Don't Touch My Nephew

Quick thing because I can’t sleep and I reeeally missed writing.


“Let me,” Dipper pushed at the demon’s shoulders as he was lifted off the ground and pressed against a firm chest. “Bill let me go!” He snapped trying to twist out of the blonde’s grip.

Bill snickered at the boy’s struggling and caught one of his hands, pressing it to his lips. “You’re cute when you’re helpless Pine Tree.” The demon teased tugging on his hand and forcing him forward until his face was mere centimeters away from Bill’s. He grinned a sharp grin full of fangs and felt a curl of contentment as the boy’s face went pale. “Do you really think I’m going to let you go just because you tell me to?”

Before Dipper could say anything, blue fire wrapped around him, holding him in place as the hand Bill had previously been using to restrain Dipper slid into his hair. “I’m going to break you apart Pine Tree,” the demon cooed pressing a kiss to the boy’s cheek, “and then I’m going to put you back together and do it all over again.”

Dipper couldn’t stop the terrified whimper from escaping him as the demon nuzzled his cheek affectionately. “B-Bill please I-“

“Oh Hell no.” Dipper jumped at the angry voice from behind him and turned his head enough to see Stan standing at the edge of the clearing. “You put him down you equilateral dick bag!” The man snapped stomping forward purposefully.

“Well well, if it isn’t Stanford Pines.” Bill trilled gleefully. “Come to save the day and rescue the princess?”

Dipper frowned at that, terror momentarily forgotten in the face of his indignation. “Hey wait I’m not-“

“Cipher,” Stan cut him off once more, his voice a low growl as he glared at the demon, “put my nephew down now and nobody gets hurt.”

Bill raised an eyebrow at him an snickered. “Nah.” He dragged Dipper’s hand back up to his mouth and pecked the boy’s wrist, right over his fluttering little pulse. “I happen to like Pine Tree here quite a bit. I think I’ll just keep him.” The grin he shot Stan was downright unholy. “We’ll have lots of fun together, don’t you think Stanford?”

Dipper tensed and Stan’s eyes narrowed. “Oh that’s it.” He grumbled reaching into his pocket and pulling out a crumpled piece of paper. As he unfolded it he began muttering something in Latin and seconds later he tossed the paper straight at Bill who yelped and tried to dodge around it only to be drawn in as the paper hit the ground and glowed. A wide circle spread around him and Dipper was dropped and unceremoniously pushed out of it by some invisible force.

Immediately, Stan grabbed him by the shoulder and pressed him against his side. From inside the glowing blue circle Bill grinned far to widely at Stan, his eye a burning crimson. “Stanford, you sure have been a busy meat puppet haven’t you? What is this, Latin, Mexican?”

“Chinese.” Stan corrected briefly. “Now I’m only going to say this once Cipher. You stay away from my nephew and niece or you will find out just how much I’ve learned.” With those words he scooped up Dipper who let out a muffled noise as he was curled against his Gruncle’s chest and carried briskly away from the trapped demon.

Behind them Bill snickered. “Sounds like fun.” He replied cheerfully. His eye sharpened as it locked with Dipper’s and his smile widened. “I’ll see you soon Pine Tree,” he called, “very soon.”

“In your dreams Cipher!” Stan shot back as he passed the tree line and disappeared into the forest. “You isosceles jackass.”


“If you haven’t been keeping score, our team’s down to three musketeers.”
Daisy, Coulson, and Mack in Agents of SHIELD 3x02


Ok, so I was rewatching the scene in between Crowley and Sam in the latest ep of Supernatural (S10E22) and I just realised it is the biggest reverse parallel ever.

 To S8E23

Oh yes, you’ve heard me.

Anyone remember this ep.

Well it’s the same really. In S8E23, we see Crowley being injected with human blood by SAM. He starts to become more HUMAN. He also asks where he can even begin to look for forgiveness, for all the things he ever did. After this all, Crowley is left helpless and weak, and under the power of Sam/Dean.

And now for the reverse

It’s S10E22, and we have SAM, (more or less) ridding Crowley of blood (so the reverse of giving it). Some have speculated, the reason Crowley went all demon and bamf, is because he was actually vomiting out the remaining human blood in his system. The remaining weakness. And here we go again, Crowley talks about everything he ever did, only this time he doesn’t ask for forgiveness. He tells Sam that he in fact love every minute of it. In the end, he shows us all how powerful he really is. He almost kills Sam, only to allow him to keep living. Now Sam has been shown, the power he is under, is Crowley’s.

I just want to add, both these times, it has been blood that has caused the change. Crowley became more human firstly, and then the opposite the second time, more powerful and demon like.

Have I missed anything??

Reasons to read the Victor Frankenstein script

-Victor and Igor part on good terms instead of some rushed “three’s a crowd” explanation and disappearing without a word

-turpin is tearfully reunited with his daughter

-igor becomes a doctor and lorelei takes up teaching

-months later igor receives a heart-warming GIFT OF GAY when victor sends him an edition of igor’s favorite anatomy book

-ends on victor causing trouble in Utah with his experiments because HE’S A BAMF HELL YES


superoreoman  asked:

So I started writing something for your Swan Princess AU, and I was planning out the Guixon and Johnlock and then this idea came to me, of Khan out hunting swans - but by hand because Khan's a bamf - and Arthur is the swan he's tracking and he's just freaking the fuck out because Khan is big and scary and after him, and Khan finally catches up to him just as Arthur's reached the lake and the moon rises, and when he lunges for the swan Khan finds a red-headed marshmallow pinned under him instead.

OH GOD. Arthur will beg for mercy and telling Khan not to eat him because he’s not a swan or birds in general, while Khan only stares at him (who Arthur mistaken as Khan glaring at him and still wanting to kill him) because he thinks Arthur is so cute. having Swan Princess AU with Sherlock/John , Peter/Hector and now Khan/Arthur will be so great oh my god. you’re so briliant