so here’s the thing, like two weeks ago i shaved my head again for the fourth time and i was so freaking excited to be a bald character for my last spook day here in the city. time rolled around and it was 10.29 and i’m sitting in my bathroom, broke as hell, wondering what i’m gonna be. then it dawned on me to be aang, my blessed son and idol. BUT i also had the option to be eleven from stranger things, who is such a great role model and one of my favorite characters. both aang and eleven mean a lot to me so it was a hard decision to make. that being the case i did both! here’s my costume: eleven from stranger things dressed as aang from avatar. the best of both worlds, my guy.

joshua is your local lowkey bisexual, he’s not really lowkey, but that’s what seungkwan, your local highkey bisexual, calls him. joshua just really loves guys, but he also loves girls a lot. one time someone thought he was straight and he was like, “no, i like guys too. i’m getting the best of both worlds.” highkey hates when people think he’s straight. overall lowkey aggressive bisexual.


BK: Mike and I knew from early on that our heroes would travel into the Fire Nation for the bulk of the third season, but it was at the writers’ retreat that we came up with the idea that the kids would spend some time in disguise, acting like Fire Nation citizens. From a design standpoint, this was really exciting. I was tired of Team Avatar’s stock outfits. In most stories, the villains get the best clothes, but you get the best of both worlds dressing up your “good guys” like “bad guys." Concepts by Bryan Konietzko. Team Avatar, incognito designs by Bryan Konietzko and Angela Song Mueller. Color by Hye Jung Kim.