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RebelCaptain #2 from the new kiss prompts! "A kiss that is supposed to be platonic but is anything but." I can't wait to see what you do with it! Because all your prompts are fabulous. 😘

Thank you so much my dear, I appreciate you *mwahmwah*

More roommate au, follow-up to this and this, I guess :-)

“Would you stop fiddling with that!” Leia hissed at Jyn, who was trying to smooth down the flouncy ruffles on her dress.

“I don’t know why you made me wear this thing anyway! I hate ruffles!” Jyn hissed back.

“It’s better than any of the potato sacks you pass off as dresses in your closet!”

“I happen to like potato sacks, okay!”

“Well that’s not gonna fly here!”

Leia’s mother turned to shush them both, and Jyn slumped in her seat. Leia had dragged her along to one of her parents’ posh charity dinners, mostly because she was fighting with Han and she didn’t want to be stuck with him the whole night. The catch had been that the tickets were only being sold to couples, and Breha insisted that Jyn bring a date.

“What about that dark haired man I saw you with? Is he your boyfriend? You should bring him.” Even though they had come out as questions, everyone knew with Leia’s mother it was purely a formality. The answer to her ‘questions’ was always “Yes ma’am.” Jyn had no choice but to ask Cassian.

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quick reminder

time for me to get sappy again!

i love you, yes every one of you to bits and pieces. you are talented, amazing, beautiful, creative weirdos and i love you. i love that you make me smile, laugh and cry because your blogs are all around fabulous. If you’re ever struggling with anything im here for you to talk to, rant to or for you to randomly send screenies of your sims to me at 2 in the morning because sometimes we need to do that. if you ever think that no one loves you or that you are worthless, you are completely and utterly wrong. I am here to give you all my love and support because we all need to talk to someone sometimes. So please, if you are ever struggling with anything I’m here for you to talk to.

just to make sure that you remember that you all mean the absolute world to me 💛 even though i might not mean the world to you :)