Jailbot wardens journey yesterday and today :y journeys where I met another robot, another WARDEN!!!! Nostalgia critic! @commanderholly I have found out I’m taller then sardonyx XD controlled team skull! Hanged out with dead pool~ a gingerbread cookie!! BIRD PERSON!!! *explodes* I’m considering drawing these as the characters XD that’ll be really fun!!


The four Pokémon dancers of the Alola region =D 

Oricorio with the four styles of dances =) 

Well I love animating dancing or bouncing birds so I couldn’t resist to animate them and it was really interesting as well, learned a lot about these dances ^^ 

Pom-pom style are really dynamic !!! 

In French Oricorio is called Plumeline =) 

After a LONG LONG time i have finally done! I started this about 4 mouths ago just before the release of Pokemon sun and moon but the clouds where giving me a hard time. happy with the outcome though.

this is just a few of my fave Bird Pokemon :)

also you should totally check out commander holly’s birb only sun and moon play threw! this was kinda inspired by it :D