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Town Life Stuff Tennis Dress with Pregnancy Morph

Woo, something new learned! Thank you, @ice-creamforbreakfast, for introducing me to this great tutorial, and @simlicious, for writing it of course! Also thank you to @danjaley for introducing me to the Pregnancy Controller, which made things a lot easier!

+ For Young Adult - Adult females.
+ Enabled for Everyday, Athletic, Makeover, Maternity, Random.
+ 4 channels and 3 presets (2 new), as shown above.
+ Many thanks to francythatsims/frani721 for the BGC Town Life Stuff content!

Download: EA thumbs | custom thumbs


Town Life Tennis Dress converted for teens

The WIP page I made is useless if I end up taking on new stuff, haha. In my defense, this had been sitting in my mental queue for awhile, and I finally got around to working on it after taking a short break from the game.

You can find the my maternity edit of the adult version here.

+ For Teen females. Everyday, Athletic, Maternity, Random.
+ Does not require Town Life Stuff.
+ Credit for the BGC Town Life Stuff outfit: francythatsims/frani721
+ Has the same channels and presets as the edited adult version.
+ Custom thumbnails only (see here).

Download it here! | adult version

What’s the point of even watching BGC when the life and soul of this season has been kicked out and how can the producers kick the twins and Jela out for reacting angrily to all their possessions being damaged yet they did nothing when their shit was getting touched