for the longest time I’ve been avoiding drawing Owen with a beard because i’m lazy and they take me longer to draw so he’s only had scruff, but

its like…so much better he has it now cuz goddamn he lives in the woods, who has time to shave, not him.

Monsta X Reaction #25 - You’re self conscious around them

anon asked: Hi! Could you do a BTS and Monsta X reaction to you being self councious around them?

Hyunwoo: he doesn’t understand why you’re self conscious around him though? Like he thinks you’re so beautiful and funny and so perfect and always looks at you like *gif*

He starts to wonder if it’s because he stares too much honestly so he ends up trying to explain why he’s staring at you whenever you catch him.

“Jagi you’re just so cute when your nose scrunches up like that. I couldn’t help it…”

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Hoseok: He would try to talk to you about it and get emotional about it.

“I just want you to be comfortable around me and I just… I try to make you comfortable, I really do. Babe just please tell me what I need to do so you stop feeling like that with me.”

He would do anything you told him to do to. He just wants you to feel safe, loved, and never judged when you’re with him.

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Minhyuk: This boy looks at you like he looks at this pizza. He’s usually good at telling when you start to feel self conscious though and uses that opportunity to compliment you or to avoid looking at you for a while until he senses that you feel comfortable again.

eventually you relax around him because he’s jusyt so good at reading people that he always knows what you need him to do.

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I need to same omg same about wondering how old people think derek is sometimes. Even with a jumbled up timeline like derek hale and I would be roughly the same age and i turned 28 this year. That puts him at like 16 the time if the fire like ??? 28 isnt old??? I grew up with internet, some people had cell phones in high school, i understand what social media is! I dont know why they make derek seem like he's so much older, he was in like 6th grade in the year 2000!! It drives me bananas!

*high fives for age twins!*

So, to let my own age slip I turned 28 this year too (which feels ancient on this site because of that exact mentality, even though half the people I know are my age or older). And that’s possibly part of the reason I’m so attached to Derek’s age, because in my mind he was born on Christmas of ‘88, making him just a few months older than me. (*high fives for age triplets!*) That would have set the birth year on his driver’s license as the right year (if the wrong month, depending on whether you believe in Christmas Baby or November Baby Derek), and would make him most likely set to graduate high school in 2007, and a sophomore in 2004-2005. This also works with the idea of Kate preying on him shortly after Paige, when he was still intensely vulnerable, since the fire took place in 2005 as well.

That would have made Derek just 22 in the pilot (having turned 22 about a week before, if you believe in Christmas Baby), and 23 when he leaves at the end of season four. And that is plenty young enough to have grown up with modern technology, to understand cell phones and the internet. I will say that Derek might be out of the loop on things like social media or pop culture if he spent the past six years, post-fire, isolating himself and actively Not Giving Himself Nice Things. Depending on how you picture Derek’s New York years, you could definitely write him as having missed all the Marvel movies and not getting Facetime or Twitter, but he’s not old. He grew up with… Buffy and Charmed and was probably a secret Lord of the Rings nerd, and had a cell phone and… ok, probably a MySpace page because remember when MySpace was the coolest of things on the internet lol

So yeah, Derek’s probably missed some of the technological leaps forward because of trauma, but he’s still a young guy. And some people are mentioning how they probably tried to age Derek up because Hoechlin looked older, but honestly I think they made Hoechlin look older because they were trying to age him up. Taking away the leather jacket and Camaro, replacing it with a dad car and making him hang out with the 40-something adults constantly like he was one of them, instead of a college-aged guy who’d have a lot more in common with the high schoolers. It’s not like Hoechlin was much older than Derek (and it’s not like the high school aged characters’ actors didn’t age as well). Really the only reasons they could have been trying to push up Derek’s age would be to make what Kate did seem “more acceptable,” which is honestly pretty disgusting, or to make certain popular ships seem less accessible, which I’m obviously not ok with.

DJ Khaled’s “I Love You So Much” has me so fucked up. Just because, like he really really genuinely loves Asahd. To have somebody just l o v e you like that? Like just love you in the purest form possible? I don’t have anybody in my life where I’m like “oh wow if anything every happened to me I know (so and so) would be so fucked up.” Like, when I have a kid I’m gonna love them so hard so that he/she will never have to know what it feels like to question his/her worth, or question if anybody actually cares about him/her. Like I want him/her to off the bat know that I love him/her and that I would be fucked up if anything ever happened to him/her and that he/she doesn’t need anybody else besides me, feel me?

last night I got overwhelmed by watching the cheek kiss scene and I had a meltdown and sent my thoughts to @deathcabjenny

I am gonna share them now. 

first I believe it wasn’t the first time he kissed her cheeks. This boy was comfortable, but my girl was shook. He wanted to kiss her because she is so fucking smart. and we all can agree he fucking gets turned on my her intelligence. and you know what fucking triggered me is that what if Stiles always complimented Lydia when she says something smart because he is so proud of her, because 2 years ago ( I think? ) she hid it from people and now she is blessing everyone with her intelligence, she aint hiding it anymore and Stiles loves her so much and he adores her intelligence so much, and when he kissed her cheek he was like “Yes baby, you’re so smart, don’t hide it again and here is a kiss.” 

and you know Stiles saying the word “kiss” in front of Lydia high key fucked me up and adding “you” fucked me up more and “LYDIA, YOU’RE SO SMART, I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW” REALLY FUCKED ME UP SO BAD. 


and Jenn told me things that really made me cry and I am gonna let her share them whenever she wants. 


next in the psych gem au, gus

he came out of the ground shortly before homeworld’s discovery of earth, and then quickly rose to stature from his success in the courtroom. as an era 1 zircon he had much more innate ability than later zircons, and was able to keep evidence and records in his gem without the use of added technology. 

during the beginnings of the gem rebellion especially, he served as both prosecution and defense for a great number of cases, some of which took place in front of the diamonds themselves. 

for a couple thousand years he worked toward aristocratic treatment and actually got relatively close to being granted his own pearl - but he wouldn’t have wanted it, and thanks to a certain rebellious sapphire he was meant to defend, he realized that he wanted NONE of it.

that sapphire (shawn) convinced him to fuse and escape to earth, at which he was thrust head-first into the revolution and embraced it. only after spending time on earth did he discover his thermokinesis, as he’d had no use for it before.

even thousands of years later, he prefers a neat, symmetrical aesthetic. but he of course still indulges in more human-like pleasures with shawn. especially eating.

[ shawn + context / juliet / lassiter ]

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Asdfghjkl Tokoyami hate a huge crush*tm on a girl who's aesthetic is his opposite. She is a pastel princess*tm. Either fluffy hc's or a scenario where she makes him and dark shadow a flower crown or something. I just *clenches fist* love the birb boye so much.

Oh my gosh I don’t know whether to do headcanons for this or a scenario because this is just too cute! I ended up doing a few headcanons though but I might do a scenario for this another time because how could I pass that up too?

  • “I have a little gift for you, Dark Shadow!” 
  • Dark Shadow isn’t sure what to do, he’s really interested though. “A gift for me?” he pops out uninvited and Tokoyami is like, “I didn’t condone this”
  • Dark Shadow tries to go through your bag when you’re getting the flower crowns out and you have to swat him away. 
  • You tell them both to close their eyes then and Dark Shadow tries to peek at what you’re doing. 
  • DS gets his first and you place a pink and purple flower crown on his head. He’s embarrassed, but in a good way. “What-what is this??” 
  • “It’s my gift to you! I think he looks cute, don’t you think, Tokoyami?” 
  • He snickers about it and before he knows it, he hears you going through your bag again. 
  • “I didn’t forget about you!” and you give Fumikage his.
  • Tokoyami is just so happy, it doesn’t exactly show but he’s blushing and trying to his the girly smile that’s threatening to come out. 
  • If you listen closely you could hear a small ‘peep’ when you put it on his head. 
  • He definitely keeps them. It’s the only thing of color in his room 

then the last of alphie!

I’m,, he almost made me cry today, guys.
he’s been super defensive since he got home, and he strikes like every time I go to anything. him eating made me feel so so much better but… nothing like today.
I held him in my hands more than I was able to capture, mostly because the camera and quick movements still frighten him, so I decided not to press. he relaxed, very gradually, and began to move about my lap and the blankets around me for a little bit. he didn’t much appreciate being moved when he got too nosy in places he didn’t belong, but, didn’t posture at me very much.
So I decided to test him.
I placed him on the other end of the bed from where I was sitting, more or less a foot from me, since he’s so small. and I wanted to see what he would do.
very slowly, with extreme caution, he began to make his way back. to me.
he approached me warily, neck slightly tensed, tongue flicking, until he reached my leg and climbed back up into my lap. he very gently came and sniffed my hands, and resettled by me.
and I was damn near in tears.
it’s such a little thing. I was warm and the closest thing to familiar on my bed. but he still came back.
he’s going to be a process, still, no denying it. but we’re learning. Together.

I got into a depressed mood again. *sigh* So let me talk about Doctor Who a little. Time flies and it made me realise that Twelve will be gone soon. And I feel like I’m not ready. I’ve never lost a Doctor before. I mean I cried a lot when Ten regenerated because he was my first Doctor. And cried when Eleven did because I also liked him so much. But Twelve is my Doctor. It’s not like I can fully explain why. It’s not about the actor personally, not the plot and not just even the characterization. I just feel it deep down. He is the closest to my heart. He is a part of my life now. A very important part. I know he is not real, but I love him, proud of him, worried about him… he is my best friend. And I don’t want him to go. I don’t want to be crushed emotionally, to be torn apart. This is going to be losing someone really close to me. All of that is also true about Peter, of course. I love him to pieces, he is a wonderful actor and human being, a blessing to the fandom.

hippytater replied to your post: things i cry about: single dad Sidney getting…

and Sid doesn’t care one bit about any gold digger stories in the media because he has his little family, and his new penguin friends now :)

omg!! Maybe there’s like a magazine Q&A article about the little Crosby-Malkin family, and in it there’s a quote from Malkin saying, “We have big fight before, once. It was about money; he doesn’t like me spending so much on him when we were dating. I know he’s more than capable of supporting himself. He’s amazing. I’m so lucky to have him. We had a very long talk about it afterwards.”

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hey, CBJ fan here – would you mind sharing your thoughts on Panarin? did you like him? I've heard some negative things and I don't really want to have to dislike anyone on my team :(

yeah of course ❤️❤️❤️ some people don’t like him bc of an offhanded racist comment he made in a video in 2012. (it’s funny because most of the people who are angry weren’t even affected by said comment but that’s none of my business 👀☕️) anyway personally as a black woman, i think it was a shitty thing to say, but i also don’t allow that one thing to define his character. he apologized for his commentaries and all i can do is hope he was sincere. i love him so much and like i said to my friend, if love could’ve kept him in chicago he’d be here forever if it were up to me. people try so hard to paint others in a negative light and i’m not gonna do that. i love him and hope you can too!

Important tip for new grad students/undergrads pursuing research: ASK QUESTIONS!

I’m training this new post doc on our instrument and I absolutely love how often he asks questions, because not only is it a good way to make sure he understands things, but it makes it easy for me to tell how effective my teaching is and forces me to understand the subject matter better!

So don’t be shy about asking questions! (I certainly was). You may feel like you’re bothering someone, but I assure you, if they’re a decent human being and not super busy, they’ll usually be happy to answer questions and help you out!

i know people want vax to legit die/not be revived For The Angst or whatever but if i have to lose the first canon mlm fantasy character i ever saw, who i related to on an absurd number of levels, who means so much to me because he made me feel like i could come home to the genre i grew up in and not be out of place in it, i will fucking disintegrate 

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How about some Dabi relationship headcanons? Their s/o is really sweet but can be very spunky! Dabi needs so much more love, I don't see many requests for him.

Dabi is beautiful but he’s more of a one night stand kinda guy for me you feel?

He does need more love tho, I agree

  • Dabi isn’t really into the whole getting you gifts and taking you out to fancy dinners and shit. Mainly because he’s a wanted fucking criminal and he can barely be outside long enough to piss in a bush but hey you manage.
  • He likes how sweet you are compared to him, but he gets real annoyed real quick. He can’t understand how you can be so nice and cheerful in such a shitty situation. It irritates him.
  • Like I said before, he can’t be outside long enough to even take a piss so if you’re feeling lucky and you wanna go on vacation, the farthest he’ll take you is the living room or the fridge. honestly me
  • Since you’re so sweet and he’s so…not… if you show sympathy for the enemy or ask him to stop, he’ll probably threaten to kill you or something. I don’t think he’d be abusive, but he’s just kinda like “With how much you know I can’t let you live so might as well stay.”
  • Honestly if you did end up leaving because of your differences, he’d care a little bit because he’s gotten used to you and without you its a little bit empty. However, he bounces back quick and well now you’re on the top of his hit list. Congrats.
  • All in all, I’d still be down to fuck
Can You Really Blame Him?

He flapped around wayward
and haphazardly,
hitting the floor
with such crash-landing
pitter patters.
He hated being grounded
for very long.

He came back up frequently
to plant kisses
all upon her glowing exterior.
Fires inside her soul
had began blooming,
almost breaking fragile skin.
The lasting image of her
was burning red.

One day,
she finally asked,
“why do you enjoy
kissing me so much?”
He responded,
“because you are something
of substance,”
but what he didn’t know
was she was a substance herself.

Adoration can be addiction too.

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I got so much hate today. People told me I should kill myself because I'm supporting an abuser and a fool and stuff... they told me I should learn living from them and everything... and then there is my father who told me that if Johnny wants to do one right thing in the world he should kill Trump, dress up as him and act as if he was the president for 3 more days before leaving the white house forever and disappear😂😂

Omfg I feel like your dad and Johnny would get along famously…