SVT Performance unit reaction to their s/o being short

Once again, thank you for requesting! ^^ I’d love to hear how you liked these reactions~ 

i’m not that short myself (or at least i think i’m not) but i honestly love the thought so much it makes me squeal like a mad woman omg excuse me while i go die in a corner somewhere acnlflbdqlwb


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  • Would definitely tease them all the time because he’d be so soft god damn it
  • Would love teasing them by getting on his toes when they wanted to kiss him 
  • Would absolutely love hugging them from behind because his head would always rest of top of their head and it would be his favorite thing in the whole world


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  • Would be too soft to tease them in any way
  • Just… a giggly boyfriend Hoshi who is head over heels for them and their height
  • Would be really sweet and help them whenever they needed help and wouldn’t make a big deal about it, would just smile adoringly


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  • Would tease them in certain situations, like whenever they wouldn’t be able to reach something
  • BUT when they would want to kiss him, I think he would make himself shorter in some way 
  • Would love hugging them because he would find it so cute because they smol™


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  • I think he wouldn’t tease them too much 
  • Would be soft tho, giggling whenever they wouldn’t be able to reach something, his lips for example
  • Would always help them with a smile but wouldn’t tease them and would make sure to act in a way that wouldn’t make them feel insecure about their height

Billy working at a country club in the bigger town nearby where he turns it on to everybody like he did with Karen making bank on tips WHILE Steve’s dad just happens to be like “Son, time for you to start making some business connections at the club…”


eventually it’d be like “fuck you, harrington, you sent that arnold palmer back three times like an asshole.”

steve: (rips off shirt) “yeah, because i know you’d take it out on me, now take it out on me, william.”






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who is your fave character in GoT? i'm finishing season 3 now and i have so many mixed feelings for the characters ;_; (also i have never read the books and i know i have still 4 seasons to watch but i'm enjoying the show so much)

ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS ‘CAUSE IT GOES DOWNHILL REAL FAST IN A SEASON lmao but thank u so much for asking this i vibrate with excitement whenever someone wants to talk to me about this series. oh god i’m gonna try to rank my faves okay this is gonna be hard and i’m gonna give u way more information than u asked for

  2. theon (i literally loved theon ever since his first shit eating grin…even when he was being a raging asshole ok i had faith in his character arc u know i love my shitty boys)
  4. bran (my fellow cripple punk, i identify with him and arya the most. he sucks so bad in the show now tho bran i’m so sorry for what they did to you)
  5. ygritte (i won’t say much because ur still in the thick of it with her but like…that’s my fucking baby okay come back when you’ve finished s4)
  6. arya (HONESTLY arya is tied with ygritte)
  7. brienne (love my tall ugly wife and i know i’m gonna cry over her and jaime in the future)
  8. the hound (can u tell i love my morally grey characters)

i’m sorry this was. so much but i cannot control myself when you ask me these things

UHH hey everyone! karma got its KISS for me!  uh I CANT GO TO JON IN DETROIT NOW. cause i got. a ticket cause apparently youre spposed to pull over for an emergency vehicleeee and i didnt knowww. listen my life is extremely going downhill.cause im getting acne and im getting fat and im balding right here you can see the whole triangle therelike a piece of hair im BALDING. IM BALDING! im turning UGLY! and my face is gonna be fat for the rest of the day and i cant even shower before work beCAUSE IM NOT GONNA BE HOME ON TIME. and that fat ass indiana..*sobs* the fat ass indiana cop.. gave me a ticket! and hes like,”do you know about this law?” i didnt! so i said no! because i DIDNT! and its so much money and i only have 47 DOLLARS!!!! and IM NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO GO UNDER 50 AND IM GONNA GET FINED BY MY BANK! SHUT. UUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna get fined by my bank for having under 50 dollars and i alreadyyyy owe my parents fooouuur hundred something dollars.. and i owe my friends mom eiiightyyyy! and i cant go to Jon now! but everythings fiiiiiine! im okay! and my parents are really mad at meeeee and my lifes going downhiiiillll!!! so if anyone. wants to be like. a nice personnnn. and give me money to pay for this fucking ticket cause i dont have it. imma leave my paypal link! but like. *winks* thats me winking but mY EYES ARE TOO SWOLLEN TO WINK!!!!!! and i called to see if i could serve jail time instead of paying but no one answered, so i left a voicemail asking if it were an option for me to serve jail time instead of paying *sniffles* so it what? [youre going to get arrested for that theyre gonna be like this dumbest bitch then theyre gonna arrest you] [isnt that the point. its what she wants]  *sobs* and my friends are laughing while im having an emotional breakdownnn shOW ME SUPPOOOOOORTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs* *screams into a pillow*

Quit (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

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Summary: “I know I’m gonna regret it

Requested: yup

Warnings: swearing and hint of sex, THIS IS A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP

A/N: this is pretty much based off Quit by Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande. I love this song and so did the anon who requested it but like an idiot I deleted the request accidentally (fml) :)))) if this was upsetting or made you feel some type of discomfort, PLEASE TELL ME!!

I’m not good enough for him, I’ve known that since the beginning. I know that the only reason I’m here is because he’s familiar and I’m not bothered to be with someone new, not bothered to go through the same process and work twice as hard. But it’s not like he’s good enough for me either, he lets me hurt him. All my friends tell me that I’m the devil for playing with his heart.

He’s clingy, constantly calling whenever I’m not around him to know where I am and what I’m doing. Whenever I’m out and he calls, my friends tell me to not pick up, but without thinking, I answer the phone and tell him exactly what I’m doing. Not because I’m worried or I feel like I’m obligated to, I do it because I want to. Whenever he calls, my heart does somersaults because I know I have power over him, I know he cares so much, he wants me around as much as possible.

It’s not that I’m using him, I do feel some type of way, because why else would I have stayed? Ashton is my escape, he’s like the drug I get high off of every moment possible. He’s always there when I need him, always available for me to have.

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Best lines from the FMA live action:

  • “My brother may not have much height, but he has a big heart.”
  • Al: “Am I taller than you?”
    Ed, through tears: “…Yeah… you’re taller than me.”
  • “Maybe Al’s dreaming of pie right now.” “He’s big, so it’d have to be… (stretches arms out vertically) Like this.” “What? That’s stupid. Shouldn’t it be (stretches arms out horizontally) like this?”
  • “Little kids like me.” “That’s because you’re also little.”
  • “Yes, I’m your daddy.” -Hakuro to the mannequin soldiers (seriously you could feel the awkwardness wash over the entire room when the subs said that)

Ben Platt’s role in Dear Evan Hansen and his devotion to this character have meant so much to me and to so many others and I feel like we have to acknowledge that tonight because it’s really hard to move on. I hope he realizes how many lives he has changed and how many people he has inspired. DEH is so special to me and his performance as Evan will forever hold a special place in my heart.

-November 19, 2017.



Even despite the fact that he wasn’t the one who killed Shadi, Bakura still takes responsibility for it because it was his body that commited the act even if he wasn’t in control of it. Even when he’s being threatened he still feels so much sympathy for what Diva went through and that’s something that Diva wasn’t expecting to happen at all.

Also, in this version it’s never mentioned at all whether Bakura’s father actually died that day or not like in the dub. So maybe he survived somehow?

these types of posts always make me feel so awkward and cringe-y because like who the hell cares how many followers i have? i could see if i was c/ole s/prouse and just hit 10m but even then he had to make a joke about it because it just feels so awkward pointing out a fleeting number of people. angst aside i do appreciate that 800 of you find me entertaining enough to keep hanging out and, even if i don’t interact much, i adore you guys.

special shout out to @hotsforbughead, @zumpie@gershwinn, and @teiubescdraga/@sprouseharttea for putting up with my obnoxious ass. love you.

sometimes I actually forget that a lot people don‘t even know about the whole am**b*er/johnny thing or that they basically don‘t believe am**b*er at all. Like I talked about Johnny with my uncle yesterday and he was like ‚It‘s so cute that he visits these children in hospitals. It‘s so great that he does that. He seems like such a good person‘ and omg it made me so happy ?? Because like many people actually think like this about him irl but when you‘re spending so much time online you just always see those AH stans spreading lies and hating on him and then you forget how supportive non-Johnny fans are of him.

The Ballad of Kit And The Bandit

Sometimes when I write into the black hole of the internet, I tell a story about love. Sometimes I tell stories about my dogs. More often than not, I tell stories about me, because that’s just how it works when lonely people are allowed to have keyboards.

This story rather cleverly combines all three. Or maybe it doesn’t, depending on how much you take things to heart.

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i cant help it, i get so angry at people who called lp 'sellouts' and hated on (chester especially) them, saying bullshit like 'this is linkin pop', 'theyve fucked up and lost their identity to mainstream crap'. like it angers me so much bc after chaz passed, they've all come crawling back, saying 'i regret hating on this, this is actually a decent album'. like actually shut the fuck up!! im sorry, its so pathetic of me, this has been bothering me for so long, i just needed to get this out :(

I hear you buddy!!! 100% agree
I try not to think about it, because when I do my whole body gets flooded with anger. They didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve that

Honestly I don’t think it came from the fans, just some kids or grown-ups with kids’ brains who are so limited and can’t understand change and evolution and I think they knew that and I hope didn’t take it too personally. (I know C. did and I’ll never forgive them that)

I’ll never understand the need some people have to spread hate. If you don’t like something - don’t listen to it/don’t watch it/don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that! 
I don’t go to the members of bands I don’t like and tell them I don’t enjoy their music. There’s something sick and perverted about the need to do so and it tells you more about people doing that, than about anyone’s art. 
I think with the anonymity of Internet many ‘people’ feel entitled to say anything as if it doesn’t go to real people. I want to know how many would have said the same to their face. 

We all grow up, we change our tastes and there’s nothing wrong with that. We should allow our favorite artists to do so as well. To be honest if someone keeps the same style forever in whatever their career is, that only tells you that they are limited and that is all they have to offer. I’d rather watch the bands I like grow and develop even if I don’t like the road they are taking. There’s something sad about always trying to stay the same just to satisfy the mass public.

But our boys never succumbed to this pressure! I am extremely happy that they are SO creative and talented and that they never allowed themselves to be boxed or type-cast into anything and that they stayed true to themselves and made music they felt passionate about. Regardless of what everyone else said. 

It would have been easy for them to keep making Hybrid Theories and Meteoras but they wanted to grow and develop and experiment and challenge themselves and I am so happy for every single album they put out. 

For those who don’t like the change hey HT is still there. It’s on CD you can listen to it anytime - now fuck off. 

Okay So...

<< @belch-huggins helped me with this idea, Meaning they pretty much came up with it and I’m posting but giving credit. :) 

So In the book, Vic approaches the losers and thinks about joining them but doesn’t. Now, my idea or headcanon whatever you wish to call it is this: 

He doesn’t because he just slowly becomes the Loser’s club mom.
Like he slowly just adopts all of them and looks after them and tries to keep them safe from Henry and the others, while still picking on them himself. No one ever said he was a good mom, but he’s a mom and he is trying his best. >>


Ended up drawing him as my warm up today, he looks a bit weird but otherwise he looks ok, drew a bunch of other things in the drawpile but they are mostly all related to an au me and my babes on discord have so not sure if I am going to post them or not, so enjoy this weird looking Papy <:

Late to the party as always so I’m gonna get skipped or not noticed but what’s new lmao.

I always feel so awkward bc I know so much about this man, @markiplier , but he doesn’t even know I exist. Like yeah, I’m a part of the 18 mil number, but he can’t picture or point me out in a crowd which I know breaks him. It breaks everyone who isn’t noticed by their idol. But the thing is, Mark so desperately wishes he could know all of us on a name basis. Because I care so much for him, it kills me that it kills him. He shouldn’t put that much on his shoulders. It’s impossible for him to meet every single one of his fans.

Wow I already forgot where I was going with this.

Mark, never be surprised when we support you to take a break. Everyone needs to take them. You know we care and love you. We want what’s best for you. Even if that means not getting our daily video injected into our bloodstream.

But the reason I used this screenshot, is because you have tears in your eyes, and you’re smiling, while looking exactly at the camera. Although, this isn’t the first time you’ve stared at the camera, I didn’t think of it as you looking at the camera. You were looking at me. Comforting me. Making me feel appreciated. I can feel that you are happy I’m here, even though I’m not known by you, probably will never get to see you or talk directly to you, I still know that you love me. And you staring right at me, which for some reason says a lot more to me than any words you spoke throughout this video.

We all know that we’re important to you, and by god I’m not going to ever get tired of hearing it, just like I hope you never get tired of hearing how important you are to us.

I hope the looking at the camera part makes sense. :/


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I caved and got all the SLBP event epilogues from the Lords' perspective AND I REGRET NOTHING!! ... just wanted to put it out there in case anyone was wondering whether they were worth it or not. XD

Say it again, Precious! I also bought the set and feel like it was worth it! 

I will say that Inuchiyo’s POV was pretty much the same thing from the regular version, so I was a little disappointed there, but the other ones– so satisfying!

Especially Mitsunari’s! I think I’ve read it about four or five times all the way through. Very touching.

I’ve also read Ieyasu’s more than once, and I really enjoyed how he unexpectedly finds himself, while in the middle of a life-changing act.

Hideyoshi’s POV also stood out to me, because I really like when we get to see underneath his ever-smiling persona. 

I like seeing him flustered when it comes to true love, after living a life as a careless flirt. 

He’s a very capable person, able to come up with successful plans at the drop of a hat, and yet even his feet stumble on the path of expressing himself fully, to the person he loves. 

If you have the pearls to spare, you can’t go wrong.

When I first discovered @markiplier

it was right around the time he had his appendix removed. I remember one of my friends sharing a video of him in the hospital, saying he was recovering and would be back soon. I didn’t really pay it much mind, it was whatever. Next day they shared another video from him, he did the King of the Squirrels bit and I laughed my ass off. It was so important to me because I was going through a lot of shit at the time and hadn’t laughed in a good while. I figured, if this guy could make me laugh with something so simple, what else did he have that I might like?

So I looked him up and found him on YouTube. The first actual video of his I watched was his hot sauce challenge with Unfair Sonic and again I laughed, I laughed so hard my sides actually hurt. I watched all his challenge videos for the rest of my time on the computer and I remember feeling so very happy that night, which again wasn’t something I’d felt in a long time. It was nice to actually go to bed with a smile on my face

Mark is loud and giggly and a goofball and he’s emotional and he cares so much about everything and everyone, even if he’s never met them. These are traits I have, especially the first one, and my entire life they’ve been treated like a bad thing and people have tried to beat it out of me, both literally and metaphorically. So, seeing someone being praised for these things and loved for them made me feel a lot better about myself in those regards and helped me so much on my journey to excepting myself

I remember losing a friend to suicide the next year. He was from my youthgroup and we’d known each other since we were kids. I remember doing nothing but lying in bed and not eating for days. I remember a friend sending me a link to one of his videos to cheer me up and how I spent hours laughing so hard I cried at him playing I am Bread. I remember him being the reason I got up to make popcorn and watch him get frustrated with it

I remember ADWM and having no idea who the egos were and going back to watch all their skits and videos to understand. I remember crying with him and worrying about him after Daniel. I remember Tyler just showing up with no explanation as he played Undertale (again). I remember how excited he was when making videos and how it died a bit but now it’s back

He means so much to me and though I’ve never met him he feels like a dear friend who’s been with me through my own personal journey of self discovery and expectance, and he’s helped me along the way

Thanks for everything Mark, I love you so very much 💛💚💙💜

Sad Post Ahead (I’m Sorry)

So I’ve seen posts about @therealjacksepticeye‘s video where he got a lil’ drunk and it’s pretty funny XD

But… It makes me sad that I can’t really laugh at them like I want to.

Things like memes about drinking because of life being a bitch are funny and I get why people post them, of course… Life can be stressful and we all need a way to escape. It’s relatable, right?

But when you’ve seen alcoholism (not me, but someone I care about), it’s harder to joke about. Much harder.

Jack did nothing wrong, though, and neither did any of you. I know it’s just a joke, just a laugh. I know it’s not making fun of my situation in any way. Yet I feel sad. I feel sad because it’s not a source of laughter in my life, but a source of worry and pain.

And I see the funny things that Jack has said as a result of being somewhat drunk, and I think ‘I wish they would be like that. I wish that was the kind of person they turn into’. They don’t.

I won’t say who it is, but I’m scared for them. Scared for where their life is heading (potentially to yet another loss for me and my family), scared for the destroyed relationships, scared for the uncertain future.

I’m just thankful that Jack was just doing it for the fun of the video, and isn’t otherwise really a big drinker. And even if he did like it more, at least he doesn’t need the stuff. It’s not poisoning his life. He’s still doing amazing things and fulfilling his dreams.

Not the person I know. Their life has been poisoned and so has mine. 

I want to laugh, but I can’t.

I’m sorry, I’ve put a huge downer on everything. This community is meant to be positive and I’m not being that here. I’m sorry. I usually feel like I belong here, but do I? I’m not spreading the positivity that Jack does. I’m not a beacon of hope like him. I’m not someone he should be proud of. I just hope that he doesn’t, and you don’t, see me as a bad person for what I’ve said.

I’m not saying you can’t laugh at things like this. To be honest, I hope you do. You deserve to still see the funny side to it, I hope you never see it the way I do. I hope you never have the negative association with it that I have. I hope your heart doesn’t sink like mine does.

Addiction is horrible and so is seeing it. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I hope you will always be able to laugh at Jack’s video, and anything similar he ever does. I hope you’ll always see the funny side of it. Always.

tl:dr something made me sad and thought about someone I know who has an addiction and I hope you never have to deal with this

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Richie, what are some things that turn you on about eddie?


Let me talk you through things: 

Firstly, Eddie just looks like a fucking DOLL, okay? With his long ass eyelashes, deep brown eyes, gorgeous skin with the little cute freckles and his fluffy, shiny hair that just always sits fucking perfectly somehow? IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY. NO. FRUSTRATED. Not angry. Also he’s PETITE.

Second, he gets flustered really easy and his cheeks go all pink and it highlights his freckles and his voice gets all whiny and UGH…

Is it weird that when he gets anxious and breathes all heavy and fast that it kind of turns me on a little bit? Probably.

HIS…FUCKING…L E G S. I don’t wanna go into too much detail because I CAN’T OR I WILL DIE but Eddie has fucking STRONG THIGHS, okaY? Like, bitch could probably snap a fucking neck with them (and I would let him) When he wears little short shorts I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIM BECAUSE I WILL   CRy

HIS ASS OMG I CAN’T (DOES HE SQUAT? IS HIS ASS LITERALLY A FUCKIN PEACH?) He wears tight pants sometimes and I just

He fucking knows how to wind me up, Anon. He pulls my hair on purpose and if he’s really in the mood I FUCKING KNOW ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE CALLS ME ‘RICH’ 

if Eddie is calling me ‘Rich’ it’s because he wants the D

And also he’s def gonna get it


- Rich