A little Sebastian in black & white is good for the soul…

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And the film truly shines with [Colin] O’Donoghue’s performance, playing Brennan’s heartbreak, melancholy, openness, sweetness, angers, and fears with stunning brilliance. Brennan’s guarded heart is unable to stay as such when the love of his life returns and O’Donoghue showcased this with beautiful and very emotional believability. If you can truly sense what a character is feeling not just through tone, but also expression and subtle affectations, that’s acting at its finest, and O’Donoghue brings the same sincerity he showcases every week as Killian Jones on Once Upon a Time to Brennan, a character who is decidedly different but nonetheless deep and relatable.

The Dust Storm review by NerdHQ

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Hey! I don't know if you've seen it, but there are videos from a wonderful production of ITH on this YouTube channel Ivy Kirsch and I always think of you when I watch them because the Pete and Sonny interactions are adorable. Thought I should let you know if you didn't! Love your blog


OOC: Going to Europe to Help With the Refugee Crisis

In the next upcoming months, I’ll still try to reply and be active the best I can, but my presence will decrease for a while. 

I’m part of a trained team of people from different places around the world that will be going (for a few months) overseas to Europe to bring aid to refugee camps, working in long shifts to get (from what I’ve been told) the new arrivals situated, among other things. 

Not gonna lie; it’s gonna be tough. These people come over having lost everything, only to find they’re living in tents. It isn’t glamorous, it’s hard, there’s tons of rules, and it’s pretty darn cold there right now. 

Teams have been spit at, cursed at, insulted, threatened, etc… I don’t condone that at all, but I understand these people are in a really vulnerable, hurting place with nowhere to put their anger, and often the workers (us) receive some of it. 

And you know what? That’s fine. Because at the end of the day–at the end of those few months–guess who gets to go back to a warm bed with almost all they could want? Yeah, me. That’s a privilege they don’t have right now, but it’s one I want them to have. So, I will take a little misdirected anger, and I’mma give them some hella direct love in response.

I’m so lucky to have a powerhouse of a team going with me. They’re some of the most encouraging, life-bringing people I’ve ever met. We’ve already decided on our ‘team culture’. We’ll be operating as a family. Some of the people on it were with me when my team last year went to South Africa to join organizations fighting against human trafficking.

I’m still raising funds, but I have most of what I need. (Only a little more to go) Though I’ve realized that it’s winter over there….and I have maybe like (besides an abundance of t-shirts)….two sweaters and a jacket? I’m being trained at a base in Florida, after all. I’m from elsewhere in the country, so I could only bring so much.

At this point, the plane ticket is bought. It’s set in stone, and I’m going whether I’m completely ready or not, spending New Years on the plane. I’ve reached out to family and friends, but I also want to reach out to my followers here on Tumblr.  

Although I do need about $300 still, what I really want to ask is if anyone has any small warm things (like mittens, plain sweaters) that they don’t need, I would love to have them! (You can contact me in my askbox.)

Upon my return, I’ll probably be sharing a few stories of what/who I encountered there.

Thank you so much, guys! 

Random things that made me happy about Moana:

-The story wasn’t about her relationships, romantic or otherwise. But it also didn’t belittle those relationships and the people she cares for were a motivation along with her need to discover herself

-stubborn angry muscle girl who does not know how to do a thing but fuck you she will do the thing

-the fucking chicken

-this is a weird one but when Moana sings her mouth opens super big when she belts out the words and just it made me so happy??? She wasnt made to sing pretty and delicate she will fucking BELT out her victory song

-Dwayne The Rock Johnson can sing. Bless this man.

-you can see all the research that went into the movie and the credits are full of Pacific Islander names and it pays off so well god bless

-Hero allowed to have moment where they nearly give up. Isn’t shamed for it. Is told “if that’s what you need then you are supported.”

-hero decides on her own to continue journey

-showing Moana actually learning how to be a leader before she even goes. She already is going to be a great chief before she goes….she doesnt have to prove anything. It’s just….so good

-listen I know chickens. That is a very….accurate chicken

- H A I R

-the music makes me cry it’s so good and Lin worked so hard to respect the cultures he worked with and brought in Samoan and Fiji'an singers and it’s so good

-the animation just shit son

-after the plastic ice and tinyface dolls of Frozen, disney animation is redeemed in my eyes

-every scene was beautiful and I spent over half the movie with fucking chills because. It was just so breathtaking


ᶰᵉᵛᵉʳ ᶠᵒʳᵍᵉᵗ ᵒᶜᵗᵒᵇᵉʳ კʳᵈ ;