Can we talk about how fish husband goes to his sister’s memorial every night and cries?  And if you talk to him he apologizes for it?  Like he’s embarrassed of his feels? but he misses her so much?! 

Can we talk about how he was just a bab when she died and he had to listen to everyone talk about how wonderful she was and how he must have horrible survivor’s guilt, especially because he doesn’t have any magic powers?  Like maybe he lifts because the only power he can harness is his own rippling muscles?  And he can’t get emotional in public because everyone is counting on him to be brave and strong so he just has to smile and act like everything is fine?

This game is destroying me.  All the npcs have complex lives and routines that they do every day and it just feels so real, like they don’t just stand there at all hours waiting for you, they walk around and do things and have emotions and now I HAVE EMOTIONS

P.S. I am I the only one who sucked so bad at Vah Ruta that Sidon started crying out “Don’t drown!” every time I fell too far away from him to swim to me?

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Ashley you said that so well. I agree. I don't think he hates the idea of superstardom and fame and being that. He hates the idea of what that makes people think of him. I personally think he likes the attention but doesn't like how people interpret who he is and how he was branded to be because of his fame. He wants to be more than that. And I think this album will me much more him and I'm so so excited for that.

yes, exactly. he was definitely very at odds with the type of person he was portrayed to be in the media while he was in 1D and he fought it as best as he could. but yes, i think harry really does want to use his celebrity power for good and inspire people and just put out Good into the world. and i’m very excited for him to be able to do that :)

Not shipping Karamel and hating Mon-El doens’t make me a hater of Chris. ( i like him, he is a good actor, cute even). Why some people ( aka karamels shippers) can’t understand and separate what is real life and fiction?!

Why are people hating Katie ( aka Karamels shippers) just becase of Lena and supercorp?Just because she is a regular now?  AHh come on, give me a fucking break! She is doing here job and that is all. ( Isn’t my fault if she is beautiful, act gay as fuck and have so much chemistry with Melissa).

It’s 2017, grow up!

okay can I just quickly say, the austrian commentator saw the replay of Kamils landing and when Kamil touched the snow he immediately said “no, no, i did not see that, he didn’t touch the snow” like he has so much respect for Kamil and is so happy for him that he’s legit rooting for Kamil to get the hill record, even tho he technically touched the snow

and that just makes me SO HAPPY
like if Kamils jump didn’t count, Krafti would have the hill record, but that doesn’t even matter to our commentator because he just has SUCH A HUGE RESPECT for Kamil and his jump

basically, I LOVE THE ORF COMMENTATORS, SO MUCH, they’re always so supportive to each and every athlete ❤

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I'm asking another for mx, sorry :,( but MX how would they react if you were to randomly tell them "I'm so lucky to be with you" ??:)

Shownu would simply answer with, “Me too.” because he truly means it and he might not be the most vocally expressive about his feelings but just know that you’re the center of his world. 

Kihyun would ask if there was a catch, are you going to ask him to buy something expensive by getting your way with flattery, but at the same time he’ll be really endeared and will pull you into a tight hug because words like that mean so much to him. 

Hyungwon would simply smile, threading a hand around your waist and kissing you gently. He’d pull back and tell you that he’s lucky too, lucky to be with you and lucky to be able to hold you like this because no one else can. 

Minhyuk would jokingly overreact and be like “IM,,,,,,the LUCKY ONE” all the while putting his hands on your cheeks and staring you intensely in the eyes. If all just to hide the fact that you saying that first made his heart skip a beat. 

Wonho would sort of stop and stare at you, his face slowly heating up and he’d ask why you would suddenly say something like that? He might panic and think you’re going to spring a surprise on him with “I’m lucky to be with you, but now I have to move across the country.” so please make sure to explain that you just felt like letting him now you care. 

Jooheon would try to play it off, he’d chuckle and be like “I wouldn’t call it lucky, we’re just,,,,,,,,good for each other.”, but he’d get soft because he’s someone that is super hard on themselves and having you say that makes him feel validated and cherished and he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about what you said for a while and even when you’re gone he’ll be murmuring to himself about how the hell are you so cute - going around saying things like that.

Changkyun/IM would wink and be like “You bet you’re lucky, who else gets to experience all of this?” while pointing to himself confidently. You’ll roll your eyes because of course that’s his response, but later in the day he’ll kiss your forehead and tell you he’s lucky to have you put up with him, he really is thankful. 

How much does my little brother love Agent Kallus?

A whole fucking lot, it would surprisingly seem. Here are a couple of his comments from the finale relating to our favorite character.

Him: “He looks really cute with his hair like that.” 

Me: *silence*


Me: “Oh, no, you’re not the only one.”

“Awww, baby no! It’s not your fault! Thrawn’s just an ass!”

“I wish it were possible to give fictional characters a hug because he looks so scared and I just- hnnnngh!”


And, my personal favorite:

“That smirk just added about fifteen years to my life.”


All I really wanna do is love you
A kind much closer than friends use
But I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through

If it kills me - Jason Mraz

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Don’t worry Mr.Graves. If I were you I’d want to kiss him too ;))

Tell me what you think? Do you like it? Do you like pinning Percival? Do you crazy about Newt(Eddie)’s lips? I’d love to hear your thought :D


PS: I drafted a BG from photobook and the song is under the cut!

Oh gossshhhh I love love love this song!

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I can totally see either of them doing it, but I really hope Dan does it because I can imagine Dan being super excited and nervous about it and making some huge speech But also if Phil proposed, he'd just be like "hey Dan, will you marry me?" out of the blue or something and give Dan a heart attack because /holy shit amazingphil prolosed to me/ But in all honesty, I don't really care who proposes, I just hope they get married and have a happy life together!

literally dan would be so extra and that’s the reason i see him doing it. he likes to TALK SO MUCH AND HE DOESNT SHUT UP so he would ramble about how much he loves phil and how he’d like him to marry him


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jealous!dean because all the boys think sam is so pretty and always hit on him before dean yanks sammy away and tells him that he's his

you know what i love, nonny? this.

you know what i love even more? jealous!dean and oblivious!sam.

so like, hear me out, sam doesn’t realize how pretty he is, how much he is like a siren song to anyone who walks by him. all sam sees his his hair that is more trouble than it’s worth (he only keeps it long because dean gives him shit about it and it’s the only way that it seems for sam to get his brother’s attention) but anyway. all sam sees is his hair and his long, lanky limbs and clothes that don’t quite fit right because they’re all hand-me-downs and sam doesn’t see how anyone could want him.

except dean knows how that makes sam all the more alluring. he’s so innocent sitting there in some library, books surrounding him, pink lips closed around the cap of a pen as he chews on it. and god, the way that he blushes whenever anyone flirts with him, it’s all too much.

and dean, he can’t stand the way that those kids, those boys look at his little brother, like he’s a dessert that they can just lick up. he hates the way that his heart flips in his chest and the swell of jealousy that blooms in the pit of his stomach whenever sam actually flirts back and he says that he’s doing it because he’s a good big brother, he wants to protect sam from those people when he comes up behind sam and runs his hands down his chest like sam is his. because sam is his, just not the way that dean wants him to be.

and those kids will look at dean with wide eyes and stumble backwards because dean looks downright predatory when he holds sam like that.

as soon as they’re gone though, dean will remove his hands, he’ll stop touching his beautiful baby brother because if he doesn’t, he won’t ever be able too and he’ll settle in a chair next to sam, pretending that he doesn’t see the way that sam seemed to blush even harder.

I loved him so much. He was a little older although his mind was way beyond his years. We were together for over a year and a half, but spoke for about 5 months before that. He made me laugh lots and lots at the beginning and always made sure I was okay. Things started to get rough when exam season came around. He would get worse and worse everyday, saying harsher things as his patience declined. I kept ignoring his harsh words and aggressive nature; I kept blaming myself. I was insecure and jealous at times, and so was he, but less is always more with him. He broke my heart last night before blocking me off everything, all because I was feeling insecure and wanted to know he wanted me still. I guess I was too much for him. I don’t know how to move on. “Everything feels like the end of the world when you’re young”. No. This feels like the end of a fucking universe.

Qatar, FP3.5 - Dylan asked Marc about what the bigger worry is re: track, whether it’s the small rivers, the standing water, the floodlights, etc.

Marc: “Yes, one of the things is the small rivers, but this honestly for me is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the big like lake we have in the run-off area, because if something happen - I mean if some rider crash and something happen - and he stay there is too much water and something can happen.

The safety must to be first, and they are doing Safety Commission and Race Direction they are doing a really good job. They evaluate and they say it’s too dangerous, so we must to wait.”

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Omg but J.D. holding his baby for the first time and crying because she's so beautiful and innocent and she's not damaged and he tells Veronica he's scared that he won't be able to protect her from everything and Veronica assures him that their little girl will be just fine because she'll have a loving mother and protective father.

He’s probably like “I hope she’ll be like you since ur so much better than me” and Veronica just grabs his face in her hands and she’s like “stfu you are the greatest husband ever and you’re a wonderful person and you’re gonna be an awesome dad and I will end you if you try to argue with me do you understand???”

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cute sidlink stuff since you asked for it! sidon putting link's hair up with fancy beads and stuff, sidon trying to share clothes with link, link bringing sidon pretty rocks he finds on his travels, and finally, sidon's glee that he can always see link in a crowd because he tol

I love all of these!!! Link keeps the beads braided in his hair and likes the way they look in the light and Sidon’s clothes fall right off of Link he’s way too tol

Sidon keeps a lil collection of the spoils and pretty things Link brings back from his adventures and Link is never lost in a crowd either cuz he can find Sidon so easy he’s a giant

I love mark so much hes so precious, hes the boy you introduce to your mom as a friend but shes like “hes a keeper, make him your boyfriend he’s cute” and you’re like “mom stop we’re just friends, and he’s here to do a science project with me” and you guys sit down on the living room floor and cut out paper and start gluing things, and you look over and he’s so concentrated on cutting out the letter “A” because of the hole in the middle and you laugh, and he laughs, and then ur heart goes dugeun dugeun man

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my crush is also my boyfriend since 4 months. he always has messy hair and he hates it but i like it because it gives me a reason to drag my fingers through his hair and be close to him. i´m someone who lives in the past, and often when i´m hanging out with people and doing fun stuff, the only thing i can think about is what a nice memory it´s going to be. when i´m with him, for once, i´m in the moment. i think that´s one of the reasons why i love him so much.


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Chocobros reaction to their s/o being a licensed chiropractor? Both watching them at work and being their victim. I mean patient. After all they must build a lot of tension during fights and traveling.

AU where I also have a Chiropractic S/O because I need me one of them

  • Noctis likely would have met them because that was their job in the first place.
  • He’s never been a stranger to issues, aches, odd and terrible muscle tense-ups or pain all around his body, and especially with his back too. Ever since a few incidents when he was young, that’s just been his life. There was never much relief for him no matter what was tried. So even when this was suggested to Noctis he thought it would end up like everything else and kept stubbornly refusing.
  • But one day he caved… Yeah it didn’t work as well as a small piece of him had been hoping for deep down. There was some definite cracks he could hear, and a little bit of pressure relief. But not what he considered enough.
  • But Noctis kept coming back to them anyways- everyone kept telling him more relief would come with more sessions. Unfortunately it’d take a lot more than just this to be able to relieve the prince of all his pains, but funnily enough he made a friend (and later something more) out of this.
  • They come along for a part of the journey as well. Maybe not good at fighting, but their company is appreciated and so is their services (and with Insomnia being gone- so is their home and their business. So he felt it was only right to bring them along until something could be worked out in their favor).
  • Noctis was almost envious of the all the other people they touched, especially the other guys in the group. Not because their attention was off of him or that it wasn’t him they were touching, but rather he envied the relief others would get from this…
  • But outside of that, watching what goes on was almost a little boring and Noctis would eventually zone out.
  • “Are you sure you don’t want me to try and help you with some adjustments?” Is a phrase he still hears on the regular. But each time the answer is always the same; he waves them off and says “Ah, no I’m good. Thanks you though, I guess.”

  • A wonderful and admirable job as far a Ignis is concerned and one he supports more than wholeheartedly.
  • Things do get rather tense out on the field for sure, and he greatly appreciates the fact they’re able to help relieve any number of them, even if only just a little.
  • But despite that he tries to not ask them for adjustments all that often. He feel it intrudes on their valued time, so if he does actually seek them out for it then he always offers to pay them in return for it.
  • So whenever they go and seek him out, offering to do it by saying it’ll help them keep in practice, he goes with it. After all, if that’s what they really want then how could he refuse? (Especially since lately he’s found himself getting headaches frequently as of late, and it’s thanks to all this that he knows why.)
  • After the events over in Gralea, he worries about what that means for their livelihood. A world of darkness doesn’t seem like it would do good for opening up their own chiropractic office as they had always hoped to. However that was not the end of that dream but rather the beginning. The rest of the gang and even Cid was the first of their repeat clients, and every now and then while out and about Ignis drops a recommendation to the other hunters so they can be worked on. After all it would be best for them all to try and keep in as best of shape as possible for the fights that never cease.
  • Before the events of Altissia, Ignis had actually been taken under their wing. If they were going to do this for him and the others, he wanted to learn so he could return the favor.

  • It’s almost like Gladio has his own personal chiropractor now, and honestly he enjoys it.
  • Jared, the Amicitia butler, had frequently saw chiropractors and later had went on to recommending him and Clarus to some. He knew that the two of them would likely more than need to being seeing one. As tense as everything would get but their backs undergo a lot of abuse from the training alone and who knows how much more the actual fights put them through.
  • Naturally, the both of them trusted Jared and honestly the two of them ended up feeling a little silly for not having gone before now. But all good things come to an end…
  • So now that his s/o just so happens to be one too? That’s awfully convenient to the big guy…
  • Hell they never have to offer him a quick adjustment session because he’s actually going to be approaching them quite frequently.
  • Does the fighting cause him some problems? Oh for sure. But you want to know what happens to cause the most of them? Hauling that giant sword everywhere. He spends enough time resting it’s weight down in his shoulder that it is actively tensing him up and causing muscle spasms. So they have no idea how grateful he is for this and he doesn’t show how much so he is as much as he should either

  • One one hand, Prompto finds this to be incredibly neat. When they told him what it was that they do, he had already joked about having them work a few of his kinks out. Especially when they talked about how more often than not it’s not bad posture that causes trouble, but rather an out of aligned back can cause the bad posture and it gets him thinking…
  • Anymore he finds that he’s starting to hunch more, hurts more to sit up completely straight, hurts more to try and bend back even just a little when he wants to shoot off another one of his trick-shots, but the lower part of his body started to feel more out of whack too.
  • But at the same time it also squicks him out.
  • He’s only heard a little bit about it. Like they gotta manhandle him until he starts popping too, right? Yeah… Honestly he thinks that if they so much as even start to touch him like that then all that is going to happen is they are going to start snapping his skeleton apart. What if they do it wrong and kill him by accident?
  • Yeah- no, it’s not something he wants to try. They can reassure him all they want but it’s too late. It’s already turned into something that is near-phobia status. And really the only thing that would change that is if they managed to talk him into it just one time. But good luck with that.
  • He’s went to watch just one time. Funny enough they knew the hunter Dave and they had worked with him previously. And just watching the way he was being bent, and hearing those loud cracks kept making him wince. Dave himself even told him that it wasn’t anything too bad, that it actually felt kind of good- but Prompto wasn’t sure he could even fathom that.
Starting arrangement

Splenda is booking restuarant and hotel for Friday 🙈 I’m actually kind of excited 1. Because it’s been MONTHSSSSSS since I had a SD 2. Because homegirl wants some pocket change 3. Because he’s actually cute and seems nice.

I just hope he’s not a freak in bed. Like a little freaky is good, but not too much…. I don’t need bruises.

I’m getting tested on Monday, so the results should be back before Friday 🤔 And of course we’re still going to use condoms, already clarified that with him as well. I just want to know we’re both clean. Safe sex is good sex :)

And I should maybe clarify each post, he’s not actually splenda because he’s giving above my minimum and still taking me to a nice dinner/hotel. I’m not sure how long we can make it work though, and he may realize how expensive a SB actually is after Friday (dinner, hotel, allowance can all rake up to 1k per date).

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Why is John so like gross and disgusting? Doesn't he see his actions as problematic at all?

this is a complex question because i dont think its so much he doesnt see so much as he doesnt care

he doesnt care about who he hurts or the consequences of what he does so long as hes getting attention 

because trust me we told him plenty of times he was wrong and he would do his whole “im sorry i love you i promise ill change” routine that all abusers do to placate others

and then go right back to doing the same shit and then blame us for “expecting him to change overnight”

Okay so like…I’m laying here just thinking about him again like I always do and wow if we had the chance to really just BE, we probably would’ve been living together and coolin it by now. I mean, its best if we aren’t together rn because life is wild as hell for us both but damn he’s so fine and so smart and so handsome and loves me so much. So validating of my hopes and dreams and gender and frustrations.

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Why are guys so mean?? I don't understand at first they're all nice and sweet and make you happy/smile and then the moment you get attached/like them they don't give a fuck about you anymore and they become so careless and oh my god. My heart hurts. This guy broke my heart and I shouldn't walked away they first night he made me cry but I didn't because I thought I can make it all better and fix it. How stupid of me. I hate myself for this.

fr fuck i feel u so much on this but look its okay alright? take this as a learning experience and next time when a boy makes u cry n ur heart hurts, u know what to do. i love u take care of urself okay