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This is kind of what my desk looks like right now, finishing things for Dolls&Party in Barcelona! :D We’re at booth 77, us and over 90 corsets, for Minifee, Cerisedolls MSD, Narae, Once Upon a Doll Elles, Cerisedolls Lyse, Soom Super Gem and Zaoll :D So come and say hi! ^_^ I’m taking my Cerisedolls Ombre and Dive Seimei in their embroidered outfits, if I can find a space for them inbetween all the corsets..xDD

The only person in my town that has BJD’s besides me is a creep. She does her dolls nails in sharpie and if she isn’t happy with how a faceup turned out, she licks it off. LICKS IT OFF. I am never going in her house again.


Actias luna (Luna moth) by Elena Zubkova
Via Flickr:
My Luna moth is finished. Porcelain, china paint, natural leather, magnetic mohair wig. Her height is about 23 cm (about 9 inches), OOAK. For dress and shoes I used batiste, chiffon, natural vintage silk, laces, silk ribbons, beads, fluorites. The wings are fixed on magnets and painted by hand with watercolors on silk. Работа над лунным мотыльком завершена. Кукла сделана из фарфора, расписана надглазурными красками и проклеена натуральной кожей. Мохеровый паричок держится на магните. Ее высота около 23 см. Для изготовления платьица и туфелек я использовала батист, шифон, винтажный шелк, кружева, шелковые ленты, бисер, флюориты. Крылышки крепятся на магнитах и расписаны акварелью на шелке.


Harucasting’s update and WIP on July 2.

tarantulafuzz Grace’s boy arrived on June 29. When the package arrived, we checked all which were channels, surface and damages during shipping. All of elastic channels looked so good as not to be modified by us before casting. But priming by Grace looked a little bit tough and the primer on the torso was a little peeled off.

Today, we have started our work for making silicon molds. Sorry for being delayed and thanks for your understanding on our schedule nowadays. Anyway, we’ve put some putty on the part which was peeled off and sanded soft and applied coating spray for making a good result in surface. Tomorrow, we are going to pour silicon in acrylic boxes.

itsybitsytiny So far, total 12 owls have been cast in 5 colors and we will send you 20 owls by next Friday.

Thank you so much!

All the “Conejitas” for D&P! 💙 Sorry for didn’t reply all your nice comments, I am still working and I just have today for finish everything! About the prices for these bunnies I still have to decide it (it is so difficult to put price to something like that! ><), I just can say it could be approximately 200€ each one. They are casted, painted and customized by me, and will be included a small fabric bag 😊 Which one do you prefer? #conejita #bjd #doll #handmade #handpainted #resincast



I finished Kyle’s wig tonight, so I can finally get some couple photos of these two. Kyle still needs more proper clothing (plaid shirt, a scarf, something akin to Doc Martens and distressed light blue jeans), but I imagine this white shirt would be the kind of stuff he sleeps in. He’s also getting some somewhat smaller and more square glasses, but for now he’s stolen Ellie’s so he at least has some.

I hope to finish Yona’s wig tomorrow so I can get pictures of her and Elva when I get the chance.

8″ Granado (Head) - “MarsJuly 03 ~ August 03

  • Resin Options: new normal, white, sunshine, chocolate, tan or bronze
  • Additional Options: face-up (with or without beard) and/or hair painting, body blushing, Evol body