So I just got hooked on BGC9

Okay lemme make my likes and dislike list.



I have developed a love hate relationship with:

I’ve have a love hate relationship with Mehgan cause she’s so damn self centered, conceited, and ditsy. Although she holds those traits I still like her. I hate people like her and I know people like her. She gives me a different kind of vibe though. In the mist of the drama Mehgan does show that she is indeed smart. All of the drama between Rima, and the rest of the bitches, Mehgan just stands there like “Yall bitches bore me. But I don’t like Rima so I’ll send her home.” Mehgan doesn’t throw her self out there and jump stupid. That’s why I love her because watching the bad girls club. I don’t look for the loudest baddest bitch. I look for females who have strong minds and keep it…Semi real XD.


Erika…Erika…ERIKA. Girl. I love yah so much, but you fell on my love hate list when you got tangled up in Julia’s web of lies. Erika is funny, cool, and super cute. But once was told that Rima said some shit about her, she is riled up to whoop someone’s ass. Now I liked her in the beginning cause she showed she wasn’t for the stupid shit. Yet she did still instigate the shit between Rima and Mehgan which made me give her the side eye. She was still in my best interest. But now after watching episode 4 I have to say I’m disappointed. Erika “Thinks” She’s the leader of the gang, but you are just being used by Julia. Julia got you wrapped around her  pasty ass finger girl. I don’t understand how you gone call Rima fake and a rat when you didn’t even like the bitches either, and as soon as Julia told you some shit you jumped up and got in Rima face. Oh boo we all seent you. *Side eye*But I love you Erika and hopefully you’d understand soon it’s a set up. 

Now the bitches I don’t like.


This bitch is sneaky, two faced, like to keep shit started, punk bitch, the list goes on. I’m not about to sit here and called her all kinds of fat ugly bitches cause that’s uncalled for. But what I can say is she’s envious. The first person she wanted to hate on was Christina. I think that has everything to do with whats going on with her on the inside because she had no reason to be throwing shade on her. Now what she figured was since Christina was littler, and not so flashy. That she was going to be a punk and easy to pick off. Bitch you were wrong! Not only did Christina hold her ground, but when you told her she was a fake bitch she didn’t flinch to spit on your ass and say shut the fuck up. Nah boo you ain’t about that life unfortunately. You got your ass whooped *counts fingers* 4 times?
I see how you got tired of getting lumped up. Anyways. I think she’s really fucked up for picking on Rima. Rima has issues and who doesn’t? Rima never did anything to you and bitch don’t even front like she did anything harmful to you. You just wanted to keep shit started cause Rima was having heavy beef with Mehgan. So when she's vulnerable wanting to apologize to Mehgan. You rub your evil  ass hands together plotting your plan on Rima. Yeah this is the bad girls club, but you are far from a bad bitch. Bad bitches know when to stop fucking with people and move on. You are just sadistic as fuck.


Now I actually think Falen is cute. But she rings “fake bitch” status. She’s another person wrapped around Julia’s finger. Falen has never jumped up in front of Julia’s bullets, she never took a hit. Nah she ain’t do none of that, but she keeps shit started. Falen just seems like since she ain’t got nothing better to do she’s going to go with what ever fucked up plan that Julia has. Falen wanted to start with Christina so fucking bad, but she will never jump stupid on Christina cause she already know what it is. But for the simple fact that Julia sees Christina as “Fake” Make me wonder if she can see out of those fucking glasses. Again Falen is the “Yes” Guy. And I wouldn’t really give a damn because you know it’s the Bad girls club, but when I see that these bitches have no mind of their own then they ain’t nothing but flunkies to me. Also she thinks she’s fucking bad as fuck and if you’re smart you can see she a bit scary. 

Bad bitches I love! 


Come on son. She’s the realest bitch in the house…Well you know she’s real. Because Christina doesn’t really need to be around a bunch of bitches to have fun. They talk about her because of her brows but lemme tell you. That’s that natural look and it’s doing it for her. Christina was already on my love list the first day because of Julia’s hate. She never showed any signs of “Fakeness” and till this day still don’t proclaim to be. Christina goes with the flow, meaning she cools down letting shit happen with out really lifting her finger. She’s been the only chick really using her fucking noggin. If you watch the show then you know that you can’t just let your emotions and other bitches hype you up. You gotta use your fucking brain and Christina has been doing that. The only thing I didn’t like about her is when followed those bitches picking on Rima, but in episode 4 she used her head and thought it over coming to terms with herself understanding that what she was doing wasn’t cool, and it’s wrong. She on her grown woman shit to the fullest cause she really pushes herself to not act like those childish broads. I love Christina and she backs up her fucking mouth. She beat the shit out of Julia and she continues to put simple bitches in their places. That’s my boo~<3 


….I question why she’s even on this show. On the real she’s really too cute to be rolling with these reckless bitches. Ashley is bubbly,loud,silly,ditsy,ect. She doesn’t really pose a threat to people, and you know what. She’s her own person. Proving to that whole house that she will not do their ratchet shit. I like that a lot about Ashley. Ashley really likes to just be neutral in most situations, also she stuck by Rima like glue when all of that shit was going down. Lemme tell you why I respect her. She can’t fight, she’s not buck, but it takes a lot to stick by your friend when you know you will be ostracized by a bunch of bitches. People like Ashley are bad girls in many ways. she doesn’t have to get in your face and tell you to calm down. But you know she will tell you and voice her opinion cause she’s a grown woman and not a little ass kid. I just wish she wasn’t so damn dense to see that Julia is just pulling everyone’s strings.


Okay can I say this. Fuck what everyone say I fucking loved Rima. So the fuck what if she danced on tables showing her ass and twat. What the fuck is this? You bitches are far from fucking classy. Sit yo asses the fuck down. Rima is a party gal and she gets fucked up. Rima never really did anything to get the girls started. They started with her and from then on they have been picking on her since the whole “hot tub” Scene. And to be honest this shit wouldn’t have been sparked if it wasn’t for Erika. Erika went back and told Rima Mehgan said some shit, and Mehgan wasn’t even checkin for Rima. Mehgan said what she said, and would have still had been best friends with Rima. But you know what happens when broads listen to the She said, she said. One thing I really didn’t like with Rima is that she went back all drunk trying to pour her heart out to Mehgan. TBH Mehgan wasn’t hearing that shit, but you know I think in her heart she would have let it go, but you got that bitch Julia in people’s ears scheming. Rima shouldn’t have gotten fucked up and ran back to those bitches talking about Erika. Erika was truly on Rima’s side looking out for her, and you know Rima did that fake bitch shit going back to Julia, Mehgan, and Falen acting like those bitches were her real friends. I don’t know what she was looking for acceptance when she knew that she had it with Erika, Ahsley, and Christina. Rima was so fucking vulnerable, and weak that she was blinded by Julia’s bird shit. At the end Rima didn’t deserve any of the backlash and hate from all of the girls. Again Julia pulled Erika’s strings tight telling Rima she betrayed her. I don’t know why Erika jumped the gun thinking Julia was her fucking bitch after that. Rima didn’t need her ass beat, and I’m glad Rima and Julia fought…I just wish Rima could fight -_______________- I really wish she could fight instead of running her mouth.
I like Rima now because she showed how strong she was when they were fucking with her possessions,personal life, her physical, and her mental. All up until Erika went too far telling her she needed to commit suicide (which made me throw shade on Erika. That’s not cool boo, she ain’t deserve that) and talk about her being a single parent. She the right to spazz out.

Overall I’m giving season 9 and 7.5 catching up with all of the episodes has made me get hooked on it again. So I will be trying to catch the new ones on oxygen. I just don’t really like that they don’t put them in the clubs in mexico where there are better looking dudes. I’m trying to see the mexican studs man. Hopefully this season everyone will see Julia for the fake bitch that she really is. Because once Mehgan, and Erika see that she’s just a fucking flop then Falen will fall in line.

This has been my review peace<33333333333333 

Ok so BGC9 Finale

Was well worth watching those weak ass bitches (falen, julie, ashley, rima) get they asses handed to them.

And for all y'all that say them bitches is real. If they were real, their mouths wouldn’t have been zipped up when they walked in and punked them.

Ashley would’ve readily fought Mehgan, Julie wouldn’t have sat her ass down when Mehgan told her to.
Falen got her ass thrown down twice, and rima’s ass was so quiet I almost forgot she was there.
I mean weren’t you suppose to be whooping andrea’s ass, but yea that never happened so yea…

Hell Natasha knew they all talk.

Can’t wait for more asses to be handed to them at the reunion.

Haha rima was salty as hell that Andrea told what happened. Lol couldn’t kill her in real life do you buried her picture.

Weak sauce