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Are there any slightly "passive" dragon types that are at all known for being good with kids? My little brother just loves the things, and my parents are debating letting him have one so long as it doesn't wreak havoc on him and everything else.

Double-check with the folks, then find a breeder who specializes in well-socialized Goomy, get an everstone, and enjoy being the best sibling ever forever.

@bluesjay asked:  do you….. do you think that when davepeta knows someone well theyll just like,,, subconsciously wrap their wing(s) around said someone

i am declaring this canon and nobody can stop me

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What are some of your headcanons about Riverdale

oh gosh, i actually spend a lot more time reading other people’s rather than thinking about my own
i also don’t know if i’m doing this “headcanon” thing right, i’m just gonna list the stuff i imagine is true. a lot of these are headcanons i’ve read and have stuck in my brain for some reason:

- jellybean and jughead have the best sibling relationship ever and all i need is for them to reunite
- veronica is definitely bi i mean come on how can she not be
- jughead totally listens to my chemical romance and is writing fanfic the whole time we think he’s doing his novel
- betty and kevin definitely made archie and jughead watch high school musical as kids and jughead loved it as much as he didn’t want to admit it
- fp and fred probs had a gay fling once
- wouldn’t be surprised if fp and hermione did too
- reggie is totally a soft boy™ (this isn’t even a headcanon this is just true)
- betty’s mom is super duper strict and probably encourages unhealthy eating habits for betty like starving herself to reach her “full potential” and be the “prettiest girl she can be” and oMG FUCK OFF ALICE
- jughead makes super edgy jokes about death and betty’s like “same” and veronica is laughing but archie just sits there with his head in his hands thinking “i can’t relate oh god are you guys okay”
- jughead always curls himself up on furniture because he never had any room to stretch his legs when he was living back at the drive in and aw protect my son
- jughead is also probably super into photography i wouldn’t be surprised by that 
- some of the bracelets he wears are definitely from jellybean (he clings to any material objects that remind him of her)
- betty has tried to take jughead’s beanie and never got away with it
- jughead has been sleep deprived since like 4th grade and that’s why he has such dark under-eye circles (*same*)
- reggie secretly plays the most amazing piano (ross butler does, that’s where this came from)
- alice cooper is the rude lady that shushes you in church for breathing
- archie’s role model is troy bolton, completely unironically

okay those are a couple off the top of my head, i realize they’re rather lame, but i tend to not really think up headcanons about ships, more about the characters themselves

D is for Dancing

Malec Alphabet Drabbles / Oneshots (from A-Z)

Pairing: Magnus Bane / Alec Lightwood
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (tv show)
Rating: T
Words: 2k

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the copyright for The Mortal Instruments concepts, characters, etc for the tv show or original books.

Summary: Izzy invites Magnus out dancing and he gets the surprise of his life when he arrives early. Tribute to Izzy & Alec’s close relationship. 

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