War Book Screenings

 Screenings of War Book have been posted online.

One will be at the BFI on Friday 7th August. Tickets are on sale now and are £16.00 (Members pay £1.70 less). After the screening there will be a Q&A with the director Tom Harper, writer Jack Thorne and cast. It doesn’t say what cast members will be there.

Link to BFI War Book page:

Another couple of screenings were tweeted by one of the producers Lauren Dark. The first is at the Rio cinema in Dalston on Saturday 8th August. Tickets are £10.00. Another Q&A with director Tom Harper and writer Jack Thorne will follow the screening.

Link to Rio Cinema:

The next is at Empire Cinema in Walthamstow on Sunday 9th August. Tickets are £8.00. This will also have a Q&A with director Tom Harper and writer Jack Thorne following the screening.

Link for Empire Cinema: