headcanon that Sam genuinely believes Blaine to be a wizard and knows that Blaine will never tell him if he is or not. It’s cool, though. Sam’s read Harry Potter. He knows Blaine’s not allowed to tell him these things.

after all, he went to Dalton, aka Gay Hogwarts, and then NYADA, a school for witches, so.

(one day something magic-like is going to happen around Blaine, and Sam is just going to jump up and go “I KNEW IT”)


Which are your best memories of Glee?

Chord Overstreet - maybe the coworker I’ve bonded the most with during my five years on Glee - and I, we had to sing a cover of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham. Unfortunately, the recording session was after a pretty animated night of the Oscars, we drank and we went to sleep at 3am. The session was at 7am. We were a wreck but we started singing it so hysterically that came out perfect at the end. - Darren Criss, Giffoni Film Festival 2015 (×)

Different Kinds of Happy (G)

6x06 reaction fic: Sometimes, the only person you need is your best friend (aka The One Where Blaine Lies and Sam Wants to Know Why)
word count: 995

“Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say. ”

“So, no Dave tonight?”

“Uh, no. It’s his mom’s birthday, so…”

“That’s a shame, I would’ve loved to see him. Anyway, Rachel’s giving me that ‘I need to talk to you now’ look so I better go.”

As Kurt walked away, Sam practically ran up to Blaine and grabbed his arm, yanking him down the hall and into the baby’s nursery. “Okay, I know for a fact that Dave hasn’t talked to his mother in, like, two years.”

Blaine ripped his arm out of Sam’s grasp. “Okay, first of all – ow. And second of all – what?”

“You just told Kurt that Dave wasn’t here because it was his mom’s birthday and yet I remember you telling me that his mom doesn’t accept the fact that he’s gay so why would he be celebrating her birthday?”

“I, well-”

“Blaine, why did you lie to Kurt?”

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