Here are some Domestic Boyfriend/Girlfriend!Zutara headcanons because I’m trash
  • The two are literally the cuddliest couple you will ever meet. When most people who’d known Zuko before Katara see the two together, they’re shocked. Zuko has never seemed like someone who enjoys physical contact, but with Katara, it’s like they’re joined at the hip. If you turn around, they’re always holding hands, or linked at the arms, or hugging. 
  • BUT they don’t throw it in your face. They aren’t one of those gross couples who can’t keep their hands to themselves. In fact, for the longest time, no one had ever actually seen them kiss. Besides cheek kisses, of course. Cheek kisses are a common occurrence. You’d think with all the motherly kisses Katara gave Aang, she’d give more than she receives. You’d be wrong. Cheek kisses are almost always given by Zuko to Katara. 
  • One day though, Sokka caught them making out behind a pillar at the royal palace, and they were both so embarrassed they couldn’t look him in the eyes for a week. He has NEVER let them live it down. 
  • Even as teenagers, the two were the mom and dad couple. Everyone KNEW they were going to get married. They act like grandparents. When Katara visits from the SWT, they take daily walks through the gardens and feed turtleducks. 
  • Everyone in the Fire Nation hardcore ships the two. Ever since Katara saved Zuko’s life, the people have loved her. Zuko’s council didn’t like her at first, and hated the idea that a waterbender was invited to join meetings as an ambassador. Katara didn’t take any of their crap, and eventually won them over. When the two finally start dating, the Nation FLIPPED OUT. Towns and villages everywhere celebrated. 
  • Once, at the start of their relationship, Katara confessed to Zuko that she always secretly loved the idea of running to hug someone and having them spin you in their arms. Ever since then, WITHOUT FAIL, Zuko makes sure to pick her up and spin her when they are reunited. 
  • While Katara and Zuko have been jealous people in the past, the two are weirdly never jealous of the other… At least, not in the angry way most people are. When one sees the other talking to someone who may or may not be flirting, they don’t run over and start slapping them. The two just gravitate towards one another. So say if Katara is talking to a nobleman at a party and the nobleman starts sweet talking her, Zuko will magically appear behind her, wrap his arms around her, and join the conversation. If some Fire Nation fangirl starting giggling too much around their Fire Lord, Katara will be right next to them, giggling just slightly louder. The two are so in love with each other and oblivious to other advances, however, that they don’t realize that the other has come to rescue them from a flirty pursuer. They’re just happy that the other turned up. 
  • They both have only had ONE angry jealous moment each, both at the start of their relationship. An adviser’s daughter somehow slipped on a piece of ice (which is so weird, since it was a FIRE NATION party) and into a servers tray of wine, and a poor, unsuspecting busboy who tended to flirt with anything and anyone stood too close to one of the torches in the room, and his pants burned clean off, leaving him in his underwear in front of everyone. 
  • Zuko would never, ever, in a million years admit this, but he loves having his hair played with. Katara discovered this fact on accident. He was running late for a meeting and asked her to help him put his hair up. As she started to gather it up, she noticed he instinctually leaned in slightly at her touch. Curious, she continued running her fingers through it, and Agni as her witness, he closed his eyes and sighed happily
  • Lucky for him, Katara loves playing with Zuko’s hair. It’s just so soft! During cuddles, she will always absentmindedly run her fingers through it and twirl it. Once it got to around his shoulders, she even started braiding it. 
  • For all their cuteness, however, the couple has one fatal flaw: They’re competitive as fuck. It started with just Katara. Everyone was on a vacation at Ember Island, and the two were challenged to a beach volleyball game. They both got really into it, but Katara got too into it. When the opposing team won with a foul move, Katara lost it and started yelling at them. Zuko had to throw Katara over his shoulder and drag her away as she kept yelling. But then the opposing player insulted Katara, and Zuko flipped. The two went back for a rematch and obliterated them into the ground. They were sore winners, too. 
  • Katara and Zuko are not allowed to play beach volleyball. 

The final scene of Book 3- as it should have been!

So anyway I just finished my latest chapter so I need to plug like a boss now. Here's some fluffy as fuck Zutara fluff for all of your fluffy needs (fluff)

“Wake up, sleepyhead.” A raspy voice called. It sounded so warm and familiar that Katara proceeded to bury herself further inside her sheets, wanting to hear the voice in her dreams further.

“I don’t want to… wake up yet…” she groaned, replying to the sound of the familiar voice. “Don’t wake me up yet—“

The voice chuckled. “Are you sure you don’t want to?” it said.

“If I wake up…” Katara yawned softly, “If I wake up, you’ll go… away… again…”

Zuko crouched down, his face leveled with hers on the bunk bed, giving Katara a small peck on the forehead.

“Mhmm,” she replied, hugging her sheets tightly, smiling. “Please don’t go away yet—“

Zuko laughed. “I’m not going anywhere anymore.” He said, smoothing out her locks.

At the touch of her hair, Katara suddenly blinked her eyes open, her sapphire orbs facing his golden ones.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Zuko smiled.



Katara had risen up so quickly, she and Zuko’s foreheads collided with each other—he was now crouching on the floor in pain, and Katara remained seated upright on her bed, too surprised and shocked to notice the impact and pain on her own forehead.

“Oh my gosh! Zuko?” she exclaimed, her hands on her lips. “Zuko, I am so, so, sorry I—“

But he was laughing.

“It’s nice to see you, too,” he said, now sitting upright as well to face her, a hand on his forehead.

At this, Katara’s smile disappeared, turning into awe. Before her stood the Fire Lord, completely dressed up, adorned with scarlet robes and silk-linen boots. His hair was tied up in a bun, and the golden crown sat at the top of the knot of his hair. He had grown a small goatee, much like in the painting he had sent, and his muscles, if she wasn’t mistaken, seemed firmer and more slender than the last time she had seen him.

Zuko paused, looking at her, his face falling as well. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Zuko?” Katara muttered.


“Am I dreaming?” Katara asked.

Zuko pressed his lips softly against hers, swiftly, in a short kiss. He had missed the feel of her cool lips and how they seemed to fit perfectly with hers. He held her hand tightly, lacing their fingers together.

“Do you think you are?” He laughed. “I had to argue with the Fire Sages about seeing you here, by myself,” Zuko emphasized. “The guards won’t leave me alone and there was this business about it being ‘inappropriate’ for Fire Lords to enter their guests’ quarters, and how we should welcome—“

But Katara quickly engulfed him in a tight embrace, taking in the scent of his hair, burying her face at the crook of his neck. For the first time in a long time, she felt her tears flow to her cheeks, biting her bottom lip to hide her whimpering.

Zuko pressed himself closer to her, and reciprocated, inhaling her in. She smelled of wild flowers, she smelled of the fresh breeze of the deep, Prussian sea. She smelled of nights filled with innermost secrets under the stars. She smelled like home.

“Don’t wake me up,” Katara said, not wanting to let go.

“I have to,” Zuko chuckled. “Because you’re here now with me. You’re okay. Open your eyes again, Katara. Wake up already. I’m here.” He smiled against her.

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Maybe the reason so many people ship Zutara is because their platonic bond was 1000 x more interesting and dynamic than all the romantic bonds in the show??? 

Ever think of that?

The Mark of the Flame promo - poster thing + ost

Olafur Arnalds - Tree 

He placed her gently on the ground, expression shrouded in shadow and something akin to grief and dark mirth. Katara’s eyes welled up with tears as he pulled away, fingers still clinging to his figure despite the fact they were no longer airborne. She couldn’t think up the words for this moment, so her lips tightened as she stifled a shuddering sob. 

“Katara,” Zuko’s voice was a small flicker of amusement that faded with the passing seconds and the increasing light of the distant torches. They must have maybe minutes. “You have to let go of me now.”

“Sorry,” she murmured, snifling. Then she felt a twinge of defiance, of anger, of refusal. “I don’t want this.” She blinked and tears fell down her cheeks before she looked up to meet his somber gaze. 

“Come with me,” she pleaded, fingers tightening against the fabric of his black tunic. “Maybe they’ll understand, maybe they’ll listen…If…” she trailed off unable to form words through the maelstrom of emotions her heart was torn into. 

Zuko shook his head with a soft huff, corner of his lips twisted wryly, dark hair swinging against his skin. He smiled at her. “Thank you…for being with me…”

Katara’s lips parted, in protest, in appreciation, she couldn’t know nor could she say when he suddenly leaned in close and pressed his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry.”

Suddenly, it became so ridiculously apparent why he hadn’t just left her, why he held her close even while they were no longer running and were close to getting caught. He wasn’t going to run anymore.

“No…” Katara whispered. A shout in the distance sent a zing of fright through her system and she made to turn and run but Zuko held her firm against his body. “Zuko, no, don’t do this!”

“It’s going to be alright,” he said softly, and despite her weak struggling he squeezed her tight, noses brushing as he met her gaze and watched tears dribble down her cheeks. “I promise.”

Katara wanted to push him away, to throw him off and urge him to escape, instead the shouts and screams crescendoed. 

That’s him!!”


Katara nearly wrenched away from him, aching to look at their pursuers and shout for them to spare Zuko. Instead, she felt a brief brush of something against her lips, making her stiffen in surprise when she realized the touch had not been a mistake but a swift action that was meant to drag her attention back into Zuko’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

And then he was torn from her body. Angry hands yanked Zuko away from Katara and all she could do was scream and struggle in vain as she watched her people surround him and subjugate him with ropes, and ice, and daggers. 

“Don’t hurt him!” Katara tried to shout over the chaos, sobbing. “Please! Please…” 

and even though she was back in familiar arms, Katara could only collapse to her knees and weep as they carried Zuko far away and to, most certainly, an undeserved death. 

I haven’t drawn any Zutara in ages so I fixed that. (bluetara is always yummy) for those of you curious, I’ve been working on a making a Zutara fic. If you’re following me then you’ll see the older poster I made for this story that, sadly, never got published. anyway, I may or may not actually work on it depending on time and popular demand. eh. still gotta love these two.