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Sorry for the inactivity lately. Dealing with family stuff (ugh) and battling with Comcast, in addition to being consumed by cheese charms.

Here’s a custom ordered taco pizza BFF pizza heart necklace. I’ve never had a taco pizza before, but it looks delicious.

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“BFF” (LoliRock Behind the Scenes - Clip #02)

Song composed by Norbert Gilbert, and performed by Yasmin Shah. Clip storyboarded by Jun Violet, cover by Team LoliRock’s designers (Galou / Bénédicte Ciaravino / Céline Lorthiois / Flore Pipari).

Hi LoliRock fans. Here is a new Behind the scenes video, on the musical clip “BFF”.

“BFF” was our second song & clip. It was supposed to be more a “ballad” (in LoliRock style) compared to the energic “Revolution”.  The challenge for the storyboarder was to give a different sort of energy and cuteness in this clip.

At this time, since we only had two songs, we were still testing things : with the outfits, the music, the staging, etc. That’s why this clip is quite different from the others four.

In the end, it seems we did a good job since today it’s our clip the most watched on youtube. However, Jun, the storyboarder hated us since he kept the song in his head for month even after he finished his job.

Sorry about that, and thank you for your hard work Jun ! ;)

Lecteurs francophones ? Voici la version française du texte ci-dessous.

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