"I wouldn’t say I’m ugly, but also not really pretty. I think, that my career was never based on how I look - that was my luck…In Hollywood nowadays you have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model also if you are over 40, to get jobs. I think that’s awful….If I see old movies (of me) I’m shocked sometimes how big my nose seems."
Meryl feels lucky she began her career when she did as her looks weren’t as important as they are now.

It really sucks being in a process where you try to learn to love yourself, because one moment I’m like “Okay, this is me - I have a big nose, no cheekbones and I’m ugly, but that’s okay because this is how I look and there is nothing I can do with it” but then I go on instagram and see my crush liking pictures of like really pretty fucking beautiful girls and I’m back right where I started with hating myself because I will never look like those girls no matter what I do, like I won’t get that small nose and those cheekbones by losing weight, I won’t get bigger boobs and so on. And i’m just so angry because I let it get to me, like I shouldn’t even care but I let it ruin the little I had of self esteem all the time…

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25. What part of your body are you most uncomfoetable with

My face because acne and big nose and yeah it’s bad.

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