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The nice thing is that Guanshan immediately gave for granted that He Tian was talking about the kiss that they shared!~~ <3 sorry bad english

Yes!! It took him 0.2 seconds to realize He Tian was talking about their kiss and then he instantly flushed like a strawberry. I just… I really love the childishness of his embarrassment, he is so pure.

Let’s consider: if he had hated it, he could have just.. acted indifferent, as if it wasn’t about him anyway, as if it meant nothing. Right? But Guan Shan didn’t have any power over his reactions, which means the kiss is still very much alive in the back of his mind and it took that little to overwhelm him. I don’t think he has been actively conscious of the kiss they had shared, but! he didn’t brush it away either. The shit storm he went through these last chapters didn’t really give him the time to, you know, sit down by himself and think things through, so what we’re seeing here is emotions > reason. The mix of anger and shock after their kiss has dissipated; now he’s left with raw, unpredictable feelings.

I also believe it’s a wonderful timing, because now he knows that He Tian cares about him (or at least he’s aware He Tian isn’t the kind of person he thought he might be), so if he’s going to think about their kiss.. I’m so curious about the conclusion. He Tian didn’t mean to humiliate me, so what’s his deal? What, really?  — I wonder if such thoughts will cross his mind. And I have this feeling (call it wishful thinking) that, next time, Guan Shan will be the one who rubs the reminder. Why did you kiss me? Something like that. Unless He Tian apologizes, which makes it a perfect opportunity to bring it up. I need this kind of conversation between them or I’ll never find my peace, just saying…   

Ahh, sorry for always dumping my ideas like this. Thanks a lot for mentioning this! and never forget that Guan Shan is a pure cinnamon roll and that, from now on, he’s probably going to blush a lot because of someone.  

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1/2 You know, with all the discussion around queerbaiting, and what relationships will happen or not happen, you have to wonder what on earth they were thinking with an episode like the mid season finale. The scene with Emma singing, which is an iconic Disney one... and its Regina and Emma. If it had been Hook/Emma or Regina/Hood - sure, if we are sticking to the they are hetero. But Emma & Regina? That is a conscious choice from the writers / directors. That's not an accident.

2/2 For the people making the show, they would know exactly what that would look like to the viewing public. Which is, well, exactly what it looked like. The fair Princess (Emma) meeting her Prince and eventual True Love (Regina). I have no clue how else you are supposed to read it. (This is only the latest example of course).             

I don’t know how we’re supposed to read it, but I personally DO see it–as it is: gay as fuck. Even if I can’t be accused of confusing my “please be” with regular gaydar (what with being as straight as an uncooked piece of spaghetti), just like many others, including my dad who called it “oh, that fairytale show about two gay moms?” when he browsed my DVDs to see what to borrow. Now, whether that’s deliberate, to bait those who want to see it (while those who don’t–aggressively resent it) or there’s another reason… well. Your guess is as good as mine.

Conversation with Mark feat TY ( 7th sense ver.)

TY: Mark, everything good at school today?

Mark: Yeah

TY: Did you eat yet?

Mark: No

TY: Do you have laundry? I’ll do it for you..

Mark: O-PEN YOUR EYE-SS!! *points at his clothes fresh washed on the hanger*
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And so I keep typing. Oh look! They’re still at a party. I swear they’ll get out of it eventually.

I love Familiar AU but by god these dorks take forever to get anything done.

Favorite Baby Shower Games

Asking for a friend.

And by a friend, I mean me.  No I’m not pregnant.  It’s research.  For something totally academic.

I’m asking for a fic, okay. Does this surprise anyone? This is who I am now.  Class has ruined all semblance of professionalism I once held.

So what’s yours?

So I just found out that someone was recording me when I gave that period speech a couple months ago.

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Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

List of People I’d Much Rather Watch Fall in Love in Space than Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

Gina Rodriguez and Oscar Isaac

Lupita Nyong’o and John Cho

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Kate McKinnon

Zachary Quinto and Rami Malek

Aja Naomi King and Dev Patel

Constance Wu and Diego Luna

Feel free to add more, as I’d imagine it’s a long list.