in his arm chair. Paul and John each sat down on the floor, crossing their legs. “Ah, was only a joke. Come off it.” George tried to stay as calm and nonchalant as possible.

Still, the two Beatles didn’t learn to give their friend George a break.

George, Paul and John were sitting casually at the kitchen table having a couple of pints. Ringo had been in the shower, so there was no need to worry. Paul was clearly tipsy, and was being obvious about it. “Then Eppy said I had to redo the entire song! Can you believe it?!” Paul chuckled as he drank his beer. George and John laughed at their drunken friend. Paul leaned over and placed a big, wet, sloppy kiss on John’s lips. Perfect timing on Ringo’s part to walk in. “Uh…” He stood awkwardly in the doorway of the kitchen. George sighed, knowing the blame was going to be on him, one way or another. “Did you lads just kiss? What am I missing here?” Ringo asked, grabbing a pint for himself and sitting down next to George.

“We were playin’ truth or dare. I dared Paul to kiss John, and he did.” George lied through his teeth before taking a long swig of his pint. “Fuckin’ hell, Geo. What’s with you lately?!” Ringo laughed, obviously believing him. “Was nasty, that was.” Paul said, jokingly. John shoved Paul’s elbow off the table, causing him to almost fall out of his chair. “Bloody hell!” All four boys laughed and laughed, and drank and drank into the night, leaving George hoping and praying he didn’t have to make himself look like bad to protect the relationship of his two best mates.

(Mundane AU, children’s librarian!Steve/Peggy, ~1300 words)

The library is cool and quiet, a respite from the hot stickiness of the DC summer. Before Peggy can take a moment to enjoy the contrast in temperature and humidity, Sharon runs over to the children’s section. It’s laid out invitingly, squashy beanbag pillows heaped below a tree with all sorts of woodland creatures in it.

There doesn’t appear to be much Sharon can get herself into trouble with, and Peggy takes a tissue out of her purse, dabbing at the sweat that’s formed on her brow and lip. It’s only been a few days since her brother Michael and his wife went on vacation, but Peggy is starting to understand why they need the break. Sharon is lovely and wonderful, but she is still a five year old, and full of more energy and mischief than Peggy knows what to do with.

A flash of movement catches Peggy’s eye, and she looks over just in time to see Sharon pull  something out from the base of an elaborate-looking building.  

“Oh Sharon, darling, please don’t–” she says, just in time to be drowned out in a collapse of falling wooden blocks. Sharon looks around at the destruction she has wrought, and starts wailing.

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Fun Fact: No, not fun, horrible. It is barely known these days that a genocide at least as bad as that of the Nazis was perpetrated by, of all peoples, the Belgians. King Leopold of Belgium, while the ruler of the Congo Free State killed nearly half the black population of that unfortunate land. 

He killed at least ten million people and perhaps more. Moreover, he tortured many of these people cruelly before they were killed. One of the ugliest aspects of this genocide was that while it was happening Leopold convinced Europe that he was acting as a benevolent Christian ruler lifting the “savages” out of barbarism. 

This bloody hypocrisy adds another disgusting layer to his crimes.

nazingthepoint  asked:

Friday the 13th related question. People seem to feel sorry for Jason Voorhees. While I agree that it was tragic that he did drown in crystal lake while the counselors were screwing in the woods, that obviously didn't justify him becoming an un-dead maniac and killing people who had nothing to do with his drowning. Hard to feel sorry for someone who wants to butcher people and crush their heads, lol. Also I am enjoying the heck out of the F13 game, despite it's bugs and mixed reviews.

A lot of people seem to be enjoying it (H2O Delirious said he’s “addicted” to it, and I trust his judgement in games).  I haven’t watched enough gameplay from it to make a better judgement call, but it seems slightly similar to Dead by Daylight, which may be why it’s being so heavily criticized.

As for Jason himself, I think it should be taken into account that he’s, well…undead (though, even in canon, the story is muddled.  Did he really die as a child, or was he just living in the woods the entire time?  I think I’ll let the folks at Bloody Disgusting explain that, as they’ve done so better than I could).  He does eventually become undead (whether from drowning, or otherwise), which brings into question whether he’s merely driven by a spirit of vengeance.

Since he did canonically age for years alone in the woods, I think we can safely say that he was robbed of vital human interaction during much of his life, and can’t be entirely held accountable for his actions the way a killer like Freddy Krueger would.  He didn’t have anyone to teach or guide him in life, and we know he was already disabled as a child.