My boyfriend said he loves me. :’) He was so terrified to say that to me because of his bitch ass ex hurting him, but I kept telling him to only say it if and when he feels ready and I guess today was that day and omg I can’t stop smiling.

I’ve finished up my final two sets for Black Friday and the uniques are up for offers in my thread (linked below!)

Robin Hood! (Get it… GET. IT OwO)

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and VIXEN

Thank god Kaiyo said these were ok because they were totally last minute and I didn’t even have time to wait for the sketch to be accepted D:


Wonho & his trans bf 💙

For anon
~ Admin Shannon

Love (as told by Arianna)

You may be told at least once in your life,

that love is tough.

You may have already experienced it firsthand,

or you may still have your story laying ahead.

If you need to know,

love is many things.

Love is dopamine, norephinephrine, serotonin (officially)

a feeling you can both give and get,

it’s a rush of butterflies hitting the walls of your body,

it’s crippled thoughts filled with anxiousness and infatuation,

it’s your heart telling you something is right,

it can even be the confusing, tiring, complicated, heart wrenching; 

nights spent crying into the couch cushions,

pushing the pain down your throat,

so no one can hear you..


without the good and the bad,

love would never be what it is.

It wouldn’t be the reason you wake up in the morning.

It wouldn’t be the late nights spent on your bed,

wondering if they still love you the same.

It wouldn’t be the days,

you countdown until you see them again.

It wouldn’t be the fights,

you stay in,

because you know that if you do,

it will always be solved.

It wouldn’t be that same feeling,

you get everytime you see them,

even if it isn’t the first time anymore.

It isn’t only certain deserve,

and it isn’t something you will certainly,

never feel in this lifetime.

Everyone is worthy of love,

giving someone a bit of yours,

even just the smallest of things,

can make a person feel loved,

or at least make their day.

There are no limits to love,

age, color, gender, nationality, orientation, height, weight, distance, religion, 

disability, or anything else,

doesn’t matter when it comes to love.


love is everything.

- Poetry // Arianna Laura Cuison // (via bodytoosmallforheart)

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If you don’t get this excited about giving your man some head then you ain’t really bout that life 😁. Good Vibes Only!

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Reasons Niall and Me are literally platonic soulmates

  • easily annoyed by all people
  • don’t like going out except for when we do
  • wanderlust, except only one of us has backpacked across the globe
  • sarcastic to the point where ppl think we’re lowkey mean but we only do it when we’re comfortable with people or nervous
  • would drop all responsibilities at the mention of a 1D reunion
  • ??????!!!!!!!! ???? ?

Você não é mais a minha prioridade. 
Então, se te doer, 
saiba que aprendi isso com você.

Sobre um tal de “não vou te deixar”.