i don’t know what to do i’m so conflicted like part of me loves richard armitage all sweet and smiley like this

but then the other half of me is so attracted to him when he’s all broody and dark like

sometimes i’m drawn to the gorgeous ray of sunshine

and then the smirk hits me and i change my mind completely

but then he smiles like this

and then he’s all mysterious and haunted like this

sometimes i’m in the mood for this

and then sometimes i cry over this

damn it richard i’m so conflicted


Congratulations on your marriage, John Mulaney and Annamarie Tendler! | 7.5.14


Charlie + Gould (feat. Henchmen) | 2.14

"Clean yourself off. Get dressed."

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Everyons is talking about kånkens so did you know that they were made to help student's backs? Kånkens are cute AND good for your posture

best of both worlds you guys

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"Of course I'm freaking out! You're my friend!"

The Morning After Sentence Starters

"I know that!” Honey shouted back, desperation evident in her voice. “But it doesn’t     It doesn’t have to be a bad thing… Right?” She looked at him with hopeful eyes, hands clasping together as she started to feel like it was getting hard to breathe. “It doesn’t need to come between us, we can   Try to be together, she wanted to say, but the words never made it to her lips. “    We can still be friends. We can forget this whole thing happened and move on.”

do madridistas realize that barca and athletic both wanted to play the CDR final at the bernabeu, a neutral ground, but REAL MADRID didnt want that??? so please stop your self-loathing and complaining about it being at the camp nou, ESPECIALLY when several CDR finals for RMA have been played at the bernabeu. you guys cant have the best of both worlds, we wanted to play at a neutral ground and your board wouldnt have it..

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Does your boyfriend genuinely not mind AT ALL that you're a "porn star"? How did he feel about your 'my first gang bang' video? I don't understand how he wouldn't mind at all you doing that with men that age

My boyfriend isn’t an insecure little bitch, he realizes that it’s a legitimate profession like any other, and he knows those other guys have nothing on him. He didn’t have to ask me out, I told him before we even started dating that this was the career path I wanted to go down and I was going to do it regardless of what he thought. And obviously he liked me enough to not be fazed by it. Nic’s a rare kind of man and he’s the perfect one for me because I’ve got the best of both worlds, I get to date a guy who loves me to pieces and who I also love to pieces AND I get to do the job I want.

*takes a deep breath*
a guy wearing makeup doesn’t make him trans it doesn’t mean you’re getting ‘the best of both worlds’ it’s a guy wanting to wear makeup to enhance his features please stop turning it into some sexual fantasy for yourself especially when you’re obsessed with Japanese men and you turn them all into your fetish and talk about how ‘yummy’ they are and how you ‘want to snag one’ like they’re objects for you to own seriously please stop a Japanese man in makeup isn’t ‘both male and female’ he’s a man who likes to wear makeup and hes definitely not doing it to make some 35 year old woman horny so please back off celebrities dont exist to be your sexual fantasies they’re people too not just objects I will fight you on this
*exhales deeply*

why listen to music when you study when you can listen to a girl talk about how she’s dating a man 14 years older than her and hopes he secretly has kids because dating a man with kids is the best of both worlds and how she got cramps when she saw a guy playing with kids therefore her body was telling her to get pregnant

Please go support my brothers in Best Of Both Worlds Ent. Knew these guys on the come up and they’ve been making strides since (Greenhouse, Stage 48, Copa Cabana and more!) Believe me, they play everything… everything…. everything. @bestofbothworldsent Available for all events including personal mixes (Yes dancers and choreographers, that’s a personal shout out to you guys) for more. #NYC #NewYorkCity #Dance #Dancelife #Music #DJ #Nightlife #BestOfBothWorlds #Day1s #Greenhouse #Stage48 #CopaCabana