The World’s Largest Bratfest

Those of you from other states/countries may not be familiar with this very Wisconsin festival, so let me fill you in a little bit. What it is: a brat-centered charity event that takes place in Madison over Memorial Day Weekend each year, for which Johnsonville donates a ridiculous number of brats that are then grilled up and sold for $3 apiece to raise money for a whole host of charities. 

What it really is: an excuse to consume as many brats, beers, ears of corn and ice cream as is humanly possible in four days while listening to free music and enjoying lovely WI summer weather.

A typical starting meal looks something like this:

But aside from all the food and people watching, my favorite thing about Bratfest is that they always have a premium spot reserved for bike parking. It makes me feel a bit like royalty. And so, my husband and I have made it a tradition to bike to Bratfest as much as possible. At shortest, it’s about an 18 mile ride (round trip) from our house, but we usually make it 25 miles in order to earn our brats and beers for the day.

Over the past several years, we’ve had many Bratfest biking adventures. But my favorite was last year when we decided to use the water bottle cage on my bike as a “brat-to-go” holder.

I’m sure the couple of beers we consumed had something to do with sparking this idea, but that didn’t make it any less amusing. Of course, the whole brat-to-go thing didn’t actually work out as planned, as I no sooner got my stuff packed up and ready to go before I wanted to eat the brat…

And my water bottle cage went back to holding it’s usual water bottle.

Our bike-to-Bratfest tradition remains strong, and this year was no exception. We took the scenic route of Capital City Trail to get there, and it was, as usual, the very best start to a Wisconsin summer.

And so, this was me yesterday as I enjoyed my brat, beer and the beautiful weather, proudly sporting my Timbuk2 cycling hat as well as my favorite necklace.

Cheers to summer, everyone!

From above - a nice pic from last nights #ride when we stopped for some #adhoc repairs.

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