Ok but for real, this was equal parts fun and TERRIFYING to make? I am not good at video editing yet? But at least you get to see my roommate throw some wigs at me….

Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted questions. Thank to everyone who has kept up with my craziness these past few months. I’m excited for 2019. I’m excited for new things, new content, new surprises. I hope you stick with me to watch it all come to fruition.


Yagi, while very thin, is over seven feet tall and incredibly dense. When he doesn’t want to be moved he is Not moving. Getting him out of a warm bed in the morning is an ordeal Aizawa was not prepared for. The cold morning air makes Yagi’s joints ache which makes him cranky and even harder to pry out of his warm blanket cocoon. He can be reasoned with only after being given at least two cups of hot tea and many, many kisses.

anonymous asked:

Hear me out.. Since The Kid can somewhat-telepathically harm people when he is angry at them, can he telepathically make you cum.

yesssss absolutely

It would never be just a small, fluttering little orgasm, either. No, when he wanted to watch you cum, he wanted to watch you cum hard. He wanted to see your toes curl and your eyes scrunch up and your hips buck in time with each heavy electric contraction in your core. Every time, it would leave you squirming and panting, and leave him wide-eyed with wonder. To him, the fun part was never telling you when he was going to do it. You could be about to fall asleep, or taking a shower, or doing literally anything. He was insatiable.

And although he could never fully dominate you, he occasionally used his telepathic advantage to get what he wanted. If he wanted to stay up an extra hour or eat ice cream for breakfast, all he had to do was set his sweet sad puppy eyes on you, and you would tense up. He could make you cum, right here, right now, hard and long enough to make you scream for mercy. There was never a time you did not want it, though. The release was divinely delicious and there were times you wanted more.

In his soft little voice, he’d tease you so wonderfully about it: “Do you want me to make you cum again, Mommy? I know how much you like it.”

Providing no warning or time for reaction, you felt it hit you like a speeding train. A loud “oh fuck” escaped you as blissful orgasm pulsed through your body. He watched as your eyes rolled back and the tension in your body melted into the mattress. You felt indescribably beautiful; he could feel the dreamy haze pouring off your quivering body. When it was over, you glanced up at him, half-lidded and grinning.

He chuckled quietly and patted your lower tummy. “Good Mommy. Again?”