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Its normally Keith that calms Shiro down when he has horrible nightmares or forgets who he really is. Shiro having an 'episode' while Keith is out on a mission and having a break down in his room. Hunk hearing through their shared wall and very carefully going in. He sits beside Shiro and talks softly to him, maybe hums a little- a really well known old song he things Shiro will know. Once Shiro acknowledges him he pulls him into his arms and whispers stories to him to distract and calm him.

This is… beautiful, thank you.

Yes, I absolutely agree. Hunk is always on the lookout for the others, but especially so with Shiro, due to everything he’s been through in the past.

But also, please consider Keith returning from said mission and finding out that Hunk helped him, so Keith goes to Hunk and thanks him for being there for Shiro when he couldn’t. He also gives tips to Hunk with what works and what doesn’t when Shiro needs to calm down. They form the Shiro protection squad, making the rounds to make sure he is okay…. listen…..


NAME: Terra Branford.

AGE: 18.

GUILD: Kupomogs.

CANON TIMELINE: Currently set in World of Balance/pre-World of Ruin and post-Dissidia Final Fantasy ( specifically set at any point after Terra recovers in Zozo and accepts her Esper heritage ).

DEFAULT LOCATION: Divinity’s Reach, Kryta ( and eventually places with colder climates and a whole lot of snow i.e. Hoelbrak, Shiverpeak Mountains ).

INVENTORY: 2000 Gold, 1 Traveling Stone, Amulet ( Magic + 10 ) and Diamond Gloves ( Defense + 60 ), 1 Crystal Feather, Sense Materia, and a Small Scroll inviting you to join the Queen in Divinity’s Reach ( *Rewards from the Shatterer event chest ).

SKILLS: A jack-of-all-trades that is both a powerful wielder of magic and an adequate physical combatant, Terra has a primary focus on attack and healing magic and line of Fire spells, and she is capable of casting the following: Cure, Fire, Poison, Drain, Raise, Fira, Teleport, Cura, Dispel, Firaga, Arise, Holy, Break, Graviga, Meltdown, Ultima ( Final Fantasy VI ); Fire, Blizzard Combo — ground, Blizzara — ground, Graviga, Meteor, Blizzara — midair, Thundara, Blizzard Combo — midair , Holy, Holy Combo, Flood, Tornado — ground, Tornado — midair, Meltdown, Ultima; Firaga; Fira, Blizzara, Tornado, Holy, Thundara, Flare, Graviga, Meltdown, Meteor, Riot Blade, Chaos Wave ( Dissidia franchise ).  She is capable of using a Magitek Armor.  Her Skill/EX Mode/EX Skill is Trance/Revert or Morph, and her Desperation Attack/EX Burst is Riot Blade.

WEAPONS: She currently wields the Enhancer ( the primarily weapon that she wields in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade ) but is capable of equipping daggers, swords, maces, rods, staves, and impartisan. *Her ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy VI is the Apocalypse, and her exclusive weapons in Dissidia are the Chain Flail, Morning Star, and Maduin’s Horn.

COMRADES: Vaan ( @pyroclasms ) ( Close friend, former enemy/ally, and protector… …who she may or may not feel not-so-platonically fond of ), Kuja ( @xkuja ) ( Guild mate, former enemy, potential friend, and a surprisingly sincere advice giver ), Rinoa Heartilly ( @ibisangelus ) ( Friend who she doesn’t know is in this Four Hero Guilds yet ), Aerith Gainsborough ( @aeristheancient ) ( Friend who she doesn’t know is in this Four Hero Guilds yet ), Sir Haumeric ( @hiemalstorm ) ( Acquaintance, previous event partner ), Sephiroth ( @scphiroth ) ( Acquaintance, former enemy, previous event partner, and a dapper ball partner who she needs to borrow more self-help books from ), Maria ( @artemisxbow ) ( Acquaintance who she must teach in the way of the Moogles because pft Moogles > Beavers pls ), aaand whelps other acquaintances who she definitely needs to spend more time with, i mEAN.

EVENT PARTNERS: Oerba Yun Fang ( @oerbic ) ( September Month Autumn event ), Sephiroth ( Celebration of Heroism event ) Ser Haumeric ( Slay the Shatterer event ).


GOALS: To find her reason for fighting, to protect her home world and all worlds, to be able to understand love and other emotions, to assist her Moogle guild mascots, to protect Vaan like how he has always protected her, to properly make friends and to understand others, and to one day return to her home world to finish what she started, no matter where her chosen path might lead…

STORY THUS FAR: For her noble endeavours of accepting her Esper heritage and her responsibility towards both Esper kin and humankind, as well as her heroic efforts as a warrior of Cosmos during the 13th cycle of conflict, the half-Esper and half-human Terra Branford was one of many heroes summoned into the world of Tyria by Queen Jennah in order to protect all worlds.  Assigned to the Kupomogs guild, Terra was initially reluctant of the daunting task and doubtful of her own abilities, but she nevertheless found her resolve to fight — and especially found strength and camaraderie in fellow hero and her protector Vaan.  When the Shatterer plagued Ascalon, Terra fought alongside her partner Ser Haumeric, was freed from a crystal imprisonment by Vaan and returned the favour when he was trapped, and aided in the Shatterer’s defeat through attacking the beast in her Esper form and casting the summon Shiva.  Following this event, a celebratory ball was held for the Four Hero Guilds’ victory, where Terra was paired up with Sephiroth and was reunited with Vaan, who briefly returned to his home world.  On an ordinary day, Terra can often be found spending time with the friends she has made or helping her Moogle guild mascots on a variety of errands ( …when she’s not fluffing their fur ).  A kind heart that is tempered by both a troubled past and a hopeful future, Terra is a faithful ally who will not hesitate to fight when she must.

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