Tbh I’m really sad
But that’s okay because you’re really rad
Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such a busy dad
But he threatens me with everything I’ve ever had
Just to get what he wants
But it no one else matters
Until the dining room plates clatter
Then the demons come out
You don’t have a damn chance to pout
Because you’re always wrong. YOURE ALWAYS WRONG
And that’s all I’ll ever be. Wrong.
But you.
You make me see through, everything.
With you I am in love with the world and everything beautiful. Such as you yourself.
Thank you for letting me see the beauty in a world that I never get to see because I am always too busy.

tbh i am literally 100% convinced that the whole reason dylan looked like such a trash king for sdcc is because he was sad and petulant that hoechlin wasn’t there, and so he rebelled by looking like trash and being a soft douche. but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have fun. he’s still a goober and wants to interact with people. he’s just like…a child on the inside and so this was his act of rebellion, because hoech is the one who makes sure that he’s well-dressed and they always shower together before big events but now he’s all the way across the world in europe and dylan just doesn’t want to shower alone

and he knows that when he and hoechlin are in the same room he’s gonna get punished for looking like a frat boy douchebag all weekend, but it also means that he’s going to get held and coddled and pet once he tells him why he looked so bad.

like why do you think he FREAKED OUT when they called him at 4 in the morning and he answered? like he really just wanted to hear hoech’s voice and that made him SO HAPPY i swear he and t. pose can duke it out for who is the biggest puppy sometimes but it was super convenient that dylan didn’t call. because hoechlin would have probably answered with something ~wildly inappropriate~ (as one is wont to do when your lover calls you at 4 am your time).

so i think he’s just mourning that they’re so far away and so he looked like a garbage king the whole time even though he really is just a sweet sweet prince

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I am 5 years younger than my first boyfriend. I am a virgin and he has had sex with his 1 ex girlfriend. Part of me is kinda sad because i wanted to be each others first's when it comes time. So basically i'm just trying to mentally get this other girl out of my head naturally i'm just jealous and sad.

Well I mean all I really have to say is that you are not your past. Do you see yourself in terms of who you used to be and the circumstances that used to surround you? No- the present is really all that matters and all that’s real. Experiences shape the person you are- so be grateful for your boyfriend’s ex because I’m sure she taught him things that make him the man you love today. You don’t own someone because you got there first. And having an experience with someone first doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best or the most remarkable. Tbh I don’t even remember my first time, I didn’t have awesome sex until the 4th guy I slept with. That’s still way more significant to me than my fist time. So don’t stress it baby girl

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People are so sensitive when it comes to the whole skin issue. Baek can say whatever he wants and people will hate him for that. It makes me so sad because he is a literal angel. Of course he did mistakes, but every normal human being does that. And I am just so sick of people thinking he didn't change.

You’re right. It all also depends on cultural backgrounds I guess? And also different kinds of mindsets. Tbh even him existing in this world makes people hate him and it’s just so??? baffling????? It’s even more exhausting when they would rather hate because of assumptions and honestly it makes them look so stupid.

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I'm not against you, but I will be very sad if you stop watching Naruto just because you don't like the pairing. Then again, Naruto's genre is a shonen, not shoujo. Which means most Navers watch Naruto because of its actions. I asked my male friends who obsess with Naruto, and all of them didn't give a damn for any Naruto's couple. I am a girl, and I know how it feels to realize that our OTP is not canon. As your fans,I will be very sad if you stop drawing. Please please don't stop loving Naruto

lol i never said i’d stop watching/drawing naruto bc of the pairings. where did you get that idea? I’m not like a certain someone.There were plenty of ships i had that didn’t become canon and i still look back at those series fondly. Tbh, i stopped watching naruto 3-4 years ago, i still read the manga, but not the anime bc we all know how it is nowadays.

Yes, i know it’s shonen YES i know it’s not about romance. I like the actions, i like the concept and I CARE about the characters. I care about them, their friendships, their social life not just their love life. I read stories for the characters and the plot (but in this case, it’s the characters), and it hurts me to see my favs getting butchered, receiving unfair treatment, are being reduced to just nothing but a joke not by the author himself, but by SOMEONE ELSE. i really can’t stand seeing that.

there’s something i’d like to add, people who read naruto for the actions are no way better than people who read naruto for the pairings or the plot. There’s nothing wrong about reading a story to see your characters be happy even if they’re the weakest characters.

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i am going to unfollow you because i have a porn blog but like... is there a reason you dont want people with porn blogs following you? sorry i just feel very sad that i gotta unfollow ya cause you were quality posts on my dash

im sorry if that was harsh, i feel like it might’ve been

i havent been myself lately tbh i was really upset earlier because a porn blog liked one of my selfies and i kinda panicked and was just in a “GET IT AWAY GET IT ALL AWAY GET ALL THIS AWAY FROM ME” mindset and that was what brought that on 

im an incredibly sex-repulsed asexual, porn blogs make me feel unsafe and gross because sex terrifies me and so many of them are like. the kind of people who reblog peoples’ selfies to get off to them or people who shove their sex lives into everyone else’s business whether they like it or not, or people who go and like peoples’ posts about sexual abuse they’ve been through because it’s “hot” to them or something

people who make everything about sex and treat other people like they’re just toys for them to get off to 

so if i see that it makes me feel scared and uncomfortable because im afraid that person will do something like that to me 

im sorry, you sound like a respectful person though. im not gonna tell you what to do or what decisions to make and its probably not. good for me to make assumptions like that

i made that post bc i was really scared and angry at the time

im really anxious lately and that just sorta spiked it over the edge and i was kinda. freaking out a bit when i said that. im sorry

 Questions Game, Rules are:

1. Always post the rules
2. Write down the questions you got asked and answer them
3. Write 11 new questions
4. Tag 11 people.

i got tagged by avoidfilledwithcelluloid

  • Who is your platonic crush? tbh its jimmy/@avoidfilledwithcelluloid, the truth is out now. but i think maybe you kinda figured but maybe not because of  reasons but now you know
  • What is the last fanfic and or book you read? well the last one i finished was  Gone Girl. it was v good but i am still stuck in a reading rut and that makes me  sad
  •  What is your favorite movie trope? the classic rom-com, suddenly realizing  you want to be with someone/realizing someone loved you all along and that  you love them/etc. its awful but i love it, i can’t get enough
  • Favorite evil dead franchise? the original? i watched it with jimmy and it was wonderfully terrible/terrifying.
  • Where do you wanna be burried? someplace pretty, where the grass is green. probs someplace like flagstaff tbh.
  • Tell me a good ghost story: i dont actually know any really good ghost stories, but there was a scary story i read called tailypo, and it legit creeped me the fuck out, especially the pics
  • What are you scared of in the dark? (i think? idk it was worded funny, sorry) i am actually afraid of something touching me in the dark, so more like an ominous SOMETHING as opposed to an actual specific
  • What do you say when something surprised you? usually shit or fuck or some variation, its a reflex
  • how old were you when you understood death and why? i think i was around eight, and the family pet rabbit, pepper, died. i went out one sunday after church and found her dead, we think she’d had a heat stroke? i didnt understand and my mom sat me and my brother down and explained to us what happened.
  • favorite place to buy jean? maurices, because they are the only place that really has cute jeans for my size.
  • what does your car smell like? a salon with bath and body works cupcake scent in the background.

my new 11 questions

1 what is your favorite song/band
2 who is your favorite person and why
3 whats the first thing that pops into your head when i say magic
4 favorite colloquial term 
5 do you love or hate driving
6 what your fave coffee drink?
7 where do you wanna travel
8 if you had to pick one fictional character to live with who would it be/why
9 are you a pessimist or optimist
10 would you want to know your future or not
11 favorite superpower and would you actually want to have that power or not?

so i am tagging morning-always-comes, autobotbara, meggerpan, the-candy-mans-sam, begin–to-hope, gurldirection, princehawthorne, justtehya, betweeneternityandtime, starsonourfingertips, starspangledbisexual

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2 19 24 39

2) I just wanna be happy fam

19) That was great/ you have nice eyes / you give me butterflies / nice butt… I just can’t choose tbh

24) immortal and ugly only if I can go underwater and not die… but if I can’t do that then I would rather be attractive and die in a year because humans aren’t made to live forever you would get tired because you would have done everything in the world… you would want to sleep… you would want it all to end eventually… you would be sad because no one stays with you

39) 8… If ever go on vacation I actually tell someone I trust very much to run my blog while I am gone and I still kind of look over it just to see how they are doing it… I check it often because people message me for help… so it makes a difference in my life it really does I meet cool people on here who introduce me to new music new ideas… and have a more open mind… people on here/ my followers cheer me up and I help cheer them up… it’s a win win

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tbh you should be really proud of yourself and all the things youve accomplished :o you really are talented and a very cute and nice person and it makes me sad when you think negatively about yourself or your art and i should probably quit bugging you by now but i just want to say that you arent a disappointment to anyone and we all care about you and your well-being !! bc you are a precious cinnamon roll ;w;


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4:44pm; i'm thinking about everything tbh, i'm really sad and i don't feel real. i hate showing my feelings to anyone, i want to be seen as "tough" i am also thinking about the girl i like, she keeps sending me mixed signals and it sucks. i want to cry but i haven't cried in like 5 months because it makes me feel weak :-(

ah baby.. I don’t even know what to say. Just come here and give me a hug. I wish you all the best. And know if you’re sad makes me sad, too. I love you.

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I would send my birthday, but it's kind of a depressing question. So I pick Valentine's Day and Christmas to make up for it.

Well thank you for still sending me some :)

Feb: Give one fact/detail about your crush


there are like three of them because theyre all so beautiful and kind and ugh



the second one iS GOREGOUS and ugh

the third is someone ive said that i wouldnt be into again but i am ugh

14: What do you want to be when you grow up?

my heart wants to do theatre but i know that isn’t realistic

December: What do you want for Christmas?

tbh i wish i still had a relationship with someone i dont anymore and it makes me so sad but id love to have that back

25: What is your favorite childhood holiday?


send me your birthday