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Do you think the kaibaman card was requested/commissioned by Kaiba? Or a joke Pegasus played on him? I'm torn because it's clearly an homage to Kaiba, but one could easily say it's a parody. And I'm not sure how Kaiba himself would react especially if he didn't commission it specifically. If Kaiba and Pegasus have reached a truce by this time, I'm inclined to believe it was a silly yet harmless joke. But you never know, maybe Kaiba wanted his own card xD seems like something he'd do actually

I have the best anons.

Guys look at this epic question omg.

I went back and forth between the two theories a lot before coming up with my own. I think there’s a saying for that, something about if you can’t pick a door use a window? But anyway

I tend to believe Kaibaman was designed about a year post-canon but wasn’t released to the general public for a while after that. We all know Seto has completed construction of Kaibaland, which is a theme park for underprivileged kids, but there was a theory floating around that I thiiiink was courtesy of @gamesetomatch but don’t quote me, saying Kaiba dresses up as “Kaiba Man” and plays with all the children, and I just…it’s so fitting and so perfect. I will never let it go.

Basically, my theory for Kaibaman’s existence is an extension of that. 

Mokuba is the first one to suggest Kaibaland having a mascot, because so many of the children want to meet Seto but it’s a huge liability to have him there without tons of security to keep the press at bay. No one wants to have their children bombarded by pushy reporters. Seto folds his hands, knowing the mischievous look in his brother’s eye better than anyone.

“What are you proposing?”

And he just…whips out a costume. 

At first Kaiba says absolutely not, but then he thinks, why not? It’s perfect, no one will ever suspect him doing something so silly. They’ll assume he hired it done, and under normal circumstances, who wouldn’t?

So they privately market the hell out of this. Rumors and second-hand stories of the elusive “Kaiba Man” fly everywhere. Eve-ry-where. People come trying to sneak a peak and are never successful. Reporters staking out the property for days on end start to deliriously question if the guy has actual super powers. Where the hell is he? How does he disappear into a crowd so fast?

Pegasus gets wind of this but recognizes it as a marketing ploy. Takes it at face value and says it’s all for show.

Then one day he gets a letter from an American child desperate to meet the famed Kaiba Man he keeps seeing on the internet. The only trouble is, there’s no way his family can afford the flight to Japan or the money tied up in staying there for a few days. So he asks Pegasus if he can make a Kaibaman card.

“Please, so he ca be with everybody and everybody can be happy!”

Without a word to Seto, Pegasus does this. When he sets it on Seto’s desk, after it’s been duplicated several thousand times and tucked away in the secret confines of his castle, he’s got a little boy in toe.

““You will re-name this card.”

“It went into circulation this morning.”


“It’s absolutely out of the question,” his long fingers reach down to trace the edge of the card, peeling it up from the desk, “But if you’d rather disappoint your adoring fans.” 

The little boy doesn’t speak a word of Japanese and has no idea what they’re saying but he absolutely knows who Kaiba is and oh my goodness look out the window - look at the blue eyes statues - look at the rides - and holy shit the kid is vibrating with excitement.

Kaiba snatches it disgustedly, crouches down, and hands it to the little boy. In accented but passable English he says, “There ya go kiddo, make Kaibaman proud.” Turns to Pegasus and immediately points to the door, “Get out…and get a hobby.”

Pegasus tosses his hands up in mock-surrender, “As you wish, Kaiba-man.”

But he will never look at you
The way he looks at her,
And his heart would never quicken its pace,
When he sees your face.

He won’t take your hand in his
And talk about your beautiful hair,
And talk about the silly things you both do,
Or ever tell the world that he loves you.

And he will never look at you
The way he looks at her,
And you will do nothing about this,
Because you know you could never be his.

—  g. r// he will never look at you

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Ana looked back up, a bit shocked. "You... want to know about it? Most people just want me to promise not to do it again. Especially my father. He always makes the other bad people pay, but never me... I... feel so guilty... I don't like causing trouble, I was always told not to... killing was the only thing that I considered fun... and that was only because if I didn't, I would have committed suicide from all the guilt... now, there's nothing to stop the guilt..."

“Yes I want to know more about it silly girl, I have killed people to hello did you forget who you are talking to” He said laughing. “Now then details I want details” 

the signs as things i've done
  • Aries: told a boy if he kept taking my pencils i would wear cleats to school and kick him in the shin
  • Taurus: took a 5 hour nap, ate dinner, and then went back to bed
  • Gemini: had little fruit snacks and told my friends they were cough drops so they wouldn't eat them and my friends started coughing so they could have some and i got pissed off and left
  • Cancer: cried because my celebrity crush got a girlfriend
  • Leo: used so much hairspray in my hair it looked like a crispy hair helmet
  • Virgo: wrote poems about cats and thought i would be a famous animal poet some day
  • Libra: had a colorful, carpet-looking skirt and matching backpack and wore them everyday
  • Scorpio: when people told me to keep a secret when i was little i would go and blab and tell someone because i didn't want to keep it
  • Sagittarius: said i didn't want to wear silly bands in middle school because i wanted to "be the one to bring them back in style"
  • Capricorn: woke up my sister in the middle night from laughing so hard about a butler from a TV show because i thought they were funny
  • Aquarius: accidentily set pudding on fire
  • Pisces: spilled too many things at my grandmother's house so i have to use a sippy cup when i'm there

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BC doesn't look like Jesus. Jesus was not a pale-ass white guy.

You know, Benedict doesn’t look like a girl at all.

He doesn’t even look like Oscar fromThe Rose of Versailles.

We all know he’s never been a farmer.

He doesn’t appear in Anastasia, surprisingly.

So don’t worry, darling. I know where Jesus was from. And I don’t think my silly manips would mislead anybody about the fact of his origin.

You’re Just A Number 3/?

Summary: AU Some say it was fate, others say luck, most say it was just a wrong number (basically Caroline and Stefan meet over a text sent to the wrong number) 

Part 1 Part 2 

It had been exactly 2 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours and 37 minutes since she had spoken to her mystery wrong number. Not that she was counting. The phone remained fairly quiet with just the odd text from Bonnie and a few phone calls from work, mostly discussing her childish behaviour displayed in the recent meeting and her promising it would never happen again. Of course it didn’t because the reason why it had occurred in the first place had gone rogue leaving a much stressed Caroline even more stressed. She often thought about it at night, about how one stupid conversation with one mistaken wrong number could have affected her so deeply. How he left her so calm and relaxed but also made her feel young again, like she was hiding her secret boyfriend making the butterflies he gave hers and only hers.

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It's a TV show where people get paid to read a script and act out what's on said script. Soulless Sam wasn't real Mark of Cain Dean isn't real they are characters that Jensen and Jared are paid to act out. Two best friends who would look at your silly argument about Sam and Dean laugh at you and never give you a second thought because they would chose each other over a duh.