But Dipper had a better idea: we burn all my Bill Cipher artifacts instead. So we did. My scrolls, carpets, window… everything I’d ever collected with Bill went into the fire. We made s’mores and told stories until sunrise.

Bitty doesn’t have Jack’s name as his contact in his phone. Jack’s contact name is something like “Sweetheart 😌❤️😍😘”
So one day, Bitty makes the mistake of leaving his phone on the kitchen counter as he showers.
Ransom and Holster get a hold of it and smirk as they see the conversation between Bitty and his ‘sweetheart’
So, they decide to have a little fun with it and start sexting Jack, pretending to be Bitty.
“Dude. We gotta ask for a dick pic. We have to make sure Bitty has a reasonable boy toy.” Holster jokes. So that’s what they do. They ask for it. And then they get a picture back, and holy shit, it’s the best dick they’ve ever seen. It’s so good that they have to show everyone in the Haus. It’s all fun and games until Shitty, who’s visiting for the weekend, gasps.
“Guys…that’s Jack’s dick…I know that. I’ve seen it. That’s totally his dick!”
And the entire Haus fucking loses it. They’re all screaming.
Bitty comes downstairs, “What in Bey’s name is going on!” He asks.
“JACKS DICK!” Ransom screams.
“Good job man. I mean, I’m glad you guys found each other, but your boy is hung!” Holster exclaims and Bitty is about as red as cherry pie.

I think it’s hilarious that when I first see harry wearing something ‘crazy’ I’m like “WTF WAT IS HE WEARING OMG HARrY” and then after reblogging seventeen pictures from slightly differnet angles I’m like “yaaaaaass work it this was made for you this is the best outfit I have ever seen can he get more gorgeous the anser is no”

  • troye looks like a fucking sculpture irl i swear, not a single flaw, i don’t think any of the amazing pictures we’ve ever seen of him have been fully photoshopped, they don’t need to be.
  • he said he was wearing a hat because he felt hipster today but that in hindsight it would be best to take it off so it wouldn’t go flying across the stage
  • troye’s birthmark is so fucking prominent and even his freckles were visible from a distance, cameras just don’t do him justice at all.
  • he took a polaroid of the crowd because like he said he felt hipster today so why not and said he’d been taking loads backstage but that he wanted an onstage one too.
  • his nails were metallic teal blue and they were gorgeous, he called them “ocean blue” and giggled.
  • troye was made for the stage. honestly, he was so in his element up there and knew exactly how to handle the crowd, it didn’t even faze him it was like instinct.
  • he looks exactly how you would expect him to look and more, but nothing will prepare you for the “oh my god that’s actually him

letlive. (misterjasonaalon)

May 9, 2014

Backbooth - Orlando, FL

This band is hands down one of the best bands I have ever seen live. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to finally see them live and take pictures. Probably one of the most emotional sets I’ve seen too. It was amazing. Jason Aalon Butler almost had me in tears when at one point he started talking about his mom, and I could tell he was getting really emotional about it and couldn’t continue talking. The look on his face broke my heart. 

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Maze enrichment with Renfield!

Today I thought I’d make Renfield, my Kenyan sand boa, work for his supper, so I introduced him to this, the coolest piece of cardboard I’ve ever seen. I found out that he actually does ok in mazes and that, more importantly, sometimes he makes this face.

This is a long post with a lot of pictures of my snake’s hunting behavior and images of a frozen/thawed pinky mouse, so if you’re ok with words, hit the cut for more! If you’re not interested, here’s the thoughts I have on this activity.

There’s been a lot of talk about enrichment lately, which is good, because your pets deserve to not be bored. Enrichment works best when you make decisions based on their wild behavior or by recreating safe scenarios they might encounter in a natural setting. I like this feeding puzzle because in the wild, sand boas hunt in animal burrows, which can be very maze-like with side chambers and disused tunnels. Laying down a scent trail and giving Renfield a bit of a maze to crawl through seemed like a relatively stress-free way to challenge him. In the future, I plan to use use this type of feeding puzzle in the dark with something over top of it so that it more closely resembles burrow conditions. (Renfield is quite happy to eat in the light, however. Renfield is happy to eat, period.) I think that this is a good option for him! I also found him using it like a hide; normally he stays burrowed to digest, but when I went to lift the labyrinth out of the tank, I found him hiding beneath it. He has two fake rock hides but now I’m wondering if he wouldn’t enjoy a flat hide on top of his substrate, like a nice flat piece of slate or a chunk of bark. 

Read more to see this sausage in action!

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