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Someone said bonenzo was the most toxic ship of the show ... bishh where??

That someone is just bitter and salty AF. They don’t have countless adorable scenes of their ship to rewatch again and again and again like us, hell, their ship isn’t even canon, and they apparently have plenty of time on their hands that they choose to spend making up ways to shit on our beautiful, canon ship. Ignore it and go back to watching Bonnie and Enzo being lovey dovey in BonBon’s high school-bedroom <3


[FC] Guitar Couple Pose Pack

There are two pack in the zip file. One is guitar poses and another one is some bonus poses. List and non-list included, as well as the previews.

I did not include the guitar accessory, you need to get it here. While doing that, you should check the awesome guitar poses from this creator as well. \o/ The 4th guitar poses, the one that should be using the guitar accessory is the male. Do not worry about the chair, the poses fit with any living chair/sofa. But here is the chair and sofa. I have tried my best to minimize the clippings for this one. As for some bonus poses here, the GKL poses are some of my poses from my Christmas post

The last one is the continuation from my 9th couple poses, my 2nd pack. I made this as a dedication to a friend here, simicidal*Stacy, remember the thing that we talked about? hehe* ;D There is another version for this pose, without having his right hand on the wall but would be on her hips.

I hope you guys like it. \o/ And, sorry if the expression is quite similar with each other, that is just my way of making poses, simplest expression or even expressionless. Please let me know if you have any problem using it or downloading it. Thank you!

Note: Using any height sliders will have a different result from the original one.

TOU: Please check here



Credits to all cc creators. This would be my last gift. I want to say Happy New Year to all you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*I will wish another Happy New Year tomorrow actually. haha* Thank you so much for all the love and support throughout this year. I really appreciated it (╥_╥) I love you guys so much oke? ஐ·.¸·´`·♥

*tag me “fyachii” if you want, so that I can go and stalk your blog as usual. ;D