Kiss Kiss: A Prompt Collection

So, many of us know that kisses are a nightmare to write. I get a lot of requests for them - have some prompts for hopefully your inspiration and writing delight.

1) Her heart raced as he pressed her against the wall, wrists pinned above her head in an instant. They grinned at each other. “Still not swooning,” she dared. “But by all means if you want to concede that you’re just not that-” 

The kiss came feather-light. A brush of lips. Entirely not the crushing, heated, frantic thing she’d expected. And, maybe, just maybe, her knees turned to jelly a bit.

2) “Don’t you know,” the siren said. “It’s dangerous to kiss someone like me. A siren’s kiss can steal a girl’s heart,”
“We should be fine then,” the girl replied. She leaned in, kissed eager and claiming as if she was the one renowned for dragging lovers into the deep. “Because I think you stole mine already a long time ago.”

3) You didn’t kiss my mouth first. You kissed my fingertips, each one separately, and then the palm of my hand, my wrist, my shoulder and throat. The top of my head, my jaw, my cheek. Finally, you paused right in front of me, and my breath quickened, warm and sugar-spun against your lips.
“May I?” you asked.
“I think I might throttle you if you don’t,” I whispered back.
Unlike the other, fluttering, kisses this one was all heat. 

4) I kissed you because I didn’t love you. Everyone always says that a first kiss should be about love, should be special, but it always felt like something I had to check off the list. Why would you want to give your first, clumsy kisses to someone you loved? No, you should learn how to do it before you meet the one you want to give a perfect kiss to.

Somewhere between the first kiss and the thousandth, I fell in love with you.
You kissed me because you didn’t love me.

5) He kissed him in darkness, where the world pared down to the heat of contact, the slide of a hand along his ribs, the words murmured just for the two of them. He memorized every inch of him blind, scared that in the light the force of want and adoration would simply be too strong. In darkness, it would only ever be them and that was more than enough. 

6) He kissed him in sunshine, in moonlight, in the flicker of candles where he could drink up the sight of him. Mouth kiss red, pupils blown, hair mussed by his fingers until he could have been Michelangelo’s David, sculptured lovingly with lips and careful touch. Then he kissed him again - just because he was beautiful.

7) “Can I kiss you?”
They hovered by the edge of the garden, away from the spill of light from the porch. It felt just like the movies, like the moment when these things always happened. Except, it wasn’t her first kiss. Wasn’t even her second, or her hundredth. Might have been the first time someone asked though, all nervous and eager, rather than leaning in because this was just like the movies so why bother asking when the script had already been written?
But he asked. She managed a breathless nod and felt something in her chest ease.

8) “My god, you’re so tense,” she said.You desperately need to get laid.” 
“Are you offering?” the girl replied.
She blinked, startled, laughed. 
The first kiss came like honey, trickling warm through her bones until she melted on the sofa in hazy bliss.

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Heeey! Can you do a reaction about jealous BTS?

Sure thing! I’m gonna make it a “reaction to BTS’s girlfriends getting hit on” I’m so excited about these requests I’m getting from y’all  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope you like it!!

BTS: Reaction to their girlfriends getting hit on~Jealousy

♥ Jin: He thought today was the perfect day. No practice, no performing, just a beautiful day with his girlfriend whom he loved so much. You were all dressed up for him. He adored how beautiful you were, and he thought that he’d want to show you off to the world! That is, until people started looking. He heard the talking and he wasn’t gonna stand for that.

“(Y/n), let’s just go home. We’ll order to go.” Jin was clenching his fists and frowning. You looked in his eyes and giggled. 

“Jinnie, I didn’t get ready for nothing. Plus, I haven’t been on an actual date with you in forever.” You gave him a pout he couldn’t resist. He took in a deep breath and sighed heavily.

“Whatever you say, beautiful girlfriend of mine.” He said loudly, causing the whole crowd to look at you.

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♥ Yoongi: You needed to go shopping today, and your boyfriend who preferred sleep over shopping, decided to go with you. Why? Because he knew just how beautiful you were. He knew damn well other guys looked at you and tried to talk to you. He wouldn’t stand for it. 

 “Yoongi, I need underwear.” You stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret. 

“No way, I’m not going in there.” He said while crossing his arms. He loved to see what you buy and what you wear for him, but he felt embarrassed about going in such a place.

“Fine, wait here.” You were a little gloomy about him not coming in with you. You walked in, and Yoongi heard boys talking next to him.

“Wow what a hottie. Let’s go get her.” 

Yoongi quickly walked in after you. No wAy was he letting some other boy come close to you. He hugged you from behind, watching as your hands shifted through lingerie.

“Yoongi?” You tilted your head back to look at him. “You ok?”

“You’re never leaving the house again, that’s final.”

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♥ Namjoon: You recently posted a picture of yourself on Instagram. It was a picture that made you feel confident. Not revealing, but Namjoon saw the end of the world when he thought of the comments that you would receive for being so cute. And shit was he right. He stalked that picture of yours (screen shotting it and setting it as his lock screen, of course). Suddenly, a comment popped up, saying “DM me.” He got heated and yelled at you in the kitchen from the living room.

“(Y/N)!!” He set his phone down and huffed heavily. You ran in, thinking something was wrong. Spatula in hand, and cute frilly apron on. His eyes grew soft when he saw you, and his voice got gentle. “Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to boys. Look at me and only me. Delete your Instagram!” He pouted the cutest pout in the world. You loved his jealousy, it made you feel secure.

“Who are you talking about Namjoon?” You wondered what got him all started up.

“That boy… He commented on your picture…” He mumbled.

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♥ Hoseok: His girlfriend was a model. (Y/n) was stunning, and she was the most beautiful girl in his eyes. He never thought he’d have an issue with jealousy, until he saw other male models and singers go after her. He kept quiet about it for a while, because he trusted you. And he did the right thing to trust you. You turned down any man that tried to talk to you because you were loyal to Hobi, and he was grateful for that.

But when you got the lead part of a drama, and you were told you had a kiss scene, he lost his shit. He stood in front of the guy you’d be kissing, giving all the attitude he contained.

“That’s my princess. If your filthy lips touch hers I’ll make sure you’re never able to kiss anyone again.” He said with no hesitation. 

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♥ Jimin: He angrily watched as his best friends hands touched all over his girls body. Why was this happening? It was all for show. For the MV they were working on. The producers thought it would be fun if (Y/n) ended up with someone that wasn’t her actual boyfriend, and oh boy did Jimin hate it. He’s never wanted to strangle Taehyung so badly. He knew it wasn’t his fault but he couldn’t help the way he felt. 

When the scene was over, you walked over to Jimin with a smile. “Are you ok? You look really mad…” You couldn’t stop smiling because you knew he was jealous, and it was super cute to you.

“Ok? Ok?!” He spoke in his accent, a turn on for you. “I don’t like this. (Y/n), you’re not gonna be in the MV anymore. We’ll get another girl to play the part.” He watched for your reaction with intense, dangerous eyes that wouldn’t allow you to reject.

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♥ Taehyung: He knew it was just work. Taehyung has been dealing with this crap for over 2 years now and he reached his peek. He came to meetings with you even if he was busy, because he knew there was a man with hungry eyes, watching your every move. 

Taehyung was very calm when it came to his jealousy. He was very afraid to lose you though. As he sat with you in your meeting, he eyed the man shamelessly, embarrassing you a little. You asked him to stop but he’d just brush you off. When the meeting was over, you grabbed Tae’s cheeks and kissed him gently. 

“Do you think I’d go for a jerk like that. Look at me, I love YOU TaeTae.” You smiled gently. He licked his lips nervously and looked down, biting his lip gently after. 

“I hope so…”

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♥ Jungkook: Jungkook knew his jealousy was getting the best of him, but he couldn’t help but take it out on you. Your ex from many years back decided to text you to ask you out on a coffee date to catch up. “How does he have your number?”

“Jungkookie, I haven’t changed my number since I was 14, of course he still has it.” You whined softly. You were on the brink of tears. “He texted me Kookie, don’t be mad at me. I didn’t even text him back…”

Jungkook heavily sighed and clenched his fists. He held his hand out. “Phone.” He demanded, and you gave it to him. He started furiously typing away, telling that boy off. He handed it back to you and tried to stay calm. “If he replies, block him.”

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Dating Harry Would Include - 46

Day at the beach:

- Him watching amused and tenderized your obsession of removing all the sand of your towel before laying on it
- Removing quickly before you can notice it the sand you just put back on it when you sat down
- Him applying sunscreen on you because he know how fragile your skin can be and he doesn’t want you to have sunburns
- Being a bit too dedicated in the application of the sunscreen on your body, taking his job very seriously
- Ignoring your remarks when he spreads cream for the second time on your hips “ Let me do my job!”
- His satisfied sigh when it’s your turn to apply cream on his back
- Kissing his shoulder blades when you have done
- Sharing his sunglasses with you because you forgot yours at home
- Finding in your bag small shells just because he found them beautiful and wanted to keep them
- Pressing a bottle of cold water on your side by surprise to make you squeal
- Don’t finding your hand fan because he stole it and giving you a “What?” face when you look at him amused
- Adjusting your hat when you’re asleep so you do not have sunshine on your face
- Brushing off the sand of your legs before spraying some water to help you to refresh
- Taking pics of you all day long with his new instant camera
- Taking you by the hips to pull you to the water when you refuse to bathe
- Keeping you in his arms when you try to go out the cold water
- Making you wrap your arms and legs around him when you two enjoy your bathing
- Whispering in your ear how cute and sexy in the same time he finds you in your new swimsuit
- Playing with the strips of your bikini, pulling on it to untie it when you can’t stop him
- Taking off the wet hair out of your face 
- Trying your best to not laugh when you see him going out of water and struggling with his swim short glued to his skin
- Joining you quickly on beach towels to hide the effect that your new swimsuit made on him when you two were in water
- Making him blush in calling him so cute when he hide his feets into sand
-Teasing him because of the tan marks he got on his hands because he forgot to take off one of his rings
- Teasing you back because of the sunburn you’ve got on your nose and cheeks
- Asking you to come site closer so he could apply some cream on your pink nose 
- Applying carefully the cream, his index following the edge of your nose slowly to not hurt you
- Ending in giving your nose and cheeks soft slow kisses to make it better …

Cillian Murphy is the nicest man I’ve ever met, but he’s also quite intimidating. Just because he’s just so cool, so beautiful and so good at his job. I sort of become a bit of a gibbering mess with him most of the time. It’s great because when I started Peaky Blinders I’d just come out of drama school and five years on I have learnt so much from Cillian alone. Although sometimes it’s like, ‘Oh my god his cheek bones are so sharp I’m going to get cut!’
—  Sophie Rundle

In bringing this collection to a close, I decided to take it back to the start.

You can also find this fic here:


The first time she kissed him, he tasted like butterbeer and something distinctly James. The combination made her head swim, her heart pound, and her body crave him, his mouth, his body, his skin against hers.

It was a crisp October afternoon, the first Hogsmeade weekend of their seventh year, and Lily had finally said yes, enthusiastically yes, to James’ Hogsmeade proposal. He’d been stunned at first, thought she was having him on, made worse by the fact that instead of answering his desperate enquiry of “Are you serious?!” she’d said, “No, but your brother is,” winked at the tall, wavy haired man next to him, and walked off. She never could resist a Sirius joke. Neither, she knew, could Sirius, and his barking laughter followed her down the corridor. James, unwilling to leave things on such unsure footing, chased her down the corridor and took her hand. “You’re actually saying yes?” He’d said, the words quiet and deep and fast, his eyes searching her face and when Lily broke into a smile he looked like he’d been stunned. “Yes, James. I’m actually saying yes.”

He’d dragged her down to Hogsmeade as soon as they’d finished breakfast that morning, though ‘finished’ is perhaps not quite the right word. James had practically inhaled an entire bowl of porridge, his knee bouncing incessantly under the table, and Lily had barely had time to grab a few pieces of toast before his hand was in hers and he was hauling her away from the table.

She was shouting indignantly and shoving bites of toast into her mouth as he pulled her into the brisk morning air, but his hand was warm in hers and the electricity shooting through her veins kept her from protesting too fiercely against the disruption of her breakfast. Instead, she gripped his hand more firmly in her own, bumped her hip against his playfully - “You better feed me today, Potter, or you’re dead.” His eyes were sparkling with amusement when he smiled back at her, “On my honour, Evans.”

When they got to the gates, James had stopped them, moving to stand in front of her, his eyes moving over her face, and Lily’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at him because he was just too damn beautiful to be real and how had she never realised it before? She wanted to grab him right there and kiss him, but they hadn’t even had their date yet and she knew how long he’d been waiting for this, so she ran her tongue along the back of her teeth and bit the corner of her lip in an attempt to control herself. But he was still looking at her like that, like she was everything, the only thing in the world, and the air was crackling with so much electricity that she could taste it on her tongue when she pulled in a deep breath. He blinked and smiled an embarrassed smile before reaching up and taking his scarf from around his neck. “Here,” he said, grinning at her, “You look cold.”

His fingers burned trails across her skin as he tied the scarf securely around her, and she swallowed the desperate reply that was bubbling up in her, opting to thank him quietly instead. It was the exact opposite of everything she normally would have done and she knew James had noticed because he’d cocked an amused eyebrow at her as they began walking again, but she couldn’t trust her mouth because it was begging her to either taste every centimetre of his skin or tell him how she thought she might actually, desperately, be falling in love with him and neither of those were options while they were making their way to the high street on their first official date.

The morning was a whirlwind of sound and colour - they went into all her favourite shops, he detailed everything he’d ever planned for all those rejected dates, her cheeks flushed with a bit more than the cold when she told him that she was glad he’d finally earned her attention. She tried to remember all the details, commit it all to memory, because she knew this was something she’d want to remember, that it was one of those rare moments you realise, as it’s happening, that you need to set it down, to carve it into your memory, because this moment, this day is going to be one that changes the rest of your life. But no matter how hard she tried to step back, to catalogue the details, she couldn’t. He was overwhelming, he was, and she couldn’t focus on anything but the rush in her stomach that was slowly burning a hole through her when she looked at him.

They ducked into The Three Broomsticks for lunch, he cracked jokes and she tossed chips at his head. They drank bottles of butterbeer and she pretended not to notice the stunned look on his face when she brushed her foot against his calf under the table. His eyes welled up when he talked about his parents, she took his hand and talked about her sister, they talked about the future. It was easy to talk to him and they talked about everything.

They fought, of course, over who would pay the bill when it came and, though James won, she grumbled about it while they waited for Rosmerta to return with his change. James pocketed a handful of coins as he stood, laughing as Lily said, “I can pay for myself, James, bloody hell,” and took her hand. They walked out of the pub and the cold air was a shock after the warm, smoky air of the pub. “You can pay next time,” James said, grinning down at her and Lily cocked her eyebrow, “Who said there’s going to be a next time?”

He stopped in the middle of the high street, turning to face her and raising his eyebrows - he studied her before he smirked and moved his hands to her hips. “Now Evans,” he said, his fingers brushing along the hem of her jumper, “I know you don’t mean that.”

The retort was on the tip of her tongue, but, recognising the opportunity, she grinned instead. “No, I don’t,” and she reached up, wound her fingers in the hair at the base of his neck, and pulled his mouth to hers.

She would, over time, run her tongue along all the lines of his skin, tracing him, finding every sensitive part of his body and memorising it and the way it felt against her lips, the way the salt and spice of his skin lingered on her tongue. But now, right now, with his mouth on hers, his fingers sliding along the exposed skin at her waist, all she could think was more. She needed him, every part of him, and she knew then that she would never, ever get enough.

She didn’t care that people were probably gawking at them, that they could see just how desperately she was pressing her body against his. The taste of him was driving her mad and she shouldn’t be held responsible for any acts of public indecency she might be in the process of committing. She bit down lightly on his bottom lip, smiling at the groan that escaped him, before he broke the kiss and pressed his forehead to hers. His eyes were shining with want and mischief and she could tell just how much effort it was taking for him to control himself. It mirrored, but probably didn’t quite match, the restraint she was exercising over herself.

“You can’t be doing that to me in public, Evans. We’re supposed to be setting an example. What kind of Heads are we?” Lily grinned and pressed her hips against his, “Maybe we should go back up to the castle then, if you’re going to be such a stickler for the rules.”

He smiled so broadly she thought his face might crack with the effort and she couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her when he was looking at her like that, grinning stupidly at her in the middle of the high street like he’d just won the bloody lottery. She knew how he felt though, her lips were still tingling, her skin still humming, and she completely understood, now, what it felt like to have your entire body come alive, burst into flame, when you’re with someone. She craved it, never wanted it to end - James had ignited a fire in her gut that she hoped, no, knew, would never burn out.

She stepped away from him, grabbed his hand firmly in her own, and turned towards the castle.

Percival just being a cute little shit

Percival playing with newts hair to relax him.

Percival massaging newts shoulders/back when he’s stressed.

Percival holding newts cheeks when they kiss.

Percival burying his head into newts neck when they cuddle.

Percival constantly having to stroke some part of newts skin (arm, cheek, neck e.t.c).

Percival not being able to take his eyes off of newt when they’re in the same room because he just thinks he’s so damn beautiful.

Percival counting the freckles on newts back on a lazy Sunday morning.

Percival cooking newts favourite meal to make sure he eats.

Percival bringing newt flowers because he saw them on his walk home and they made him think of him.

Percival loving when newt gets lost in his own little world while he talks about his creatures.

Percival planning the rest of their lives together because he knows he wants no one but newt.

Marichat Headcanon

Okay so Pre-reveal  Marichat headcanon that Chat wants to get Mari something really nice for Christmas but Marinette told him that she’d be mad if he got her something expensive. So he decides to buy her something simple as Chat and something expensive as Adrien (But just because he saw this beautiful silver locket necklace that he thinks would compliment her eyes AND NOT BECAUSE HE HAS A CRUSH ON HER NO PSHHH). But he realizes that they haven’t really talked to each other much when he’s his civilian self and that it would be random and suspicious to get your classmate an expensive silver necklace with a heart-shaped locket. So he decides to just buy Alya and Nino expensive jewelry as well to even things out. The thing is tho that he asked the jewelry store to wrap the gifts for him too and put the name tags on them and they mix up the gifts and names. So while Alya still gets this really cute and simple charm bracelet with a ladybug charm, Nino gets the locket necklace while Marinette gets a bracelet with a simple circle charm that has “To my best bro” engraved in the middle. Nino calls up Adrien and tells him something like “Dude, I know you love me but don’t you think this is a bit over the top?” But still loves the necklace anyway and wears it ALL THE TIME. (Adrien feeling too bad to tell him it was a mistake) while Marinette shows it to Chat the next night and is like: “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!? DID HE JUST BRO-ZONE ME?”


The Originals

(1) Shy Little Girl (2) Shy Little Girl (3) Shy Little Girl  (4) Shy Little Girl (5) Shy Little Girl

Summary: You’re the child of Rebekah and Marcel and you meet Uncles you have never seen before.

Silent Treatment

Summary: After a long and hard day, Klaus makes it worse, which results in you giving him the silent treatment.

Just A Big Cuddle Hybrid

Summary: Being pregnant with Klaus’ child was full of its own challenges, but having a big teddy bear for a husband did make things easier.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine 

Klaus Mikaelson Imagine


Isn’t This Illegal?

Summary: Peter has been really distant lately and you both decided to have a date at an amusement park, which leads to a night you will never forget.

Peter Parker Imagine  (1) (Angst)

Peter Parker Imagine (2)

Sweater Paws

Summary: Peter comes home and just wants some attention.

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

Mini Newt

Summary: You and Newt had adopted your wonderful little boy, Theodore, years ago and you both couldn’t be happier.


I’m Sorry

Summary: After coming back from a hunt, your boyfriend Sam is furious because you had recently had become a hunter, your skills weren’t that sharp yet and you almost got yourself killed. You two start to fight and you storm out and Sam eventually comes to find you and ask for forgiveness.

Dean Winchester Imagine



Summary: Jungkook got a camera for his birthday, and he is always either filming or taking pictures of you, his girlfriend, because he just wants to save the beautiful times he has with you.


Summary: Jeon Jungkook, the prince of, Arnavoni, the biggest kingdom in the lands, had recently turned 18, so his parents arranged for a ball to be held to help Jungkook find his very own queen.

Carnival Date

Summary: A date night was exactly what you both needed after the stressful week that you guys had, so you and Suga went to the carnival.

Park Jimin Imagine (1)

Kim Namjoon Imagine

Park Jimin Imagine (2)

Min Yoongi Imagine

Kim Taehyung Imagine

Jung Hoseok Imagine

Kim Seok-jin Imagine

Park Jimin Imagine (3)

Jeon Jungkook Imagine

Ross Butler

(1) Boyfriend Preferences (2) Boyfriend Preferences (3) Fiance Preferences


Oh You’re Gonna Get It (Slight Smut)

Summary: While having dinner with Jerome, you decided to tease him which ends up with things becoming heated.

Teen Wolf

Ladies’ Man

Summary: Since Isaac finally got a lazy day after all the craziness going on in Beacon Hills, he decided to spend with you and being the ladies’ man he is he decided to try to use some pick up lines on you, his girlfriend.


Date Night Preferences

13 Reasons Why

Justin Foley Imagine


My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Criminal Minds

Aaron Hotchner Imagine

Spencer Reid Imagine

Grant Gustin

Will you be Mine?

These are all the things I have written so far, which does not include moodboards and aesthetics, so please if I have missed any tell me. I hope this makes everything easier to find. 

Cuddling with Nolan Holloway HC

  • Yall👏didn't👏believe👏me👏

    •Ok but I feel like even though nolan isnt big on pda

    •Nolan would be down for cuddling anytime

    •Cuddling in the morning

    •Cuddling right after school

    •Cuddling at night

    •Study Session cuddling

    •Lunch cuddling

    •Anytime, Anywhere

    •I feel like it would make him feel more protected from everything

    •He’d probably lay on your lap most times

    •But Vice Versa whenever you both are in the mood

    •soft music would play in the background because Nolan is probably such a cliche boyfriend

    •You guys would probably be talking about some movie or book or new band.

    •you guys talk about anything really

    •except for the hunters/supernatural situation


    •He would probably be dozing off

    •his voice really soft and calming

    •you playing with his hair a bit because he always ask you to

    •Random, weird sleepy questions

    •"y/n how do you think blob fish procreate"

    •you would never know how to answer the question

    •nevertheless you would always try to answer him

    •and then finally when your done hes sound asleep


    •he would looks so calm and peaceful

    •and his breathing would be so soft and faint

    •and with you was the only time that he really wasn’t a restless sleeper

    •and stayed a sleepy the whole time

    •lowkey almost crying (who wouldn’t) because he just looks so beautiful and at peace with the world despite everything going on

    •because he deserves it


There is a special story starring Kojuro and Kenshin titled Adults Who Cannot Clean sold in Tenka’s Natsu Matsuri page, hahahahaha.

It’s hilarious.

So Kojuro was in Echigo for a comparative study of sorts. He asked random Echigo people about their life there and they all said glowing things about Kenshin. Kojuro was impressed.

Then someone bumped into him. He saw this beautiful person - he’s not sure if Kenshin is a man or woman because he is just so beautiful (AHAHHAHAH)

“I’m sorry, are you alright?”

“Yes, are you?”

“I’m… alright… Will you help me?”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m being followed.”

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dating matthew gray gubler would include

-lots of picnics
-weird, obscure indie film premieres
-watching silent films as he makes up dialogue in funny voices
-cuddles. like, constant touching
-a ton of candid photos of you that never get posted anywhere, he just likes looking at you when you’re not around
-convincing you to dress in costume for weird events
-forehead kisses
-bad puns
-funny-face making contests
-bragging about you to all of his friends
-dates to pet shops, weird restaurants, and any carnival he can find
-spontaneous trips to the desert with a bottle of wine to look at stars
-always having an extra Disneyland sweater in his car for you in case you get cold
-drinking coffee in front of his fireplace in pajamas
-a ton of doodles of you because he just thinks you’re breathtakingly beautiful
-tickle fights
-buying you a matching kimono to wear with him to brunch with his family
-pumpkin carving year round

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JDJDXOAWMR IF ONLY. Lena would murder Will…. though Will would definitely be fast friends with Cassian, and Azriel would like him more than he’d ever let on. Rhys would be jealous of the undoubtedly diverted attention in favor of Will but like him all the same. Mor would stare at Will a lot because he is just… so…. beautiful… Elain would gravitate to his kindness. Nesta would be WILDLY annoyed with Will but would talk books with him for hours before remembering she was supposed to be mean to him. Feyre and he would become fast friends (again, jealous Rhys). Amren would be unable to decide if she wanted to strangle him in a murderous way or a sexual way.

Just so you know you’ve created a monster and I’m going to go work on a TID x ACOTAR crossovernow goodbye now.

I have to talk about this moment again I mean when jack called joe beautiful he probably was thinking about that in his head and blurted it out because he couldn’t help it and I love how joe just casually said thank you like he was used being complimented by jack all the time.The second picture is soo cute I mean jack is blushing because he just called his crush beautiful and he acknowledged it. Y'all I am in too deep

NCT’s Reaction To Your British Accent

Taeil: I think he’d secretly adore your accent and listen intently to everything you had to say. The way you pronounced certain things made him smile and the fact your accent remained predominant even when speaking Korean just added to his reasons of loving you. I don’t think he’d be the type to tease but I could see him getting you to say certain things that he believed sounded more beautiful when you were the one saying it. 

Johnny: This huge dork would probably non stop gush over your accent because to him it would be the most sexiest thing he had ever heard. Every now and again he’d stop and just listen to you talk whilst going off into a little daze. Sometimes he wouldn’t even notice that he’d stop doing tasks just to listen to you talk to someone. Every now and again he’d tease if he believed a word you said sounded funny or different but he’d laugh over how cute you were anyway. 

Taeyong: Let me just say that the first time this boy heard your beautiful accent he’d be putty in your hands. He loved listening to how you said things differently and how your accent added to your quirkiness. If any of the other members teased you he’d straight away take your hand and remind you that your voice was his favourite sound, cue the others gagging- Another member to get you to say something just to hear how it flowed out of your mouth, Taeyong would be in awe all the time.

Yuta: This boy would be so greasy and cheesy all the time that it would hurt your heart but it would make you love him more. Honestly, whenever you said something out of the blue he’d just bite his lip because your accent was so sexy and hot to him. He had never heard a voice so beautiful before and being able to listen to you almost 24/7 was enough to push him over the edge. Sometimes he’d come up with random conversations just to hear you so he could take in your unique accent more. 

Kun: This boy would love you and your accent so much, he could never get enough. Though he wouldn’t constantly obsess over it, he’d still make a point every now and again to tell you “You sound exactly like I imagine a princess to sound.” and do something cute like kiss your hand or peck your temple. You’d make him so soft just by calling his name or simply uttering a “hello”, this boy would adore you to the moon and back. 

Doyoung: I don’t think our Doyounnie is the kind to bring it up a lot or obsess over it like the other members but he definitely would pay extra attention whenever you spoke. Sometimes you’d say a word or a sentence and he’d kind of stand there just smiling at you. Very often he’d stand there and just go over conversations you had in his head just because he liked the way you said a certain thing or because you had said his name in that accent that made him melt like butter in the oven. 

Ten: The moment you had said hello to this cute little bean he’d already be under your “spell.” The way you said his name, the way your accent made you say things differently, just everything about the way you spoke would have him hypnotised. At times he’d just gawk and tell the others about how much he loved you speak and how he could listen to you talk all day - and that was the truth. Though if he ever tried to compliment you he’d become a blushing and giggling mess. 

Jaehyun: This boy could never, ever get enough of your accent. He’d already have a crush on you but hearing you talk with such a pretty accent would send his heart into over drive. In particular he’d love the way you said his name to get his attention and he’d just sort of stop what he was doing and allow his tummy to fill up with butterflies. Every morning you’d wake him up by talking to him because hearing your voice was the best way to start his day. 

Sicheng: This little baby thinks your accent is so endearing and admirable but he’d always be too shy to compliment you. You wouldn’t even have to be speaking to him in particular but just hearing you say something to anyone would make his heart skip a beat and send him smiling into another dimension. You’d always notice that whenever you spoke to him he seemed distant but you’d never know that it was because he was simply filling up with more love for you. 

Mark: He’d be so giddy and blushy whenever you spoke to him that it would send his heart into overdrive. Sometimes he’d forget that you spoke so differently that whenever you spoke to him randomly your accent would take him totally aback. Mark would be someone who mentions your accent and the way you said things but it wasn’t often and obsessive. It would be simple compliments like “I love the way you say that.” or “Sorry, could you say that again? That sounded pretty with your voice.” but never enough to make you embarrassed. 

Renjun: This little cutie would never know what to do with himself, he adored your accent and the way you said certain things that it would just make him so flustered. He’d always gush to his hyung’s about you, and your accent was something that would always sneak into their conversations. Like Jaehyun, he’d love the way you said his name and other words that he thought sounded cute or adorable. Anytime you opened your mouth was Renjun’s favourite time. 

Jeno: Honestly, I think Jeno would be similar to Taeyong in the respect that your voice would be his favourite sound. He’d always be coming up with things to say to you that he knew would make you talk for a while because he just got lost in the beauty that was your voice. At times he’d be at a loss of words because he’d just be too busy admiring your voice and the way you said certain things in Korean that reflected your accent perfectly. You would have this boy whipped. 

Donghyuck: A complete and utter tease and he loves doing it! Not because he thought your accent was funny or strange but because he thought the opposite and didn’t know how else to handle it. Every now and again you’d catch him smiling or looking down shyly as you spoke and that gave it all away. He’d always say something like “Going for tea with the Queen soon?” and both of you would just laugh. Or if you had a North English accent he’d try to imitate you to see if he could sound just as cute as you did. 

Jaemin: This little bean would constantly be yodelling whenever you spoke to him, your accent always sending him into overdrive. At times he’d be calm about it though, finding your voice calm and soothing as well as pretty and cute. Like Hyuck he’d sometimes try to copy what you said because he just couldn’t get enough of how you said some things. There would always be that one word he’d get you to say because your accent made it 10X prettier, even if that word was legit “Fart”. 

Chenle: This lil cuite would be so extra when it came to your accent, laughing his little dolphin laugh when he found something you said funny. Course he wouldn’t mean it in a mean way it was just he had never heard an accent like it before and hearing you say things made him all giddy and happy. He’d like just having small conversations with you because it always lifted his spirits hearing you say things that otherwise would sound mundane coming from others mouths. 

Jisung: Honestly, I think he’d be super shy around you and try to cut conversations short just because he knew the affect your accent had on him. He’s only young still and is probably trying to come to terms with many things but your accent and the way you acted in general would result in him having a huge crush on you. He wouldn’t want to come across rude though so he’d allow you to talk whenever and try to keep himself together when all he wanted to do was shower you in affection. 

Um so I don’t really know where this came from but I was super bored so I decided why not! Gifs don’t belong to me, credits to the owners! Enjoy I guess ^-^