Modern AU and morning routines

trashpaintedgold  asked:

so like,, did you cry at the opening song ,,, i cry every time without fail

when did i not cry is the question i definitely cried when the credits started rolling because i’m Like That


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Imagine the boys busting into your room dressed as the ghost busters yelling "WHO YA GONNA CALL?!" and you're just like "its 3 am, what the fuck are y'all smoking?" (sorry if I already sent this, my phone was acting wonky so i didnt know if it sent)

It’s okay because I cried laughing both times at this….

this is magical. 

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i love you're blog :) i war wondering if you would consider doing a jily frozen au???

OKAY SO this is actually kind of a funny story but like 2(?) years ago there was jily au week and this was like a few months after frozen came out and one of the days for the au week was fairytale and i was like yeah! i’m going to do a frozen au! i’m going to show everyone the petunia/ lily relationship that could have been!

and then just plotting it out alone was about 4k

and writing the first 2 chapters came up to 30k

and i cried because life got in the way and it never came to fruition because i suck

things i have done while drunk:

-beat the elite four in alpha sapphire

-played a lot of skyrim

-lost badly at Ascension

-tried to explain the plot of Jojo

-cried because i love my sister so much

-tried to sing all the songs in steven universe in order but just ended up singing “stronger than you” over and over again

bigwolfchef  asked:

Can you draw lapis and peridot fusion zone like in mindfull education?

Professional meep morpists like them would use those thoughts for inspiration


I don’t know who I am anymore.

[Caption: Six mid shot gifs of Jace Herondale sitting in his room at the end of “Blood Calls To Blood”, trying to keep himself from falling apart.]