“You are born naked, the rest is drag” -RuPaul

Believe it or not, I’ve learned very important life lessons watching RuPaul’s Drag race. Not only does Ru teach ideas about self love and self acceptance but the idea that gender is a constructed identity, and who knows more about acting out gender than drag queens? It’s society and the culture we grow up in that teaches us early on what is acceptable by their standards and what isn’t. We aren’t born wired to systematically know what our gender should act like, rather we hate the feeling of failure and of not being good enough-girly or manly enough- in the eyes of others so not to stand out or be judged or explain why we like something that’s out of the normal gender standards.
Aside from that, Ru emphasizes and encourages fabulosity in every way possible, which really just means being yourself and LOVING every minute of it, which everyone could really use more of. Because in the words of the queen herself “If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love someone else”?! The show and the drag mentality is really just an awesome giant glittery celebration of life that always ends in dance. You had me hooked since episode 1 Ru, and in my eyes you can do no wrong. 😘🏆👸🙌👑👠💄❤💖