My workspace today: Farla keeps me company while I’m decorating the sleeves of her blouse with some embroidered flowers.

Farla is my 1/3 Resinsoul Ai. She is with me over a year now and for this “woodland” project I’ve done so far: modded her legs and horns in a woodgrain effect; made her a mossy wig; made her some panties, a blouse, 2 skirts and an underbust corset.


Young Vampire da AyuAna
Tramite Flickr:
New dress set for SD9 boy or SD10 girl size bjds. We wanted to craft something for Amadeo in new face-up to modelling. So here it is - an unisex dress set, full of laces and vintage athmosphere <3 We hope You like it too! Amadeo is Glorydoll Louis ns Face-up by Greenwolfy Eyes by KOK Doll Wig by us - Ayu&Ana Design Shoes by Dollheart Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design

This is my new boy!! Temp eyes and wig (though I like the color of the wig more than I thought I would…) but I couldn’t wait to show him off!! His name is Zack and he’s a gamer nerd but other than that I don’t know much about him! He’s also an SD so bigger than my other dolls (woah!) but he’s going to be part of a different story entirely so that’s okay!! I hope to post more of him soon but for now I hope you like him!!

i’d heard lolita were catty and rude but yikes, the lolita in the DD thread about Ruri are ridiculous, all ‘um OBVIOUSLy the dress isnt a ripoff anyone who knows ANYTHING about lolita could see that!’ bitch come on volks themselves recognized it was a ripoff and cancelled it! The dress from a contest and not by them so they had no idea it was a stolen design until it blew up. And a company that collabs with BTSSB OBVIOUSLY KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT LOLITA! Get off your frilly high horses ffs.