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I decided that I want to get some personal, meaningful, aesthetic tattoos that are inspired by different musicians or bands that mean a lot to me and changed my life in some way. But I want the person to draw it for me, because that makes it so much more personal and special, and because I know it won’t look like a “perfect tattoo”.

 And I already got a reply from someone saying that he would be down for drawing one for me when I have an idea of what I want!!

my friend told me I have good limb regeneration, so I cut off both of my arms because they weren’t perfect. When I looked in the mirror I realized they probably wouldn’t fully grow back so I had a mental breakdown about how my actions have consequences

IN A WORLD where evil runs rampant, sometimes a new generation of heroes is needed to answer the call. SKY HIGH, a floating school in the clouds, is the best training facility for young heroes to learn to harness their powers and grow into the position of HERO or SIDEKICK. however, it comes with all the drama that comes with teenagers and high school, making it an interesting experience for everyone.


  • doubles are allowed
  • please no ooc drama
  • the tag to track would be ( v; sky high )
  • if you want to join, send me an ask with your character and position

HEROES ( those with spectacular powers like super strength and speed ):

SIDEKICKS ( those with lesser powers or none at all ):

VILLAINS / ANTI-HEROES ( those with more questionable morals ):

TEACHERS ( those who’s focus is on training heroes and sidekicks ):

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I need to rant. Eliza nor Alycia are a voice for me, I'm so tired of my community pinning up straight white women who play* queer women as my rep and if I don't love them I am satan. Where's the love for WOC who play queer women? Or real queer celebrities who get nothing because they don't look like the perfect straight white actress. Why does the MOC Always get seen as the *plantonicTM partner of the white female lead? True colours were shown when they infested FTWD tags and bierased Clarke

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Others look up to me because they think I’m perfect, in a way. Many say that they aspire to be as confident as I am with myself when it comes to how I look. It doesn’t always cross peoples mind that I don’t have days or weeks or even months where I can’t see beauty where I should. I am very proud of how far I’ve come with loving myself. I used to have such hatred towards silly things about my body. I have learned to love many parts of me, but some will always make me feel incredibly ugly.

I am small. I am short and I have a small body with a very young face, or what I and many call ‘a baby face’. People have always commented on the fact that I don’t look my age. And lately it had been bugging me a lot. Recently a fully grown woman made the comment that everyone does ‘oh, did you know you look younger than your age?’ No shit Sherlock. The kids I teach keep telling me how funny it is that I’m two years older than my friend because she looks older than me.
EverytimeI wear make up people say it suits me because it makes me look older and that I should wear it everyday. But I don’t want to. I like not wearing it.
All this just makes my head spin. Do people my age look away because I’m not one of them? Will anyone ever find me attractive? Why do I have to look so small beside my best friend and her gorgeous curvy body?

Here is a story where I at one point became so pissed at stupid people who made stupid comments that I decided to act:
This comment was always most common for me to hear at summer camp. A place where guys and girls fell in love over the summer and all everyone talked about was how attractive people were. So once again I was going. Me, a small 13 year old looking like she was 10, made a shirt. On the back of this shirt I printed the words “yes, I was born 1997”. I put this on the day I went and I wore it the entire day. And no comment. People were too stunned to comment.

Being small is what haunts me the most. But when I say that I’m self confident it’s because I can look in the mirror most days and be proud. I know that I love my smile which makes a perfect half moon. Or that I love to drown in my own deep blue eyes. I know better than to hate something I can’t control and I know I have to live with it.

What I’m trying to say is that you simply don’t wake up one morning and feel pretty. It takes such fucking hard work and I honestly wish it didn’t. But it does. And at the end of the day it’s worth the work when I can look the mirror and think “damn”.

Rivamika headcanon [School AU]

Levi is a genius senior and everybody idolizes him because he excelled in almost everything (and also very good-looking). Now here comes Mikasa, a prodigious freshman whose talents and intellect are no joke, either. So, like, everybody ships them because they’re so perfect and they look good together and whenever they pass by each other in the hallway during lunch break, the whole student body holds its  breath as the tension rises intensely. But despite all this, Levi and Mikasa couldn’t care less and truthfully, they are irritated whenever everyone makes a commotion because of them.

When Mikasa couldn’t take it anymore, she confronts Levi herself. After school ends, she spots him near the gates and she runs to catch up to him. She tugs at his sleeves to get his attention, which was unnecessary because he already sensed her presence even before she did the gesture. She gets straight to the point.

“Please stay away from me.” She said stoically. Levi maintained his indifferent expression, but he was slightly irked. This freshman needs to know her place.

“Aren’t you the one who approached me?” he spat. At this, Mikasa’s cheeks colored, and she muttered some insults, her voice so quiet no one could’ve heard except of course, him.

“What did you say?” Levi growls and his eyebrows raise dangerously. Now if Levi has directed this expression to somebody, no doubt he would cringe and cower, but Mikasa isn’t somebody, and instead, challenged him.

“I said, maybe you scowled too much even your pituitary gland cracked from the stress and stopped producing growth hormones”

“Insolent brat. Didn’t your mother teach you how to respect your elders? Oh sorry. I forgot you don’t have one.”

Now Mikasa was furious.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m easily a head taller than you I actually forgot you were older.”



And they could’ve argued forever if it weren’t for a couple of girls who squealed delightly chanting something like “otp otp”

Born under the Black Sun

“Here. For your troubles.”

Money changes hands. The midwife’s expression becomes one of surprise as she feels the weight of the coin purse received from Lady Eilhart’s hands. She has helped to bring children into the world for decades, is considered the best midwife that can be found in the region, if not in all of Redania, but no one has ever paid her quite this much. She has attended easy births and difficult ones, happy ones and others that left everyone, including herself, almost crushed by the weight of sadness and loss. But never before has her work sent cold shivers down her spine, her throat tightening with an inexplicable and irrational fear. Oh, how the storm had raged outside, deafening thunder and blindingly bright lightning striking in the same moment, the force of the gale so strong that trees that had stood for hundreds of years had become uprooted, crashing down to bury all life beneath their bulk while their leafy crowns burst into flames.

But worst of all had been the darkness. At first, it had appeared to be the impending storm with its black clouds obscuring the face of the sun, but it soon became clear that the sun’s face had darkened as if out of its own accord, concealed by a dark shadow that devoured its light, until day turned into night.

And right there amidst the chaos, the grey-haired midwife had delivered Lady Eilhart of a girl child, small and far too light, with sickly pale skin, unsettling yellow eyes, and a cry so forceful that it pierced everyone who heard it right down to the bone. If it hadn’t been for that cry, the midwife would not have expected the girl to live for long, and maybe, just maybe it would have been better that way.

She remembers the deep sense of shame that she felt at the thought, so incongruent with her profession, her ethics, her morals. Even worse, to this very day she finds herself unable to explain what circumstances elicited this feeling. She has seen too many children born under unfortunate circumstances grow up into completely normal, well adjusted and productive people, and her mother once told her, many years ago, that she herself glimpsed the light of day during a terrible hailstorm, right in the middle of summer, even. There was certainly nothing wrong with her, so why couldn’t she shake the feeling that something was wrong, very wrong indeed with the tiny human being cradled in her mother’s arms. But, by all the gods, her gaze was something else. Only a few days old she was, and already her eyes seemed to pierce the midwife’s soul every time they met hers. The old woman shivered.

“It’s…too much, Lady Eilhart. I can’t accept this. Judging by the weight, I would not earn as much in a whole year of attending births, I…”

“You  w i l l accept it. Accept it, and move away from here. You aren’t getting any younger, and the harsh winters in these parts surely wreak havoc on your old bones. They say that Toussaint has a lovely climate. Life is easy there, and in your line of work I dare say that you would not have to worry about finding yourself out of earnings.”

“Yes, Lady Eilhart, a lovely idea, but-“

“No buts. You shall do as you are told. But most of all, you will not disclose the circumstances of my daughter’s birth. To anyone. For as long as you live. Or you may find that your life will meet an untimely and unfortunate end. I have my ways, trust me on this.”

The midwife can not believe her ears. Is she being threatened? Is her silence being bought? Why would this carry such importance? She is known for her discretion, after all, she is no gossip, and in all honesty she would be more than happy to just forget this particular birth and its unsettling circumstances altogether.

The little girl, P h i l i p p a, they had named her, opens her eyes, turns her head. A chill runs down the midwife’s spine, and she instinctively wraps her arms around herself protectively.

She nods her head, her grip on the coin purse tightens.

“I give you my word.”

Well... This is Awkward

All the Ford in plaid and I just had to do it. You had to have seen this coming.

Kind of a werd writing style for me, but this is the best I can do without drawing it (no patience and not in the mood).

Okay, time to get ready for the day.

Jeans first- because who puts on anything else first unless looking for the perfect pair?

White undershirt- can’t go without it with a shirt that’ll button and unbutton.

Where’s the- nevermind, boots next.

Okay, now look for the blasted over shirt… where is it? It’s around here somewhere! They set it out the night before!

Okay, second option. Grey and white. Looks nice anyway.

Roll up the sleeves- there’s actual work to be done.

Fix the hair. Gotta fix it. Why is there so much? A haircut is needed for sure.

Maybe a belt- the pants will probably slide down… nah, they fit snug- no need.

And now to the Mystery Shack to see the family.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna change your shirt at least?”

“No. Why?”


And then the two look at each other.

Stanford Pines and Wendy Corduroy were wearing the same outfit- right down to the boots. Stanley and Dipper tried to get them to change because they both knew that the two wore plaid (well, Ford started wearing plaid on the sea) and that it’d be awkward when they saw each other.

Since when did the Professor start wearing plaid? Wendy thinks.

Now it’s starting to come back to me, Corduroys tend to wear plaid, he remembers- it’s been a year since he’s seen their family and thirty before that.

Stanford chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. “Well, this is awkward.”

Wendy laughs. “Yeah. But, hey, we’re twinsies today.”

Stanford nearly makes a smart comment, but decides to roll with it and smirks at his brother. “Guess you’ve got competition. She’s my twin sister and she looks more like me than you do.”

“Yeah,” Stanley says with a roll of his eyes and a smirk and then turns to Wendy. “So, Ford, you gonna help me put away these bags?”

Laughter ensues and Mabel hops over to Stanford.

“Hey, Wendy, wanna paint our nails?”

“Uh- sure,” he shrugs.

Mabel’s smile turns mischievous. “No backing out!”

And then she grabs his hand and drags him over to the table.

Wendy laughs so hard she doubles over. “Gotta be more careful, Professor!”

Stanford gives Wendy a look as his niece pants his nails and this makes her laugh harder.

“There!” Mabel says when she finishes. “Now just wait for them to dry.”

“Well, sis-

“Finish that sentence and I won’t be the only one with nail polish,” Stanford threatens his brother.

Stanley holds up his hands in defense and backs away. “Alright. You do you, sis.”

Stanford pushes himself to stand and chases after his brother.

“No running in the- oh, forget it,” Melody sighs.


Hello all! I’ve decided to open my art for commissions, as you can probably tell by looking at the pictures above. 

It’s my first time with commissions and I’m quite excited to draw to the people who would be interested in getting a character of their choice drawn by me. Although I feel like I should point out that I am a rather slow drawer sometimes, mostly because I want everything to look perfect, which is why I thought I should start by opening 5 commission spots only. At least at first, that is. If more people are interested and if I feel like I can manage more I will consider opening more spots. I will draw them in the commission order and will send you pictures of the progress upon request.

I will draw

  • Any character of your choice, including OCs
  • Couples/groups (an additional full body character will add 10€ to the price)

I will not draw

  • Nsfw & gore

You may contact me here @0rava​ and @artaresto​ here by sending me an IM or an ask. You may also send me an email to . As a payment method I will be accepting paypal of which I’ll info you should you be interested in commissioning something.


i already have the official hasbro version of tailgate (left) which isn’t a TERRIBLE representation of how he looks in mtmte but honestly i wanna pick up the unofficial figure (right) because. i mean just look at it. it’s perfect

it also comes with some bits to make the hasbro cyclonus figure i already have look more like his mtmte incarnation because of course it does