When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

  • Lucretia: NEVER trust a Red Robe. They are beings of pure, concentrated evil and you're not ready to face them
  • Barry Bluejeans, the only Red Robe and biggest dork in the multiverse: what

oh no you’re so damned wicked
you got me by the throat

I’m kinda laughing at all the people complaining about the delayed release of Dream Daddy. Because let’s be honest, those same people would be complaining about the bugs they apparently discovered and are trying to fix.

Take Mass Effect Andromeda as an example of what happens when an un-finished game is released (because it was not finished. Say what you want, those later patches should have been in the original game. Just my personal opinion). The backlash was incredible, the franchise (and bioware) has suffered a massive hit.

And now people are complaining about what most likely is a small delay. Look, they want to make this game as bug-less as possible. Sure, they promised it yesterday. Still, I would rather wait and play it later instead of paying for a buggy game. 

so it’s five am and i dont want to sleep

  • Hubby: Mami, come watch a movie with me
  • Me: (What I mean) Okay, I just got to the part in my fic where Peeta is about to do really naughty things to Katniss on the kitchen table he didn't even clean the table threw her on top of the pancakes, man and you here talking about "come watch a movie with me" let me tell you about the movie I got in my head right now oh and on top of that I just got a chapter of a fic I have been DYING to read and you trying to get me to watch another wwii movie man I don't care, I don't care, do you see how many fucks i give, let a woman handle her fanfic i have smut to get to villain two chapters of smut
  • Me: (What I actually say) Of course, I'll make the popcorn