my cat kept getting really big, like he wouldnt stop growing and he couldnt even fit in my bed anymore so we walked him to a mattress store to get him his own king size bed but they wouldnt sell a bed to a cat even though we kept telling them that he has to sleep somewhere soft or he will get anxious. i cried because i love my cat so much, i just want him to be happy.

So this happened and there’s no way out of this au I have thrown myself into. I can’t start on this until I’m done with my current fic so I’m going to just dump some of my ideas here cause they can’t be contained. I blame this entirely on the four horsemen of the nyxnoct fandom @jasperraven, @goddamnminyard, @ckyking and @aithilin  because you guys give me too many feels with your stories.

Without further to do, the NyxNoct Harry Potter au no one asked for but Imma give people anyways.

  • Now here me out, Noctis is a total hufflepuff. Cause Noctis literally does not care where you come from. As long as you treat people right and try you’re best to do the right thing he won’t have a problem with you. He would befriend anyone from any house.
  • Noctis is fucking loyal too. He will die for you literally and figuratively.
  • He might be a little impatient and can be a little lazy but he likes to think he left behind those traits in his teenage rebellion years
  • Though, if he’s honest, he thinks there might be a bit of his father’s Gryffindor genes in him. What other reason would there be for his choice of occupation being an auror. Gladio not being factored in.
  • Prompto is a Slytherin because, honestly if he wants something he will get it. Leaving his pureblood family because he doesn’t want to follow the dark lord? Done. Surviving on his own with minimal help for years? Done. Losing a bunch of weight just cause he wants to befriend Noctis? Done. (which honestly was wholly unnecessary. noctis would have hung out with him regardless) Becoming a magizoologist and saving the black chocobo’s from exinction? You damn right he’ll get that done too.
  • Ignis is unsurprisingly a Ravenclaw. He soaks off knowledge like a sponge and is especially fond of passing it on to others, namely noctis. The man has a sharp tongue to boot. Like he can be an absolute savage sometimes.
  • “I came across a curious sight the other day, Noctis.” “What was it?” “I was doing some extra research for muggle studies and I came across a picture what I thought was you’re room.” “What?” “Turns out it was just a picture of what muggles call a land fill.” “….Wow rude.”
  • It’s really no surprise he gets a position in the Department of Mysteries. Gladio, also no surprise, is a Gryffindor. He fits the description to a T. His gryffindor-ish personality tends to get him in more trouble than it’s worth, hence the many scars, but he always manages to make it out somehow.
  • Gladio comes from a long line of aurors and he wasn’t going to be the odd one out.
  • Nyx is a Gryffindor though the hat had a hard time pinning Nyx down. He had many qualities all the houses except Ravenclaw. Nyx almost became a hatstall.
  • He’s a little disappointed that Libertus ended up in a different house but honestly he cared as little for all the house rivalry stuff. It wouldn’t stop him from still hanging out with his friends.
  • Nyx and Libertus befriends a Slytherin named Crowe during their first year at howgwarts.
  • The three of them get along like a house on fire leaving behind a trail of mayhem.
  •  Everyone is pretty surprised Hogwarts made it through with minimal damage and with only four professors resigning from their positions.
  • The three of them become aurors and due to their exceptional skill end up in the Kingsglaive.
  •  The Kingsglaive is special task force and is comprised of only the best. They take on only the most dangerous of missions. It’s a testament to ones skill to make the cut.
  • Regis is the Minister of Magic and has held on to the position since even before Noctis was born.
  • Being the song of the Minister of Magic is the big reason why Noctis tends to take on the most difficult tasks for himself with a fierce sort of determination. He doesn’t want anyone to say he only got to where he was because of his father’s position. It’s this hard work that gives Noctis an opportunity as well to join the kingsglaive, two years after him becoming an auror.
  • The Kingsglaive adore him. With the exception of Luche but honestly, very few care about his opinions on things like this
  • His nickname amongst the members is ‘our baby glaive’ much to his chagrin.
  • He loves them all just as much though. They’re family. For Hearth and Home indeed.
  • He’s closest to, of course, our trio of trouble makers.
  • If you asked Noctis or Nyx how they ended up together they wouldn’t bee able to tell you. The transition was so seamless that they just kind of woke up in each others arms one day and decided this was the best place for both of them
  • That’s not to say there wasn’t any problems though. The was a prophecy for one thing. Yes, the good old prophecy cliche to ruin all things.
  • There’s a dark lord, who has been terrorizing the people for the better part of two millennia too
  • Noctis, of course, is the main subject line for this life ruining prophecy. Apparently, according to some mystical force in the universe, named the Astrals, Noctis is destined to take down Ardyn. A dark lord that seems to be almost un-killable at this point. Not without lack of trying.
  • He’s suppose to die as a result too but his friends and family are having none of it. Not even a bit. The Astrals can take their prophecy and shove it up their own asses.
  • There are others who have tried to defy the prophecies passed down by the Astrals but none have succeeded. So that’s why many, at this point take, the Astrals words as law.
  • Not this generation though. The people in the past didn’t have the kind of people Noctis did behind them. The people who failed didn’t have Nyx fucking Ulric behind him.
  • The hell he was going to sit back and just let Noctis die.
  • Ardyn and the Astrals won’t know what hit them

I have so many more headcannons but just can’t even with this au right now. I’m just going to go and finish my other story now.


Be careful with your spoilers, guys!


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Y'know, normally I make portraits based on photos, so this drawing was like a long and bumpy ride through hell, but in the end I gotta admit…… I enjoyed it. Very much.