Dear Unoa Freaks,

We’re finally back from hiatus and ready!

This month, we have a very special announcement. Araki-Sensei has been sculpting Unoa again! For this year’s Halloween even we are proud to announce a brand new face and hands created for the Elder Sisters, and a special Halloween edition of the Elder Brothers!

UnoAlchemy Halloween Special Items:
Fury Belia Elder Sister – The full doll is 50,000 JPY, and includes the new special heat-moldable hands!
Fury Belia Faceplate and Hand Set – A set of the newly sculpted Fury Belia faceplate, and the new long-fingernail heat-moldable hands

Vampire/Ghost Fairy Elder Brothers – The Special Edition Halloween fairy Elder Brother boys are 54,000 JPY come with a special set of vampire teeth for Zest! Mr. Araki has made them especially for this event.

At the moment, we’re looking for interest to decide whether we should do this on a lottery basis, or first come, first served. There are 10 special edition elder brothers, and 13 sets of the new Fury face and hands. What do you think? Lottery, or open purchases? Please reblog this post with your answer ❤️


[Commission] LittleRebel Sarang head par Youpla Dolls


It is 8 days to International Release!

Hello!✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧ It is official!

Two of my sculpts, Midori (the large-headed tiny) and Voador (the flying piglet) are going to be released on Sept 5 , and the ordering period will last until Oct 07!

My website has been updated with information for this event: 


It is my first time doing any sort of thing internationally. I am both very excited and very nervous! (ง •_•)ง


Winterrain studio U-Young by goyo
Via Flickr:
face up by goyo

So Silas has been abandoned as a doll but not a character and instead Kailee (who was the maskcat that I’m selling) is now this sculpt.

So say Hi to Kailee. Emi’s son!

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Decided it was probably time to do a #companyvscrew post (and also because @gothamghouls convinced me to do it). Autumn is a Supiadoll Roda and Cole is a Soom Romantic Amber. I’d say they look actually pretty different from the company photos.
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#Manchester #firemen showing their support for #Manchesterpride #pride2016. Yay! It’s so great that so many people are behind us. We have many businesses and companies also supporting pride.

It just goes to show that equality is closer.

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Rozen Boy par AyuAna