KINDERGARTEN AU with (left to right) Pan, Hal, Day, Gal & Nolan

Sketch commission by the talented f-premaur! ;w; CHECK THEM OUT!

(I’ll be colouring all the sketch commissions I got from this lovely artist in due time aka really slowly.

This one took a really long time because I couldn’t decide HOW I wanted to colour it and the layers kept deleting themselves >…<)

No but like.

Why is it that whenever something good happens, a million people rise up and start complaining about a thousand other things they hate? Like, I get it, the world sucks. It’s not perfect.

Does that mean I’m not allowed to be happy for a moment?


I’m about to cry rn

^ I forgot to link it before so ;w;

anonymous asked:

Don't let the haters get to you. Your perfect and way better than them

Awww thank you so much! Actually that was the first hater so he/she can suck my nonexistent cock. :3

immeasurabledamage asked:

*drop kicks url to you along with weed brownies*

send me a url and i’ll tell you the following + immeasurabledamage

my opinion on;

character in general: bruce banner is the bane of my life who even let him fucking live god bruce just get out you hurt me
how they play them: actual perfection?? like ?? so much better than me

the mun: the sweetest person ive met tbh

do i;

follow them: yes now i s2g i was following you i dont know what happened??
rp with them: NO AND ITS SAD
want to rp with them: GET IN MY VAN KID
ship their character with mine: bruce squared?? um hot yes give me

what is my;

overall opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

Between the sheets | Andrew & Angela

It touched him to hear her say how much she loved him. It made him feel so perfect. He was happy, she seemed happy. And that was an easy way to word how perfect he thought his life was at this point. Because damn, he did not think it would ever get any better. He was about to protest that their romance was not even close to be ruined due to her bruises. But the next bit shut him up before he could even get out a word.“Definitely” he said as she finished her words, guiding her to the couch by holding her hand. She was almost better than perfect. She would be, if the word for it actually existed.

The next week he had been working somethings out. Creating something he was absolutely satisfied with. Angela had quit her job by now, and her first day home would be today. And of course, he had to leave for work. After waking up to his alarm he gave Angela a kiss, fighting the urge to stay in bed with her. He would be back at the end of the day and he already knew that an hour on her own would bore her to shits. He had worked it out though. From bottom to top. Before leaving the house he put down one envelope, on their kitchen table. In the envelope would be a letter and two tickets for a spa:

Goodmorning you goddess human being,

So I know today is going to be a day you thought you would die of boredom. But fear not, spoiled best girlfriend in the universe, I had something else in mind for you today (and beyond). A safe way to get your butt around places whilst I am working. You do have to play along for this. But I know you will, because honestly, you have nothing better to do unless you thought of a hobby overnight.

The first thing I want you to do is look in the fridge. Freshly baked pancakes, you only have to warm them up. Then, I got you two beautiful tickets for a spa. Catch up with a friend, treat them on a free spa for the day and enjoy. Several massages, though, keep flirting to these guys for your friend alright? you have me to flirt with tonight. -Your almighty boyfriend that is sadly working today. I love you

lifeonvega asked:

Your aesthetic: large rooms with tall windows. Polished wooden floors. Tables and shelves and drawers filled with things. No specific colors come to mind, but the style calls for lots of light. (It also strikes me that large room, tall windows, and wood floors is also a description for a basketball gym...)

You know me better than I even realize sometimes! This is actually perfect. Wow. 

July 3 Friday 11:50pm

He was my Edward. The guy of my dreams. In my mind I made him better than he actually was. My eyes saw him as perfect despite his flaws. I hate him and I love him. I had never felt that way about anyone in real life. I don’t think I ever will again. I hope I’m wrong. But that love is a once in a lifetime thing. it’ll never occur the same way again. I’ll never feel that same feeling again. Only duller versions of it. Glimmers of what I felt for him.


 Right, to all the people who keep say “society is messed up”. Well can I tell you something hunni. We are society. Every single one of us is a tiny part of society. So if you don’t want it to be so messed up. Then YOU do something to change it. Because even a tiny change can make a big difference. But before you do that you need to realize a few things.

  • Not everybody is exactly alike and that is okay.
  • You don’t need to be everyone’s idea of perfect.
  • Its okay to be you. Actually its better than okay its amazing.
  • You don’t need everyone to love you. You just need to love you.

 You honestly can’t let society to turn you into something your not. Your gonna get judged if your society’s idea of perfect or not. So you might as well get judge while being the person you truly are and doing the things you love. 

 I hope you see my point of view, I’d love to hear what everyone else has to say about society. Thanks for reading. 

Stay happy,