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lmao at "i believed she was serving the city. i never thought to question her. not until it was too late." considering that cullen was on board with meredith all the way through until she tried to kill hawke. he was completely fine with murdering countless mages & terrorizing kirkwall in the templar order. love how they frame it like he had enough of meredith's schemes and thats when he realized everything was wrong. honestly who is bioware trying to fool here we played da2 we remember cullen

Let’s just take a look at this scene in DA2, hmm?

“I defended you when Thrask started whispering you were mad.”

Not only was he completely aware of everything she did, but he says himself he defended her. Again, completely contradictory to what he says in DAI. 

“But this is too far.”

I think it’s also worth noting that I seriously doubt that if Hawke wasn’t noble and well respected in the city, that he’d do anything. When I say I think he saw his opportunity, I mean it. The city doesn’t care if they slaughter mages at random, but the Champion? The Champion is actually important. -_-