A concept: Stefan Salvatore living a long and happy life with Caroline while helping struggling children find their place in life. By helping these children Stefan finally found a way to make peace with himself and when he died of old age Caroline told him she’d love him forever and he told her the same. They made a promise they’d see each other again. He died a happy man and he felt full-filled. In death he found peace and reunited with Lexi. Caroline grieved him, moved on and lived the rest of her life to the fullest. After an indefinite amount of time Caroline decided she wanted to find peace too and she reunited with her mom, her children, Stefan and her other loved ones.


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 

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Chapter 1 - Kim Taehyung, Aliased V


>> Chapter 2 - Jeon Jungkook, No Known Alias


Monster wasn't afraid of anything. He wasn’t afraid when Taehyung, ‘V’, sauntered into his study, hanging by the door for a few minutes whilst his leader typed away on his computer.

Rated: M

Warnings: Graphic violence, Mentions of torture, Mentions of drug use (not graphic)

1,382 words

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Everyone tells me that nostalgia is a dirty liar because it makes things seem better than they actually were. But what if things were perfect in my eyes, even only for a little while. Then please let me keep those memories knowing that this love was real and rare, that it was the most beautiful beginning of an untold story.
—  For M, Naked Thoughts

Ever wondered how the Chinese manage to look so beautiful, elegant and precise on beam despite having less choreography than the rest of the world?

Look no further.

Beam goddess Bai Yawen showing the world the practice demanded by perfection. Her warmup has better choreo than her actual routine

(source. Piibunina)

But seriously, are we really comparing the sadistic alien/extra-universal being that murdered his leader(s) cause he didn’t like them, beat one of his own allies almost to death for unintentionally messing with his plans, which said ally had no knowledge of in the first place, and maliciously emotionally abusing and torturing the 13 year old protagonist with some of the most ruthless backstabbing I’ve seen(and then he just twists the proverbial knife in) simply because he could and it was fun.

To the ~14 year old kid that’s been raised as a soldier and conditioned all his life to near mindlessly obey orders, and was derived of a proper childhood and/or family, all of which has left him more than a bit messed up in the head and believing that he can’t exist outside of them. Yet he still retains the desire to be friends with the protagonist and help him save his closest friend and keep them out of the conflict, even though he should be turning said friend over to his superiors.

Because, aside from both characters working for the antagonist group, befriending the protagonist and then having said secret exposed, I’m not seeing how Sora is a ‘ripoff’ of Vector.

Sora has a chance to be redeemed, Vector had to die before that happened.

anonymous asked:

I disagree with you about Korrasami, but even if it wasn't developed I really don't see how you can think that making a positive statement which could actually help real people is better than producing perfect art. Culture matters because of the impact it has more than anything else. One bi kid feeling better about themselves is more important than how well told any story is.

Because producing good art is, in and of itself, a positive statement which could actually help real people, and sacrificing that in favor of a political statement isn’t a loss-less proposition.

That’s especially true when you’re dealing with a character like Korra, who already represented a lot of under-represented people – women as a whole, women who don’t meet society’s expectations for “feminine” behavior, people of color, people with PTSD/mental illnesses, and women who don’t prioritize romance among them – and did so without sacrificing her story in favor of making a statement.  Those forms of representation were even more positive because they seemed entirely apolitical, which is something that’s damaged by the show ending on an overt political statement.

And, poorly-constructed representation can actually hurt some of the people who are being represented, too.  I’m familiar with at least a few bi Korra fans who were negatively affected by the way the how ended, because they felt conflicted about their inability to be happy about it or were treated like liars and traitors for not supporting it.

It’s certainly not possible to say that, on the whole, the net impact is positive rather than negative… and in this case, when the mainstream seems entirely oblivious and everyone else is arguing about politics while ignoring parts of Korra’s story that were far more important, I have to say that it’s far more likely that the end result of the poorly-constructed, last minute attempt at “representation” was a net loss.