I really wish I could make gifs because oh my god I just noticed that Elsa totally rolls her eyes at Anna after “I get the feeling you don’t know” and OH MY GOD, ADORABLE BIG SISTER ELSA YOU ARE MY FAVORITE

Dancing and Dreaming

Product of the fact that I cannot get this dang song out of my head.

A couple of days late, but here’s the “Young Elsa” prompt for day six of Elsa Week!

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters

Summary: When Elsa is little, she learns of a song that she may someday sing to a very important someone. (Luckily, she doesn’t have to wait long for this person.)

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Untitled Big/Little Snow Sisters Snippet

Fandom: Frozen 
Rating: K
Pairings: None (but with a side of established Kristanna I suppose)
A/N: searlait had a random Age!AU idea/prompt that I happened to catch. Decided to give it a go; I’ve been meaning to write Big/Little Snow Sisters. Short. Barely edited. Beware spelling/grammar mistakes. 

“Elsa, you’re going to be an aunt, isn’t that exciting?”

Elsa made a face. She and Anna didn’t have an aunt, so her experience with them was limited at best, nonexistent at worst. To her young mind, shaped by the accounts of fellow third graders and what she could gather from movies and books, aunts were old and kind of crazy and sometimes had a lot of cats and usually ended up being witches, or something.

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So what if Anna had to be a legit babysitter- er, I mean, big sister for more than a day? And Elsa becomes the little sister?

Elsanna art for the fanfic Big Sister Anna, Little Sister Elsa

Spring is springing, but the Queen is bothered with sneezing. Catching cold was very unusual for Elsa, thus Anna suggested for her to be taken to the trolls for the cure. In a new spring morning, Elsa finds herself reverted back to the body of an eight-year old. Their roles essentially get reversed. How good is Anna as a babysitter and how bad is Elsa as a little sister?

Yesterday I saw this little boy at work, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. He was maybe 4, having the time of his life with his big sister, also dressed as Elsa. I wanted to run to the parents, hug them and tell them “Parenting done right!!”

I wanted badly to go to him and talk to him buuut I was stuck at my position for safety reason. I hope he had a blast at the park and that my fellow cast members made his day outstanding!!


A little delayed, but here’s prompt four for Elsa Week: Big Sister Elsa!

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters

Summary: Elsa’s unfamiliar with a lot of things: hands without gloves, love without fear, Anna without joy, and how to be the big sister she once was, so many many years ago.

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