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whatre your most obscure/underrated headcanons

  • patroclus and achilles switch in bed!! most of the time achilles bottoms but they do switch!! this is v important to me
  • achilles gives the best hugs!! he’s all muscular and warm and he’ll just hold you for the longest time and an achilles hug is the most comforting thing on planet earth
  • patroclus and briseis talk about achilles in front of him in anatolian and achilles is desperate to know what they’re saying but usually it’s just the BC equivalent of “nice ass he’s got there” “i know right”
  • speaking of briseis!! i don’t think she ever totally got over patroclus but i like to think that at the very least she had a few flings with some of the other women in the camp or a nice soldier or two, she deserves to have fun and be loved
  • after pat and achilles got together, when they were still on mt pelion, when they were trying to be ~inconspicuous~ about their relationship because pat didn’t want chiron to know? chiron knew. chiron 1000% knew. like, he’s been alive basically forever and he’s seen a few teenagers in love in that time. plus, their version of “subtlety” includes making each other flower crowns and literally devouring each other with their eyes in broad daylight. they’re the Worst and every night he has to go farther and farther away from the cave so he can’t hear them….doing things….
  • patroclus talks in his sleep and it always wakes achilles up but he never tells him. usually he just says nonsense words but one time he rolled over and flung an arm over achilles and mumbled “love you s’much”. achilles is in a great mood for the whole next day and pat doesn’t understand why !!

i have faith in you

36/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


otp challenge (½ songs): In My Veins by Andrew Belle

Oh, you’re in my veins
And I cannot get you out.
Oh, you’re all I taste
At night inside of my mouth.
Oh, you run away
‘Cause I am not what you found.
Oh, you’re in my veins
And I cannot get you out.


im fuckin crying cause I’m just picturing a really romantic wedding and then when we say our vows it’s like ‘will u be the dom!jean to my power bottom!eren???’ 'i do’ and then every one just starts weeping because tru otp love is a beautiful thing

Fic: And Then There Were...

What would’ve been one of my entries for the fic party of Senshi Civil War if I had gotten my act together. I blame a week with a lot of old books and too much time to think for the idea and just general blasldkjafs for not getting it up in time. I’m still… not super satisfied with it but it’s something and it’s written which is more than I can honestly say for a lot of things I’ve started so. Here it is. Tagging docholligay because one way or another I think you might like it. Hope the rest of you do too.

Trigger for character death and blood

There had been ten when it began.

It had been an accident. In battle, no one could be everywhere. It was hard to see where anyone was beside yourself. And even then you could lose yourself in the blood. All the blood and flesh and the feeling of your own being rushing and pounding as you rushed and pounded into your enemy. Seeing anyone much other than the one at your side was next to impossible.

But they had all felt it. The pain that had reached inside of them all and torn a hole wide open. Darkness voided out the Light that she had filled in each of them, tearing apart the souls that had guided them through countless lives and deaths, and leaving nothing but a faint hollow ring. They had known what it meant from the first breath after. But how? How? Someone was supposed to be with her.

They were supposed to be her guardians.

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Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons

“Even if I can’t erase it, I don’t want you to feel the way I do. Because you… you were going to give up so much… You don’t deserve the universe to thank you with awful memories that won’t fade.”


So I just saw someone bashing over Sakura and Konoha Hiden on Goodreads JUST because her OTP didn’t become canon.

She said something along the line ‘Stop making NH (look like) a perfect couple’ and 'Sakura’s love is for Naruto, she’s obsessing over Sasuke. Mashashi Kishimoto please stop mixing up love and obsession’

Talk about someone that thinks she knew better than the mangaka.

So pathetic.


Announcer: “And catching for Tyler is Teen Wolf co-star, Dylan O'Brien.”

Me: *snorts so hard I inhaled air from a past life*