I see people complaining about EU seller prices, but it seems that many non-EU peeps don’t realize something: If an EU seller is listing something for slightly more than what the company charges, it’s still cheaper for another EU person to buy (+no wait time). The shipping is less pricey and there are no more customs fees on import. Of course it won’t make sense for a US (or other) based buyer to buy it, but the rest of us in the EU are grateful.


Endless Sky da World Demination
Tramite Flickr:
I was inspired to name this series 果てない空 (Endless Sky) after the song by 嵐 (Arashi). Chase’s smile is just so serene and beautiful and full of hope. It’s like she’s always saying, "cheer up, better days are ahead~!" She’s always smiling, always always smiling…


A “little” summary of my character and fav bjd :3

This is my very firts drawing of him, he started his life as a roleplay character. He is a super intelligent, serial killer. As a psycho he’s got no feelings yet likes to smile on top of that, he is a pastry cook and loves sweets

At this point I didn’t think about having him as a doll but I started to love him as his character started to evolve.

When I finally decided that I want him as a doll I got the self doubt if his hair color would be ok for him. (He is so cute with pink hair xD)

When his head arrived I almost cried q-q I saw William in my palm. (his body and head arrived to me separately) 

Valentines day with him ^^ I couldn’t paint his head, because I promised my friend that he will be her character for a photoshooting and she wanted to paint him herself. 

I gave him a temporary faceup and temporay wig. He was nothing like William but at least he got a face q-q 

So finally my friend painted the Hugh and I painted my floating modded Karsh head to have a William. I must admit it wasn’t near okay for William, but my friend saw his character into him x”D so we switched heads after that.

And I could finally start to work on my cutie qAq *modding modding* 

And his officially first William faceup ^^

I loved his cute face but something was off with it. It was not a face of a serial killer.

So I started again everything xD *modding his eyes to be smaller* 

He is alive now. I can clearly feel it. He is like a horcrux xD a piece of my soul. And I love him to bits <3