One of the One Direction Guys Finally Showed Off His Dance Moves on Jimmy Fallon

On Wednesday evening’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, former One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne made his prime time television debut as a solo artist with a performance of his new single, “Strip That Down.” The big news for Payne fans is that he chose to accompany his tune with some slick dance moves. Lots of slick dance moves.

As part of the famous fivesome, Payne and the boys were known for their tongue-in-cheek attitude towards dancing: mainly, they avoided it. (Or if they did engage in some light choreography, it was with a wink and a nod to the fact that they certainly weren’t dance impresarios like their boy band forebears the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC, groups of guys known for their sharply synchronized moves.)

But Payne is bucking the anti-choreography trend and kicking off his independent career with a much more pro-dance attitude, to the delight of fans. His performance of a minimalist version of hip hop bop “Strip That Down” lit up Twitter as long-time supporters finally saw what he’s working with, moves-wise. Joined by a few backup dancers silhouetted all in black, Payne shimmied, chasséd, and even threw in some fancy footwork while singing through the track. Looks like he’s feeling just fine onstage on his own.

Today I’m three months on Hrt :-)
Got the results of my latest blood test yesterday.. Testosterone went from 15 down to 0,75..the unit is microgrammes per mol I think ;-) anyway it’s pretty awesome and i can reduce the dose of blockers.. Estrogen levels doubled but is still a bit low.. So we raised the dose here..Im pretty excited to see what will happen now..
Apart from that there are no big news in regards of hrt..
But will have my next laser session tomorrow.. Cheeks and chin are almost clear but that shitty mustache is creeping back in on my face during the last days.. Hopefully we will blast this sucker to hell tomorrow :-P
Oh and i went to an electronic outdoor dance party with some new friends.. It was extremely hipster but also extremely cool ;-) It was my first party in years, but felt like it was the first in my life.. :-P
Life starts heading in the right direction ;-)

I have some big news..

So yesterday I went to DisneyWorld with my boyfriend and we were getting our picture taken in front of the castle (by the way this is my favorite place in the entire world!) *click* first picture was taken… then he gets down on his knee.. as you’ve probably guessed by now HE PROPOSED!!! In front the Cinderella castle! My dream proposal💖💕💕 of course I said yes! And now I have a fiance, not a boyfriend! I have not been this happy in a long long time! Most magical day of my life, I will post a picture of the ring later right now I’m going to Universal Studios! 💍💐💒👰

I’m currently in the midst of rewatching Sherlock ( one’s more episode to go) and rediscovered a few things.

The entire scene between Sherlock & “Faith” walking together all night, eating chips & talking. This is one of my favorite scenes in this season. There’s a comfortableness one doesn’t see I Sherlock in this scene. Considering what’s about too happen in the next episode & weekday Eurus could have done to him I his highly suggestable & vulnerable state, that fact that she spent the night walking & talking with her big brother will always news one of my favorite scenes.

My absolute love of Eurus. People love Moriarty. Everyone loves to love a villain. I can’t Everton explain why I loved Eurus. I don’t want her woobified, I like her the way she is: mad, clinical, hurt, calculating. But the interactions between her & Sherlock are fascinating to me. She is fascinating to me & I truly hope that if they do decided to do a series 5, she gets a part. I need more interaction with her.

There IS a PTSD scene in E2 I missed earlier! Thank you for cluing us into that!

How angry John still makes me. I read a meta on here thst basically said the reason Sherlock takes the anger ( & all it implies) is because he’s scared if he fights bsck/ stsnds up for himself, he’ll lose his best friend. In losing his best friend, he’ll lose everyone else also. This is even more evident now that Rosie is in the picture. Watching S4 with that thought is even more disheartening & sometimes rage inducing.

That I need a S4E2 post fic in which Molly confronts John without anyone’s knowledge & quietly yet firmly informs him that if he ever lays another hand on Sherlock in anger again, she knows 50 different ways to not only make his death look like an accident but to dispose of a body should the need arise without getting caught. With a further reminder that she is very good at secret keeping.

Watching TFP later, so I’m sure there will be an addendum to this post later.


To celebrate the big news, the whole family decided to go out to Daisy’s Diner. Elliot made sure to show his mums what a good big brother he was going to be by requesting a table, and ordering the food all on his own!

The host person is my favorite sim of all time, just to let you now! 

  • Meph: okay everyone, I have some big news. I… have become-
  • Tom: a piece of ~shit~
  • Meph: …a meme
  • Jojo: I don’t get it
  • Meph: a meme you guys!
  • Jojo: what’s a…mehmay? I don’t…I’m not a nerd…
  • Sock: a meemee is a repeated popular idea. When the meemay becomes popular and widespread it can achieve phenomenal levels of power.
  • Jojo: like, what’s an example?
  • Sock: “much parents. Such dead. W O W!~”

Hey, guys. Something very serious in the k-pop community has happened.

Earlier today, T.O.P from the group Big Bang overdosed on his proscribed medicine. He was found unconscious and he is currently in the ICU of the hospital. His mother and close friends are by his side. He has still not woken up. That’s all I know for sure and, I don’t want to spread misinformation.

Please, pray for T.O.P, or send positive vibes to him and his loved ones. The recent scandal has sent hate his way. Let’s send love, support and wishes to hide that hate. He needs it. Let’s show everybody what us k-pop fans can do. Make this hashtag tread. Anything you can to support.

Thank you.


hopefully this doesn’t double post, the wifi here is pretty spotty but:


after almost a decade of living paycheck to paycheck and barely scraping by after dropping out of high school three times i finally took a huge leap and decided to apply for a degree, and some small miracle i made it in!

i am getting my bachelor’s degree in political science and will be doing courses to become certified as a paralegal over the summer, in hopes that when i finish my BA i can make it into law school

i never expected anything out of this, but i’ve also never been more ready for anything in my entire life. 

Is funny how history repeats itself, we are in the exact same position we were during Generation 5.

We were expecting a new game (Since CoroCoro hinted some big news for their next issue, this time is a Pokémon Direct) and the fandom was divided. Some wanted the Hoenn remakes because we got a lot of reference to Hoenn in Black and White plus some Hoenn focus merchandise (This is when #Hoennconfirmed was born kids). Others wanted a third version that was rumor and even trademark back then “Pokémon Gray”, Just like Pokémon Stars today.

Not to mention that some wanted the new games to be in the newest console that was the Nintendo 3ds and not in the Nintendo DS. Which is also a topic of discussion in the fandom with some want the new games to be on the Nintendo 3DS while others want them in the Nintendo Switch.


Sasheer Zamata quit ‘SNL,’ proving TV’s race and gender problems are more systemic than ever

  • It was big news in 2014 when Sasheer Zamata joined Saturday Night Live and became the show’s first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph’s departure seven years earlier. 
  • But it’s even bigger news that Zamata, 31, is now leaving the show after just four seasons.
  • Before she joined, black male cast members like Jay Pharoah or Kenan Thompson did impersonations of black women on the show, roles that they both eventually shunned openly. 
  • Once she joined the cast, Zamata churned out crowd-pleasing impersonations of Taraji P. Henson, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong'o and Michelle Obama. 
  • As a black woman, Zamata’s casting was supposed to fill a gaping hole in the show’s cast. 
  • But her short stint on SNL is a clear example, perhaps more than any other, that there are no so-called “quick fixes” to the problem of racial and gender inequity on television. Read more (Opinion)

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