****We decided to do a “what’s in my pencil case post together at the last minute :) enjoy****

||First photo||- Jhordan

1. Pilot G-2 07 in black and blue
2. MUJI 0.5 (I don’t usually use these but I decided to include them anyway)
3. Zebra Mildliners  (pastel)
4. BIC Wite Out Correction Tape
5. Faber- Castell Liquid Pen Corrector  
6. Post-it Flags in teal

Pencil case:

design happy dash and dot (in purple)

||Second photo||- Elise

1. Pilot Juice Pen - 0.35
2. Pilot G5 - 0.7
3. Muji Low Center of Gravity Mechanical Pencil - 0.5
4. Pilot Frixion Highlighters - Pastel set
5. Staedler Triplus Fineliners - yellow and blue-green [ I alternate between different colours, whichever two I’m feeling at the moment!]
5. Post It Note page flags
7. Milan correction tape
8. Milan ruler

Pencil case: countryside flower floral pencil case

Just part of my tweaker kit. There’s a lot more to it :p

Left to right:
1. a tool used to pick up small screws while working on computers, which I use to pick up shards to load my pipes :P
2. Black short pookie
3. Clear long pookie
4. 3 BIC lighters. Why 3? Because when the first one dies, if I only had one left, I’d have anxiety over the fact that I no longer have a backup. Duh.
5. Dope.
6. Pocket knife.
7. Two small glass vials of powder T to snort
8. Scale.


Year 12 // Senior Year Edition!!

•Super cute coffee-spill-proof (necessary) pencil case from target ❤️
•Sharpie highlighters (good for bright, sharp highlighting) & Stabilo highlighters (good for the cute colours but not as sharp)
•Faber-Castell textas ($4 from Coles but have lasted me ages!)
•Papermate gel roller pens (write so nicely but run out too quick)
•Bic Atlantis pens (best non-gel black pens I’ve used)
- black permanent marker
- random gold pen from Christmas
- mini sticky notes from Kmart
- note tabs for textbooks, from Kmart
- correction tape, Kmart
- glue stick, Kmart (surprise!)
- Bic 4-colour pens (not aesthetically pleasing but practical and efficient in exams)

External image
submitted by Rachel

How I use this: computers, robots, sketching, home improvement, night hikes, punctuality Backpack EDC upgrade: BIC lighter, electrical tape, 4" dial calipers, protein bars


Hey there! Here I am again! This time i bring you my back to school haul!
Photo 1: my lot of Flowers Pignature (A4, squared) notebooks. I own six of them. I believe I have an issue. Moving on!
Photo 2 : Them Pukka Pads. I will be using the project pad for 4 diffirent subjects, because. *shrugs*
Photo 3 : My physics notebook (mon grand bloc notes, squared) accompanied by chemistry one (Carrefour store brand)
Photo 4 : Both pre purchased - Lizard calendar and my bujo, Leuchtturm 1917
Photo 5 : 4 Bic MatiC grip 0.7 pencils , 2 Zuixua 0.38 erasable pens and 2 Pilot Acroball 0.7 pens.

That’s it for now! But, since my school year started today, you can expect some more OC coming your way!
Thanks for reading, hope you liked it, if so tap that heart icon LIKE A BOSS!

(I’m not even sorry. Shoutout to all JackSepicEye fans here!)

Gem over and out.


What’s in your pencil case

  • Ruler
  • Correction fluid (I can’t find the proper name in French, let alone in English)
  • Two BIC ball-point pens (black)
  • Four Stabilo Pens 68 (used as highlighters)
  • A pencil
  • One BIC ball-point pen (blue)
  • One BIC 4 Colours ball-point pen

And I adapt my pencil case to my classes. I might need more colours for some classes, I might want something else for titles etc… I usually adapt it after a couple of weeks into the semester. 

ok so I’m going into yr 12 in a couple of weeks & i thought i’d do a ‘pencil case haul’ ((or w/e the cool kids are calling them these days)) !!!

— X EVA tarapaulin flat pencil case (frosted)
— Staedtler triplus fineliners (willow green, lime green, light blue, delft blue, cyan, blue & black)
— Pentel EnerGel black pens
— BIC 4 colour ball point pen
— Sharpie fine point permanent marker (black)
— Stabilo ‘swing cool’ markers (yellow, green, aqua & blue)
— black hole punch for binders (i have no idea where this is from lol)
— PaperMate dryline iMini liquid paper
— Post-it Notes 'Cape Town Collection’ sticky notes (yellow & light blue)
— J.Burrows 6 pack flags

oh & most of this stuff i bought from Officeworks !!

& so yea, happy studying :~))

It’s now September which means I can officially say university starts this month!🍂📚 Sooo in preparation here is what’s in my pencil case!
•2 stabilo boss pastel highlighters
•Pencil sharpener
•2 black ballpoint pens
•1 blue ballpoint pen
•4 bic soft feel pens
•2 pencils
•A fancy pen that lights up
•Bic marking highlighter
•5 stabilo fin 0.4 pens
This year I want to make my notes as exciting and engaging as possible because I really need to ace my exams!!! (Hence all the colours)💛💚💙💜

My Essentials for the 2014-2015 School Year:

A - 2" Avery binder. I leave this at home to transfer papers to once I no longer need them in class. This way, I’m not lugging around extra weight but I know exactly where everything is when it comes time to review for a test or exam.

B - Index cards! So many uses for these. These particular ones are on a ring and I use them for keeping various math equations handy. I have another set that I use for flashcards. 

C - TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

D - Cute backpack from Target!

E - Extra set of clothes, deodorant, and a brush to keep in my locker for my free period if I decided to go for a run.

F - 7 sets of color coded single subject notebooks and two pocket folders for each of my classes.

G - Staples brand pencil case. Contents include: Full size Post-It notes, little flag post it notes for marking important sections in my books, 4 Sharpie highlighters, 4 Bic mechanical pencils, 4 Bic colorful pens, 4 Pentel R.S.V.P. pens

H - Stabilo point 88 pens

I - Wallet for lunch money or extra money just in case.

J - Hand sanitizer in a cute fox container that my friend got me. And a face barrier for use when giving breaths during CPR (I’m part of my local fire department and am trained in CPR and First Aid so I carry that around with me wherever I go just in case).

K - USB. 8 gig I believe.

L - iPod touch and an extra pair of headphones in case I forget my usual ones at home or to lend to a friend who forgot theirs at home. 

anonymous asked:

Quelle est selon toi, la plus généreuse action que tu aies fait dans ta vie?

avoir prêté mon bic 4 couleurs ça compte?


Le lithops, petite plante un peu moche mais marrante de la famille (?) (Classe? Espèce?) des cactées, ne se laisse pas dessiner aussi facilement que sa forme simple peut le laisser croire au premier abord. Surtout quand ton quart de neurone mou ne réagit qu’un peu tard aux ratages successifs de l’aquarelle et du stylo, en te rappelant que tu as des crayons de couleur quelque part dans ta trousse et qu’ils auraient pu servir.


Here are some progress shots, this is how I do my drawings most of the time

1.First I think about the idea and I draw a messy sketch
2.After I make the final drawing on a new sheet of paper, here I’m more careful about details and stuff
3.When I am satisfied with it I start inking. I use a Bic pen :)
4.I always start coloring the skin. I use Faber-Castell colored pencils for skin
5.The second thing I do is the hair. Sometimes I use copics, colored pencils or sharpies
6.At the end I paint the clothes and I add some details.
So that’s it, I hope you liked it (-w-)/