And in this first video uploaded to our new YouTube channel, Pepper meets a Pokemon.

Day 24 favorite Pokemon design: Porygon

I love Porygon’s design because I love how it’s like some kind of vague bird, and how that’s never brought up in its description or Pokedex entries or indicated by its typing or moveset or anything.  I just picture the people in-game creating it, like what they were thinking.  It kind of reminds me of the Substitute doll, how it’s like modeled after the idea of Pokemon in general: Porygon is like a weird vague duck thing!  It’s awesome.  Also fun-fact: if you look at Porygon’s old sprites, it actually specifically looks like a duck.  Kinda weird.

Also I promise this is actually Porygon and not an imposter.

So I spent a few years working in daycares, and at one of them there was this kid who loved Pokemon. He had Asperger’s, a photographic memory, and I have no qualms with saying he was my absolute favorite kid.

He was always glued to my side and I would listen in absolute awe as he would rattle off fact after Pokedex fact about each and every Pokemon. He seriously knew everything. He would tell you heights, weights, descriptions, etc. He seemed positively delighted that someone was willing to sit and hear his Pokemon speeches.

With his parents’ blessing I gave him my Gameboy Advanced SP and my copy of Pokemon Leaf Green. He drew me a picture of one of my favorite Pokemon in exchange.