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I feel dumb for not realizing McCree is literally Clint Eastwood.

LOL WELL He’s a lot of people! 

I mean, the Man with No Name from the Good the Bad and the Ugly is pretty much the obvious one. And McCree has a spray to imitate the famous poster. And he references it in his voice line  “I aint good, I aint bad but I aint ugly” 

“I tried being reasonable” is from another Eastwood movie I think. Fistful of dollars? I wish McCree had that other line after Dead Eye, the one where he goes “get 3 coffins ready, oops I mean 4″

I like to think Dapper/Gambler McCree is more a Mel Gibson’s Maverick. Awesome movie.

Or Doc Holiday cause, “I’m your Huckleberry” is from the movie Tombstone, when Val Kilmer scares the SHIT outta johnny ringo, which is why it always cracks me up when people use it romantically. 

Daddy’s Spoiled Little Baby

Since Daddy is the bestest daddy ever. He bought me a couple new toys. These toys are meant for two things. One is to remind me who owns me and two, to train my little body and have it ready for daddy. Tonight was the first night trying them out. It wasn’t easy, but I had a lot of fun also daddy says i need to be a good girl and be patient and try every day. 

das all the end 💖😊


Quirks of MBTI: ENFP Edition

As told by an ISFJ (based on our friends) Female #2

  • Noises (A constant in the ENFP dialect)
  • Smug facial expressions when she knows she is right (Unfortunately, often.)
  • Tilts head back when laughing
  • ^Full body shaking laugh
  • Scrunches up nose when laughing/smiling
  • VERY animated
  • When deep in convo messes with fingernails
  • Messes with toes when sitting
  • Licks people
  • Gives the BEST advice
  • Has all these amazing ideas
  • Only takes naps in other people’s rooms (quite frequently)