How different are these two women?

[…] I would say 99.97% different, but their emotional intellect and nurturing ability, their willingness to accept everyone and non-judgmental personality [are the same]. Felicity doesn’t realize until the end of the episode that those are the qualities that her mother has that she taught her, and she has a new found appreciation for who her mother is.

- Emily Bett Rickards (x)

  • Tucker:Yeah! I did it!
  • Grif:Uh, I think you mean WE did it?
  • Tucker:Well yeah but mostly me.
  • Simmons:Please, you were only able to do as much as you could because Epsilon
  • Tucker:Oh yeah he was pretty kick ass too running all those advancements at the same time - hey church you coming out here?
  • Tucker:...
  • Tucker:Hey, Church? ...Church buddy?
  • Carolina:Epsilon?
  • Sigma:Hello, Carolina

i see no difference.

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How is Samus Aran a trans woman? Didn't you read the official manga that talks all about her childhood?

Ah yes, I forgot that no trans woman has a childhood, we hatch fully grown from the Spawning Pools of Hell

This right here is bothering very much.

No one has ever demonstrated that much love for Regina before? Really?

Well, then I don’t know what was Emma sacrificing herself for Regina to take in the darkness. Also, it’s not like Emma literally pushed Regina away from the wraith’s path. Like, really no one has ever sacrificed themselves for Regina.

I swear to god that the writers and the producers and everyone else is just playing with us, as if we would never realized that even before Robin was in the picture, there was someone sacrificing themselves for Regina.

That someone was Emma. And while I hate what the writers have to done to the character, they are just forgetting the important role that Emma has played in Regina’s life.

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Stress baking be like
  • Someone:Hey, how are y-
  • Me:*opens oven to point at loaf of bread*
  • Me:*makes sweeping gesture at the other three loafs of bread already on the counter*
  • Me:*gesticulates wildly at the five trays of cupcakes on the table*
  • Me:*pulls open cabinet to reveal it bursting with cookies*
  • Me:*explodes violently into a mess of dough and frosting*

Ex-Danganronpa fans following DR blogs be wondering “since when did I acquire all of these NDRV3 news

(srsly tho ever since the news came out my dash was always full of ndrv3/dr3 hype, so this could also be me looking at my dash)