Girl number 17 W.I.P.

Girl number 17 W.I.P.

After spending a week working on Chandra the Chariot Rider to little fanfare, I decided to take a simpler approach to the next girl. I started preparing quick thumbnail sketches of girls I plan to draw in the future so I can focus on achieving the short term goal of producing at least 30 total girl illustrations by August 15. 

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Tentatively titled Mega Girl, I drew her up with the thought of one…

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A new series thats still a WIP. Two are going to be in the Chicago based art publication called To:From.

This series is analyzing my relationship with my father via the internet after he moved from Baltimore to Georgia 10 years ago. I’m collecting sent images, emails, texts and other things sent over the past 7 years.

I don’t know if you guys knew but Normani from 5th harmony got rid of her twitter due to a high volume of racism. She was getting Dm’s of people pasting her face on bodies of lynched black people and sending her more horrific disgusting racist slurs. She’s since brought her twitter back and has been getting a lot of love and support from her fans from all over the world, however Normani has not been the only black woman/celebrity who has been subjected to high amounts of racism through social media. I love Normani and I wanted to make something nice just to continue to push black girl magic in the air. 


#HUes of Blackness, Ra’Sontai Watson

Photographer Ra’Sontai Watson, a freshman, Psychology student at Howard University and founder of Terres Noir Photography, shot a collection of color block images that explores the many beautiful shades of blackness at Howard University.

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