what the frick is wrong with tumblr staff excuse my language but this reblog/caption update was so many kinds of stupid and unnecessary??? Like I know, I know we say this about every update because change is weird and uncomfortable but this is one which is seriously flawed. This may be a bit (a lot) incoherent and it is long but I’ve written this real quick to summarise my opinions…

While I understand the intent is to prevent people from changing others’ words, there are lots of downsides:

  • This allows and forces deletion of entire conversations as opposed to sections thereof
  • Removal of artist’s captions etc
  • The inability to fix spelling errors or strike out misinformation in a previous reblog - meaning you have to read through an entire essay only to find out something is wrong - heck you can’t even correct your own mistakes!
  • Also the inability to emphasise previous statements via bolding meaning you have to repeat it or leave it be
  • Forcing the addition of endless captions that get so small you can’t read them - this is especially difficult for the RP community where posts in a reblog chain need to be cut short but still contain the previous paragraphs for context - otherwise you have to make new posts using copy+paste or use the “reply” feature which can be a hassle and is just rather pointless.
  • It’s silly when you’re continuing a single conversation.
  • What happens when the person who you want to reblog from to avoid following captions you don’t like has deleted their blog? Kinda screwed there, aren’t you?
  • People can spam posts with nonsense, explicit, harmful, or nsfw content and you can’t change that because the deletion of captions is all or nothing. Posts can be made unpleasant or unsafe instantly, and coupled with the above point you may be stuck with that.

staff in your post do emphasise how, if an addition is unwanted, you can just reblog directly from the blog of a previous caption but isn’t that what you do anyway? And doesn’t this make it rather pointless to follow certain people if you have to reblog from someone else? What if you want to exclude one caption in the middle but not the ones before or after said caption? Perhaps I’m missing something but I don’t see how this would be possible to do now.

And while “Nobody should be able to put words in your mouth!” via editing previous captions (which is legit great, for sure!) what then is the point of being able to delete the whole caption of a post? Not even parts of it, the whole thing. So you can’t change what people say but you can to remove it completely? Also, on a more random note, how will this impact memes or posts where an image or [parts of] text is changed for humorous effect? You even point this out yourself! These sorts of posts are kind of part of tumblr and internet culture so that’s kind of a bummer imo.

IDK this feels like it had good intentions (with the whole you can’t change what people way thing) but it also facilitates easy removal of captions without even having to try any more (I mean while you can’t physically delete captions by accident how easy would it be to press that button by accident and not notice?), and ruins the point of fluid conversation, especially messing up how the role playing community would work on here. For every good thing that happens during an update there’s some awful down side that makes it pointless or worse than before (e.g. improved video player was good but autoplay and the weird pop out thing was not).

staff, I think you’re genuinely making this site very user unfriendly and ignoring genuine complaints about things that are broken and need fixing for stability and ease of use. 

Why not, for example, implement an “edited by” feature, so that if a person changes a post for some reason or another, it says so beside the OP or in the source etc? I don’t know how feasible this is, but if it is possible, I think this would make far more sense, because then users would know exactly who changed what content and possibly why.

Also just being jealous of people who are allowed (allow themselves?) to BE. To be people, to be real, to be tangible, to have personalities.

But if you have one of those, you’d be flawed. Everyone has flaws. You can’t please everyone. Not like that. You can only try if you’re like me. And it’s important to always please everyone (read: the parents)

because the consequences… would not be nice… also she doesn’t want me to be real. she’s not real and she can’t stand the thought of me/us having or being or accomplishing something she isn’t/can’t. so she’d punish me (nO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!) if she found out a was a person, no matter what kind, no matter what I said or did.

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tell me ur worst pet peeves about your favorite fandoms, whether it's about the fandom itself or flaws with the series

the only fandom bullshit i can’t stand is people in the jak fandom being like “i know that keira basically called jak a monster–

and if she’d had any real power over him would have completely isolated him from having ANY other friends, especially females, because she thinks she’s the only one who’s ALLOWED to matter to him, and she was a TERRIBLE friend by believing erol’s bullshit (erol! who is OBVIOUSLY second in command to the BARON who is EVIL, but keira will overlook that shit because he’s PRETTY and a good RACER!) over JAK’S who has OBVIOUSLY been through enough shit to the point where she says wow u’ve changed

like she’s lived such a privileged life that she didn’t HAVE to change, she got to do everything she wanted to do and people will still say “poor keira! she had it just as bad as jak!” even though keira wasn’t in PRISON for two years being TORTURED and potentially raped and had her innocence stolen from him

and consider this, keira is YOUNGER THAN JAK and people still are like ohhhhh erol was no kind of threat to her she’s a big skrong woman she is SIXTEEN. SIXTEEN. but you people won’t accept that you cannot have keira be both a poor baby who didn’t take any advantage over her surroundings and also a big skrong woman whose moral code is developed flawlessly

–but her saying that “jak is the best racer, not erol” makes up for all the bullshit she put jak through!!”

fuck keira

she’s not a strong character

she’s not a strong person

she’s an overgrown cumshot of a concept and i hate her

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the women are jewels, forged by the heat and pressure of society and life precious stones people look for flaws in. This is not out of a terrible desire to tear down the gems, but to escape the truth. Finding these imbecilic imperfections allows the seeker of treasures to limit his options, because women are diamonds we can all afford to gather many off, keeping them is the real effort. For these gems will seek those who look at them for their true value one that not all eyes are able to see.


He'll love me

I think and am on the fence about this idea in my head. Maybe God hasn’t send my future husband because I need to work on my flaws but I see people with more to work on them me in relationships. So I don’t think that’s the case, I’ll always have flaws, I’m human, I’m not perfect. He’ll love me regardless and with him, we will grow together, real love is unconditional and I don’t say this to allow myself to remain in my flaws, I work on them, but I believe he will love me, unconditionally.