Nature is something to be thankful for!

I am thankful for public lands because they are full of amazing places where you can still be alone in nature. They provide unforgettable opportunities you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere: I saw my first peregrine falcon, took my first backpacking trip, and examined my first gabbro outcrop all on public lands.

-Lisa Marks, Geologist in the Cody Field Office

What Public Lands are You Grateful For?

I am grateful for the coral pink dunes of Moquith Mountain Wilderness Study Area. During the winter, this area is a great place to get out and do some snowshoeing with my dogs. In the summer, the dunes are covered in giant yellow sunflowers called mule’s ears. The dramatic contrast of colors and convenient access makes this one of my favorite places to take guests all year round.

-Misti Haines, Park Ranger in the Kanab Field Office

Kissing for a Cause

It was a day of swine and roses in the Moore, Oklahoma Field Station on November 20. Field Station Manager Micki Bailey pledged to pucker up for Petey the Pig if employees met their goal of $2,315 for this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Never hesitant to support a good cause, Moore employees stepped up their giving this year to see their boss plant one on a porker, raising a total of $4,680.64 for sanctioned CFC charities. The field station held a variety of events to encourage giving, including a white elephant sale, chili cook off, and flamingo-a-friend drive. “The staff here in Oklahoma are a very generous bunch,” Micki said. “No doubt they would have met their goal anyway, but who isn’t spurred on by a good ol’ fashion pig kissin’?!

Thanks to all our staff and especially to our CFC key workers, Melissa Luksa and Bridget Lewis, who led the way for this year’s campaign.”

What Public Lands are You Grateful For?

I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in public lands through recreation and share my interests with others. I get to work with people and I get to enjoy our public lands and recreation daily, what more could a girl ask for? It is too hard for me to pick just one, I’m grateful for ALL public lands! I especially love exploring and discovering public lands with friends.

-Jennifer Evans, Recreation Planner in the Richfield Field Office