Check it out! 

Basically its a list of all the anti recast collectors for pro recasters to block.
I know, IRONIC!

Just one thing to say:

Okay but can we agree on a few things?

In light of the pro-artist list going around, stupid arguments pro recasts are surfacing again.

We have our differences and my personal view is, I just don’t really want to associate with pro-recasters. And that’s my prerogative, just as it is theirs to not want to associate with me for that same reason. I’m fine with that. It’s better if we not annoy each other, right?

Now first of, it is NEVER okay to send death threats. Don’t harass people. It gets you nowhere and it won’t make you feel better. It’s not the way to go.
If anything, try to educate. Stay kind.

Second, @bjdrecastpositive just compared this situation to horrible racism, bigotry and misogyny.
You simply cannot compare the pro and anti sides to the hardships darkskinned people have gone through (especially in America). Black people got lynched and killed for the color of their skin.
The LGBTQ community has suffered many losses because of the way they were born.
Women have suffered all sorts of abuse because they were not born as men.

You, for owning recasts, do not fall in any of these groups.

You were not born a thief. You made a choice. You made a very conscious choice (I’m speaking very generally here because there are some who bought one by accident, who have switched over etc) to buy a recast, to support recasters and to NOT support the original artist!
You made the choice to put your LUXURY needs before the livelihood of another person.

You are not oppressed, you put yourself in that position, in a hobby where creativity is everything and the ARTISTS make these dolls.

Morals will never change to accept thievery and they will remain to support artists, because there will always be more who see the value in artists.

Hypocrite, thy name is Fakebaby

The fakebabies be putting out lists of supposed “anti recast bullies” meanwhile one of the BJD Addicts mods got *literal death threats* even after turning off Anon, so much that she had to leave tumblr for a while. Don’t fucking tell me you shitbags are the ones getting bullied, and waah waaah you’re the victiiiiiims!

Let a pro-artist person put out a list of names of fakebabies, see how quickly y'all freak out. Know why your asses don’t want your names out there? Because you fucking KNOW you’re doing something wrong. Meanwhile, the pro artist owners are taking pride in that stupid list because we are PROUD to support our artists.

Velalu’s new wig came.  I know, Dunmer always have red or black hair.  I tried to  make her a brunette, I really did.  Look at how well it suits her, though.  Now for clothes.  I was sketching some outfits today that would be simple to make, basic shapes with lots of layers.  And maybe a staff.  The fun I could have making jeweled heads for a staff!

Velalu [Impldoll, Aurora]

Dear Pro-React People...

It has come to attention that a list to people to block has come up on a pro-recast blog. (There is also a weird thing accusing me of sending an anon confession? Which is weird but whatever… I don’t need to hide behind anon). It is a reassuring huge list of people who don’t want to be your friend because you think it is okay to steal.


YES, please do block me. YES, it does mean we can’t re-blog from each other or interact with each other any more. This is doing me a huge favour because I don’t want to deal with you any way, I don’t want to be promoting your dolls on my blog. 

I don’t want to deal with you at all. Blocking me is perfect for that.

No, I am not stalking you, or bullying you. I have a right not to associate with you, just as you have with me. In blocking me, and not wanting to deal with me you are excising that right. So please go do that.

The only time I talk about the debate is either on my own blog, which I have every right to do. Just as you have the right to post your opinion on yours. It is called freedom of speech. And on designated confession blogs, which is a space designed to talk about the matter.

If you don’t want to debate such things, then step away from such blogs.

I am not saying bullying doesn’t happen, but if that many people were harassing and stalking people like it has been claimed. We would know about it a lot more.