everyone talks about idols like, “i wanna have sex with them” or whatever but i just want to be their friend? i want to take care of them, cook for them, cuddle with them (platonically), i want them to be able to rant to me about their managers, about how (another member) deserves better, about how they want to meet (this other band), i want to make sure they’re healthy, i want to comfort them when they’re sad because they didn’t get a lot of lines.

i want to be their friend.

I’m not saying respect your elders but what I am saying is that kpop groups like bts and nct and twice and blackpink were heavily inspired by older idols. 5/7 bts members became idols because they looked up to bigbang so much. Some members of twice hope to follow snsds footsteps. Exo and super junior are seen as leaders by many members of nct. 2ne1 is still mentioned by blackpink in helping them during their training days. Amber paved the path for most female idols in terms of accepting their identity. Older groups like Seo Taiji and Boys helped kpop develop into what it is today.

So I’m not saying respect your elders, what I am saying is that your current bias groups wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those groups who helped them become such good artists. So, basically

Respect your fucking elders.