Bad Girls Club Before & After Part 3

Starting from the Top:

Nastasia ( Stasi ) BGC7 New Orleans 

Kristen ( Blondie ) BGC5 Miami

Stephanie BGC10 ATL

Rocky BGC10 ATL

Lea BGC5 Miami

Erika ( Lucci Vee ) BGC9 Mexico

Natalie BGC4

Gina ( Gigi ) BGC11 Miami 

Jenniffer ( Jenn ) BGC10 ATL

Teresa BGC11 Miami

Janelle BGC11 Miami

Falen BGC9

My Opinion of BGC 11

Milyn: -.- I have no patience for people who like to instigate things.. I don’t like people who are hoes and thwn make sure you know they’re hoes. It really isnt cute. Also she is apparently confused about her ethnicicity. Boo, you’re black. I’m mixed with some stuff but at the end of the day I’m black. And if anyone knew of Milyn BEFORE BGC please message me.

Sarah: everyone thinks she’s racist. I don’t think so. Do I think she’s stupid or absent minded? Yes. Fools say the first thing that comes to mind. Shes pretty and everything but she needs to get her mouth.

Jazmone: she’s dope. When I first saw her and heard her talk I thought that  she was too nice…. she’s cool but I she’s bout her word at the same time. I like her

Tiana: she dope, and her Harlem swag is dope too. The situation with Sarah got blown out of proportion, which she admitted and I respect her for that. I like her too.

Theresa: she’s bomb… her tattoos are dope… she may not be doing much now but from what I seen on previews, in my opinion  she’s one of the realest in the house.

Stephanie: she fake. When sarah asked her if people were talkin about her, she avoided the situation all together because she was talkin about her. Sarah asked her why people were gaining up on her, and she got all shy like “maybe its your mouth” laughing and stuff  but you had stuff to say to milyn about it. Her attitude when she does this is “this is what bad girls do”… shes a follower and not much of a bad girl…. and fake

Tess- she’s wack. If you watch bgc you know that the cameras are on them 24/7… this really is nothing new… did you think that would change for you? Like ok .. also her accent seems fake.. ik plenty of country folks some from Kentucky and I’ve never heard them pronounce privacy like “pri - vacy” … people wanna conpare it too rocky leaving the all star battle..  rocky just found out about her dad… tess been new about her grandma … she wack

Gigi- she seem cool… waitin for more of her. She  was right for beatin up sarah… sarah was nitpickin at her and had it comin