I watched all of season 3 of degrassi in one sitting and I have zero regrets.

-usually when they add new characters, they start off annoying but not rasha. Loveeeee her, she’s adorable.
-hunters hair looks good tbh
-I love the Hollingsworth sibling scenes, there’s not enough of those
-Goldie actually has the best hair on the show so it’s kind of a shame we’ll only see it that one episode
-I love grace because she reminds me so much of Jane (and then I get reminded that Jane and spinner didn’t end up together and get angry)
-surprised I’m not annoyed by Frankie. I actually like her character a lot, she is a bit whiny. I hope they actually develop her next season tho
-Jonah has a Jew fro
-I really dislike zig, even from the beginning. And I still don’t like Esme
-MAYA, I’m so glad that cam got brought up. It’s about damn time. I was taken aback cause that happened sooo long ago, but it was so crucial to her anxieties getting worse. I think it’s clear that maya was going to jump from the roof had some symbolism because she said she didn’t know how cam killed himself and that’s how he did it. Also maya looked amazing this season. So happy cause they kept making her look ugly
-I have a lot to say about Lola and Miles. First let me say that Tiny and Lola were my Otp and then last season they broke up so I was like fuuuuck. So then this season starts and At first I was like “oh wow degrassi is doing a platonic relationship. Neat”. Then that one scene where she sends him the snap and he’s smiling at it and looks up and sees her and she makes and face at him and he makes one back was so out of character for miles. Miles likes to be the cool guy and for him to be goofy with her is so cute. Then the episode where they’re all in the house is my favorite, cause everyone is in close quarters and outside of school and it’s just better. And they kiss and I wasn’t even mad. Then her abortion. I was really happy about how it was handled. She knew what she wanted and didn’t let anyone’s judgements stop her. Even after my excitement for them, I understand that it literally is not gonna be a thing. Tristan and Miles have been together forever and the writers are gonna give a happy last season for them. I still secretly hope he ends up with Lola
-the last episode was so good and I still can’t get over that all that happened in 24 minutes (why can’t they be longer)
-overall, one of the best seasons of degrassi I have seen in so long. Bless you Netflix! I can’t get over how effortlessly they go through the storylines of all those characters.