BGC Quotes

BGC1 - Fucking ugly porn star looking bitch

BGC2 - Pop Off!!!

BGC3 - You’re a slut Sarah and I know you have a boob job!

BGC4 - I run LA!!!

BGC5 - I’m not a heroin addict ho!!!

BGC6 - Rotate!!!

BGC7 - I got the voodoo for you bitches!!!

BGC8 - Your Mom should have swallowed that fucking load

BGC9 - I’d rather lick the floor than your dirty ass pussy bitch!

BGC10 -  In Nigeria, we don’t pull hair, we throw fists

BGC11 - Oh you taking your socks off, I see that as you wanna fight

BGC12 - Patty wagon bitch!!!

Goodbye Bgc

bad girls club is coming to an end and i am going to miss the catty fights,slick comments,alliances, wild parties and watching these bad girls mature into classy women. I’ve been following the show since season 1 and Ive learned the following. Socialising could build long lasting relationships, being friends with someone and living with them is too different things and most importantly you think your bad their is always someone badder! Many people see bad girls club negative due to the drama and mild violence but it does sends a good message about life skills and how you represent yourself which is important to other teenage girls watching at home. Reality Tv has become a popular career move since the shows success and has encouraged so many girls to choose that option. I’m finding it hard as a big fan of #bgc to digest after 17 seasons it’s really over, I really wish they would take the show worldwide so people of different countries/nationality could take part in a season as a final goodbye maybe even a behind the scenes special to see what it was like for production/security or a where are they now segment. It’s so hard to let go but either way #goodbyebgc #bgc #badgirlclub

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Bad Girls Club Before & After Part 3

Starting from the Top:

Nastasia ( Stasi ) BGC7 New Orleans 

Kristen ( Blondie ) BGC5 Miami

Stephanie BGC10 ATL

Rocky BGC10 ATL

Lea BGC5 Miami

Erika ( Lucci Vee ) BGC9 Mexico

Natalie BGC4

Gina ( Gigi ) BGC11 Miami 

Jenniffer ( Jenn ) BGC10 ATL

Teresa BGC11 Miami

Janelle BGC11 Miami

Falen BGC9