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I feel so sad for svt and carats. If carats continue to act this way, they'll most probably become the next most hated fandom, which is sad bc it'll also badly affect svt's reputation. The same has happened with exo and bts. Pull it together carats!

Exactly?? It’s so sad because it’s probably the boys’ popularity that drove the fansites to start this kind of behaviour in the first place, which isn’t right?? Just because the fandom is bigger doesn’t mean it’s suddenly okay to stalk the boys/their families just for exclusive photos????????? Our fandom has been so easygoing all along with a few hiccups along the way but this was just out of hand. I was so upset while streaming sketchbook because the editing was so painfully obvious and the boys!!! DO!! NOT!! DESERVE!! THIS!!!!!!

we need to be a fandom that builds the boys up, and not one that tears them down

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for some reason i always have trouble with the exterior of my builds each time, like the placement of the windows which wallpaper looks good etc? what do you usually do to decide that?

yeah thats always tricky… lately ive been really loving wallpapers that have windows on them becaue it looks more real and i place objects around them to give it the 3d effect. but honestly i just play around 100 times with different windows and wallpaper, i can change the wallpaper 12345 times so just do that until you find something that looks good ^^ good luck!