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Perrie addressing Zayn’s leave...

I’ve noticed that Perrie has finally begun addressing Zayn’s leave from 1d. I find it a bit shady that LM’s Black Magic era began some time in mid May. And since then LM has done a lot of radio interviews+the June radio tour with some more interviews. But its only now that Perrie has publicly started acknowledging the fact that he has left 1d. Hard to believe that no interviewers from the previous interviews found it necessary to ask her about Zayn’s leave. We all know how big a news was that and you wanna tell me they had no curiosity of any kind to know why he left 1d and that they weren’t itching to get some answers from his fiance? I do think it was planned that she should start addressing these questions nearer to July 10 when their single is about to be released.

Anyway these are some stuff she has said related to his leave.

“Zayn’s very head strong he knows exactly what he wants. If he wants it then he’ll go for it. I just did my best to support him.” 

In a way she’s trying to say that she had no part in his decision to leave the band. It was all his own decision. That she is not the Yoko Ono of 1d. (Like we didn’t know that already. He would never have left his boys for her.)

“Them boys (1D) work so hard, I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying having a bit of time off to himself & his family”

Why does she use the words pretty sure?!! when people say they’re pretty sure about something, there’s a certain amount of confidence in it but it also conveys that they are’nt completely sure if its true. pretty sure means almost sure. Theres still a tiny bit of doubt if its true.

Now according to general public view Zayn is free now and he is spending more time with her. Well in that case why isn’t she making a more confident statement like- hes definitely enjoying having a bit of time off. A statement like that would seem appropriate. But she uses ‘pretty sure’ like shes guessing it. That is definitely shady.

Also notice she says-hes enjoying having a bit of time off to himself and his family. So why doesn’t she include herself when she said that? Is he not enjoying more time with her? I do think this particular bit indicates that they aren’t living together. I know that more than half the fandom know this but still there are some who doubt it(mainly because of the continued pics from ‘Zerrie house’)

This next part is from a recent magazine interview

INTERVIEWER– Is it fair to say his heart hadn’t been in it for a while?
Perrie– I don’t think anyone other than him really knows what he was feeling in his head and heart, but he made that decision and was 100 per cent on it. And the fans have been great and his family have been great… I love them all, they’re lush. And obviously I’ve been there for him. As long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.

Again she says- I don’t think anyone other than him really knows what he was feeling in his head and heart. lmao girl you guys dont talk such important stuff or what!! So we are supposed to believe that Zerrie is real and Zayn left 1d for some reason and he didnt tell his girl why!! Lmao c’mon Perrie, Naughty Boy sounds like he knows more than you on that topic. This statement makes one feel these two havent had a good talk about it yet.

and finally on the question of marriage she says-It’s just nice being engaged, I like it. meaning they’re together but there are no plans for a wedding yet.

These were some quotes which caught my eye. Dont know if she has said anything more other than this. But we all know she will…

Updates on where #INeedDiverseGames is going

We’ve been busy around the #INDG ranch these last few months! Our Patreon is growing and because of that we’re able to sponsor memberships to AlterConf Sessions in Chicago, GeekGirlCon in October and GaymerX in December!

I’ll also be speaking about game diversity at AlterConf Sessions in Chicago on August 8th, and at GaymerX in December! We’re also doing some crowdfunding to help with airfare for both GaymerX and GeekGirlCon. We’re happy to say that airfare has been secured for GGC and donations are still being accepted for GaymerX travel.

Our last GoFundMe for equipment upgrades was a success thanks to a wonderful anon benefactor who helped bridge the gap on our last needs. So now, our tech is better,stronger and faster to do the hard work of blogging, writing, etc so we can collaborate with others and make the gaming space better for everyone!

The other big news is that we’ve started a podcast! Fresh Out of Tokens, a bi-weekly podcast centering on feminism, intersectionality and diversity in the gaming space. You can catch our first two episodes here and here.

Other big things are in the works, and we’ll keep you updated here and over at the #INeedDiverseGames blog.

Thank you all for the support!

Tanya D. aka @cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

evangelion quickie. im Mcfreakin obsessed with kaworu right now. FIRST THE BIG NEWS:: I AM ON A PLANE TO SEE MARY TOMORROW. ANTICIPATE PHOTOS.

okokok for those like. three of you who care i read a volume of the eva manga today and i loved how much the darkness in kaworu’s character was excentuated! he killed a kitten for gosh sakes.. that’s worse than kicking a puppy for setting you smack down in the villain category. and of course he manipulated shinji into shouldering the guilt for his own death. thats.. harsh. but i think the main reason i love kaworu is because he’s such a hope spot in the anime and in you can (not) redo.. i love that he’s the only one in shinji’s life who doesn’t cause him utter despair. that’s the main thing i love about their dynamic. so i gotta say as much as i appreciate the manga as like.. a character study or an exploration of a realm of possibility, i prefer kaworu’s role and revealed character in the show and in the movie.

Even if you don’t like the story or the concept idea of Rise of the Guardians, there’s still things to enjoy about it.

Like the colossal amount of detail that went into this movie. When you watch it, look away from the main focus on the screen and look at something else. There’s always something interesting to see.

And omg the voices. Chris Pine as Jack Frost. Imagine those “whoops” and snark attacks come from Chris’s mouth. Jude Law as Pitch: that sexy voice will just about make anyone melt inside (the first thing you hear from him is a laugh). Hugh Jackman as Bunny- Hugh has become big news recently and just savor the Australian accent from him.

Also the music. Thank you Alexandre Desplat.

If you don’t like the story or the concept, you could at least give other parts of it some attention. Please give it a chance.

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I got some big news for ya

did that dancing mudkip capture your attention? Yes? good. Now listen up!

as of tomorrow, in honor of MURICA’s birthday, I will be doing an all day long smut stream filled with all sorts of terribly lewd draws an art. Suggestions are always welcome in the chatsand who knows i just might draw em. I can guarentee tho there will be so much dick, ass, an tits you wont know what to do with em.


in other news, big sean raps like that who don’t wanna read in class (and also low key can’t) but the teacher makes him anyway



Spent my entire day putting up listings on my newley founded Etsy shop. I would really appreciate if you all could head over to visit and take a peek at some of the things I have to offer. Feedback is welcome! So message me, even on anon, or through Etsy!

The link is here:

On Dislocation (Hamburg, 7/1)

Jeff: “Big news in soccer today.”
Jack: “Oh yeah, what’s that?” (Jack startlingly plays along in these conversations)
Jeff: “America beat Germany.”
Jack: “Really?  I’m shocked.  I know a lot of lesbians who are very happy today.”


(considering the subject matter, a rather intense discussion about the Dalai Lama erupts)
Scott: “Must be pretty motherfucking easy to be zen with all these people waiting on you.”
Mora: “I bet he’s got soft hands.”
Jack: “I think he’s a jerk.  Undermining China’s authority like that…”
Me: “There’s a very anarchist statement.”
Scott: “Sometimes when I’m in a jam, I think about what the Dalai Lama would do, but I realize he’d never even be in this spot.”
Me: “Does that help?”
Scott: “No, I feel terrible.”
Jack: “So the Dalai Lama is making your life worse.”


(during a Jeff phone call in the back of the van)
Scott: “You know the worst thing about cell phones?”
Jack: “What’s that?”
Scott: “You can’t yank the cord out of the wall.”


The trials of touring are sometimes quite tangible, as is the case with Jack’s difficulties finding his brown liquor of choice, Johnnie Walker Black.  All across the North American continent, barkeeps and corner liquor store proprietors alike know about the light man in the dark hat, he who casts a long, tremulous shadow, he who attempts to find refuge from sun and people who want to talk to him about him, and his deep and gorgeous thirst for the Black label JW.  But here, in the land of his ancestors, there is a deep vein of Red and Red alone.  Until today.  What will be looked back upon as Jack’s difficult “red period” comes to a merciful cessation, and I see the lights dance in my man’s eyes as he sits across from me at a sturdy picnic table, served a sturdy beverage by a sturdy German waitress.  I think she sees them too, perhaps thinking back to the last time her services were so heartily required and appreciated.


Jack (on the progression of WW II): “I blame the British.  Their hearts were never really in it.”


We meet Goli (short for Goliath) as we sit outside at a cafe.  I am not a particularly small-handed man, but his shake easily connected small finger to thumb around my own; he is damned enormous.  This is straight-up Hun stock, countenanced with an easy smile and barrel laugh, non-shaking hand making a massive ice cream cone with six scoops (he recites all the flavors) look like a child’s single.  Goli drove Sticks and Stones on their first European tour in 1974, when they opened for Slade and T. Rex across the continent.  He seems entirely friendly, with the easy confidence of a man who could palm and compress my skull whilst enjoying the rest of his confection.

Jack: “What are you up to today?”
Goli: “Going to the river, having an ice cream, talking about how to destroy the system from within.”


Sandra (upon dripping ice cream on her leg): “I’m a complete mess here.  So embarrassing.”
Jack: “Just tell people it was a seagull.”
Me: “Oh, that better: ‘I’ve been shat on.’”
Jack: “It’s supposed to be good luck.”


Rafael and his lady, Kristen, spent 100 euros on laundry today.  He lists the contents: one suit, three shirts…
Kristin: “and a few pairs of socks.”
Rafael: “One sock.”


Jack (referring to himself as a source of information): “I heard we play at 10:30”
Anyone else in the band: “Who did you hear that from?”
Jack: “I don’t remember.”  
Anyone again, but probably Francis: “That’s because you made it up.”


Jack: “I remember scars on her legs.”
Sandra: “There were no scars on her legs, she got into a bike accident last time you saw her.”


Jack: “You may be the best drummer I’ve ever played with, but I’m amazed you don’t know the terms for common musical things.”
Mora: “That’s because I don’t listen to music.  I never really have.”


Gunnar is in rare form tonight, buoyant and talkative as we embark on the interminable walk back to the hotel.  A few blocks in, he notices Mora’s (admittedly massive) backpack and cannot get over it.  "It is wider…than tall!  You look like a letter 'r’!“  He is absolutely giddy the entire way back to the hotel.  "Maybe I could put a beer in there, it’s perfect for trash!”  It is hard to even know how to react; we literally stop twice along the way for the Gunn to laugh it out against a wall.  Sleep deprivation and lack of caloric intake are powerful stimulants, but our somewhat stoic German handler is nearly in tears, and of course it’s infectious.  Francis and I can only exchange “what the hell is happening” glances as we marvel at Gunnar, a human being with as odd of humor as any of us.


The hotel is over a punk bar, the tender of which is very excited to see us as he missed us at Fusion festival (who could imagine why?).  It’s exactly the sort of place I’d live in were I a Hamburger, small space, good music, red light, funny, cutting bartender.  He greets us with shots of some herbal German bitter, which turns out to be cumin.  Naturally, Sandra does not want hers, so I take it, and Francis insists on whiskey, so I take his also.  The peer pressure of a jubilant Gunnar is a powerful drug, and I hurry upstairs before it all comes crashing down around me.  It’s a surprisingly kind intoxicant, and I survey the odd assemblage of records on the wall of our room (The Feelies, Cocksparrer’s “Shock Troops”–not an original, rockabilly compilation), chuckling at the German version of a rock n roll hotel. On the whole, seems not dissimilar to where Sid Vicious breathed his last breaths.


Hamburg is truly a city, with a variety of vantages of the water and the industry rising up out of it.  People are out in the streets at least a bit, and you get a neighborhood feel traversing even the small area I have.  I have managed to get myself a couple of kilometers west of the club along the port, cutting in up steep staircases and finding the cafe at which I currently sit.  I make a lot of reference to the “many animals in a small cage” idea, and it has been my experience that some measure of balance is necessary for this aspect of touring as well.  My own domestic profession is quite solitary; there is relatively little collegiality, I do not speak to my colleagues on a daily, weekly, or often even monthly duration.  Francis earns most of his keep out of his own basement, utterly solitarily; Mora has people in her employ, but seems not to have a great deal of necessary interaction to do her work well.  The point is, none of us is in an office, surrounded by others with whom we must interact daily to earn our keep; this, too, is a unique facet of the touring endeavor.

But at the same time, it is a supremely solitary avocation.  I look around at the mass of (literally an figuratively) foreign people walking these streets, an experience I often have in either New York or Chicago by going to distant locales where I am least likely to recognize or be recognized.  But no matter how far away from home I am in the two American cities in which I divide my time, they’re still my streets in some way: I’ve trod them before, I’ve sat at that table, spoken with that bartender, seen the same indigent with her same sign, passed that shop even if I’ve never been in.  Part of the dislocation is necessary in that you end up in places where concentrations of people are (either artificially at a festival or university, or naturally in a sufficiently sizable city), and you know none of them and will likely see none of them again.  You are on their streets as an artist, hoping against hope that enough of them will show up to allow you to move on to the next population, and return to this one at some point anew.  The exception would seem to be the performance itself, and I am not so cold or cynical as to suggest that some sort of true communion cannot occur; of course it can and does.  But not all the time, and being up there in front of people who are as likely to consider you their favorite act as to be looking at their phones or rolling cigarettes onstage (often all at one event) can make it seem as if your own mood has as much to do with it as anything–I’ve certainly watched bands who were deeply committed but in the end simply unable to forge the connection.  There is something to the idea that as long as it’s good and it moves you, the artist, then you’ve satisfied the minimum condition.  Fair enough; the extent to which this ordeal is paid down by 90 minutes or so onstage each night is a subject for a different entry.  The point here is simply that the those minutes before the hot lights encapsulate a host of concerns which far outstrip feeling a deep, personal connection with given members of the audience.  It’s a solitude of a whole different variety.

So as Francis and I walked around a bit today, he detailed for me how important his own solitary moments are, how his favorite day on tour ever was spent completely apart from the band, and I could understand it.  For me, it is not a matter of being tired of being around these others; the door is open, I am not a hostage, and I remain around out of a reciprocated respect for the goal at hand and the people who commit to it.  In many ways, it is quite the opposite.  If you are prone to hanging onto the occasional thoughtless word, ungenerous act, lethargic sloughing off of duty, or obliviousness, you simply will not last.  If you are unwilling to occasionally confront or blow up, choosing instead simmering passive aggression, it will be both a long (for you will live in resentment) and short (because most of the day will be remembered the same as the last) experience.  It is instead that what while we are friends and I do not overstate my commitments to them and instances when commensurate commitments bailed me out, traveling in this capacity serves to remind me how alone I truly am (again, I hesitate to speak for anyone else on this matter).  I am forced to examine myself on a multivalent spectrum: from the perspective of survival and mental balance, on the scale as a musician and performer, how I deal with adverse and absurd situations and the sometimes unpredictable whims of the talented malcontents (for make no mistake, malcontents are we, the modus operandi is to keep moving, do something better, make something better than it was, the pillow of contentment will smother the artist) surrounding me, and, apropos of this consideration, what I need from other people and what I have to offer them.  It is easy as an artist to put all interaction through the lens of data for later creation; I’ve justified some rather inane relationships of every variety through this mode, sometimes justifiably, other times not.  I do not think it’s cold or unromantic to consider why you keep the people in your life around, and they you.  The disconnection of the road, though, leaves relationships in a very sharp relief, and when you are away for a month, there is a host of justifiable reasons why someone may not be who they were, or there at all, upon your return.  All relationships need minimum contact, just as they all require minimum space, and hours in a van or ambling around a city or sitting in a mildewy dressing room awaiting sound check or staring at a strange ceiling gives one plenty of time to consider friends and lovers lost, opportunities sacrificed at the crucible of this thing we do, and how crushingly lonely we can be.  But I’ve no doubt at this stage that it is in fact the solitude and the loneliness that presses we ragged soldiers onward, and so it is vital, productive, and must be fostered.  And so I leave this record, ten days in, sitting by my lonesome, wondering who you are and why you’re reading this, likely as not alone.

Timber Timbre, “Until the Night is Over”:

I’ve read a story about Lee Jung Hee’s and its literally teared me up. She’s a wife and a mother who has been raped by so many people bcs of her husband and most utterly heart-breaking is her own family. Her mother, her brother, her sister and her father are also doing the prostitution along with her husband, I can’t imagine her life for forever being deppressed and broken heart seeing her own sons get raped by various people and also her own family. I hope you guys can help to spread this heart breaking news.. please #HelpLeeJungHee :(

Full translation about Lee Jung Hee’s: 

G-Dragon’s response when asked to differentiate BIGBANG with EXO & SHINee becomes a hot issue!

On the June 18 broadcast of JTBC’s “News Room,” BIGBANG member G-Dragon sat down for an interview with well-respected anchorman Son Suk Hee.

During the interview, Son Suk Hee asked, “What would you say is the difference between BIGBANG and other competing groups like EXO or SHINee, who have also released albums and are currently promoting?”

G-Dragon answered, “The difference is that we make our own songs, and our music appeals well to the public, and the public also likes these songs.”

The anchorman added, “Don’t you think the fans of EXO and SHINee will be angry at this statement?” to which G-Dragon responded, “They could get angry, but there’s nothing I can do because it’s the truth.”

Son Suk Hee continued, “It seems that [making your own songs] is important.” In response, the BIGBANG member shared, “It can’t be unimportant. For me personally, if I were to sing a song that I received from another composer, I wouldn’t have confidence. I’m not sure about other people, but because I have always expressed myself through the songs I make from a young age, I would be lacking in expression [when singing other people’s songs] compared to other singers.”

Source: Newsen

Translated by: Soompi



1. [+445, -125] I do give it to Big Bang for being different from other manufactured idols

2. [+382, -107] He was straight to the point ㅎㅎ and he’s right, after all ㅋㅋ

3. [+368, -96] The answer might piss people off but it’s the truth so ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+363, -107] Big Bang’s known for their music, with GD at the center

5. [+175, -63] That does set Big Bang apart from the rest. After all, anyone can sing and dance to a song and dance that’s given to them.

6. [+314, -93] They (angry fans) are coming….

Source: TV Report

Translated by: netizenbuzz &

1. [+655, -94] I am aware that there are members in EXO and SHINee who can write their own songs… but that’s it, I only know that they have members that can. I don’t know which specific songs they wrote, and I think only their fans would know that. What GD meant in his interview was not that EXO and SHINee don’t know how to compose songs but that Big Bang is more known for that aspect than the other groups are.

2. [+489, -65] Anyone can write and compose songs. The issue is whether or not it appeals to the public…

3. [+423, -49] From someone in a neutral perspective/not a fan of EXO/SHINee/Big Bang… I just know that the other two groups aren’t as responsible for composing as many songs as Big Bang are… it’s only their fans who know.

4. [+63, -10] Don’t know why people are taking it so seriously… GD clearly didn’t mean ill by his statement. Sure Jonghyun may have written a lot of his songs but he’s just now starting compared to GD who is well known for his composing… and this is my first time hearing that EXO writes their own songs as well. Good work to everyone ㅎㅎ

5. [+57, -19] You can’t really compare someone who composes an entire album to someone who includes one or two self compositions per album. Was this article written by an SM fan? Sure EXO can throw in a song or two they wrote but you can’t honestly consider them being self-composers ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I get that GD is not that well liked but he didn’t say anything wrong. He merely stated the differences between the groups.

6. [+53, -27] I rarely listen to idol music but SHINee’s album was jjang. I also heard that one of the members composed the songs too, or was I wrong?

7. [+49, -12] GD was right ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s just the stupid fangirls who are bringing up songs that no one else knows and whining that their idols compose too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+48, -16] GD was right though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ SM kids always use Yoo Young Jin style SMP songs that never appeal to the public. Only fans like and listen to those songs whereas Big Bang has been producing with great results since ‘Lies’. Why should GD get hate for saying the truth? EXO and SHINee fans should go take it up with Lee Soo Man and argue for those self-compositions to be title tracks and get love from the public ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+41, -13] Even if SHINee and EXO composes their own songs… the public is only aware of like “Oh yeah, there’s a member named Jonghyun who has a talent for composing and has a few songs, right?” but compare that to Big Bang and it’s like……. but Big Bang composes their entire album……

Source: MyDaily

Translated by:

Big Finish announces New Series audio range

Big Finish has announced production of a new range of boxsets, featuring heroes and monsters from the recent era of Doctor Who, including River Song, the Judoon, the Sycorax and the Weeping Angels.

Press release details follow…

Big Finish is proud to announce a new range of boxsets, featuring heroes and monsters from the New Series of Doctor Who.

Leading this new wave of adventures is Alex Kingston as River Song, the beloved Time Lord archaeologist who first appeared in 2008’s Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.

River will be stepping into the era of the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) for Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2, alongside Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) and Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan). But how can River help her husband if, in this incarnation, she must never actually meet him?

“The idea of River meeting previous Doctors was actually proposed by Steven Moffat,” says producer David Richardson, “and it’s just irresistible, isn’t it? Alex embraced the idea of returning to the role, and so she will be starring in no less than two box sets next year. And yes, we are still pinching ourselves!”

River will then return later in 2016 in Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song, an epic four-hour adventure that takes River across space and time, seeking out the secret rulers of the universe. Paul McGann will reprise the role of the Eighth Doctor in the final installment.

The New Series adventures will continue in Doctor Who: The Churchill Years, in which Ian McNeice returns as the indomitable Winston Churchill. In the four-hour saga, Winston relates a number of encounters with the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in his memoirs, battling alien incursions, metamorphosing creatures… and a Dalek! The stories are told by Ian McNeice, supported by a full cast of guest actors, including Danny Horn as Kazran Sardick, in a story taking place within the 2010 special A Christmas Carol.

“Ian has played Churchill in just four episode on TV, and yet it feels like it was many more,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. “It was such a brilliant, definitive performance, and how wonderful that we will be continuing Churchill’s adventures with the Doctor on audio.”

Finally, the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors will face a new generation of monsters in Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters, a brand new, four-story run featuring creatures from the New Series. Peter Davison takes on the Weeping Angels, Colin Baker encounters the Judoon, Sylvester McCoy will meet the Sycorax… and Paul McGann will face a new clone batch of Sontarans on the edge of the Time War….

“It’s the ultimate mash-up,” says executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery, “and we have some great scripts lined up for these landmark stories. There is no doubt that 2016 is going to be a brilliant year for Big Finish!”

All four boxsets will be released across 2016, and are available to pre-order today from the Big Finish website. Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2 will be released in February, and is available as part of a special bundle of all four Doom Coalition boxsets.

Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song, Doctor Who: The Churchill Years and Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters can be pre-ordered for just £20 each on CD or Download, and are also available as part of the Doctor Who New Series bundle.