BK: Mike and I knew from early on that our heroes would travel into the Fire Nation for the bulk of the third season, but it was at the writers’ retreat that we came up with the idea that the kids would spend some time in disguise, acting like Fire Nation citizens. From a design standpoint, this was really exciting. I was tired of Team Avatar’s stock outfits. In most stories, the villains get the best clothes, but you get the best of both worlds dressing up your “good guys” like “bad guys." Concepts by Bryan Konietzko. Team Avatar, incognito designs by Bryan Konietzko and Angela Song Mueller. Color by Hye Jung Kim. 


When we got Jensen - and we were lucky to get him - we didn’t want to get rid of Kerr so we thought, well what about Kerr as Axel? So we sort of got the best of both worlds. And these guys, when they are on screen together it’s unbelievable. And what’s great - and I think I’ve said this before but there’s a line in the movie […] it’s a line that Axel has, and it was a line that Jensen came up with the day they shot the scene. Jensen said ‘hey, you know what, you should say this’ and as far as I’m concerned it’s the best line in the movie. And it just shows you what a class act Jensen is because he basically gave the best line in the movie to his partner, his other actor. That doesn’t happen… I mean in this business? Actors don’t do that… you want to be the guy everyone is looking at and you don’t give the good lines to somebody else, you keep it for you. So as far as I’m concerned he can be in any movie I write.
6289) Being MTF means I truly have seen the best (worst) of both worlds. Back in my guy days, I realized that it's truly appalling some of the shit men will say about women behind their backs. Even the ones that seem sweet at first said some shit that makes me shudder when I think about it. When I called it out, they'd call me a faggot/pussy for having the audacity to... respect women as human beings? That's why I only date women even though I'm bi. I've seen men at their worst and it disgusts me.