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tae spoiling jimin w clothes, jewelry, holidays, a fcking hse so he gets to keep seeing that bemused & smitten expression on his face!!!! !!!! !!

jimin hardly looking at the gifts whenever it happens because he can’t tear his eyes away from the greatest gift of all, kim taehyung!

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I hate how sasusaku shippers accused sasunaru fans to love sns just because we want two guys having sex. If Sakura were a boy I still wouldn't even dream of shipping them together because they have so minimal understanding of each other. If Naruto or Sasuke were a girl, I will still ship them because their bond transcends gender boundary.

I don’t care if Naruto and Sasuke have sex; I simply want them together because I think they are meant for each other. Yeah, I know, the same old and ignorant fujoshi insults. Like, a lot of SNS shippers actually care about development, you know? Something that can’t be said about SS and NH shippers. Or, maybe SNS shippers are just happy to be represented in fiction? Did they ever consider that there are SNS shippers who dislike yaoi since it stigmatises gay couples? No, they didn’t. After all, it wouldn’t fit their narrative when they need to minimise SNS’ bond.

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Meldy, I cannot stress enough how much I love your art. I must know, what got you into drawing SabEzra art in the first place?

Wow thank you!!

Kay so I believe it was a mixture of Season 3 and @hotsam1

I really didn’t ship them before because I hated how they acted around each other; but Season 3 really changed that and I fell in love with them! <3 

(Also Hotsam again)

Me: *plays as a male character against my favorite female character in a video game because he flirts with her before, during and after the match*
Me: I’m only playing as him cause I ship them and not because I want to imagine it’s me hitting on her

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I know there's no evidence for this but if Bismuth came back - and possibly get redeemed- I'd love to see her and Pearl form a romantic connection. I don't know why I guess I started shipping them because Pearl jumped into Bismuth's arms and was all like : BIISSSSMMMAAAUTTTHHHHHH AHAAHAHAHAH - either that or I'd love to see Pearl end up with the Mystery Girl. -- anyways I want to know your thoughts on PearlxBismuth ... yay or nay? Even though it probably won't ever happen.

I definitely think Pearl and Bismith were very close during the war; it’s evident from the way they behave around one another upon Bismuth’s return.

As for a romantic relationship?  I guess that depends, really!  I mean, obviously we don’t know whether or not Bismuth will return (I hope she does, because I feel like she’s got so much more to give as a character) - and if she does come back, we don’t know what might have happened in the meantime with Pearl potentially hooking-up with another character before then (Amethyst and Mystery Girl being the two most likely candidates at this point, IMO; although, we’ve obviously not seen Mystery Girl since Last One Out Of Beach City and so a part of me is beginning to wonder if she was perhaps just a “one-off” character - but that’s a different topic of discussion entirely, so I’ll stop).

I do definitely think that Pearl x Bismuth is a really cute ship :)  They’ve got a very nice dynamic and seem to compliment each other quite well - and clearly had a very close relationship with each other in the past.  I don’t ship it myself, but I can totally see why other people do!


Two very different kind of evil.

im sorry but i had to (i hc that dwyer is actually really tall but only looks normal height cause he has terrible posture)


(●´∀`)ノ♡  Youtubers St-Valentine cards 


Hope i’m not too late! i’ve prepared some valentines cards ! it’s also the good image size so we can print it easily. 

On the Pewds’s card ,it’s a duck…hidind the F of ..fuck. Duck me/fuck me. WELL. i saw this in his book. //sowwy lol. i’m so lame//

cry looks so adorable //” i won’t kill you. it’s.. a promise… Or well. i’ll try my best “. // 


btvs appreciation week • day two - favourite pairing or friendship: spike & joyce
      ↪ “Joyce was the only one of the lot of you that I could stand.”


Hunk, you big, gassy genius!