12 Stages of biasing

1. Oh hi there, you’re cute who are you

2. nahww you’re so handsome and funny, so precious

3. I like you so much 


5. Oh look you’re sexy too! so perfect omfg

6. wait

7. what are you doing



10. /nervous breakdown/



Of course there are things I don’t like about the kpop fan life. Like the fact that when kpop idols try and show their love and support for the LGBT community after the worst mass shooting in US history, which targeted the LGBT community, they get so much hate for ‘supporting gays’ they have to delete their posts.

50 people are dead. Sexuality aside. They are people. And they lost their lives. And you’re only concerned that your idol is supporting LGBT+

Grow up. How hard is it to be kind?


Never stop smiling, the world wouldn’t be a happy place without it \(^.^)/

Happy Birthday, handsome

  • before bias: so cute, adorable, pretty little face, dumpling sweetest thing, i love you so much, wow how are you so cute, sweet little angel, my pretty love, cutiepatootie, sweet pie, heartu, so pretty omg
  • when bias: little shit, fuck you, i hate you so much, wow can you not, /punches face/, you suck, so ugly omfg, go away nobody wants you, ur the worst, i dislike you the most, asshole, so dumb, why am i even stanning you, nope, you're awful, ughhhhh

HAPPY 1,000 days to the seven fools that i’m always crying over I cant express how much you boys changed me as a person (for the better) I love you so so so much saranghae bangtan >3<

Best and Worst of: Block B Photoshoots

Looking at Block B photoshoots is such a wild ride because on the one hand half of them look like this:

Thrift shop meets witch aesthetics and Park Kyung is holding a fake bird but it still looks good?

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Just another reason why is Zico the most humble and modest person I have ever seen or heard about

Q: Why didn’t you admit Gaeko [Dynamic Duo] and Tablo [Epik High] recognized your skills and wanted to collaborate with you? 
Zico: Because I still lack so much compared to those two. I don’t think that I’m at the level where I can rap with them yet.


Only 22 years into your life and look at what you’ve accomplished thus far. Growing up without a father, raised by a brother who sacrificed so much for you to pursue this career - a career you were afraid your family wouldn’t approve of. You were welcomed with open arms by what seemed like endless hardships as soon as you debuted, thrown into a life that was unfair from the beginning. It’s easy to see just how much you wanted to give up, but you never did. With the support of your family, your fans, group members, and your girlfriend, you’re still here and BBC are more than happy to share this 22nd birthday with you - a birthday you can finally celebrate in peace.

Happy birthday, Kim Yukwon.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN you’re 26 now wow the time flew… If I wrote how much I love you this post would turn in to a MLA format essay so I’ll keep it simple… I love you more than life itself 💚😭


BABY LOVE happy birthday my suga my heart I love you so so so so much keep slaying sugabear P.S drop that fire mixtape 

I can’t help but pity fans who criticise or insult kpop idols for being in a relationship. What is wrong with you? That want love just as much as you do. They are entitled to a normal, human life just like you are.

I need more KPOP mutuals

okay so I follow a good amount of kpop blogs and as much as I love BTS I need more variety in the groups on my dash. So like/reblog if you post any of the following groups and I’ll check your blog out :)

  • EXO
  • VIXX
  • Seventeen
  • BlockB
  • Monsta X
  • ToppDogg
  • iKON
  • B.A.P
  • Astro
  • Mamamoo
  • SHINee
  • Got7

It’s so touching I couldn’t help but cry. You see the yellow ribbon, memorial symbol of Sewol Ferry tragedy, right?. Zico keeps the memory alive. Tough Cookie and Well Done have both 04:16 minute run time, symbolizing date of the tragedy (2014/04/16). 

말해 Yes or No has 04:14 run time which probably stands for 2014/04. Furthermore he added the yellow ribbon to his cover. He’s the only idol/artist I know who continuously shows condolences to the victims. 

You could probably write a book about all those wonderful and amazing things Zico has done so far. Therefore I don’t understand how someone can hate him. He deserves pair of wings and a halo not sticks and stones.