zelda: hey aunt june! it feels like it’s been forever since i’ve seen you

juniper: probably because it has been! you 2 don’t come visit me nearly enough

audrey: we’re sorry aunt june. we’re the worst nieces. it’s nice to see you though. how have you been? :)

juniper: oh you know.. same old same old. oh and douglas is having an affair so there’s that

aurora: ..smooth june

zelda & audrey: WTF

zelda: are you effin serious? what an asshole!

aurora: ugh, zelda language

zelda: sorry but what the hell!?

audrey: why would he do that to you? that’s so wrong :( shall we go beat him up?

juniper: trust me i’ve considered it. i think i’d just prefer to go out and have a glass of wine though.. or 15. rory there’s some bars around here right? let’s go and get a drink

aurora: june it’s a bit early to be drinking.. plus what about faith?

juniper: the girls can look after her for a while right? come on rory i could really use a drink right about now. i’ve just found out my husband of 15 years is cheating on me

aurora: ..fine let me grab my bag

Stay Pt.2 Harry Hook x Reader

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Left for Dead

Notes- You visit your boyfriend, Rory Monahan, at the site of his latest job. You didn’t want to be there, but you didn’t want him to be there even more. You go to be at his side and it only leads to much, much worse.  (I almost want to make this into a series and I wanted to make sure I let you guys read it as soon as I got finished writing this.  Please let me know if you want a continuation.)

Words- 1688

Warnings- Descriptions of blood and death. Minor swearing. 

The air was cool and crisp, as if it were night already although the sun had just begun its descent in the sky. You were in a cab going to the infamous Roanoke house. Your boyfriend ha received many accolades for the role since its release, which lead up to this moment.He, along with other member of the cast, were brought to spend the night in the house with the people the had portrayed in the show. You didn’t really know what to believe about it and decided to just not dwell on the matter, instead you were coming to Rory because the producer said it would add more drama and higher reviews. As the building came into view, you were finally able to see its full grander. Most buildings in television were made to look more imposing than they actually were but this building manage to look more terrifyingly beautiful in real life. You could see the lights in the house and some other buildings scattered about for the crew putting the show together. 

The cab pulled up fairly close to the door and you were greeted by a very serene feeling as soon as you exited. Sidney, the producer, waved at you and signaled for you to knock on the door. You could feel yourself beginning to tremble because you knew as soon as you touched the door you wouldn’t be able to leave until the morning. You took a deep breath and knocked on the door as you exhaled. Audrey answered the door, which didn’t surprise you at all.  “What are you doing here,” she asked in her famous accent.

“ Sidney told me I should come for ratings and stuff. Also, I don’t really want Rory to be here alone because this place is creepy as hell.”

“Come in then, I’ll go get him so you don’t have to introduce yourself to everyone else alone.”

Audrey walked down the hallway as if her life depending on finding Rory. You could feel the bad vibes radiating from the house. As you were looking at the staircase you saw a shadow with a figure similar to a human pass by. You wrapped your arms around yourself. You knew it was nothing and that your mind was playing tricks on you, but what if it were something? “Y/N,” you heard Rory same as he wrapped his arms around you. You sunk against his chest and took a deep breath in and felt better now that he was next to you. “ I didn’t want you to be here alone.”

“I know it’s kind of creepy, but nothing’s going to happen to us here babe,” Rory calmly stated to you.

“I hope you’re right about that.”

“Of course I am, everything that comes out of my mouth is true.”

You playfully hit his shoulder and wrapped your hand in his. “Well, I guess I should give you a tour,” Rory said as he pulled you toward a room with voicing coming from it. Rory pointed out who the people sitting around the room were after he introduced you to them. He led you up the staircase and pointed out some rooms before leading you into a bedroom. He flopped down on the bed and pulled you down on top of him. “ We can stay up here for awhile, at least until you feel more comfortable here,” he said as he gently pressed his hand against your cheek. You put your hand over his before stretching out on the bed in an attempt to feel more at home. 

Suddenly, there was a shrill screech heard from downstairs. Rory was already on his feet before you had time to react. He moved to the door and put his ear against it. You walked to his side and wrapped your arms around one of his. He looked at you with big eyes, causing an alarm to go off in you. “We’ve got to get out of this room. If somethings in this house and I don’t want to be stuck in here when it comes. We just need to leave and the sun is almost down.”

“Someone could be waiting the hallway though and if they are, I don’t want them to hurt you,” Rory pleadingly looked at you.

“We need to go see what’s wrong and get everyone and leave. Rory, it’s the only way out of this.”

Rory’s hand reached for the doorknob and he turned it slowly. He opened the door inch by inch so he could check everything and be able to close the door fast if needed. After deducing that nothing was in the hall, he stepped out and pulled you against his body. One of his arms were around you and the other touched the wall and later clutched the railing on the stairs. You knew Rory and you knew that for once he actually seemed to be terrified. When you reached the bottom of the stair you pushed his arm off you and lead the way to the room where everyone chatted so happily before. Only one person was left there, and they weren’t alive. The body was so badly beaten that you couldn’t even be for sure about who they actually were. “Shit,” Rory said as the realization of what was happening hit. He grabbed your arm and pulled you towards the door. “If we leave know, we might be able to get away before everything goes to hell.”

“That’s what I tried telling you many times before,” you said and looked at Rory.

“Y/N, all I care about right now is getting you out of this place and it needs to happen as soon as possible.” You walked out of the door and slammed it shut behind you. You heard another scream and you both looked towards the sound. You saw two figures obviously running away from something, but you had no idea what that something could be. “I want you to stay in front of me so we both can watch for things and nothing will be able to get you from the back,” Rory quickly said. You hated hearing him sound so distraught. You’ve never heard him like that he’s always been the happiest guy in the world, yet he sounded like the most worried one now. You walked forward to the road and notices a glow of soft lights off in the distance. “Is that them,” you asked as soon as the thought entered your head.

“I hope to God it isn’t.”

Time seemed to be dragging on and on as you grew ever so close to the road. You knew every second counted and you watched as the lights only came closer. You stood on the road and took a couple steps further up it before pulling Rory into a tight hug. You pulled his head toward you and pushed your mouth hard against his. The kiss wasn’t long but it contained the most passion the two of you had ever put into anything. It wasn’t a kiss celebrating the fact that you made it, it was a kiss to get you through what was yet to come. You knew just being off of the property wouldn’t make that much of a difference and needed Rory to know that you care. “I love you Rory Monahan.”

“ I love you too (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).”  

You both started moving again this time you were running to put more distance between you and that horrible house. You heard something hard hit the ground before you heard Rory fall. Something had thrown a large rock and hit Rory perfectly in the leg. “Go, I’ll be following you just not as closely, I promise.” You met Rory’s gaze and watched him move to get up before you took off running down the road. In less than a minute you felt hands reach out for you in the darkness. You feel to the ground and was stunned due to fear. You could feel something hard crashing into you and felt sharp pains spread through your chest and abdomen. Then, you felt one last blow

Rory limped along the road, not even taking the time to make sure nothing else was following him. He made you a promise and he’d rather be dead than break it . He knew you’d be safe and would have to wait a while before he could actually make it to where you were. That was good though, if anything wanted to attack they would attack him since he was an easy target. Rory looked back and saw the crowd start to form in front of his house and did his best to break into a run. It was more of an awkward skip than anything. He heard a rustling in the brush next to him it sounded as if it were an animal running in the opposite direction, so he didn’t take the time to see if it actually was.

He came to a small bend in the road and saw what looked like fresh blood spattered. As he walked around it he could see a somewhat familiar frame lying in the center of the road. He only moved a little closer because he didn’t want to see more than what he had to. Rory knew it was his beloved girlfriend from the little detail he could still see. He could feel hot tears begin to run down his face and dropped to the ground. He scream and hit his knuckles against the road, causing him pain he only barely felt. “Why her, why not me? You hurt me after all. She wasn’t even supposed to be here. It’s all my fault,” Rory choked out before letting out yet another wail.

He pulled himself towards Y/N’s lifeless body. He laid his head against her’s and wrapped his arm around her mangled, bloody body. Rory didn’t care what came after him now. You were gone and his friends were still at the house. He knew everyone was going to die that night, no matter where they were.

Thanks so much for reading. Please let me know if you would like a continuation of this piece. Ships, headcanons, preferences, requests, and anything else are always. ❤❤

Audrey Jensen x Reader - I Don’t Care

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Angst, blood, stabby stab stab, death
Word Count: 689
Request: “Hi!! Could you do an Audrey imagine where you and Audrey are in a fight, so you recklessly go to the bowling alley with the others and Noah has to get her after the killer hurts you?” – anon


I barely recognised what was happening, until the thick, red substance spilled over my now blood stained lips. Time seemed to slow down as I examined the knife protruding from my chest in horror. My trembling fingers gripped the handle as I slowly pulled it out of my body, the nauseating sight and feeling, increasing the thumping of my speeding heart. The clatter of the offending object as it hit the ground, fell on deaf ears, as my hearing was reduced to nothing but a soft buzzing as if my ears were filled with static.  

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Nightmares - Audrey Jensen

Request: Audrey has a nightmare about the reader getting killed and she calls her about midnight and asks if everything’s okay and the reader wants to come over but Audrey doesn’t really want her to but she still does. And in the end the reader comforts her and fluff.
Warning: blood, swearing, horrible vocabulary 💀
“It seems like the only way to really get to you is if I hurt someone you deeply care about, killer”
“Don’t you dare go near (Y/N), or I swea-”, Audrey was shaking as she was talking on the phone with the killer.
“Or what? You can’t stop me”. He hung up and Audrey threw her phone out of her hands and suddenly she heard a sound.
It was a text from an unknown number with a video attached to it.
“Oh no, no no no”, her heartbeat was raising.
As she opened it it, it was a video of you. Mouth, hands, and legs taped, blood all over your cloths and face, and a rope was around your neck.
“I love HANGING out with your girlfriends”, the killer laughed.
And just when he was about to pull the rope to strangle you
, Audrey woke up panicking.
“Fuck”, she was sweating and hurried to find her phone.
“Pick up (Y/N)”, she said to herself as she dialled your number, “please”.
“Audrey… It’s 2am”, your voice was raspy.
“Oh my god (Y/N), are you okay?”, Audrey let out a sigh of relief.
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“I- I, I just wanted to make sure you’re doing fine. I’m sorry to call you this late. Good night”.
“Babe, I’m the one who should be asking whether you’re okay or not.. Something wrong? Did you have another nightmare?”.
This wasn’t the first time that Audrey called you panicking. Ever since the killer was back to Lakewood, she couldn’t stop having nightmares and feeling guilty about Piper and everything she’d done.
“Y-yes, but tonight’s was the worst”.
“I’m coming over”, getting out of your warm bed, you walked over to your closet to get a hoodie and throw it over your pjs.
“No (Y/N), please I don’t want you leaving the house this late. What if he’s out there?”, you’ve never heard Audrey this frightened.
“Your house is literally 2 mins drive from mine. I’m gonna grab a knife from the kitchen and head out in case that psycho shows up, I can be one step ahead of him and stab him”, you giggled even though you knew this wasn’t the right time to joke about such things.
“(Y/N), I’ll be fine. Don’t come.”
“Shut up, Audrey”.
You hung up the phone, got your keys and left.
You looked around your neighbourhood and everyone seemed to be asleep except one house that had crazy music on. It was a probably a frat party. You didn’t really care. You looked around in your car to make sure no one was hiding in it and got in.
You couldn’t leave your girlfriend feeling like that tonight. This is when she needed you the most even though she said she didn’t.
Now you were at her house, you had a spare key so you opened her door and walked to her bedroom.
“Babe?”, you walked in.
“(Y/N)”, she ran up to you and hugged you tightly.
You could feel her body shaking against yours.
“I’m fine babygirl, I’m here, I’m okay”, you pecked her lips.
Audrey was very strong and she never showed such emotions. But today she was so different. Like she had really seen the devil.
You walked her to her bed and sat there.
“Tell me what happened”, you held her hand.
She started telling you about her nightmare and it really gave you the chills.
“Did I look hot though?”, you tried to throw in jokes just to make her relax a bit.
She raised her eyebrow and chuckled, “you’re so fucked up”.
“I love you too”, you kissed her forehead.
“But it’s alright Audrey, it was just a dream. I’ll never leave your sight, let alone leave YOU”, her gorgeous green eyes were staring straight into yours.
“Thank you for coming over”, she smiled.
“Don’t thank me. I’ll always be here for you no matter what.”
“I wanna hold you in my arms to make sure you’re real and not the dream part of my nightmare”.
“I’m all yours baby”, snuggling up under her, she wrapped her arms around you tightly and she closed her eyes.
You stayed like that for about ten minutes until you placed a kiss on her neck that made her shiver.
“Okay it’s real”, she laughed and you followed.
Going under the blankets now, Audrey rested her head on your chest as you played with her soft short hair.
“You know what scares me the most?”, she broke the silence.
Holding her closer now, “what?”, you replied.
“The thought of me being helpless when you’re in danger. I don’t know if I can live with it. I don’t know if I’m good enough to for you. I want to protect you and keep you safe and if I fail to do that. I will never forgive myself. I will nev-”.
Sitting straight and grabbing her face. You looked at her, a straight, and honest look.
“We will protect each other, forever. Don’t ever say you’re not good enough for me because Audrey, hell you’re the best thing that had ever happened to me. You’ve turned me into the person that I’m now. Without you, I wouldn’t be here you know that right? You’re my everything.”
“God, I love you so much”, she kissed you hungrily.
“I love you, more.”
You ended up spending the night cuddling and kissing until eventually you both feel asleep in each other’s arms, peacefully.

Journal - an Audrey Jensen Imagine (Audrey x Reader)

Wordcount: 2411

A/N: Another one shot! Expect, fluff, drama and smut. (2nd posted one shot ever, please be nice! :) )

Summary: Audrey, your girlfriend, comes over when you are writing in your journal, practicing your writing for college. Which leads to confrontation. Something to do with rain (don’t want to spoil) and some making up.

You were scribbling in your journal when you heard a knock on your bedroom door, a knock you were expecting but not quite prepared for. You put down your journal with the pen on top of it, making your way towards your bedroom door. You were in your pyjama shorts and in your girlfriends, Audrey Jensen, sweater with a messy bun in your hair. When you opened the door you were greeted with the words, ‘’’Hello babe.’’ And with that greeting came a sweet smile from your girlfriends face.

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brittney-beaumont  asked:

60, 48, 36, 24, & 12 please and thank u!

60. Least favorite Choices game?
Probably Hero, just because I’m so behind on it. And I never get mystery girl scenes

48. Did you pair Audrey and Nerdy Twin?
Hell yeah! (except I did have here hook up with Paolo and now I’m bitter that She never got to tell him off)

36. Hottest Choices LI / LI that matches your personal tastes best / you would date if they existed IRL?
Maybe Estela she’s gorgeous or Becca of course. Idk girls… 😋

24. What characters do you wish you saw more of?
Mystery girl I guess but maybe all the characters in the sophomore every week. I hate how you get a chapter with say Chris and then you don’t see him again for like 4 weeks because then Kaitlyn, James, Becca has a chapter

12. Do you look like any characters from Choices?
I wish all the choices girls are pretty af. Maybe I’m sure though Thanks for the Ask! ❤️I love doing these


Audrey: OMG, why are you so mad at me!? I was only talking to him! Am I not allowed to talk to your friends now?

Zelda: That’s not the point! He’s not even my friend. He’s someone I’m supposed to be helping to NOT fail maths! But instead of learning shit he spent most of his time preoccupied with you, because you wouldn’t go away!

Audrey: I was just being friendly!! Do you know what it means to be friendly Zelda!!??

Aurora: What the hell is going on down here? I can hear you from upstairs.

Audrey: Zelda’s getting mad because I was being friendly with Caleb!

Zelda: Yeah, for a full HOUR mom. She wouldn’t leave for a full hour and we got nothing done at all!

Aurora: *Sighs* Girls-

Zelda: You know what Audrey, how about next time instead of distracting the boy I’m MEANT to be tutoring, go and do your own homework, that way you might actually learn something for a change.

Audrey: Oh yeah… well maybe if you learned to loosen up and be a little bit more sociable you might actually have friends!

Zelda: …I’m going to bed. Night mom.

Audrey: …I shouldn’t have said that, she’s gonna hate me now :’(

Aurora: No she won’t sweetie, let her sleep on it and apologize to her in the morning yeah? Chin up, else I’ll tickle you to death.

Audrey: :’)

KitR Fanfic - Episode 10

Inspired by belovedcreation’s I Thought Our Story Was Epic, I decided to write a parallel perspective on Henry’s philosophy!

And yes, Henry’s grandparents’ love story is taken directly from the story of how my grandparents met. Enjoy!

The thing is, he didn’t actually put his foot in it this time.

Okay, he did, but not the way he usually did. He put his foot in it by allowing their conversation to go in that direction in the first place. “If she was something pretty special, I guess I could see it,” is where he put his foot in it, not “You’re probably right.” No, for the first time in his life as far as conversations with Audrey went, he’d actually known what to say, in flirting terms, to take things to the next level.

You’re that special.

But the thing is, he doesn’t believe that.

Oh, Audrey’s special, don’t get him wrong! Audrey’s incredibly special. But she isn’t Daisy-Buchanan-to-Jay-Gatsby special, and he hopes she never will be. He has far too much respect for her, and he likes her way too much.

The thing is, Henry hates Gatsby. The book and the character. He hates the character because Jay Gatsby is a self-important, self-centered douche-weasel (his classmate Sam’s words, but Henry has always found them apt), and he hates the book because it makes him feel stupid.

He’d like the book okay when he’d read it for the first time the summer before junior year (even if the titular character was a self-important, self-centered douche-weasel), but then he’d gone back to school and listened to his English teacher talk about green lights of hope and the sensuality of decay and a bunch of other symbolism that he hadn’t gotten at all but that his teacher had presented as fact, and the rest of his class had all agreed without question. He’d spent a decent amount of that class legitimately concerned that he had somehow read the wrong book.

Henry hates Gatsby. He tries to tell himself that he took this project because it’s important to challenge yourself as an actor, and it is, but he took this project because Audrey had already signed on.

You’re that special.

He couldn’t bring himself to say it. Because he simply doesn’t agree. No girl should be special to a guy in the same way that Daisy is to Gatsby: ‘I had my shot with you ages ago, but I screwed it up, and now, instead of respecting the romantic choices you made and the fact that you’re married, I’m going to waste my fortune on lavish parties and grand romantic gestures in an effort to seduce you away from your husband, claiming that I’m doing so out of love, when in reality, I just want you to swap one form of possession for another.’?

What a self-important, self-centered douche-weasel.

This, he muses over a glass of red wine as he stares morosely into his fireplace, is the problem with books. And TV and movies, and Hollywood in general, actually. A love story just isn’t a love story without angst, adversity, and a healthy dose of Grand Romantic Gestures. And watching those tired old cliches play out on page and stage and screen just reinforces to the general populace that this is what love is Supposed To Look Like, and if yours doesn’t? Well, it must not be real.

But real love doesn’t look like that, and Henry knows it. His grandparents have been married for 64 years. They’d met in an Adult Sunday School class. His Gran had walked in late one Sunday (“She was a vision,” his grandpa always said), and Grandpa had spent the next three Sundays trying to get her to take her church gloves off so he could see if she wore a ring. He’d finally tracked her down to the library where she worked, and upon seeing that her left hand was bare, he’d asked her out on the spot. A month later, they were engaged, and more than half a century later, they were still married and adorably in love because she had never expected him to get her the moon and stars. She’d only ever expected him to sit on the front porch at night and watch them with her.

That was what real love was supposed to look like. Any idiot could pull of Grand Romantic Gestures. Grand Romantic Gestures didn’t prove diddly-squat (to borrow a term from dear old Gran) about real love. Real love was in the smaller things, the day to day gestures. Like doing the dishes when it’s her turn even though it’s your least favorite chore, because you know it’s her least favorite, too. Or getting up 15 minutes early so that the coffee finishes brewing just as she’s coming downstairs for breakfast. Or leaving a random love letter under her pillow on days when you’re out the door long before her alarm goes off, and you won’t be home until long after she’s asleep.

Some days, he worries about what he’s going to do if Audrey turns out to be one of those girls who thinks Romeo and Juliet is the epitome of romance, because how the hell is he supposed to compete with a guy who kills himself rather than try and live in a world without his latest beloved?

No, it’s the Jay Gatsbys and Romeo Montagues of the literary world making things so difficult for the Henry Mancusos of the real one.

You’re that special.

No. He wasn’t going to do that to her. He isn’t going to do that to her. Because he has spent more time than he ever wanted to inside the head of Jay Gatsby, and if there is one thing he knows for certain, it’s that Jay Gatsby wouldn’t know real love if it bit him on the ass.

But Henry Mancuso? That’s a different story. Not as epic, maybe. But way more real.