okay we were talking about Greg x Mr. Smiley but I never realized before Mr. Smiley’s first name

someone give me the fic where Greg makes his move and he’s like “Are you asking me out? I just…you hang out with those magical ladies from over on the edge of town so much, your son lives with them I figured at least one of them must be…”

Greg puts his hand on Mr. Smiley’s shoulder and warmly replies, “Harold…they’re lesbians”

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ok I'm curious, what in CA:CW made you ship MCU!Steve/Tony because I know before that you didn't really ship them.

honestly, it’s not so much what made me ship mcu stevetony as what made me love mcu tony

and mcu tony in cacw was very 616-like to me: less quippy, more openly fucking sad, with his guilt complex really way too obvious, with playing politics, with doing damage control and PR and all the stuff other avengers don’t want to care about, with negotiating ross and trying to keep everyone together (and failing so hard, oh my god, tony), with his self-hatred and loneliness

he’s just pretty much everything i love about tony wrapped up in a pair of the saddest most hurt eyes ever

and where do we see his most emotional reactions? in reply to steve

it’s really really obvious he cares about steve so much. really. so fucking much.

and it’s there in the first scene with ross and the avengers–steve turns to look at tony, and tony takes ages to look up, and they have this silent communication thing and i believe tony knows already then that it will go down somehow, it’ll be a mess, and he has to try and stop it

and then it only gets more obvious

there’s berlin

he starts talking to steve (and steve only) and he wants to convince him, he tries everything. he starts the conversation in a messed up suit and fixes himself because he’s really emotionally vulnerable there, he needs some kind of an armour

and he snaps at steve–give me a break. i’m doing what has to be done. to stave off something worse. because damn he believes this and he doesn’t believe he’ll convince steve, not really, but wow he has to try because steve’s his friend and this is the only way tony can take care of him now and steve’s a good man so if he agrees with tony–maybe so’s tony, and if he doesn’t…well, and damn tony wants his approval

we know how it ends. keep telling yourself that. and tony puts on his glasses, more armour, and you can’t tell me he’s not crying.


and then zemo happens, bucky happens, steve runs away

and tony talks to ross. sits down, so ross can tower over him, and tony fucking looks up and makes himself physically unassuming and begs, literally begs for a chance to bring steve in before someone’s sent to kill him instead. tony puts his everything on the line for steve then. and he’s so hurt, physically as well now, he’s bleeding, his left arm hurts (his heart hurts :))) ) and all he tries to do is to save steve

the airport scene


with tony having his heart on his sleeve in the most obvious ways possible

and really this whole fucking conversation

you’ve been busy

and you’ve been a complete idiot!

look at how out of it tony is already. he has a black eye (haha do you want to talk about tony opening his faceplate without prompting :))) ) and he’s so done he knows either steve goes with him or he gets killed sooner or later and steve refuses to listen. and look, tony doesn’t know what steve knows at that point. and steve doesn’t really have hard proof either.

so tony’s there trying to convince him but at the end of his line and he’s snapping and he keeps asking and his voice keeps rising and he tries and fails to compose himself so many times

i’m trying to – i’m trying to keep you from tearing the avengers apart

that fucking pause there? he looks away, he shakes his head, he can’t even talk for a moment, it’s so fucking important

steve’s answer? you did that when you signed.

he could stab him as well

and even then tony keeps trying

(do you want to talk about 616 and tony extending his hand and steve EMP-ing him)

except he’s really hurt, really done

so his trying changes into all right, we’re done and he actually spells it out for steve what is going to happen you’re going to come with us, now, because it’s US, and not a squad of j-soc guys with no compunction about being impolite

and there’s a cut to nat, and steve looking around, and back to tony, and he’s hoping, he’s hoping so hard, as if his hope can actually convince steve

he looks away too, and this little come on escapes him

and steve refuses.

(and i’d like to note how at the beginning there tony is like rhodey, you take cap, as if he doesn’t actually want to fight him himself, and then he literally says his plan was to take it easy, he never wanted a full out fight fuck everything, and then RHODEY GETS HURT and it’s all of tony’s nightmare neatly wrapped into one)

and tony watches rhodey being scanned, learns he might be crippled, knows it’s his fault because he’s tony stark, everything is his fault

and then he learns steve might’ve been right

and he leaves immediately to tell ross, to help steve

and ross threatens to arrest him, ross shows him his friends in the raft, his friends who hate him (even though tony is right! they broke the law, each and every one, willingly), and tony still begs them for a chance to help steve

and sam tells him, so tony follows steve

and their meeting is so great? tony’s wary, but yet again opens his faceplate

tells steve he was right. steve accepts his help. tony’s so relieved. he jokes. (he’d have to arrest himself. because it’s true)

it’s so light for a moment

and then zemo shows them the video, and tony watches his parents, his mum getting killed by the man steve risked everything to protect (risked tony to protect)

and tony closes his eyes at some points. he can’t watch. and then he only wants to know one thing.

did you know

and he knows the answer

don’t bullshit me, rogers, did you know

and it’s then when he snaps, just lashes out, wants to hurt bucky (and i’d like to note that even then he’s consciously trying not to kill them. he’s in his full armour. he can take on the hulk or level cities. instead he ties steve’s legs and aims at the walls to cut off their escape and the most damage he does to one of them is to blow bucky’s mechanical arm off, when he’s trying to save his own life)

and the worst line happens

i’m sorry, tony. but he’s my friend.

so was i.

but i think even then it dawns to tony … that maybe no. maybe it was only ever one-sided.

at the end, when steve has tony down and keeps hitting him, and smashes his helmet, and raises his shield–tony covers his face, and he’s convinced steve will kill him

i think steve thought so for a second too

instead, steve smashes the armour reactor. literally breaks tony’s heart. and for a few long seconds, they just look at each other. and it’s all there. all of it. all the could have beens and all the broken trust and all the things they’ll never rebuild now

i ship them in mcu now, because it’s fucking tragic, and i roll like that

but also because, my shipping glasses aside, you can totally see one-sided unrequited love on tony’s part. he really thought steve was his friend. that it ran both ways. he did it all for a man he loved.

they’re both a mess, a destructive mess at that, and we know tony, every tony, only ever wants to be loved. and honestly, after the emotional rollercoaster of tony feels in cacw? i ship them. because it’s terrible and it makes sense, and there’s this steve can only be this mad because he loved tony too

and then there’s imagine if they were in a relationship before

and steve actually calls first

and tony is left with nothing at the end. rhodey’s alive, but hurt, and tony blames himself. vision is there, but every time tony looks at him, he remembers jarvis is gone.

steve sends him a letter, and a phone, and tony doesn’t call; tony knows how it’d end. (tony’s not steve’s friend.)

steve might call.

this movie really wonderfully destroys tony, and you can argue it destroys steve, either, and this is when i’m interested in them.

shiromatt au where they live in the same apartment building and one day shiro knocks on matt’s door and is like “hey you got a dog, right?” and matt’s like oh shit he’s gonna complain my dog is making too much noise but turns out shiro had a stressful day and just wants to cuddle with the dog

and it turns into a thing?

shiro comes over at least once a week and he’s just playing quietly with matt’s dog while matt’s internally freaking out, he got a cute guy in his apartment playing with his dog?? college didn’t prepare him for this what is he supposed to do

and they slowly become friends and maybe shiro ends up coming over a lot more and not only because of the dog

I hope every juice aisle you walk past makes you think of how much I hated drinking water.

I hope every koala you see at a zoo reminds you of the amount of times you jumped onto me screaming “Koala!”

I hope with each gift I bought you, you realize how many times I loved hearing “Thank you” with a smile on your face.

I hope every school supply you purchase reminds you of how much I hated my job and the only time I enjoyed it is when you messaged me.

Because every
Romance book
Netflix series
Drop of rain
Reminds me of you

So when you’re loving someone else keep showing it everyday instead of slowly distancing yourself.

Prepare your lips for when he kisses you instead of having them sealed.

Hold his hand like you really want to instead of shoving it away.

Speak your mind and tell him how you feel if something goes wrong instead of saying nothing.

Make him become so in love with you he won’t ever think you’re capable of breaking someone’s heart.

Next time don’t leave.

Laundry Day

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Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1305

Warning:  Fluff everywhere

Request: Could you please write a fanfic where you wake up in the morning after a tiring hunt and since you feel dirty you decide to take a shower. But because you’re still tired you accidentally grab Dean’s shirt instead of yours, but he insists that you keep it on. Then Sam gets jealous of Dean so he tries to get you to change into his sweater instead. Then can it end with an embarrassed reader who ends up changing back into her pajamas since all of her day clothes are dirty? I love you please write it

A/N:  @thereaderoffanfics, sorry it took me for-fucking-ever to write this.  I’m fairly confident future requests will not take so much time.  I feel like I’ve kind of got my mojo back. Also,I suck at speaking or writing in Spanish.  I’m well aware.  

You woke with drool gluing your wild hair to your cheek, feeling like death.  Blearily you looked around the motel room.  Dean was still sleeping on the couch and Sam must have left for a run.  You stumbled to your feet and hoped he would at least bring you back some coffee.  On your way to the shower your grabbed a spare shirt to change into.  

When you were clean and only slightly more awake you tugged on your shirt, a soft, worn black and while flannel.  There was something wrong with it that you couldn’t place.  You looked down at the sleeves of your shirt, flapping your hands slightly.  The excess fabric billowed, the hem extending past your fingers.  You shrugged, and in your sleep starved state simply began to roll the sleeves and wandered out of the bathroom.  

Sam had returned from his run and had, to your infinite gratitude, brought you coffee.  Dean was awake now, though just barely, and sat across from his brother at the small motel table.  You snagged your coffee and grunted in thanks.  You sunk down onto the edge of Sam’s bed between the brothers and inhaled a deep breath of coffee, sighing contentedly.  When you looked up, two shocked faces were staring back at you.

“What?”  You looked between the two surprised faces, sipping your coffee.  Dean looked at his brother, shrugging and Sam returned the sentiment by raising his eyebrows and tilting his head.  You loved these two, but boy if their silent conversations weren’t irritating sometimes. You winced as the coffee scalded your tongue.  Finally, Dean seemed to lose their unspoken argument and turned to you again, pressing a hand to his thigh, elbow sticking out absurdly.

“Is-is that my shirt,” Dean asked, his eyebrows folding together, stubble sparkling as he smacked his lips.  You looked down at the flannel shirt and your black athletic shorts peeking out below the hem.  It suddenly occurred to you why your shirt had magically grown several sizes overnight.

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Actually, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it last night by wtf?

Rotten little me was just pleased that Gray wasn’t going to suddenly confess that he’d loved Juvia and just couldn’t admit it when she died, but now that I’m more awake and really thinking about it, this is so much worse. Especially if Mashima goes and advances the ship after bringing Juvia back. This is so much worse.

Like, first off, look at their reasons for attempting suicide. Juvia stabs herself because she can’t bear to hurt Gray, while Gray does it because he doesn’t want to hurt a comrade. I’ll give Juvia credit where credit is due and say she’s made sacrifices for comrades before, so it’s not like she would only do this out of love, but in this case her motivating factor was love. Juvia tried to kill herself out of her love for Gray, while Gray tried to kill himself out of a desire not to hurt his comrades. Does this already seem lopsided to you?

Then when Gray wakes up and finds her, he doesn’t realize upon holding her corpse that he loved her and should have told her sooner. His bargain plea to try and bring her back is that he’ll start taking her feelings seriously. Even when she’s gone and there’s no one else around, he doesn’t say he loved her. He says he’ll take the way she feels about him seriously.

Juvia’s suicide was motivated by love for Gray, and he didn’t even take her feelings seriously.




Ignoring everything else wrong with this relationship, this is messed up.

First off, the context that puts on every other moment where Juvia attaches herself to him. If Gray is treating her the way he would treat a comrade while Juvia is acting out of her version of love, literally every interaction they have is lopsided even before you get into the whole near worship issues.

But second, Juvia is willing to die for her love of a man who doesn’t even take her feelings seriously, and is only offering to actually consider her in exchange for her waking up.

The more I think about it, the more I hope she doesn’t wake up. Not just because i really wish we could get a major death to stick, but because if she wakes up Mashima is going to keep on pushing this ship, and there’s just no good way to move a ship forward from this. If Gray said he loved her in this chapter, I wouldn’t have been pleased, but I would have at least believed him. If their relationship is this lopsided at the point that she kills herself, I would never be able to earnestly believe Gray is sincere. Juvia has just died for him, and he still isn’t moved by this to the point of loving her. If she comes back and he actually enters a romantic relationship with her, it will always feel to me like something he’s only submitting to out of guilt over how this woman died for him. It’d be a step above staying with someone who threatens suicide if you leave them only because Juvia isn’t deliberately trying to be emotionally manipulative.

(She will wake up though. One way or another, Mashima will almost certainly bring her back.)

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BABE OMG IM DYING OKAY SO IMAGINE WARREN'S S/O BUYING A NECKLACE WITH A FEATHER CHARM ON IT OR SOMETHING, AND SHOWING IT TO HIM AND BEING SO PROUD BECAUSE "isn't it pretty? And it reminds me of you!" But he's not saying anything, just staring, and she starts to get worried, thinking maybe it's too far, he does have insecurities about his wings, fuck did I insult him? And Warren is just overwhelmed because no one has ever loved his wings or done anything like that (PART 1)

(SIN FILLED PART 2) and he doesn’t know how to tell her how much that means to him or how much he loves her so instead he gets up just as she’s starting to panic and she asks him in this tiny timid voice that makes him just fucking melt “you don’t like it?” and he tells her in that deep sexy voice of his “babygirl you better be wearing nothing but that necklace in 30 seconds so I can show you just how much I like it” and of course he doesn’t wait the 30 seconds

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“I’m sorry.” - Part two || Nate Maloley

Requested : two anons

Read part one here : 

Two Years Later || NATE

 "You will never guess who I saw today,“ Sammy said taking a seat across from me on the couch.

I looked up at him and sighed, "Let me guess, you saw one of your groupies?”

“Uh I see them all the time,” he said in a ‘duh’ tone. “But no, dude I saw Y/N today! I was walking downtown and I saw here! She has a kid and he looks so much like you man! Is that why you two broke up? 'Cause she fucked Stew and he got her pregnant?”

I looked at him like he was the biggest dumb ass in the world. I mean I couldn’t blame him I guess because he doesn’t know why we broke up. “No you retard,” I shook my head. “That’s my kid, that’s why we broke up. 'Cause I got her pregnant and I didn’t want any part of it.”

“Dude you’re fucked up,” he shook his head. “That’s your child, you need to man up Maloley!”

I sighed, I’ve been meaning to go see her but I don’t know where to contact her at. She has me blocked on all social media and she blocked my number too so I could never contact her.

“I want to man,” I sighed, looking down. “I realize now that what I did was fucked up. To just abandon her when she needed me the most. I don’t want my child growing up without a father, I want to be there for my kid. But I don’t where to contact her at.”

Everything I was saying was the full truth, a few days after she left me I realized that I needed to man up and take responsibility for my actions. I don’t want my child to grow up without a father. I do realize that she’s probably with someone else who our kid calls dad but I want to at least be apart of his life.

“Well lucky for you….” he paused, reaching into his front pocket. A few seconds later he pulled out a little card. “…she gave me this,” he said handing it to me. “She said it’s where she works now and that if I wanted to, I could stop by sometime. And I really hope you two work this out cause man, I want to be an uncle!”

I took the card from him. What the hell is a bath and body works? I thought to myself as I read the card.  Guess I’ll find out in a few hours. “Thanks man!”

 An Hour Later

I walked into the little store that smelled of different fragrances and looked around. There was shelves and tables full of lotions, soaps, and sprays. Oh Lord, Y/N would work here.

I stood there for a few seconds wondering if I should go ask for Y/N or just wait til she comes out. “Hi welcome to Bath and Body Works, is there anything specific you are looking for?” A short girl asked, coming up to me.

“Uh yeah,” i said scratching the back of my neck. “I’m look for a Y/N Y/L/N, is she here?”

The girl nodded, “Yeah she’s in the back. Let me go get her for you.”

I watched as she went through some door, I’m guessing to the back. A few minutes later she walked out with Y/N. The second she saw me, she froze in her steps. “N-Nate?” She asked, trying to make sure if it was really me I guess.

“Yeah,” I said walking up to her. Wow, she looked amazing. “It’s me, Nate. Look I was wondering if I could, uh, talk to you for a minute.”

She sighed, “I guess.”

She led me to the back room and I took a seat in one of the chairs. I’m guessing this is a break room? “What’d you want to talk about?”

“Our kid,” I simply stated. “I want to see him.”

She chuckled a little, “You’re funny Nathan. Didn’t I tell you that day not to bother coming back or stepping up? Since you know, you’re not ready to be a dad or whatever.”

“I’ve changed my mind,” I sighed. “I’m ready to step up, I have been since you left me. But I could never reach you 'cause you had me blocked on everything. Once Sammy told me hew saw you and knew were you worked, I took my chance. Please, I realize what I did was wrong and I don’t want my kid growing up without a dad.”

She laughed again. Why does she find everything so funny? “Well in case you forgot, your child has been growing up without a dad for almost two years now and he’s doing just great. I told you I could take care of him on my own.”

“Please Y/N,” I sighed. “I’m trying to do the right thing here! I want to be a father to my kid, please just let me! I promise I won’t leave again!”

She sighed. “You’re lucky I want my kid to grow up at least knowing his father. But if I let you around him, you have to promise not to leave again. 'Cause I don’t want him getting attached and you just up and leave.”

“I promise,” I said. “I will do everything I can for him. And if I go on tour again, I promise to see him in between stops. What’s his name?”

“Michael Maloley,” she said quietly.

I smiled widely, she gave him my last name. I didn’t think she would even give him my last name but here she goes, giving it to him. “You gave him my last name?”

“Yes,” she shrugged. “I wanted him to at least have your last name.”“

I smiled again. "When can I see him?”

“You can come by when I get off, which is in ten minutes.”

I finally get to see my son.


Have some low quality pictures of my cat and I

I got a delightful commission to re-design mega rayquaza a bit.  I thought it’d be neat to make his belly look like he’s holding the cosmos.  Because he’s pretty much a space pokemon >.>   Done in watercolors and ink.  Thankfully I get to keep the rights to this fun piece, so he’s up on my various sale sites below :)  And painting this gave me an idea to push his design much further sometime in the near future…

etsy                         patreon                 neatoshop               teepublic
*Please don’t remove my text/source from my artwork.  Thank you!

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Oh finallyyy Benji is woke that tweet was about casiyah right?

sadlyyyyyyyy.. zkfjhzdfcds. okay at first i wasn’t going to have Benji see any of that but it didn’t feel realistic to me if had just ignored it or just not have seen it at all. someone would’ve came in his inbox and put him on or he would’ve just seen it on his timeline anyways because twitter likes to keep you up to date with what you’ve missed. so he seen her tweet and then expanded it to find Casper’s response.

off rip though he knew she was talking about Cas because Benji had just seen Ani yesterday so it’s no way that she could have missed him that much and if she did then there would be no reason for her to refrain from sending it to her boyfriend lol. so he’s just like lol wow okay.. that’s cool. honestly he’s kinda hurt and feels some type of way right now which is why he’s on twitter bothering everyone.. lol it’s his defensiveness kicking in and that’s how he handles everything.

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Dear Addy, If you have time, please do a zimbits fic rec for me. You know what I like!!! Your friend, Lexy

ahaha okay by now you have maybe read all of these already but here are some ones I really liked: 

The Skype Dates ‘Verse by tiptoe39 (97k) - it’s all jack and bitty skyping after graduation and leading up to jack’s visit to madison!!! and it’s like so much pining and it’s so great.  And then the second part is the visit :)))))). 

I spoke to you in cautious tones by biblionerd07 (7k) - this one just killed me because jack feels awkward a lot of the time and you just want to hug him and tell him bitty loves him just the way he is. 

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am by emmagrant01 (11k) - Jack keeps getting jealous of other guys being into Bitty.  There’s a part that just made my heart twist so bad for Bitty.  Also then it’s really hot at the end lol.   

Helpless by emmagrant01 (20k) - Jack and Shitty take Lardo and Bitty to New York City for a trip before graduation.  Okay, I was really tired when i read this, but I know I liked it. 

love doesn’t come in boxes by thistidalwave (10k) - Jack realizes he likes bitty and then starts avoiding him so there is pining and miscommunication but then a happy ending of course!! 

Postive Image by twentysomething (10k) - Bitty does social media PR stuff for the falconers and jack gets a BIG CRUSH ON HIM ahahah of course.  

Drop It While It’s Hot by esterbrook (15k) - Another one about Jack visiting Bitty in Georgia except the graduation kiss didn’t happen.  oh god, i just love pining so much. 

maybe i’m waking up by idrilka (158k) - Jack goes to the NHL without telling Bitty how he feels.  ahah this was like the second zimbits fic i read and I stayed up absurdly late to read it and felt guilty like i was ruining my sleep schedule even though I had nowhere to be.  

anyway, okay! that’s it for now! I know I read some more good stuff I just can’t remember it all. Also, I’m keeping an eye on some WIPs, but I haven’t started reading them yet.  So if I do and they are good I will let you know!!! 

Jed and Mo are on Level 7 Access podcast, talking about how people came to the conclusion Lincoln would die.

Mo: “I feel like Luke sort of called it right away. He was like, ‘well, it can’t be the regulars.’ He went through this with us: ‘I don’t think it’s going to be any of the regulars. It can’t be the new people because they’re both Latino, it can’t be the strapping, gorgeous black man. Joey is also gay.’ He’s like: ‘It’s gonna be me. The dumb white guy.’”

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okay but can we think about the fact that yes hal knows he’s good looking, fuck he probably thinks he’s goddamn Gorgeous (and he is), so he sure he acts vain and arrogant but deep down he really needs to hear that this is true, that he is beautiful but nobody ever says that to him because they think he knows he’s good-looking so they dont need to say that to him, he certainly acts like a confident asshole, but hal NEEDS to hear it, he never hears it, he never hears any praise because “well he’s got such a big ego we shouldnt add to it with compliments lets not make it worse” do you ever think about that

Tempted [4/4 Preference]

Prompt: 4/4 preference where you are feeling the urge to self harm but he caught you recently and told you to come to him whenever you felt tempted.

A/N: I am so sorry that I haven’t gotten to this until now. I’ve been busy writing some 5SOS ship fics on Wattpad. If anyone would like to read them, leave me a message! I’m so rusty writing in second person because I’ve been writing in third person so much lately I cry.

Warnings: Mentions and thoughts of self harm, thoughts that are self degrading 

Your name: submit What is this?



You had been sitting in your room, lost in your thoughts when the feeling had come over you. You kept thinking about how you had ended up with Ashton. He was so much better than you and you just didn’t understand why he had picked you. Why pick you when you were so flawed? 

The thoughts were causing you to want to bring a blade to your wrist, but you knew you couldn’t do that to Ashton. He had caught you last time and told you to go to him whenever you felt the urge. And that’s what lead you to now, slowly creeping into the living room where the boys were having a writing session. You really didn’t want to bug them, but you also really didn’t want to be alone.

“Ashton…” You murmured, instantly making the hazel eyed boy snap his head towards you. Even by just the sound of your voice he was able to tell what was wrong, and he was quick to beckon you over to him. You didn’t need any other confirmation, already walking over to him and settling into his lap.

“Shh… You’re so beautiful, baby. I love you so much and you mean so so so much than me. I don’t care about any of those other girls because to me you are absolutely perfect.” Ashton soothed, wrapping his arms around your body and bringing you close to him. The brunet continued to whisper positive words to you and slowly the negative thoughts disappeared and you were left in the comforting embrace of your boyfriend.


Tears were in your eyes, and you tried your best to not let out a sob and alert your boyfriend whom was across the hall taking a shower. Calum had told you not to look through all the negative comments on Twitter, but sometimes you couldn’t help it. You liked to know what people thought of you, even if it was negative. It was like you needed to be perfect so that you could make everyone happy.

Your skin was itching, and you subconsciously began to pick at the scars on your wrists. Calum had told you to come to him whenever you were feeling the urge to cut, but you really didn’t want to bother him. You didn’t want to upset him either though, and just as you were about to get up and go to him, his voice broke you out of your thoughts.

“Y/N?” Calum questioned, brows furrowing as he took in your upset state. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I…” You weren’t able to get the words out, and so instead you brought your wrist up, showing Calum the irritated skin.

“Oh, darling.” He cooed, walking over and sitting next to you on the bed. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer, making your head lean against his chest.

“You aren’t at all what they say you are. You are so much more than any of it. They only say those things because they’re jealous. You are so wonderful and I have no idea what I would do without you.” Calum placed a small kiss on your forehead, smiling slightly when your breath began to even out and the tears began to dry.


You stood in front of the mirror in nothing but your bra and underwear. Normally you weren’t one to do this, for you knew you would only point out your flaws- which is exactly what you were doing right now. Your fingers pinched at the extra skin on your stomach and thighs, wishing it would just disappear. Sometimes you wanted nothing more than to take a knife and cut off all the extra fat, and those were moments when you knew you needed Michael.

“Michael?” You asked, voice wavering as you poked your head out into the hallway.

“Yeah?” He called back, halting his actions of making a sandwich down in the kitchen.

“Can-can you come up here?”

“Be right up.”

When Michael stepped into the room, he wasn’t exactly expecting to see you standing in front of the mirror in nothing but your undergarments and your arms wrapped around your stomach. It didn’t take him long to figure out why you needed him though, and soon his arms were wrapping around your body as he looked at you in the mirror.

“You know I think you’re beyond beautiful.” He told you, pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“Not everyone is stick thin, and that’s okay. Your weight doesn’t determine how beautiful you are, Y/N. You are an absolutely amazing human being and your weight does not change that.” Michael smiled gently, rubbing the pads of his thumbs across your arms.

“Not to mention your thighs and stomach make for really great pillows.” He added on, the comment causing the both of you to laugh.


You dealt with a lot of insecurity issues growing up. You always felt as though the other girls were so much prettier than you, and it didn’t help when they began picking on you in high school. They told you that your hair and eyes were too dull and that guys would never be attracted towards you. And being your childhood friend, Luke had always been there for you. 

He held you when you cried and he reassured you that you weren’t anything that those girls told you. Even when he was welcomed into the life of the famous, he made sure to keep you a priority. If there was ever anything that you needed, he made time for you. 

You meant so much to Luke and even after all of these years, he continued to be there for you. He held you when you cried, gave you endless compliments when you were feeling down about yourself, whispered sweet nothings to you when you felt like causing yourself pain. 

The only thing that had changed was that you now had the great opportunity of calling him your boyfriend. You really couldn’t have asked for someone better to be there for you.

anonymous asked:

I am a lesbian who is also a devout but struggling Christian and it means so much what you said. Just about every other person I've seen says they can't "tolerate" or "condone" my lofestyle, and I'll go to hell all because of who I love.

“They say that if i truly loved God or was a “real” Christian I would just atop being gay, or that if i was really close to God he would have made me atop loving my wife, and yet here I am and I love with everything I have. How could God hate me??”


Hi friend,

I want to tell you something.

God loves you. He loves you so, so much. He could never hate you. He is your Father.

And you are saved by grace.

Just like those who condemn you.

We are all sinners, and no matter your sin, God loves you, and He forgives you.

I want to point you (and any others reading this) towards James 2:8-13.

“If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,’ you are doing well. But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors. For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it. For he who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’ If you do not commit adultery but do murder, you have become a transgressor of the law. So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

We must show mercy and grace to one another, and not judge, because we are all sinners. I don’t believe it is right for me to look at you, or any other, and point out your sins when I commit so many of my own.

It is God’s place to judge, not ours.

It is our place to love one another. 

Let me ask you something: Do you believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and that He died for our sins?

If you answered yes, then that’s all there is to know.

God loves you very much, and so do I.

Talk to God about this, if you haven’t. Read His Word. And pray for those who condemn you. Just like I’ll be praying for both you and them.

All my love,


Sometimes I think I want to start maybe selling some of my photos, but then I get overwhelmed by all the options for selling them and think that really only my friends and family would want to buy them.

DeNiro’s doing so much better now. His neck is healing, but it’s in that gross stage where it’s scabbing and he looks like he’s turning into a zombie.

I’ve been waiting almost 6 months for this guy to actually give me money for my car that he claims to want so badly and at this point I’m feeling like I should just sell it for parts because that’s more money anyways and I need money not somebody wasting my time.

I often wonder what it would be like to just up and move to a beach somewhere and just hang out on the boardwalk and do art but that’s probably ridiculous. Life isn’t a movie, Kellie. But maybe it could be, I don’t know.

haikuliddel replied to your postit’s kinda funny bc obviously i’ve had obsessions…

But….it’s Sabo. Like…If there’s anyone to obsess over for years it’s definitely him ♡

ABSOLUTELY THO i’m so glad you understand !!  

i’m honestly really happy i like him of all op characters just because i got to read a lot of chapters/watch a lot of episodes about him while they were coming out since he was in the most recent arc, and he gets a lot of merch, and he got his own special, and he’s in the new movie, and he’s a really future proof character since we know there’s no way he ain’t gonna be important in later arcs or at least the final arc

AND also he’s just great

so i’m genuinely really grateful that of all the characters in the entire universe…… i chose to sell my soul to a good one…….

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Can you share more on the rule against triangular communication please?


And it’s probably at this point that I should confess it’s just a fancy way of saying “using a go-between to do your talking for you”.

Sometimes, it can be like using an ambassador. Like, “Hey, my best friend over there likes you.”

Or, it can be like, “would you please tell this person in front of me what I think of them, because I’m not talking to them”.

Usually it’s more like using someone you trust to communicate your thoughts, ideas or feelings to a person who you might not trust as much. Not that the other person deserves to be not trusted, but in personal matters, trust takes time to build and it just may not have had that time yet.

Ultimately, triangular communication IS relinquishing your power.

Referring to my earlier post, it didn’t happen that way, in real life. Ours was a quick and simple fight, so all he did was let everyone know it was safe to talk again (yknow, talk without yelling), and then she and I did speak directly to resolve our conflict.

Another way using a go-between relinquishes your power is when you use your partner to communicate to your metamour thoughts, feelings, or agreements between the three of you - without checking in directly. Sure, you trust your partner, but (again) your partner might say things, or not say things, to avoid hard feelings or a fight. We always want to kill the messenger, right? So agreements might not get communicated clearly or completely.

And THEN you fail consent, because consent can only exist in the light of truth and honesty.

And, let’s be honest… who hasn’t heard the story of the person fooling around on the side saying, yea baby, my significant other is totally cool with us making out, when the significant other thinks you’re just friends.

I tell you this… when my husband first contacted my metamour online to reconnect, and he told her that I had given permission (which I had), SHE (1) asked him if she could talk to me, and when he said yes, she (2) immediately looked me up on Facebook to ask me herself.

That’s class. Thanks to her, I try to live up to that every day on this adventure.