i just love it so much when Enjolras and Feuilly interact as equals, as, yknow, friends, affectionate and comfortable around each other and they respect each other so much in a totally reciprocated ‘’this is my friend isn’t he THE GREATEST’’ way. i mean, crushes are cute and all but they’re 200% better when there’s this deep, solid base to it. and that’s what I want to see more of.


heres the femslash february stuff i managed to draw while i was on the cruise!

day 14 was koikoko!! i’m very glad i got this ship for valentine’s day. they’re such a sweet fluffy couple even though kokoro doesn’t really like her in canon but yknow what they say nothing can stop the gay

day 15 was raiben! i feel like they’re kind of a ship that a lot of people acknowledge but there really isn’t much fanart or support for them out there. i really wish there could be, though, because they’re a nice couple! i imagine they’d be really sappy and lovey dovey with each other. also idk why they’re in swimsuits i think i was just too hype after haiti

and finally day 16 was yuumedi!! i love them for a lot of reasons–they have the typical old school shoujo ai aesthetic thing kind of going on, and then they have the whole flower thing, and it’s just. so cute. it’s a little hard to find fanart and stuff of them but i like to think they’d have a sweet, caring, innocent kind of relationship.

quick doodle in honour of ep 9 because i am so very weak to hand kisses. 

never in my wildest dreams did i think this show would capture my heart like this. i love them and their love for each other so much. ;__;