mooksmookin  asked:

oihina: after oikawa graduates and has to go away to university he is always texting hinata like at any given moment theyre texting each other and they call each other every night and make sure to leave time for it and sometimes its just to tell each other good night but they make it work

But like, imagine if like they take turns each night on who calls who first for their night time chats and one night it’s Oikawa’s turn and he was busy doing some school stuff or whatever until like 2 am or something and he hates himself for not calling yet. He assumes his chibi-chan is already asleep but decides to leave a voice message at least and calls, he is surprised to Hinata answering the phone, he had been waiting all night just to hear Oikawa before going to bed and to say good night and Oikawa is just aahhh I don’t deserve you