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Happy birthday Lena!

Hey lenfaz!!! You know how it’s your birthday? I have a little gift for you.

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When you found out my Never Tear Us Apart Killian was a teacher you told me I needed to channel School of Rock. So I did…in a new thing. This is the first part and the second (or third…depends how it pans out) part is your follower fic prompt. 

I may have channeled a little bit of befuddled Hook too….

The Appointment

The Storybrooke School was an imposing building and the weight of expectation as a new teacher there was only magnified because of it.

Killian Jones stood nervously at the base of the steps leading to the foyer, guitar case in hand, taking a few steadying breaths before making his way inside to begin what he hoped would be his new career.

Or at least a job that would pay the bills while he worked on writing the song that was going to change his life.

He checked his phone for the details of his induction meeting.  Ms Emma Swan, Principal. Rm 204 - The Mills Building.

He could only imagine the kind of woman placed in charge of an institution like this. The vision of a middle aged dragon lady in a sensible pant suit sat front and centre in his mind; not entirely a bad thing if he was honest with himself. That particular type of lady was usually quite receptive to his charms.

And considering how unsure he felt at this moment, he would take any advantage he could get. He asked directions from a passing student and soon found himself at the threshold of Room 204.

His knock was answered with a brisk, “Enter.” He inhaled deeply, letting the breath out slowly as he reached for the door handle. Fixing his most confident smile on his face, Killian pushed open the door…

And found himself face to face with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Blonde hair pulled back, with soft tendrils loosely framing her face. Dark rimmed glasses covering green eyes that sparkled as she smiled in welcome. Blinking furiously, a shake of his head, he fought to regain his composure as she came towards him.

Way to go, Killian, he thought. Great first impression.

“Mr Jones?” she asked, her voice smooth and fluid, undoing the self-control he had managed to claw back. He nodded, the only response he could formulate and maintain some sense of decorum.

“Welcome to the Storybrooke School. I hope you will enjoy your time here. Your fifth grade class is looking forward to meeting you.” Ms Swan indicated the chair in front of her desk and Killian sat down, placing his guitar beside him. The Principal looked at the battered case, a curious look on her face.

“We pride ourselves on providing our students with an educational experience of the highest calibre here at Storybrooke, Mr Jones. Our academic results are second to none and we expect all our teachers to commit to that success.” She reached up to push her glasses back on her nose, and Killian found himself slightly mesmerised by the movement. He suspected his natural charm was going to have no effect on this woman - mostly because he still had yet to formulate a sentence. Something he was going to be required to change very shortly, he realised.

“The guitar is an unexpected teaching resource?” It was clearly a question requiring an impressive response.

Keep it together Jones.

“I like music,” he started. Nice one, he thought. That is sure to impress her. Ms Swan wore an expression of concern…worried perhaps her fifth graders were about to be taught by an idiot.

She’d be right if he didn’t get it together.

Clearing his throat, Killian started again. “What I mean is that I have found music to be a good way of engaging my students.”

Her face relaxed somewhat…a coherent sentence obviously a good start.

“Well, Mr Jones, I look forward to seeing your methods in action. Now, your class await. Please follow me.”

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