little monster | (m)

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pairing: park jimin x reader | feat. kim namjoon
genre/warnings: smut, voyeurism sort-of, auralism? masturbation, teasing, switch themes
words: 8,844
summary: you’ve been good friends with your roommate Jimin for a while, occasionally flirting with each other, especially when you’ve had a drink, but nothing has ever happened between the two of you…until that is, he secretly listens to you and Namjoon have sex one day…He thinks you don’t know, but he’s wrong…
note. based on a request.

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Best of Both Worlds was so amazing that I almost cried ;-;

You guys did a fantastic job and seriously made my day. It was just incredible! I loved the storyline, character designs, voice actors.. Let’s just say everything about the video. Thank you for making minisodes eddsworld movie crew, the whole fandom appericiates it :D @the-eddsworld-fan-movie

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Since the end of the year is coming these creepy girls at my school are doing a challenge to see which girl can sleep with the most "biracial guys" It's so disgusting to hear them say "People of the same race are so boring, mixed guys have the best of both worlds. One girl said she already slept with three guys that are half White. I literally don't know what to do. Fetishizing mixed people. . . .😑


so here’s the thing, like two weeks ago i shaved my head again for the fourth time and i was so freaking excited to be a bald character for my last spook day here in the city. time rolled around and it was 10.29 and i’m sitting in my bathroom, broke as hell, wondering what i’m gonna be. then it dawned on me to be aang, my blessed son and idol. BUT i also had the option to be eleven from stranger things, who is such a great role model and one of my favorite characters. both aang and eleven mean a lot to me so it was a hard decision to make. that being the case i did both! here’s my costume: eleven from stranger things dressed as aang from avatar. the best of both worlds, my guy.

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What would you and Papyrus look like as humans?

 * it’s a fun thought to think of though greyface. maybe one day we can find out.

* huh. for some reason i still feel like we’d eat spaghetti a lot…

(( i really hope you guys like this one because i know i promised like 3 asks to be answered but i literally spent 5 hours on this straight through ;u;/ ))

i don’t know what to do i’m so conflicted like part of me loves richard armitage all sweet and smiley like this

but then the other half of me is so attracted to him when he’s all broody and dark like

sometimes i’m drawn to the gorgeous ray of sunshine

and then the smirk hits me and i change my mind completely

but then he smiles like this

and then he’s all mysterious and haunted like this

sometimes i’m in the mood for this

and then sometimes i cry over this

damn it richard i’m so conflicted


BK: Mike and I knew from early on that our heroes would travel into the Fire Nation for the bulk of the third season, but it was at the writers’ retreat that we came up with the idea that the kids would spend some time in disguise, acting like Fire Nation citizens. From a design standpoint, this was really exciting. I was tired of Team Avatar’s stock outfits. In most stories, the villains get the best clothes, but you get the best of both worlds dressing up your “good guys” like “bad guys." Concepts by Bryan Konietzko. Team Avatar, incognito designs by Bryan Konietzko and Angela Song Mueller. Color by Hye Jung Kim. 


Pain - Calum Hood 

Warning: swearing 


Pain. That’s all you felt. you was 8 months pregnant with twins and everything just hurt; your back,  your  feet,  your  boobs, your hips,  your  legs,  your  neck. Just everything. it was the middle of the night when the twins decided to not let you sleep. You Just sighed with your hand on your head to try to contain the headache that was developing. Your side lamp was on when you turned your head to Calum, who was sleeping soundly to the left of you. “Cal.” You whispered. He didn’t answer. “Cal.” you said a bit louder while nudging him with your hand. “What.” He answered sleeply in a statement tone. “Everything hurts and the babies won’t let me sleep” you wined to him. He lightly groaned. “Cal!” You whined loudly. “What!” He yelled loudly, lifting his head up, you breathed out trying to relax yourself, “nothing.” you answered” “I’ve been taking care of you for 8 months!! Give me a mother fucking break!! I am sick and tired of taking care of you and hearing you whine ever second of every day of  every millisecond!! so just shut up and go to fucking sleep!!” he put his head down with a thud. “I should have never got you pregnant.” He mumbled with his hand over his eyes, you weren’t meant to hear it but you heard every word pin drop clear.  You swallowed the lump in your throat before answering. “Okay then.” you breathed loudly before quickly turning off the lamp and lying down on your right side, turned away from him. He sighed loudly.  you tried to keep your tears in but they traveling down your face to your neck. You covered your mouth with your hand to stop the sobs from coming out you mouth, But a loud one escaped.Before you knew it two strong arms were around within seconds. “Hey, Baby… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I love you so fucking much and love you bugging me all the time. I love you wanting my help, wanting me to help you at all and I would do it for the rest of my life if you’d let me I’d do it  because I love you so much, and I would never take back having kids with you because the only person I would dare make love to let alone have kids with would be you and I’m so excited to be a dad and to start our family” He kissed my neck and massaged my back a little. I breathed in and out from the feeling. “there.” He asked me massaging a specific spot in my lower back. “yeah.” You answered lightly. “Does it hurt?” “Yeah” You started crying again. He shushed you “Hey it’s going to be okay, the pain will be gone in the next few weeks baby.” He kissed my cheek. “The babies won’t let me sleep.” you said for the second time tonight. He stopped rubbing your back. “Okay, turn on your back.” He said moving back a little so you could roll over. when you were on your back he went to lie down in between your legs on his stomach. He lifted up your t-shirt revealing your very big pregnant belly. you put your hand below your boobs while he put his on your belly.  He started kissing all around it, you smiled down at him while he had his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes. He stopped kissing you. His hand we’re on both side of your large stomach rubbing it with his fingers. “Hey guys, It’s daddy. So I know you guys love to be awake this late at night but it’s really not good for you beautiful mommy.” you reached down to one of his hand and intertwined your fingers together while both of your guys palms where on the side of your stomach.”She needs her beauty sleep to be the happy person she is. I love you guys; if you could do this you’d be the best little guys in the world.” they both kicked your stomach you both laughed lightly and looked at each other smiling, He looked back down at your stomach before saying “thanks guys, dada loves you.” Then he kisses where each of them kicked. He then climbed up back beside you while you turned towards him. “I love you baby, The most in the world.” “I love you two, The most in the universe and definitely more than you love me.” you said back smiling. “impossible!!.” he said back loudly and laughed. You two smiling at each other before he kisses you with all the love he’s got inside of him. “goodnight.” You say before he says “goodnight baby, sleep tight.” while holding your hand on the side of your stomach.  


Hey guys!! so I hoped you liked this!! If you did please request stuff i’d love to write fro you guys <3 @mikeyhotdog

6289) Being MTF means I truly have seen the best (worst) of both worlds. Back in my guy days, I realized that it's truly appalling some of the shit men will say about women behind their backs. Even the ones that seem sweet at first said some shit that makes me shudder when I think about it. When I called it out, they'd call me a faggot/pussy for having the audacity to... respect women as human beings? That's why I only date women even though I'm bi. I've seen men at their worst and it disgusts me.

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What are your thoughts on Logan?

I’m gonna copy and paste my part of this post, then elaborate more!

Oh, Logan. Sweet, sweet Logan. Logan who was a party frat-boy who took nothing seriously - because he’s in college so like, c’mon, give him a break - but eventually grew into a mature young man. Sure he had a grudge against his absent, asshole father. I do, too. Sue me. But let’s chat about Logan:

When Rory was basically all, “Let’s be friends with benefits!” He knew Rory to the point where he knew that she was NOT that type. Instead of just being like, COOL LET’S BANG, he made 100% SURE that a relationship as such would be okay with her. When she returns to him and says she’s not down, at first HE wasn’t down with her not being down but then he basically told her SHE WAS IMPORTANT TO HIM AND DIDN’T WANNA STOP SEEING HER SO HE BECAME HER PERMANENT, MONOGAMOUS BOYFRIEND.

He lent his limo and driver to her the second she found out that she needed to go see her mother who was in terrible shape (r.i.p. lost time between lorelai and luke). Obviously, having money deluded his sense in how to make up to a girl … But I mean, where’s the harm in having a coffee cart follow you around with free coffee all day, am I right? He was there for her right when they got arrested, lawyer in hand. Was ready to kill his father in half a second if Rory had told her what had happened. Made her feel better about the situation by throwing a jail party - WHICH ISN’T HORRIBLE, IT’S HILARIOUS. I ALMOST WANT TO BEFRIEND A LOGAN AND GET ARRESTED SO I CAN HAVE A PARTY LIKE THAT. 


He allowed her to see his way of life without having the ideals tainted by Lorelai and overglamorized by Emily and absolutely just forced upon her. He made her see that she could fit into the best of both worlds. He grew up into an amazing guy with serious goals, hard-working, had more business eithics, became more committed and loving and just UGH and really TRIED. Oh, and shall we forget just how absilutely terrible he was when daddy cut him off and he had no money? OH WAIT HE WASN’T.



“I’ve told a lot of girls that I love them before, and I didn’t mean it. I don’t want to do that to you.”


I loved Logan dearly. He is practically the definition of character development. For never having been a boyfriend before, he tried so hard to do right by Rory and for a first-time boyfriend, he didn’t do poorly. Would I go as far as to say him and Rory were perfect for each other? I’m not sure. Logan was a couple years older than Rory and at that point in his life may have been read yto settle down before she was. If they’d been at the same place in their lives, then maybe! But no amount of proof, convincing and logic could change Rory’s mind. :*


So, because I’m dying to talk about this scene and I don’t know how to take screencaps from a Blu-Ray, here are four pictures I took on my phone of my TV screen while watching the Riker and Troi deleted scene from The Best of Both Worlds.

You guys, THIS SCENE. It’s possibly the most perfect moment that ever happened between these two, and it was deleted.

It’s set during the second half of the two-parter - Will calls Deanna to his ready room to ask how the crew are reacting to the captain’s assimilation.

What’s beautiful about this scene is it illustrates perfectly how their relationship works both personally and professionally, and both actors are really selling it. They’re looking into each other’s eyes almost the whole way through and you can feel how much they care about each other, how worried they both are about each other.

He calls her there ostensibly to talk about the crew’s well-being, but they barely touch on it before she’s moved the conversation around to his feelings, because they both know that’s why he really called her there - because he needs help to do what he’s doing and she’s the person to give it, because of their friendship and because of her professional expertise.

You know what, here’s a transcript:

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