Autistic people on tumblr: Rick Sanchez has verbally confirmed himself as autistic, and this makes me happy. It’s pretty rare for autistic characters to be canonically confirmed in-show like this, and especially not this easily and casually. It’s also very unusual to see a canonically autistic character who is sexually active, not straight, not white and who is actually a complex, funny, well-rounded character. It’s a neat little bit of representation in a mainstream show that I wasn’t expecting, and you know, it’s actually kind of nice :).


EDIT: I’ve switched the word ‘positive’ with ‘nuanced’ as I definitely agree with a lot of commenters that Rick is not a positive role-model for ANYBODY, but I still wholeheartedly stand by this post.

Because Rick represents something us in the autistic community need so badly on TV, and that is complex, original autistic characters, rather than autistic charicatures.

Autistic people need to be allowed to be depicted as people, and that doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘good’ people. Because not all people - neurotypical or autistic - are ‘good’ people in real life. We don’t expect non-disabled characters to be morally black or white, so why do we expect this from characters with disabilities?

There is nothing wrong with creating a flawed, damaged or destructive autistic character. The problems occur when a character’s flawed, damaged and destructive behaviour is immediately linked back to their autism. Which in most cases it invariably seems to be. 

Rick is a very damaged, incredibly flawed individual. He’s selfish, manipulative, completely morally bankrupt and basically just one big, collossal twat. 

But at no stage is it ever implied that this is down to him being autistic. Rather, the blame is blatantly and repeatedly assigned to its one true source: Rick himself. Rick himself is clearly the product of his own bad choices, selfish actions, unhealthy coping mechanisms and flat-out refusal to ever address his catastrophic mental health problems. The revelation that Rick happens to be autistic is never presented as an explanation - or excuse - for the way he has been up till now. 

Is Rick the most positive representation of autistic characters out there? Hell no!

But does he represent a shift from creating rigid, overly-pathologised autistic characters to more human, nuanced characters who are capable of making their own mistakes and forming their own independant, complex personalities? Hell yes!

And I for one welcome this kind of representation.

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Hello! I love your blog. I was creeping around your blog and I saw that Ieyasu character analysis. It was perfect. I was wondering if you could do something similar for Saizo? I feel that his attitude towards his MC would drive her away in the long run. Like sure, she loves him and wants to be there for him, but he leaves her alone for considerable amounts of time, and idk he just feels so closed off. Their relationship has a lack of communication that could cause them to drift apart. Thoughts?

Hello, there! Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! 

These are really fun to do! Ieyasu’s can be found here

Saizō is the king of lies, and tells them as easily as the wind blows. As much as he tries to outsmart everyone else, even he becomes ensnared by his failure to tell the truth.

He’ll say that he won’t lift a finger to help, and the next thing you know, he’s been skulking in the shadows, making sure that everything is all right, ready to swoop in and assist at the drop of a hat.

Even other people notice it:

He gets annoyed when you or Yukimura don’t do things right, saying that it’s not his problem and that he doesn’t care, only to turn around and help you through until the end, despite what he said.

For as much as he declares that he does not care about love or family, and shows his annoyance outwardly, Saizō will do anything and everything that he can to protect the ones that he cares about, no matter the cost.

Hotaru even outs him:

MC: “What do you do when you get lost?”

Hotaru: “My older brother will come and pick me up.”

So in other words, he’ll stop everything to rescue his little bro from the elements.

Keep pretending to be annoyed, Saizō. It’s totally working! You’ve fooled us all!

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Honestly, fans who create “better” versions of characters have always bothered me. It’s not just L@nce stans mind you, but stans from other fandoms. 

First, you’re not allowed to critique the fact the characters are OoC, because apparently making the characters OoC amounts to “freedom of expression”, but there is no way anyone would critique a work they like, so “don’t like, don’t read” gets thrown around. There’s also the idea that everyone has their own interpretations of the canon material which outright ignores the fact not all interpretations are correct.

For example, the claim that shipping any of the paladins with Shiro is pedophilia despite the actual definition of the word.

Second, while you’re not allowed to critique them, they are allowed to critique you. You can’t call them out for writing not canon!character of a given character, but should you write canon!character the way they are in canon!character, suddenly you’re wrong because their fanon!character is actually canon!character, and your interpretation is the wrong one.

Worse, they claim that you’re character bashing said canon!character because you choose to not ignore said character’s flaws, and are being mean by having consequences for their actions, but by also by having the other characters react in negative manners just like people would in real life.

And to add to the insult, what they want you to write is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu version of the canon character! Which is pretty much what L@nce stans want of the creators, which is why it will never happen. What they want is bad writing, but they refuse to see it as bad writing, because in their mind, their writing isn’t “bad writing”, but “good writing”.

It makes me want to slam my forehead against my desk.

“I really like female characters who are not the typical ‘perfect nice girl/everybody likes her/“kickass because she beats up a few people”’ kind of female characters, like Lee Bo Young and Lee Da Hee in I Hear Your Voice, Gong Hyo Jin and IU in Producers, Lee Sung Kyung in Cheese in the Trap, Chae Soo Bin in Sassy Go Go, Jung Eunji in Reply 1997 etc. Female characters should also be allowed to have real flaws without existing just to be hated!”

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Jehanparnasse au where Montparnasse has gone missing and Jehan has to unravel clues and fight unsavoury people to find him?

(I’m not allowed to do the fantasy au for this because that’s actually part of the fantasy au, and lemme tell you, Jehan is BADASS in that, don’t kidnap their husband unless you want to be publicly humiliated and possibly executed on the way out of town)

Let’s be real, anyone who wants to kidnap Montparnasse for any reason probably either doesn’t like living much or has some flawed idea that everyone would be too intimidated to do anything about because, really, anybody who can kidnap Montparnasse is not the kind of person you mess with casually. Or at all.

Unless you’re Jehan. Because people assume Jehan isn’t any kind of threat. They’re small and unassuming, blush at everything, soft-spoken and all that. They can’t possibly do anything, right?

Except they’re astoundingly clever. And they know people tend to overlook them. They can get information out of people because no one assumes they’re doing anything, they’re just curious. They have Gueulemer handle any communication because he’s big and gruff and probably who the kidnapper is expecting to hear. Meanwhile, Jehan is playing the background noise for Grantaire because if anyone is going to know what part of Paris sounds like that, it’s Grantaire.

More than once, they’re told they watch too much crime TV, that Montparnasse has probably gone away on his own or, if he really has disappeared, that it’s something they should leave up to the police. Except what police officer is really going to go looking for a guy with gang connections in any kind of earnest? If his body turns up, sure, they’ll solve it then, but until that happens, they likely won’t lift a finger.

Well, Javert will because he’s known Montparnasse and Jehan for a long time. He can’t do much, but he helps.

Patron-Minette is busy running damage control and trying to keep as many people from finding out Montparnasse is gone as possible. Fauntleroy helps where they can, Gueulemer and Claquesous are on top of just about everything and do whatever Jehan asks to help out, but that’s really all they’ve got.

The biggest problem is: Jehan doesn’t really know how to fight. They know how to avoid fighting more than anything and some basic self defense, but they haven’t done actual combat outside of competition fencing, and that’s not really helpful. Gueulemer and Brujon are their muscle when they finally figure out who took Montparnasse and where. Claquesous watches their backs from some lookout position. Jehan learned to pick locks a long time ago.

Jehan’s is the first friendly face Montparnasse has seen in days- weeks, even- and they have to shush him more than once before they get his hands uncuffed. He’s bruised and beaten and broken, but he’s alive, and that’s the most important thing. They smuggle him out of the basement of an abandoned warehouse in the early hours of the morning, and Jehan doesn’t ask a lot of questions about what happened to the two guards that Mer and Brujon caught before they could sound off an alarm.

Montparnasse is going to be on bed rest for weeks and painkillers for longer, but most of the damage isn’t permanent, just painful. Jehan calls into work for a family emergency and gets their classwork and notes and everything via email. The only times they leave his bedside are to drop off a file of papers they picked up on their way in with a hacker Patron-Minette knows, and then again a few days later to make sure all bank accounts associated with the names they passed along have been drained, the funds donated, and all names, addresses, and a photo keyed into every criminal ID database they could get it into. Make the bastard start over, or, better yet, let him rot in prison after what he’s done after his next speeding ticket pulls up every crime he’s ever committed.

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Just curious as to why it is that Karen Page seems to be so disliked? She certainly made some questionable decisions, but then again, what Daredevil character HASN'T made questionable decisions? And all in all personally I thought Deborah Ann Woll's portrayal fits really well into the morally grey themes and atmosphere of the show. What do you think is the cause for this dislike? Misogyny or something else?

I try to avoid Karen-hate, since I know it’ll piss me off, so I cannot claim to know how widespread it is, or how the haters justify it. But of course I’ve seen some. What I’ve seen seems to fall into a couple of different categories: people who dislike Matt/Karen as a couple, and people who dislike Karen herself.

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I just wanna get this point across, I love Murdoc as a CHARACTER not as a PERSON. I love how complex his character but I would never want to meet him because he’s horrible. He’s a great villain or antagonist but not a great person. I do not support abuse or by any means think abuse is okay. I love Murdoc but that doesn’t mean that I’m blind to his flaws, that doesn’t mean that I love his actions and what he done to 2D. I hate it with a burning passion, Abuse should never be excused from a character. It never should be accepted as just a “flaw”. It’s real and it affects hundreds of people and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So people who love murdoc don’t worry I’m one of you! Please do not say that what Murdoc done too 2D was alright, because that should never happen to anyone and should never be excused even if it’s fictional. Also I know that Murdoc was abuse and is mental ill, but that doesn’t excuse how much he scarred and hurt 2D. Just because Murdoc got abused doesn’t mean that allows him to hurt others. Abuse is Abuse, no matter the circumstances.

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Wait so because DNC made a bad choice, you were ok with letting Trump win (and allowing Republicans to take over the other two branches)? Because that’s why people are about to lose their healthcare (flawed as it is) for something a lot worse...

No, I want to get rid of the leadership of both parties and have them be put on trial in front of a people’s court (or an international war crimes tribunal, where applicable) for their crimes.

I don’t think that, in the words of Marx a system where “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” is either real democracy or anything likely to result in the end of any oppression.

Only in very, very rare moments can electoral politics ever be anything other than a bandaid, and those require a radical push anyways.

But insisting that leftists who saw themselves and their families were directly hurt by domestic polices of a Democratic candidate (though often not as much as those hurt by the foreign policies, including but not limited to war crimes, imperialism, coups, racial cleansing) are who are really to blame for the rise of a racist fascist candidate and not the Clintons who were the backers of both racist prison policies and welfare reform and who were good friends with Trump until very recently is fucking clueless, regressive, and some scapegoating bullshit.  

The fact is without the things set up by or openly supported by the Democrats, the Republicans wouldn’t be able to do the vast majority of this shit.  Because when push comes to shove the white supremacist ruling class of an imperialist capitalist power is just going to keep doing this shit because it benefits them, until they are actually stopped in a real concrete way.  And that doesn’t involve demanding support for war criminal racists who hate the poor.


I’ve already had to explain why it’s bullshit to call Usagi an anti-feminist character, but I guess I have to explain it again. And I will say this one sentence over and over again until people finally stop complaining about the fact that Usagi cries a lot and isn’t a very good fighter.

Usagi is a FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD girl.

What were you like when you were 14? Could you have faced monsters that could literally murder you without a second thought and not bat an eye? Could you have fought every battle perfectly, without having to rely on anyone else? Could you have dealt with the shock and stress of having your normal life ripped away in an instant and replaced by one filled with nonstop fighting for the sake of the whole world without crying or trying to go back to your old life? Could you have dealt with the trauma of losing the love of your life because he protected you without shedding a single tear? Could you have handled any of this without having some sort of crisis or emotional reaction?

Could you do all of those things now? If you say “yes,” then you’re a fucking liar. Or you don’t have any feelings. Plain and simple. 

Usagi is an extremely realistic character. When I hear some people say that they want feminist characters but then bash ones like Usagi, I don’t hear “I want realistic female characters who represent and inspire tons of people.” I hear “I want unrealistic female characters who are way too good to be true, have no flaws or faults, never rely on anyone, don’t show too much emotion, and are basically completely unrelatable.” Because heaven forbid a character acts like an actual real-life person. It’s just like how people bash Shinji Ikari for reacting to the unfathomably fucked up and traumatic universe that is Neon Genesis Evangelion like an actual 14-year-old with preexisting emotional issues would.

So Usagi, you’re not allowed to cry anymore. You’re not allowed to be an inexperienced fighter who frequently needs help from her teammates. You’re not allowed to show any weaknesses, because otherwise you’re setting feminism back by 200 years.

And for the love of God’s green Earth, can we please stop acting like Mamoru protecting Usagi in Crystal is the end of the world? If you take issue with that, then take issue with literally every single incarnation of Sailor Moon that has ever existed. In the first arc, Usagi gets saved by Tuxedo Mask a lot. GET OVER IT. She sure does! In the later arcs, after she learns to harness her powers and becomes way more experienced, she’s often the one who saves him.

This might be shocking to some of you, but people who love and care for each other usually want to protect the other from harm. Mamoru doesn’t want Usagi to get killed by the Dark Kingdom, so he throws himself in front of her takes the bullet instead. Usagi doesn’t want Mamoru to be a brainwashed slave of the Dark Kingdom, so she goes off to rescue him despite knowing that she could very well die. This sort of thing happens over and over again in the series.

You want to talk about gender equality? This is gender equality. He saves her, she saves him. But, according to some people, this is anti-feminist. Usagi shouldn’t ever need saving, she needs to always be better than Mamoru. She can’t ever be in trouble because otherwise she’s just a horribly written character and a setback to women everywhere. Fuck that. Fuck everyone who thinks this way. They don’t want representation, they don’t want realistic female characters, they just want overpowered, static, bland characters that nobody can relate to. 

And what really gets me is that I feel like these people are directly insulting me, because Usagi and I have so much in common. I can’t even count how many people feel the same connection to her. So when you bash her for acting like a real person, you’re basically bashing women who are emotional and who do need help and do have moments of weakness. I guess we just aren’t feminist enough.

Tl;dr- Stop shaming women for not living up to your standards. 

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What do you think about villains and redemption?

One thing that tends to piss me off about this subject is fandoms acting as if a protagonist is automatically a bad person for not wanting to forgive a villain after they’ve hurt numerous people and showed zero remorse about it. I dislike this common notion that protagonists aren’t allowed to be flawed, aren’t allowed to refuse to forgive characters that they see as incapable of turning away from their wickedness, etc. They are under no obligation to hug this character, reassure them that their behavior was justified, and pretend like nothing ever happened. This trope only works for certain genres and it isn’t applicable to all villains because, just like in real life, some really are too rotten and evil to be willing to admit wrongdoing or feel any type of remorse. 

I’m all for redemption arcs when they make sense, are well-thought out, and when redemption is actually plausible for a character. But tbh, the whole “your actions have no consequences and you get to become one of us now” thing has always left a bad taste in my mouth. I want my problematic favs to suffer when they fuck up. I want my problematic favs to reflect on their actions, realize why said actions were wrong, and make a conscious effort to turn away from their behavior. I don’t want them suddenly going, “Oh, ok. You’re right, I’m wrong. You’re good, I’m bad”, because another character lectured them and magically convinced them to join the side of good through the power of friendship and forgiveness. 

I write this with near tears in my eyes. Not because Trump had won or because the state of the world has been thrown into further chaos, but for the fact no one had listened to our warnings. Liberals and Democrats want to blame everyone but themselves, If Democrats put a half decent candidate up, and not a repugnant war-mongering crooked criminal up they would’ve won. Blame them, not third party voters or people who chose not to exercise their ‘right’ vote. Blame them for putting a profoundly untrustworthy candidate, and not African Americans, Russia or Palestinians who were sick of this. Blame your incredibly flawed democracy, that only gives you the two party choice that allowed it to be Trump or Clinton. I’m angry because we had absolutely warned you. You laughed in the face of young communists and anarchists at the idea, but we TOLD YOU that white fascism was rising, we TOLD YOU that white rage was real and was going to turn the world upside down. We TOLD YOU that your white neighbours may smile to your face, and not have the Trump signs in their back yards but they voted for him in the ballot, just because it’s not in your face doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but liberals were so convinced by this idea of their false unity and disposable disingenuous allism that you did not listen. And this isn’t about political point-scoring, but it’s about the fact that liberals love to compare our mobilisation and support of violent resistance to Nazis. The very people who fight against them the most, the ones who show up at protests the most. And now look what happened. The choice was between a sexist racist bigot and a woman who caged black people like animals in their millions, bombed and deported brown people in their millions and has decades of political corruption and sabotage in her past. This wasn’t an option. We have to make racists afraid again, we have to make them FEAR. Black panthers, brown power, yellow peril, all these political groups in the past taught you that this non-violent shit will get you killed. This is not a question. We have to hold our younger brown and black brothers and sisters and protect them. Protect them from the fear of persecution, deportation and rising attacks against minorities. You cannot afford to go into a four year political hiatus again, and only get mad during the presidential elections. Continue fighting. MOBILISE, MOBILISE, MOBILISE. It doesn’t have to end here unless you allow it to, and we can continue to go up from here now that everyone who was sleeping on fascism finally know it exists. We have to create a radical alternative to this, we have to have better representatives, we have to mobilise for men like Corbyn or even people far more left than him. It’s in our hands.

kind of weird comment to make about Skam, but I love that the people in it are actual teenagers or very early 20′s and that they are allowed to be flawed. Like the fact that their blemishes aren’t always covered up and stuff like that. It makes it feel more real. I also feel like the makeup worn in the show is great, because some of it looks like they did it themselves. The clothes are wonderful as well, everyone has their own style, but they don’t look ridiculously dressed. The fact that Noora doesn’t wear lipstick 24/7 and that we see her put it on to dress up, or wipe it off for reasons. I appreciate that. 

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What makes you love Cassandra Cain so much?

I mean, it’s really hard to say at the end of the day, isn’t it? What really resonates with anyone when it comes to fictional characters is this weirdly beautiful, completely incidental sequence of things just lining up for you.

People who’ve known me for a while know that I’m pretty fascinated with just the concept of communication in general. I love fiction that examines that aspect of how we relate to the world and to each other – heck, my own passion project is completely centered around the power of communication and its different forms, and you can say pretty clearly that my love of characters like Zatanna has to do with the power of words, or even when you start getting into the Spider Family how the use of quips and language genuinely impacts their combat and also how they’re related to by the rest of the hero community & their villains.

So, for me, the way Cass completely turns the power of words over on its head in a medium that is half, if not even more than half, reliant on direct dialogue, monologues, and thought captions of characters just appeals to me in ways I have trouble articulating myself. Because communication is vital to Cass’ series, but it’s not in a way that you even recognize at first.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #1]

I can actually say, without risk of exaggeration that Cassandra Cain made me reexamine a subject that I was already very attached to and came out with a new and improved understanding of what communication meant. There were multiple times Cass gave me an opportunity to see the importance of other ways to communicate beyond words, and how much struggle there was behind these other perspectives.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #58]

I love Cassandra because she is a loving champion for people who come from abuse. She doesn’t hate and scorn and blame everyone around her for the abuse she had as a child, and there is never any denial that it informed her character or made her who she was to an extent. The years she spent under Cain taught her many things, and she can’t remove them from herself.

But what Cass does, arguably more so than almost any character I’ve seen with similar backgrounds, is that she embraces taking what she has been taught and what was used against her, and makes it something that her biological parents would never dream of doing: using it to help people, to save people, to give life rather than to take it.

Cassandra’s story is about breaking the cycle of violence she was born into because she — not her “good” parent, not her mentors, not anyone but herself — knew from the bottom of her heart what was right and wrong. Because she believes with such a conviction that everyone deserves life and that everyone can change, that she will fight for everyone.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #16]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #25]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #36]

I love her loyalty, her fierceness, her stubbornness. I love that she can be wrong and bullheaded, that she can make mistakes — that she grew apart and separate from people but can love them and defend them with her every breath. I love that she grows aware of how her detached ways do not make her happy, and I love that she finds a family for herself that are concerned for her in those exact ways.

God, I love how much her and Barbara meant to each other, how much Barbara would defend her, but also could be wrong even in her genuine attempts at doing right by them both. That their relationship actually felt like a mother and a daughter, passing the torch between each other but not abandoning each other once it was done. They still had so much to learn from each other. And did for so long.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #49]

I love so much that she was the girl who wanted to be Batman, to take over for him when he was gone — that as much as her disabilities or her gender may have (and in the real world, apparently, DO) made people discount her, in story her dreams were allowed to flourish, to be supported by everyone around her from Tim to Babs to Bruce himself.

Those were such powerful moments — that she was, no matter what, considered a worthy and valid successor to Batman.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #67]

I love Cass for her relationships, for her humor, for her skill and for her flaws, I love Cass because she changed and grew and didn’t have to repeatedly prove herself at the same objective — she won and she went on to the next story.

I love that she and Bruce had a bond — one that could be full of her pressing his buttons and good humor to being the ear he needed when he was hurting the most and needed to confide in someone. That she was so trusted and loved by her family — the family she found for herself when she escaped her abusive and murderous father.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #51]

[Detective Comics (1937-2011) #790]

I love so much about Cass that it’s difficult to really know where to start and where to end here. I’ve covered SO LITTLE of what was accomplished with her character and how it touched me, but, hey, a few years from now and maybe even more sideblogs dedicated to the effort, I might someday run out of things to say.

Until then, I’ll just stick with saying that I love Cass for giving me the unique comic book experience I have had thanks to her. Thanks to the perspectives she’s given me. And for the lessons she’s taught me. She’s my favorite comic character because I can’t really think of anyone truly like her that managed to accomplish all that she did for as long as she did, even if the timing and the place ended up working against her.

It’s interesting to think what might have happened had only she been allowed to keep her character momentum a few more years as the digital comic book fandom expanded and new fans began to rush in. And at the same time she’s a product of so much more freedom than was given in later eras of comics I don’t know if it would have even been possible.

Well, here’s hoping.

Also, these pages. I love Cass for these pages.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #15]

The Harry Potter Series isn’t perfect

like, it is such a simple statement.

I love Harry Potter. I have loved it since I was 7 years old. I have all the books and the blu rays. I have a wand and a broom and a time turner, a robe and a scarf, I have a tattoo. I’ve written founders roleplays and next gen fanfictions, and slash fiction from drarry and wolfstar. I have wizard wrock on my playlists. I remember potter puppet pals and the very potter musical. I’ve read My Immortal. I’ve been to the theme park. I went to midnight book releases and midnight movie premiers. I love Harry Potter. 

And the Harry Potter Series isn’t perfect. It just isn’t. 

Like, we can admit that, right?

We can admit that there is a clear shift between books 4 and 5 when JKR figured out how the books were going to end and that there are plot threads from the first 4 books that were dropped because of that. We can talk about how the representation of real life minorities is AWFUL. We can critique how the books preach “house unity” and then fail to  adequately humanize the Slytherins meaningfully. We can point out the flaws in the world building. 

People, it is one of the single largest media franchises of our generation, of the century. We are allowed to be honest about its failings while we praise it for its strengths. 


Should I forgo watching the episode? I think so because I live for the live blogging.

Lily Salvatore- surviving on two drops of blood. Did it ever occur to anyone that to train your body like that, you would have to be alive? Is that just my logic or am I pointing out plot holes? Look at Katherine and Enzo’s tolerance for vervain. Now Lily Salvatore surviving on two drops of blood. 

So she wasn’t alone in that prison, creepy and with other vampires. I wonder with her ripper nature and her surviving on two drops of blood for 110 years, will she be able to keep her composure now that she has access to more blood? I am not betting on her because Stefan has shown me that he looses control quite easily. So we are in for a ride.  

Kai- I really did like his character and I did ship Bonkai because I am trash. Not even ashamed to admit it. I applaud Bonnie. I did kinda feel bad for him especially since he is now left in a world with hungry vampires. Well, that sucks for Liv and Jo. 

To those of you ragging on Bonnie’s decision to back stab Kai………are we watching the same show? To those of you calling her immature, Bonnie has forgiven Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy and her mother for their transgressions against her. Two of those people she cared deeply for, one was an acquaintance and Damon was her enemy for the longest time. 

And to the half of Bonkai fandom that is hating Bonnie please check yourself hypocrites. Bonnie has always done the things she felt were right but she always came out losing and being punished for them. And for one second, Kai claims to have changed and you’re like poor thing. I hate Bonnie, I hope she dies. 

Where was your compassion when Kai was torturing Bonnie? Where was your compassion when Ben made a fool of her? Where was your compassion when both her ancestor and the spirits used her for their purposes i.e. putting her in harm’s way with Damon then Alaric? Where was your compassion when her grandmother died? Where was your compassion when you found out that her mother abandoned not once but twice? Where was your compassion when she was being punished by seeing visions of the spirits torturing her grandmother? Where was your compassion when you found out Shane was lying and manipulating her? Where was your compassion when her father was murdered in front of her? Where was your compassion when her ancestor deliberately didn’t mention to her that she was going to endure each and every sting of the death of a supernatural? Where was your compassion when she was basically giving birth to all the supernaturals by passing them back over to the living side? 

Yeah don’t come over here with that fake ass caring for Bonnie. I would like for you to exit her fandom and any of the multi ships that she is involved in. 

And before you get off calling me hypocritical for praising Kai’s demise- Bonkai was a crackship and I never once considered it to become canon. It was purely an exercise in exploring the dynamics of such a pairing. Does Chris and Kat have chemistry? Yes. 

I did like Kai Parker when he was a villain. The acquiring of emotions because he absorbed Luke………just no, it is horrible writing and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If Kai had decided to change before the merge happened or at least showed a modicum of wanting redemption of his OWN FREE WILL, then I would be more open to it. But for right now, I don’t care for his story line.

Do I agree that Bonnie should take out her hatred and her aggression on her friends as well? 1000000000000000000000000% Yes. I want her to tell her friends (that includes Damon) about themselves. I am glad that she started with Kai and I hope she ends with Elena.

Do I agree that someone should have told Bonnie that Kai helped in rescuing her? Yes because I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Do I think that would have influenced Bonnie’s decision on leaving Kai in 1903? I want to say yes because Bonnie does reciprocate in terms of giving tit for tat. However, because of seeing the amount of trauma she has in concern to Kai, I am going to go with no.    

However, I do think that there will be more Bonkai scenes because I think Bonnie will go save Kai’s life in that world. It will probably be in return for helping her during her birthday and it will be when she finds out that Jo is pregnant.

And if this scenario plays out then I want Kai to truly use that humanity he has and forgive Bonnie. Then we will really see if it was all bullshit.

Steroline- Congrats to the fandom. Please be sure that people are going to come after you now. You now have a target on your backs. However, since I ship both Steroline and Stelena then Forwood, Klaroline, Carenzo and any of the other Caroline multi ship, I will try to give you as much support as I possibly can. And it is now your job to collect a hater a day. 

Bamon- lovely to see my OTP doing what they do best; plotting, scheming and succeeding. 

I agree that Bonnie should have given the cure to her mother but let us remember that Bonnie and Abby’s relationship is ground zero. Abby left Bonnie not once but twice, raised another person that was not her son in place of Bonnie because he was normal and then almost got her killed when she contacted that coven to cleanse her of expression. And no one can tell me that she didn’t even have an inkling of what they were going to do to Bonnie. Abby was raised as a witch, she knew the price of messing with dark magic and expression. She knew she was sending her daughter to die. 

Bonnie forgave Abby’s murderer and sire, Damon. They have a ton of issues that need to be explored and hashed out. 

I am also glad that she gave Damon the choice of how to use the cure. Bamon shippers, do we realize that Damon and Bonnie had a conversation centered around being a vampire and Damon possibly confessing that he missed being human? 

While my Bamon shipper heart wants to scream out, Damon take the cure and be with Bonnie. Do something to fulfill your deepest desire. My Bonnie stan heart wants Damon to turn around and give it to Abby. Something that would redeem him further in my eyes. 

Also the cock blocking scene, I have seen the gifs. His eyes were closed and you know when he sensed her presence, he started thinking about her in place of Elena. That is gold. 

Bonnie- I loved that she did that to Kai. I hope she continues this trend of overt aggression towards people that also deserve it. That includes Damon, sweetie. Have no fucks and give no quarter to people that think it is okay for her to take a backseat in her own damn life. 

Bonnie has always been the bigger person; the merciful one. So her doing what she did to Kai is showing that Bonnie isn’t just a one dimensional character. Do I enjoy that the hero has a character flaw? Yes because she is showing that she is acting like a real person. She was only allowed once to show that she was vindictive and that was when she set fire to Damon. People got pissed because she was hurting their favorite, so she was silenced.

Do I lament that she is being vindictive? Yes. This development in Bonnie’s character is a negative and potentially harmful to her perception of self. She considers herself to be a moral person that does not engage in such behavior.

Will I enjoy Bonnie reveling in her darkness? Yes because I will enjoy her journey back to herself.   

Love always,

Don’t Fear the Ripper

We are not people.

It’s as simple as that.

Because the moment, yes, all women, start telling the world our stories of mistreatment, is the same moment another tag starts to trend. Two of them, actually. #Yesallmen, and #Yesallpeople.

Because the moment you start arguing for women’s rights, or say you’re a feminist, is the moment the angry mob descends. “Why are you a feminist?!” They cry, “Don’t you care about anyone else?!”

“Yes, I do.” I reply, “What makes you think I don’t?”

“You should call yourself an egalitarian then!” They shout, “Because if you’re a feminist, it means you don’t care about anyone but yourself! You’re making up all this stuff! Women have the right to vote! They don’t need any more equal rights because they alredy have them! You should call yourself a human rights activist, not a feminist!”

#Yesallpeople, because anti-feminists, even female ones, don’t want to contribute to the proof of our existance, and the fact that, YES, ALL women have been mistreated by men. All women have, at some point in their life, been shamed, or abused, or reduced to an object, by a man.

Maybe he touched you when you didn’t want him to. Maybe he got in your personal space. Maybe he catcalled you and your friends as you were walking. Maybe the moment you turned him down was the moment he turned into a monster. Maybe he stared at you as you walked toward the pool in a bikini. Maybe splashed water on you so that he would be able to see through your shirt. Maybe he wouldn’t back down when you told him no. Maybe he tried to threaten you into doing something for him. Maybe he made you feel bad for being yourself. Maybe he reacted with disgust when he saw your hairy legs. Maybe he told you that you were disgusting and unclean. Maybe he sent you pictures you didn’t want to see. Maybe he told you to do things you didn’t want to do. Maybe he bragged about you to the whole school. Maybe he made up lies about you so that your friends would leave you. Maybe you were told that “boys will be boys” when you tried to tell someone. Maybe you were taught not to complain when he stared at you like that, because you should be glad for the attention. Maybe you hid the bruises he put on your arms. Maybe you fought back. Maybe you weren’t afraid to show people what he’d done to you. Maybe they beleived him over you. Maybe you started to blame yourself, too.

The point is, he did it. He did something to you. Said something to you, that made you ashamed of being your own person. Of being female. Of being alive.

People keep trying to tell me that I should stop calling myself a feminist if I support equal rights for all. They keep telling me that if I really cared, I would call myself an egalitarian, and fight for the rights of all people, not just women.

But you know what?

There’s a problem with that.

Because you tell me I don’t care because I say I am a feminist.

Because you tell me I’m a terrible person because I want women to be on completely equal footing with men.

Because you try to tell me that I need to make my cause not about women so that men will support me.

Because you try to tell me that I should be saying #Yesallpeople instead of #Yesallwomen.

Because you’re missing the point. Your ideals have blinded you to the truth.

Because we’re not people.

Because the moment women start to band together to tell their stories to the world, we’re told that we’re monsters, and that, by sharing our pain, we’re erasing the pain of others.

Because when I say that I am a feminist, people assume that I hate men.

Because when I say that I am a feminist, people assume that I hate anyone that isn’t white.

Because when I try to tell people what I have suffered, because I am a woman, they shout, “NOT ALL MEN!”

Because we’re not people. Not to them. We’re objects. We’re pretty pretty paintings to be admired, and then torn down when we’re no longer useful. We exist to bring pleasure to men.

Because we’re not people. We’re minors in school that are forced to cover their arms and legs so we don’t distract the boys. They’re not our classmates. Not according to the rules. No. Because we’re not students. We’re objects that threaten to distract everyone. Objects that need to be removed. Cover it with a white sheet, quick! Before anyone notices that it has skin! Before anyone notices that it’s human! Before anyone notices that the real students are the only ones allowed to wear shorts!

Because you know what?

There is a fundamental flaw with the mentality that we should support human rights, instead of any specific denomination.

Because in saying that, you’re assuming that every single human being on this planet cares about those other than themselves the way you do. You’re assuming that they don’t think themselves the only one on the entire planet that has rights. You’re assuming that they have the same definition of a person as you do. When you tell them that you support human rights, (and denounce feminism in the very same breath as self-centered and selfish), you’re assuming that they understand you completely.

But they don’t.

Because you’ve accidentally projected your own compassion and understanding of the human race onto them.

Because we’re not people.

Not to them.

Their concept of “people”, of “human”, is those who are like themselves. The ones that are already in power. The ones that have no problem at all with the status quo.

To them, we’re objects. Theives in the night, the color of our skin determining our likelyhood to commit a crime. Terrorists in the sky, a small fraction of our religion damning us all. Living, breathing sex toys, our gender consent all in and of itself.

Because we’re not people.

We’re not students. We’re not co-workers. We’re not allowed to feel the scorching summer sun. We’re not allowed to be human. We’re supposed to deny evolutions hundreds of thousands of millions of years, and feel ashamed of our own bodies. We’re not allowed to have hair anywhere but on our head. We’re not allowed to have bare shoulders or knees for fear that we might distract the real, hardworking students. They’re not our classmates. Because you don’t call a playboy magazine your classmate, and we’re not people.

We’re distractions. Because our schools don’t teach our children not to stare at one another. They teach them not to be stared at.

We’re walking consent. Because our society doesn’t teach its members not to rape. It teaches them not to be raped.

Because from the moment we can understand the words, “Stick and stones” are sun into oblivion. Because we don’t teach our children to be nice to one another. We teach them to hide their pain and pretend it doesn’t really hurt.

So, the next time you go to post one of your anti-feminism speeches, remember this:

Human rights campaigns only work when everyone involved sees those around them as human.

If you don’t tell them, straight up, no argument or dodging or cover-alls, who you’re fighting for, they’re going to assume that you don’t mean the objects around them.

We are not people, because you gasp in horror at the hair on my legs, while the hair on yours is nothing to blink at.

We are not people, because a boy is rejected, and you feel sorry for him even as he murders six people.

We are not people, because you makes jokes about rape, and call us idiots when we get upset.

We are not people, because our hormones make us inelligible for the presidency, while yours excuse your actions when you rape, and kill, and ruin peoples lives.

We are not people. Not to you.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, or where you were born, or what language you speak, or what color your skin is.

If your only reaction to the #Yesallwomen tag is “NOT ALL MEN!” then you have missed the point completely.

Because you’re making it about the abusers.

And not the victims.

So, yes, ALL women. A sentence, that, in and of itself, implies that not all men are the problem.

Not all bees will sting you, but that doesn’t mean you teach your kids that they’ll never be stung. Just because you haven’t been stung yet doesn’t mean you get to ridicule and mock and shame those who have been.

Don’t make it about you.

Because not all men are monsters.

But you know what? every woman on this earth has been hurt or degraded by one of them.

And it needs to stop.

I love flawed characters, especially flawed protagonists. They almost always end up being my favorite (or are already my favorite, as if I have a sixth sense for these things). And I mean actually flawed, like have undeniable character flaws and make unquestionably wrong decisions (as long as they make logical sense for the character to do), not “flaws” like “they’re too trusting” or “too nice”. 

and what I like most about them is that it gives me such much respect for the person writing. It’s so tempting to pull your punches when writing a protagonist. People need to like them, right? So you can’t let them be as flawed as they should be (which is often why villains are more interesting than protagonists, because they’re allowed to be significantly flawed) and it makes for a boring or at least lukewarm character. Sure, people like them, because they’re never objectionable, but its hard to get invested in them because they don’t feel like real relateable people. I want to watch a character develop, see them make mistakes, get better, then get worse, then better again. I don’t want to watch a “good” character continuously be vindicated in how great and flawless they are

It takes a good writer to allow their characters to be flawed and I have such respect for people who don’t hold back on allowing their characters to be flawed

suedonima  asked:

Hey Ohtze! First things first, love your blog! Your posts are fantastic :) I was wondering. Would you be willing to detail why Rey is a great character? I'm witnessing the whole "Mary Sue" thing thrusted on her by some folk, and I feel it's not justified. I tried looking through your archive to find a post related to this topic, and I found you describing her as incredibly nuanced, and I agree. She's competent and skiddish. She's prone to anger, but caring. What do you think?

Oh man, I dunno even where to begin with this. This ask has been sitting in my inbox for months, and tbh now that I’m getting to it my answer will still be short, because moving. It also won’t be very in-depth, so I’m sorry.

I (personally) find Rey to be a great character because she’s not stereotypical. She’s got both masculine and feminine traits, and she’s allowed to be both without the film making a commentary on it. She’s strong, but she’s also allowed to show fragility, which is what real people are like. She’s intelligent and curious and friendly and firm in her convictions. She’s got strengths and flaws. I agree she’s competent and skittish; that she’s prone to anger, but also caring, and I love this dichotomy of emotions we see in her. In TFA she subverts a lot of preconceived notions about female characterization and women's’ roles within genre fiction (see: turning the damsel in distress trope on its head), and I love that.

As for the “Mary Sue” moniker; yes, I agree that its unjustified and false, and stems from a place of sexism (unconsciously or not). A criticism I’ve heard about Rey again and again - related to the Mary Sue slur - is that she’s wish fulfillment. But in reality Rey is no worse than any other male character in genre fiction out there.

Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Spider-Man, Captain America, Bruce Wayne, Wolverine, Wesley Crusher, Captain Kirk, Sam Witwicky, Richard Rahl, Wil Ohmsford, Simon “Mooncalf” Snowlock, Kylar Stern, John Connor, John Crichton, Jon Snow, John Sheppard, Commander John Shepard, Riddick, Angel, Neo “Thomas A. Anderson”, Kvothe, Malcolm Reynolds, Cloud Strife and Ichigo Kurosaki (the list goes on and on and on) are all forms of “Gary Stu,” and wish fulfillment too.

In the immortal words of @ashesforfoxes, “badass edgelords are always Stus.” The writing is on the wall.

I’m beginning to realize what a relationship really means. What it really consists of. It’s not picture perfect and as ideal as its fantasized to be but its real. It’s real in the sense that it consists of two individuals allowing one another to see themselves like no one else does. To consciously share their souls in the hopes that it’ll be returned with a connection. Recognize each other as people who are flawed but can grow and develop. Who are not meant to mesh as one, but create a balance with one another. To realize problems are inevitable while resolution is a choice. So growth becomes an option that both partners must be willing to allow through compromise. To give each other the chance to be themselves. Because that’s the reality of a relationship. It is painful and it is difficult. While at the same time it is soft and delicate.

Here's the Problem with the FNDM

Scenario 1:

Fan A: “I like RWBY, but I wish it had more representation.”

Fan B: “I like RWBY too, and I think it’s fine the way it is. Give them time to develop the story and characters and maybe you’ll like what happens.”

Fan A: “How dare you! Don’t you understand how important this is to me? Why would you defend this lack of representation?” *harasses and badmouths Fan B for disagreeing with them*

* (Feel free to replace “more representation” with “more diversity,” or “my favorite ship,” or “more fighting ladies and less dweeby guys,” or whatever else you think the show needs.)

Scenario 2:

Fan A: “I like RWBY, but I wish it had more representation.”

Fan B: “I like RWBY too, and I think it’s fine the way it is. Give them time to develop the story and characters and maybe you’ll like what happens.”

Fan A: “You go ahead and think that way, but I think you’re wrong. I want to encourage the creators to add more representation.” *still enjoys the show and lets other fans do the same*

We need a lot less of Scenario 1, and a lot more of Scenario 2.

There’s nothing wrong with criticizing the show, with thinking it has flaws, or that it would be better off if they did X, Y, or Z. But there’s nothing wrong with other fans disagreeing with you, either. They’re allowed their opinion just as much as you are, and just because they see things differently doesn’t mean they hate you, or they’re attacking you, and it certainly doesn’t justify getting nasty at them. They simply have a different opinion, and that’s okay.

If your feelings about a fictional story and fictional characters make you lash out and hurt other real life people, maybe you need to reevaluate your investment in the show.